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Must everyone talk with fact and figure and show your track record?

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Dear average investors,

As I eating canned pineapple, I see many big bully arrogant investor that always bully small investor and ask them to talk with fact and figure and show track record.

I also see this big bully arrogant investor always talk about his profit but never talk about his loss.

This make God Chua today teach you 2 lesson:


i. How to talk with fact and figure

1. Always talk your profit record. For your loss record, you must not show. I repeat, do not show, I repeat, do not show your loss!


If you profit in Heng Yuan, you must say you sialang and promote at RM5.85.

If you loss in Atta-LA, PJDev, Canone, you must always act like you are not associated with the share.

2. Always talk that you done homework and other stupid people never do homework. In reality many other people will do homework, but to be a ultimate super investor, you must always say you do more homework than them, so you talk with fact and figure.

3. Always talk that you will never post on i3 forum again, but after you sialang and promote, you must always come back to i3 forum and attack all lousy stupid idiot average investors that attack you.


ii. How to show your track record

1. Always talk about your profit record 90% of the time

2. Only talk about your loss record when a lousy stupid idiot people ask you. If not, don't even mention it! I repeat, do not mention it!

3. Always ask people to enlighthen you if you are wrong, but once they enlighthen you, you must attack them back by say they never talk with fact and figure (even they talk with fact and figure, you must say they did not talk with fact and figure)



Please enlighten yourself if you are wrong, try to learn from God.

Thank you.


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Patron hah! this reminds me of the joker from Singapore. but he doesnt talk about his profit 90% of the time. He talks about it all the time. But when it comes to losses, he will pusing back to his profit again.
22/09/2017 10:01
Patron The dutaland profit after years of promotion enough for him to talk cock for few years liao.
22/09/2017 10:02
HerbertChua Patron should talk with fact and figures, not tell lies. He is a liar.

Please show your track record. I have proven track record.

Thank you.
22/09/2017 10:53
supersaiyan3 Herbert, true enough. But please be gentle to the old man.
22/09/2017 11:53
djibaok Long live Ah Bert! Hidop Ah Bert!!
22/09/2017 11:54
cpng Open sesame...
Sendai跌跌不休,Jaks 又跌下去,现在又面对的问题了,要砍投资组合那只股呢? 转移过再加碼扶持。。。
22/09/2017 11:59
ycbang Stupid
22/09/2017 21:52
winnerz This is funny, it makes my night :D
22/09/2017 22:37
Mioxi God father of Ostrich! 真是没得救!
23/09/2017 12:55
cloudtrip Good write up Herbert. those sifu is always talk with fact but no responsibility for what they promote and collect fee from small investor.
23/09/2017 22:36


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