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How to evaluate your track record using pineapple

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Dear all low class investors,

Today Herbert receive one email I want to share with all of you,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Steve Ooi <steveooi@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 9:18 AM
Subject: I need your help, Mr. Herbert Chua
To: Herbert Chua <god@god.com>

Hi Mr.Herbert Chua,

Refer to the above matter, I want to learn from you because I have make alot of loss until I have no money left.

Last time I follow one self proclaim super investor but the result is I lost all my money.

I buy Atta-LA, PJDev, Puncak-WB, Genetec and result is I lost all my money.

Now I want to follow you as my sifu.

Thank you.

Steve Ooi


When Herbert see the email, Herbert cry while drinking canned godly pineapple juice. How can a person be so cruel to con all below average investors?

This make Herbert want to share a lesson "How to evaluate your track record using pineapple"

1. Determine if you are drinking canned pineapple (Sendai, Jaks, Atta-LA, PJDev, Puncak-WB, Genetec) or fresh pineapple (JHM, Petronm, Padini). If you know you are drinking canned pineapple and still force it inside your mouth, you must evaluate yourself "why am I a stupid idiot?"

2. Remember to erased your loss record and only boast your profit record. If you lose money in Sendai, Jaks, Atta-LA, you must forget it in an instant. You must boast to all your friend and family that you make alot alot of money in Heng Yuan when you buy at RM5.85.

3. Once you become a God like Herbert, you can start call other below average investor as:

- low class investor

- stupid idiot


Thank you.




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djibaok vely guuuuuud aaah Ah Bert
22/09/2017 16:33
MoneyFace88 Looks Ah Koon is Ah Chua number 1 enemy
22/09/2017 18:19
kingcobra this fella god created one...don't play play...hopefully GOD will punish self proclaimed god who acted so arrogant!
22/09/2017 21:44
ycbang Why your heart so black...?nothing to do?
22/09/2017 21:47
Bruce88 Nothing to shout about ! another cp teh ..haha
22/09/2017 21:57
sandrakkc Someone with rotten English calling other people idiots and low class, he himself god. For someone who murders the English language and still bragging, can this person possibly comprehend financials? What a fool.
23/09/2017 09:54
37forms When one knows the white that is splendor, yet holds on to the black that is humble and lowly.
24/09/2017 10:57


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