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Ms Yeo Bi Yin announce to cancel 4 IPP contract. Will it affect my holdings in JAKS?

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Ms Yeo Bi Yin have announce that 4 IPP contract under BN administration under direct negotiation will be cancelled.

Based on my knowledge, JAKS IPP was awarded on direct negotiations.

Due to uncertainties that I have, I decided to reduce my holding in JKAS.

I am announce my intention to sell, in the event many say that I did not inform on my intention.

Thank you,


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CharlesT If u hv 30%+ shares very difficult to sell
12/07/2018 12:01
... Tom RIP to Jaks substantial holders!
12/07/2018 12:06
Icon8888 I thought Jaks project in Vietnam ?
12/07/2018 12:20
bagan Hahaha empire strikes back...najib created 1mdb to take over cronies ipp genting sanyen, ytl etc to give tnb the cheaper price the deserve due to lopsided ipp agreement that ani arope didn't want to sign and he resigned due to that. Due the new price post 1mdb take over, you can see tnb enjoyed fantastic profits that is reflected in its share price that rose from rm5 to rm15. And now yeobee yin terminating ipp that has since transformed into edra, I bet they are going back to crony capitalism of the 90s
12/07/2018 12:30
Kedahan Only Jaks? How abt other 3? Can elaborate more? YTL Power, Malakoff, Megafirst not affected?
12/07/2018 12:37
James Ng Those IPPs which are in Malaysia...
12/07/2018 12:38
nagachan This Herbert Chua made himself look stupid by creating this topic. In the first place he doesn't even know where is Jaks IPP located and then invest in Jaks. Jaks IPP is in Vietnam. Bodoh bangang.
12/07/2018 12:46
popo92 popo92 Jaks project is at Vietnam, malaysia government can’t interfere at all. But lessons on overconfident on government contracts should be aware of ..
12/07/2018 12:46
miker Cannot cancel just like that, else need to be compensated.
12/07/2018 12:48
HerbertChua To the shallow mind commentor nagachan:

does he not know that all overseas IPP roject must be vet by local first?

He must be a young investor that lack basic understanding of IPP industry.
12/07/2018 13:26
HerbertChua Whether I buy or sell JAKS is not your concern.

I am sharing my plan because of my ego.

Final decision is yours.

Thank you,
12/07/2018 13:29
kingcobra lansai punya olang.....berlagak pula! pui....
12/07/2018 13:35
ongkh98 Only those follower of HerbertChua's articles will get to know what he is actually writing. HerbertChua is not HerbertChua, but a SHADOW. It is always interesting to read his articles, and others' comments.
12/07/2018 14:22
bluebiznet Jaks resources IPP MALAYSIA???? .....
12/07/2018 14:54
newbie8080 I believe the 4 IPP are Malaysia based.
As for J@K$, the plant and its operations are in Vietnam.
Similar to YTLPOWER Wessex Water, our minister would not have jurisdiction to terminate YTLPOWER's operation in UK.
I don't see any issue.
12/07/2018 18:29
targetinvest Top sooooooohhh....... ham
12/07/2018 19:05
... Tom Posted by Icon8888 > Jul 12, 2018 12:20 PM | Report Abuse

I thought Jaks project in Vietnam ?

Answer : Hihihaha! Herbert is trying to be sarcastic as usually! Just go along with it!
12/07/2018 19:14
lkoky http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/jaks-loses-lawsuit-against-star-media-court-orders-banks-release-rm50m-bank-guarantee
12/07/2018 19:27
mneo JAKS IPP is in Vietnam .... Ms Yeo Bi Yin cancellation of IPP is in Malaysia. JAKS IPP is not affected at all..... ?????? What happen to the author????
13/07/2018 00:11
mneo If Herbert is trying to be sarcastic ....I cannot appreciate it at all.... What happen to this person?????
13/07/2018 00:13
wotvr JAKS has no IPP project in Malaysia. Lol. In the future please do more research into the company you buy stocks. However, JAKS construction projects in Malaysia will be affected by new govt.
13/07/2018 08:19
bagan Yby must have gotten instructions from upstairs and executed it promptly like a good rookie without knowing that she has just been made the scapegoat while her masters upstairs will be busy allocating the new ipp to their friends...hahaha Cambridge can't teach you this...
13/07/2018 08:29
KLCI King HerbertChua is just an idiot, he knows nothing about stock market.

He loves to be seen naked. He don't mind if his kepala is being seen otak kosong.
13/07/2018 11:34
mneo I guess JAKS was just losing the RM50M lawsuit. This explains the dropping of stock price. It is not due to the "Ms Yeo Bi Yin announce to cancel 4 IPP contract".
16/07/2018 01:26
PH_pakatan_menipu Cancel IPP for what? Can reduce electric bill 10%(min)or not?
16/07/2018 04:39


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