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Ubah- Lagu Tema Kempen DAP Pilihanraya ke-13

Author: Tan KW   |   Publish date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013, 10:16 PM

Ubah- Lagu Tema Kempen DAP Pilihanraya ke-13

Negara-ku, Tanggungjawab Bersama
Masa Depan, Milik Kita Semua
Jalan berliku, tentu mencabar
Bersama kita harungi

Orang muda, pikul harapan bangsa
Mara Depan, Negara tentu Cerah
Kuat semangat, kita berjuang
Bersama menuju, cita-cita rakyat

Ubah, Selamatkanlah Malaysia
Bersama pahatkan sejarah
Buka lembaran baru
Sama-sama kita menuju
perubahan di tangan mu

Ubah Sekarang! Selamatkan Malaysia!

明天- 民主行动党第13届全国大选竞选主题曲

Maatram மாற்றம் (Lagu Kempen Pilihanraya ke-13 DAP)

Umohon- Lagu Tema Kempen DAP Pilihanraya ke-13 (Edisi Bahasa Kadazan)


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Ooi Teik Bee Anwar said,

Mahathir told Lim Kit Siang to be buried in Johore, Anwar to be buried in Penang. Mahathir should also find his own grave.

Anwar never ask Mahathir to die. NST and Star report differently.

I had said many times, please verify your facts. "Copy and paste" will not work in modern internet era.

Never learn.
01/05/2013 10:12
andychucky28 Ya, these are the work of Barang Naik. Lazy. Only know how to cut and paste. Never even bother to find out the fact. Only know how to makan the peoples' money. Make us suffer only.
01/05/2013 10:25
Ooi Teik Bee Chua condemned the practice of tarnishing Najib's image in such a manner saying it was distasteful and disrespectful.

He said he has seen the photos himself and expressed deep sadness that political campaigning has gone to such an ugly extreme.

"Everyone has a different political stand and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but do not use social media as a hub for behaving in a bad manner," he said.

Question ask :

Did BN Penang did that to Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng ?

BN Penang even worst, send a coffin to Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng. Pot is calling kettle black.

Did I talk with fact ?

Please vote wisely.
01/05/2013 10:44
FKLI13 Yes, Malaysia sudah berubah, tapi semakin buruk. Cost of living is increase drastically. Power of earning (whether is under employment or doing business) is reducing tremendously. Earning far less than cost of living. Nak apa lagi ? I want to see a betterment of Malaysia in term of social economic development.

We pay tax. and we want to see Government use our tax money to do something which private sectors not afford to do, like infrasturecture projects, to represent Malaysia to invite more foreign investment etc. I personally don't like government to involve directly in business which many private sectors can do. Government can regulate (via their association etc)in term of price, quota, etc method which can bring to same result, No need to open 1Klinik, 1Buku, 1Insurance, 1Runit, 1Restoran, 1cuti-cuti msia, etc......

Just receive 1Malaysia Products Catalog 58pages long and surprisingly to see >200 products under 1Malaysia. Government is doing business now and going to do a big business. Compared to USA, is the government doing business ??? Our tax money must be spent / invest wisely. If government doing business and losing money, who will suffer ? higher selling price to consumer ? or goverment give more subsidy (to who ?) and Rakyat must pay more tax ? and/or loan more from IMF etc...

We want Malaysia to be better and not a detriment.
01/05/2013 11:21
tptan45 Vote BN
They give out so many informative phamphlets in good quality paper which we can use to 'bungkus' all sorts of things......dog shit, cat shit, pads, etc
01/05/2013 11:24
FattyDragon EC Trying to cheat? First EC head say ink cannot come out and assures public and now they admit. Is their assurance so weak?

01/05/2013 11:30
jacko Apparently the EC staff did not shake bottle well...or was it deliberate. The news all along was to allow the civil servicemen to vote twice...is this happening ?

01/05/2013 11:39
tptan45 The "Allah House" billboard has affected me deeply.
I have lost all my sarcasm.
01/05/2013 12:04
jacko Ranger is this you? Same as you, he cannot diff between 180 and 360 degrees. Hope u can understand degrees now.."lol

01/05/2013 16:47
Ooi Teik Bee Dear brothers and sisters,

Please counter any lie here by BN supporters.

Please provide facts so that more readers here are convinced that BN supporters are telling lies here to fish vote.

It is what we can do to save Malaysia, our beloved country.

Never believe 100% the articles published in local newspapers. These newspapers are owned by BN.

It is a laughing stock that DAP cannot advertise in Star newspaper. Do you know why ? One sided story all the times.

Thank you.
01/05/2013 18:55


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