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[MQ Trader] How to Sign up for the MQ Trader System

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It's been a couple of weeks since we do a preview release of the MQ Trader system - a Quantitative Stock analysis platform for Traders and Investors. It was launched right before the Invest Fair event, where we've also set up a booth during the Invest Fair to showcase this preview to many traders and investors.

You can refer to our earlier article titled "Introducing Malaysia's Quantitative Traders Group" on the objectives and background of this group.

So far, we have received many positive feedback and responses from the early adopters (the first group of traders who have signed up and used the system) of the MQ Trader system. Thank you for all your feedback. We promise to review each of them, and our Tech team will be busy implementing changes and enhancements based on your feedback for the upcoming updates to the system which we plan for this week. (yes, we plan for frequent releases so you don't have to wait too long for a new feature!)

Today, we shall describe the 3 packages of the MQ Trader System:

  • Free Trial - traders can sign up for this package to test run the system.
  • Paid Package - our Tech team is working on the online payment integration, so this option is currently not available during the Beta stage.
  • Sponsored Package - active traders can sign up for this package just by opening a trading account with our partner Broker / Dealer group. Upon sign up, you'll receive 30-day free access to the system. Subsequently, you can enjoy continuous FREE access to the MQ Trader System if you have executed at least 5 traders with your new trading account.


Some traders asked what can they do if they already have an existing trading account with our partner broker. Well, we've made it easy by providing options in the sponsored package sign up page to auto verify and link your account if you are an existing trader with the MQ Trader Group.

Do check it out. Tell us what you think of the MQ Trader system. We are still shaping it up to pack with more features.

As usual, feedback is welcome!

Have a good trading day!



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GreatWarrants MQTECH? haha
12/09/2017 14:13
greatful sounds complicated process, if there's youtube to share more detail, would be better. also not mention about the rates.
16/09/2017 12:43


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