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Ablegroup : Lesson in Chasing Loss Making Counter

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During the recent run-up of Bursa, you may be troubled by the voice of some punters  telling/provoking/persuading others to purchase little known counters.

One of the counter is Ablegroup. Those voices start with saying " I made five cents in Ablegroup shares" . Nice words , very attractive. And look at some of the encouraging comments such as below :


So as a young investors, you may be tempted to purchase if you read this comments. And you will only realise your mistake when the price drops all down 40% to 12.5 sen.


So, you will get burnt by holding this shares by 40%.

So, what do you need to do, when you are provoked by some investors to purchase unheard stock before.

(1) Step 1. Check the P/E ratio.

On the main page of each stock, i3 shows the P/E Ratio in the financial highlight, as below :

See the highlight in yellow. A negative P/E ratio means that the company is making losses. And it is big losses. That show this is a sui hei counter to be avoided.


(2) Step 2 . Check Profit of preceeding quarters

To confirm your assumption, then you go to the financial highlight , and look at the next profit preceeding quarters up to 8 quarters just like below.


You can see that this counter (Ablegroup makes 8 quarters of losses). Bigger Sui hei counter is seen. And finally look at the trend of Net Asset Per Share. You can see that the latest qurter NAPS is 17 sen.

(3) Step 3 - Trend of Net Asset Per Share.

Here you need to look further down the financial years , what was the NAPS many years ago. So , lets look what was Ablegroup NAPS 6-7 years ago as in the next screenshot.


You can see that the NAPS of Ablegroup in 2009 was RM 1.08 . And today the NAPS is only 17 sen. So, the Sui hei counter is confirm...... The only words that can come out from my mouth is -

"SELL SELL RUN RUN .... THIS IS A CON-MAN COUNTER" ..... better give money to charity than giving money to con-man..... Cabuttttttttttt !!!!!!!

So, new and young investors.... I hope you learn something from my article. Safe investing !

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king36 TQ.
Looking forward to your next article.
20/06/2017 04:34
necro once bite never shy2...why eat dog thrash if got gem in Bursa...?...typical punters never learn...good article
20/06/2017 05:36
firehawk ha ha ... i read the coments in this forum and find that most of the ppl are this type, i hope i,m wrong ......
20/06/2017 06:01
gohkimhock 堅持投資正道.
20/06/2017 06:06
GoodCompanies Thanks for the article
20/06/2017 08:59
Alex™ tq for the article radzi
20/06/2017 10:44
Albukhary Mr Radzi, this is a very good article, please keep posting this type of article.
Nowadays I3 got many conman come out cari makan, and this will cause many young and new investor being conned by these group of people.
We can't stop them from conn people, but what we can do is to share some knowledge, share some lesson to them, so they wont easily get conned.
20/06/2017 13:51


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