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Did you manage to earn from steel and glove sector?

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We already published 3 articles including the Steel and Glove sector. Hopefully you had participate in the trend.


Steel Theme ( Upstream/Long Steel)

We first mentioned about long steel counters on  5 Sept 2017  because of ANNJOO show price movement after the QR release (the result not really good), thus we give suggestion for 4 long steels counters in KLSE (ANNJOO, MASTEEL, SSTEEL, LIONIND), below is the link of the article:


 MASTEEL is the 2nd best pick from us after ANNJOO, the image below is the example from the article, our suggestion price to deploy following the publishing date.

You can at least participate on the Long steel trend if you following, congratulation.


Steel Theme ( Downstream )

After 2 days, 7 Sep 2017 we mentioned downstream steel counters because of Hiaptek, attach the link for the article:


We suggest 2 counters : Leonfb and Lsteel

And the image below is our suggestion price to deploy following the article publishing date.

You not only participate on Long steel but also downstream steel counters, congratulation again.


Glove Theme

Our recent article for glove sector on 29 Sep 2017, because Harta and Topglove show movement in that day and possible to breakout, attach the link for the article:


We suggest 2 counters: Comfort and Carepls

And the image below is our suggestion price to deploy following the article publishing date.

For comfort perhaps you had cut loss while collecting, but hopefully you reenter at the breakout point as the article mentioned, wish you good luck.


By Rambo. 

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