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Malindo Air take-off from Skypark in June?

Author: value_investor   |   Publish date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013, 11:13 AM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

Malaysia's newest low-cost airline Malindo Air will operate from Skypark Terminal in Subang starting June this year to serve passengers in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is understood that Malindo Air is in the final stage of negotiations with the Department of Civil Aviation for approval to fly from the airport. Skypark Terminal is now operated by general aviation companies such as Berjaya Air and FireFly. It also serves turboprop flights. Sources said Malindo Air is expected to obtain the approval to fly from Skypark Terminal next month. (BT)

Source: CIMB Daybreak - 11 April 2013
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sherry Why Airasia was not given the same, to take off from Skypark?
11/04/2013 13:03
arv18 Simple my dear friend. The Authorities & Government generally act like Major A**holes. Esp if they're not Major Shareholders. hahahahha
11/04/2013 13:19
arv18 Mind you if you see the daily jam from federal to the skypark, you wonder how intelligent Malindo management is. hahaha.
11/04/2013 22:56
sure88 No way Malindo can takeoff from Subang unless they are considering
a fleet of ATR's or similar Turboprop planes.
Malindo as a startup is just weighing its options.
Mind you Subang is still relevant due to its close
proximity to the city.
11/04/2013 23:33
arv18 For sure88. but i travel down federal every day. I see that crazy jam with my own two eyes. don't tell me its going to be faster from Subang, Maybe in 1989. When Glenmarie was still a plantation.
12/04/2013 00:05
sure88 Sorry for you mate having to put up with the bumper2bumper
traffic every morning but Skypark is where I take my co. private/chartered jet.
One Menerung to SAAS Subang, 30 mins max after 10am
hassle free check-in, customs and immigration clearence all the time.
Occationally fly to PEN & LGK on Firefly which is
doing well with nearly 100% pax load. Ask anyone and they will
tell you the convenience of having an airport nearby the city
and not some god foresaken place like KLIA Sepang.
Pls don't swear at Malindo for looking at options available.
12/04/2013 03:14


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