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The Edge Financial Daily's Top 10 Stock Picks for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 9 While uncertainties in the market are certain, this has not stopped investors and fund managers from attempting the absurd in order to hit a "home run" in their stock picks. One of the key themes that will come into play in 2017 will be the US President-elect Donald Trump's policies as well as a possible increase in the pace of rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve. This would lead to a stronger US dollar that could benefit some of the export players. Thematic investing continues to ...
Hong Leong Investment Bank's Top Picks for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 9 Focus on earnings certainty. We advocate defensive stance in stocks with earnings certainty and domestic oriented catalysts. Despite expectation of modest growth recovery and firmer commodity prices, there could be sporadic externally-induced volatility could shock the market. Ringgit reversal could spice up sentiment. The recipes for a market rebound are almost here, i.e. growth stabilisation, firmer commodity prices, with the exception of stronger ringgit outlook. Top Picks : Big Caps: Digi, ...
MIDF's Top Buy for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 8 LOOKING FORWARD TO A BRIGHTER 2017 • Malaysia’s GDP is expected to slightly rebound in 2017, based on the prospect of a stronger trade activity. But we are wary danger of the possibility of countries with strong purchasing power to lean more towards imports substitution. • However, at the moment we remain optimistic with the better exports performance and hence economic growth in year 2017. Furthermore, we remain slightly bullish on the expectation that BNM’s measures on Ringgit will give a grad ...
RHB's Top Picks for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 14 Escalating external risks have forced us to reconsider our more positive outlook in the preceding quarter’s strategy report. Uncertainty over US policies and their impact on growth, interest rates, USD strength and direction of portfolio flows are weighing on EM sentiment and creating volatility in the forex markets. Hopes that the US economy would provide a lift to global growth are not assured, while the growing wave of antiestablishment sentiment could put the EU in danger of disintegrati ...
PublicInvest Research's Top Picks for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 8 The one major push factor to drive market participants out in droves at this point or even in the foreseeable future is the further weakening of the Ringgit, but which would only affect foreign investors specifically. Domestic investors flush with cash should be primed for re-entry. While still early days in assessing the potential impact of President-elect Trump’s action plans and ramifications on the rest of the world, we are cautiously optimistic that level heads will prevail. Our year-end t ...
Maybank IB Research's Top Buy Picks for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 9 We expect a mild pick-up in Malaysia’s growth as real GDP is expected to be at +4.4% in 2017 (2016E: +4.2%), underpinned by sustained consumer spending growth momentum, stronger growth in investments on progress of existing and rollout of new major infrastructure and investment projects, and the rebound in government consumption expenditure. The wild card is external trade due to the risk on US-China trade relation, although the rise in crude oil price in particular and the firming of commodity ...
Affin Hwang Capital's Top Calls for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 17 Major financial markets in Malaysia have been affected by global portfolio rebalancing in the aftermath of the US Presidential Election. The fear of capital controls resurfacing has caused the Ringgit to be hit particularly hard, despite the BNM and government authorities repeatedly quelling the rumours. We believe with good reason that capital controls will not happen. Unlike in 1998, Malaysia runs a current-account surplus, has ample excess liquidity residing at the BNM, is on an improving fi ...
Kenanga's Top Picks for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 16 In a nutshell, we believe the market will likely to be volatile in view of the more aggressive rate hike decision in the US. Besides, policy and direction of the Trump’s presidency could spark more uncertainties. The underlying market conditions seem mixed and the relatively low excess liquidity in the domestic banking system remains a concern. Coupled with the underlying weak tone in ringgit, we have yet to see a strong reversal in foreign fund flows. The good news, however, could be the emerge ...
The Star Fund Managers' Stock Pick for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 3 [1] GENTING Malaysia Bhd (GenM) embarked on its RM10.4bil Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP) two years ago, which will see the hilltop location getting a facelift with a new 20th Century Fox theme park, refurbished hotel rooms, a new 250-suite premium hotel, a shopping centre (Sky Avenue) and a high-speed cable car system. Previously, many had regarded GenM’s assets as being on the matured side, with a jaded theme park and rather old hotel rooms. TA Investment, however, opines that GenM dese ...
The Star Writers' Stock Pick for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 3 [1] POHUAT is an export-based furniture maker will likely deliver robust earnings growth again in 2017 after an impressive performance in 2016. For one thing, the expected further strengthening of the US dollar will be a boon for the company. [2] VS Industry is poised for a record performance on production volume growth, supported by the strong US dollar. The largest electronics manufacturing services provider in Malaysia is set to achieve this on the back of significant sales volume growth exp ...
Busy Weekly Stock Picks for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 6 1. ROE (3 year average) > 12% 2. DY > 3% 3. Positive Cash per Cash 4. D/E Ratio < 40% 5. P/E < 12X
The Edge Top 12 stocks for Year 2017 WATCHLIST 12 The Edge Top 12 stocks for Year 2017
The Edge InsiderAsia's Top 10 stocks for 2016 WATCHLIST 10 The Edge InsiderAsia's Top 10 stocks for 2016
MIDF’s Top 20 Under a Billion Year 2016 WATCHLIST 20 The "20 under a billion stocks" were selected largely based on bottom-up screenings and each of the 20 companies possesses its own unique company-specific factors. MIDF Research selected these small cap stocks because they exhibited markedly higher beta since mid-2013, and that investors can profit from the small cap swings. The continuation of small cap swings may be dependent on liquidity dynamics. We reckon continued net purchases among local investors are necessary to support the ...
Public Invest's Small Cap Picks 2016 WATCHLIST 10 Public Invest's Small Cap Picks 2016 - AIRASIA - TSH - TAAN - SKPRES - PRESBHD - PARKSON - TDM - IBHD - MKLAND - CYPARK
TA Securities' Top Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 10 TA Securities' Top Picks for 2016 - SKPRES - MALAKOFF - TENAGA - MAYBANK - MISC - MPI - UNISEM - TM - SUNCON - QL
Affin Hwang's Top Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 10 Affin Hwang's Top Picks for 2016 - CIMB - GENTING - IGBREIT - IJM - INARI - JAKS - TAAN - TENAGA - WCT - WTK
Public Invest's Top Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 10 Public Invest's Top Picks for 2016 - TENAGA - CIMB - GENTING - ASTRO - GAMUDA - SPSETIA - MALAKOFF - GENP - UEMS - KOSSAN
RHB's Top 5 Small Cap Jewel Picks 2016 WATCHLIST 5 Top 5 Small Cap Jewel Picks by RHB's Analyst during Bursa Malaysia's Marketplace fair on 10 January 2016.
Kenanga's Top Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 10 Our view remains unchanged. We firmly believe that the expectations of US Fed further raising its benchmark discount rate will continue to cause high volatility in capital flows across global capital markets. Nevertheless, our decent index target of 1,755 still implies >6% potential gains from the current level. In addition, as we see no immediate earnings and price re-rating catalysts amid relatively high valuations as per the historical PER band, the local equity market is likely to be tra ...
Hong Leong's Top Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 10 Three major themes. Our stock selections are based on (i) resilient and/or visible earnings growth; 2) high yield with defendable earnings; and 3) quality export stocks. Top picks (in alphabetical order) are Axiata, Digi, Edgenta, Evergreen, IJM, Inari, Maybank, Mitrajaya, SunCon & TNB.
The Edge Financial Daily's Stock Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 10 AFTER a volatile year when the FBM KLCI fell 3.44% and the ringgit erased 23% of its value against the US dollar, investors may hard-pressed to invest in Bursa Malaysia counters. However, in the new year, opportunities still abound as The Edge Financial Daily reporters found out from analysts and fund managers. Here is a compilation of 10 stocks to consider in 2016. - from The Edge Financial Daily at 4-Jan-2016. (http://tefd.theedgemarkets.com/2016/TEP/20160104fyp9q5.pdf)
Kenanga Portfolios for 2016 WATCHLIST 5 We are introducing three new sets of model portfolios for 2016 under the “On Our Portfolio” series after recording three consecutive fruitful years since 2013. The themes of these portfolios remain unchanged as THEMATIC, DIVIDEND YIELD and GROWTH with the same investment criteria as for the previous portfolios. For a start, we have the portfolios with funds less than 50% invested in view of imminent healthy pull back. All these portfolios will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Our invested stocks ...
UOB's Top Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 8 While the 1H16 outlook continues to be clouded by the economic slowdown and external concerns, there continue to be pockets of investment opportunities accompanying our generally defensive strategy. particularly compelling investment themes are high-dividend yielders, El Nino beneficiaries and infrastructure plays, while China-related investment plays emerge. Top buys include large caps Maybank, IJM Corp, Tenaga and small/mid caps WCT and Scientex.
Sin Chew's Top Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 5 Sin Chew's Top Picks for 2016 - K1 - NOTION - PENSONI - AWC - KHEESAN http://biz.sinchew.com.my/node/128854
The Star Writers' Stock Pick 2016 WATCHLIST 8 [1] All eyes will also be on the development of the RM27bil Pan Borneo Highway, which is slated for completion by 2023. Steel fabricator and engineering services provider KKB Engineering Bhd is deemed one of the strong contenders for this mega project as it has an extensive track record in building bridges. [2] THE largest condom manufacturer in the world is all set for 2016 with the expansion of its own brand manufacturing (OBM). The segment provides Karex with margins 10% higher than its orig ...
The Star Fund Managers' Stock Pick 2016 WATCHLIST 8 [1] GAMUDA Bhd is a good construction proxy to buy into to ride out the challenging market environment. [2] Thong Guan Industries is a rare gem, despite rising some 63% in 2015, the stock is still deemed to be undervalued as it is trading at P/B of about 0.85x and annualised forward 2015 basic PER of about 10.5x, which is still a bargain. [3] SKP Resources Bhd expected to record a 3-year earnings CAGR of 68.2% until 2018 based on our projections. [4] Brahim’s unique niche position in this indust ...
Busy Weekly Stock Picks for 2016 WATCHLIST 6 1. Debt Ratio < 40% 2. P/E < 10x 3. Price / NTA < 1.0x 4. CAPEX/Revenue > 5% 5. Average Daily Volume > 50K
Forbes Asia's 'Best under a billion' list WATCHLIST 11 11 Malaysian companies, a drop of three from last year, made it into Forbes Asia’s 'Best under a billion' 2015 list which honours leading public companies in the Asia Pacific region with annual revenue between US$5 million and US$1 billion. In a statement, Forbes Asia, a magazine printed by Forbes Media LLC, revealed that Malaysia was on par with India which also had 11 of its companies featured on the list, placing them at fourth and fifth spots.
Maybank IB's top picks for 2015 WATCHLIST 12 [[Infrastructure Project]] Gamuda (TP: RM6.00) - 11th M'sia Plan, KVMRT2 [[Glove]] Hartalega (TP: RM8.50) - expand capacity, lower latex price [[Dividend Stocks]] TNB (TP: RM16.00) Axiata (TP: RM7.80) Star Publications (TP: RM2.65) [Merges & Acquisitions]] WCT - listing of its retail assets SP Setia - potential property asset injection by PNB NCB - possible injection by MMC Corp [[Sarawak stocks (Score)]] CMS (TP: RM4.80) HSL (TP: RM2.15) [[Others]] Alliance Financial Group (TP: RM5 ...
The Edge InsiderAsia's Top 10 stocks for 2015 WATCHLIST 10 Amid dark clouds of uncertainty on the horizon, InsiderAsia picked 10 stocks that it believes would outperform and even make money in a broadly falling market, the Edge weekly reported in its first edition for the year 2015. The Edge said investors would be greeting the New Year under dark clouds of uncertainties over the ringgit, the rout in the oil market and the resulting impact on the country’s budget deficit, trade and current accounts — and last but not least, economic growth. It said th ...
Kenanga Portfolios for 2015 WATCHLIST 6 We are introducing three new sets of model portfolios for 2015 under the “On Our Portfolio” series after recording two consecutive fruitful years since 2013. The themes of these portfolios remain as THEMATIC, DIVIDEND YIELD and GROWTH with the same investment criteria as for the previous portfolios. The THEMATIC Portfolio is designed for aggressive investors who are looking for at least a 10% total return a year while the DIVIDEND YIELD Portfolio is suitable for conservative investors who foc ...
Busy Weekly Stock Picks for 2015 WATCHLIST 16 1. Net Debt to Equity < 50% 2. Price to Tangible Asset per share < 1.5x 3. Cash Ratio > 0.2x 4. P/E < 15x 5. Average ROE (3 Years) > 15% 6. Daily Transaction > 50K 7. Dividend Yield > 2%
Maybank Research Top Buys for 2015 WATCHLIST 9 Maybank Research top BUY picks for 2015
Hong Leong Investment Dec 2014 Top Picks WATCHLIST 10 Hong Leong Investment Dec 2014 Top Picks published in Dec 2014 research report
Maybank Dec 2014 Top BUY Picks WATCHLIST 7 Maybank Dec 2014 Top BUY Picks published in Dec 2014 research report
RHB's Top Malaysia Small Cap Companies 30 Jewels 2014 WATCHLIST 30 This is the 10th year of publication of the RHB Top Malaysia Small Cap Companies book. As before, the Malaysia book is one of four publications by our research teams in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. These four books make up a Small Cap compendium, which continues to be the largest market-leading repository of small cap stock ideas in Asean. As with last year, we feature herein 30 Malaysian “jewels”, which we... http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/staticfile/244492.jsp
Forbes’ Best Under A Billion WATCHLIST 14 Forbes’ Best Under A Billion list highlights 200 top-performing Asia-Pacific companies with less than $1 billion in sales and consistent top- and bottom-line gains. Their stories support the policies of governments across the region focused on promoting the small- and medium-sized enterprise sector to boost economic growth. http://www.forbes.com/asia200/list/
10 stocks to watch in 2014 - StarBiz WATCHLIST 10 IT'S the start of the new year and investors get the chance to make their own choices on what stocks to buy. Making the right decisions could make the difference between the proverbial pot of gold or losses by the end of the year. StarBizWeek is suggesting some stocks worth looking out for. Some have strong fundamentals while others are driven by specifics including thematic, mergers and acquisitions or simply rotational plays. http://bit.do/gbSt
Hong Leong's Top Picks for 2014 WATCHLIST 12 2014 Outlook & Strategy (by HLIB: 10 Dec 2013) We expect macro risks to diminish into 2014 with global growth picking up to 3.6% reinforced by synchronised growth among major economies. Malaysia's real GDP growth to pick up slightly to 5.0% in 2014 as stronger net exports offset slower domestic demand growth. Malaysia a low Beta market given relatively large fund management industry, lower foreign shareholding (close to trough), recent foreign selldown well absorbed, FBM KLCI P/E prem ...

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