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Investeye Allocation of 2017 budget on UIA/Mara
23/10/2016 10:53
hw0706 Property, plantation, oil and gas trading and construction. All ada. Share price tak naik.
30/10/2016 08:10
Henly30a Durian fruits not ripping yet !!! but its Muasang species !!!!!!! Be aware !!!!!!!! accumulate !!!
30/10/2016 11:50
MatBudu run for short term!
30/10/2016 14:15
Investeye For me, the price is close to bottom. So, the risk is minimum but the opportunity to up much higher..just need a little bit patience..
31/10/2016 21:41
dr_jogho agree with what Investeye said
04/11/2016 08:42
ismk Write a comment..this company is good.
09/11/2016 10:20
nickyeo55 HAHA i wonder why there is so many project but $$$$$ lost in the air ? i guess this counter is meant for a group of people only. not for u n me
Happy Trading
10/11/2016 10:21
Hock Ing Ngang Group for umno special member?
10/11/2016 20:47
nickyeo55 What do u think ? I don't know lah
11/11/2016 01:52
WanEmdibi big spike in 2007, after that just small ripples for almost 10 years
16/11/2016 15:15
Hock Ing Ngang Net profit increase, engine starting.....
29/11/2016 14:51
Investeye Profit almost double..Godd
29/11/2016 15:25
Investeye KUALA LUMPUR: Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd(AZRB) saw its net profit almost double to RM8.5mil for the third quarter financial year ended  September 30, 2016  (Q3 16) driven by higher revenue and other operating income. 

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, the construction player’s revenue for Q3 16 rose by 53% to RM271mil, primarily on the back of commendable contributions by its construction division as certain projects had shown higher progress during the period.

Besides that, the additional new projects that were awarded during the second quarter, also strengthened AZRB’s revenue for the quarter under review.

For the nine months, net profit surged 8.6% to RM18.9mil while revenue climbed by 74% to RM844mil. For Q3 16, dividend was flat at 2 sen per ordinary share and earnings per share rose by 91.3% to 1.76 sen.

Commenting on its prospects moving forward, AZRB is optimistic on enhancing its order book of its construction division, which stands at RM4.1bil at present.

The oil and gas division expects to remain steady despite the continuing prolongation of weak global oil prices and sentiments and also anticipates increasing contribution from its operations at Tok Bali Supply Base as the port continues to develop and mature.

As for the plantation division, AZRB foresees the segment to improve its overall contribution to the group despite the increasing yields and stringent cost controls being implemented.

The property division has development projects with an estimated gross development value of RM1.4bil (at the date of this report). It is planning on several residential development projects for launch in 2016 and 2017. The successful launches of these projects are expected to contribute positively to the company moving forward
29/11/2016 17:18
micky92 Time to fly again??
30/11/2016 07:01
WanEmdibi Untung banyak tapi tak mahu terbang
30/11/2016 09:50
1009 Mungkin belum makan cukup..
30/11/2016 11:26
1009 FGV have back... I think next if coming?
30/11/2016 15:40
1009 Good shares.. more project on hands.. future more profit up..why not ppl want?
Now price have so lower, don't need collect few mer?
01/12/2016 14:34
1009 betul ma? I sapu banyak sikit simpan, jangan pergi hollan tiket..
02/12/2016 01:15
whitesheep 80 cent is coming soon
05/12/2016 15:45
pvd_investor any basis?
05/12/2016 16:17
WanEmdibi stock ini sedang tidur nyenyak
07/12/2016 11:41
ryan7642 next qtr report will be impressive i would presume due to high CPO lvl surely overturn n generate profit - heavy loss sector which i study from the latest qtr report (Assume Construction/Development/MRT all consistent and in progress)..stay tune on this stocks dont miss the flight.. (Mother fast profit - Son Higher margin profit)
10/12/2016 23:36
BRAVOZULU tambah sikit lagi pegangan.
12/12/2016 10:36
Ismail Hanafiah new project in hand coming soon.....
30/12/2016 16:09
Investorkl83 Hospital?
02/01/2017 15:04
Investorkl83 Ismail.. no annocement yet?
05/01/2017 22:14
BRAVOZULU tak lama dah tuuu, nanti mencanak laaa
05/01/2017 23:14
kuah Wat announcement to Cabut Dulu haha ?
06/01/2017 12:49
vxpoison www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/01/09/azrb-targets-rm800mil-to-rm1bil-in-new-construction-contracts/
08/01/2017 13:44
gcke On one hand winning contract is just the start.What matter most at the end of the day is good project management.So that the company can make high margin profit of at least 8%.Then the company will be able to report good profit track records and that will then be reflected in the share price.This company is politically connected but seemed the profits they made were at the low margins.

Coming back to the share price the Technical Price Charts showed the followings:
In short:
1.Price is on the uptrend;
2.MACD line is above the Signal Line.Showing bullishness and buying support for the counter;
3.The Relative Price Index(RSI) show overbought position.

Just to share the information.Together we can make smart decision to buy,sell or dump.

View the chart:http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Stock-Chart.aspx?securitycode=1171

Good luck:-)))
08/01/2017 13:52
Investorkl83 I heard that going to grab some job in hospital.. but recent annoucement was awarded to Georgekent.. any other hospital? Share naik naik naik
09/01/2017 20:56
11/01/2017 23:33
syahnaz07 sleeping counter
24/01/2017 09:54
Rica7894 Tremendous Value In Order Backlog, Concessions And Plantation


-A sizeable construction orderbook.
Outstanding construction order backlog of RM4.1bil, which will keep AZRB busy at least for the next 3-4 years.

-Steady income from concession assets.
*Exclusive rights (due for renewal in 2023) to supply marine fuels and
provide other bunkering services to Petronas production sharing contractors at Kemaman Supply Base, Terengganu.
*The RM413mil International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Medical Centre in Kuantan was carried out via a 25-year private finance initiative arrangement with the government and has contributed since 2QFY16.

-Indonesian plantation asset.
Still lossmaking, there is tremendous value in its 15,584-ha oil palm plantations in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, of which 47% or 7,316ha are now planted.
Acquired in 2004, estimate that its market value has easily doubled from RM148mil carried as biological assets in AZRB’s balance sheet as at 30 Sep 2016.
03/02/2017 16:30
WanEmdibi Then why is it flattish for the last 10 years ? No big spikes
04/02/2017 10:50
Investorkl83 Any new projects?
06/02/2017 00:31
char1234 coming up now...
08/02/2017 08:54
char1234 down again ...no power...useless
08/02/2017 13:23
kuah Today will shoot up
09/02/2017 07:37
char1234 i think today there is no trading
09/02/2017 08:28
damansaraeagle Cuti lee
09/02/2017 10:31
dr_jogho last day trading green today maybe continuous green to azrb
13/02/2017 09:10
dr_jogho last week up from rm0.635 to rm0.665
13/02/2017 09:18
PakLong good morning
14/02/2017 08:09
max8688 I guess in the short term, a good opportunity for me to buy it today
14/02/2017 11:38
john doe Lai liao...
23/02/2017 16:56
Investorkl83 Woo.. any hints for tomorrow?
23/02/2017 17:58
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24/02/2017 10:43

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