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24/07/2014 0.73 0.96 +0.23 (31.51%) BUY RHB Price Target News

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24/07/2014  RHB Ahmad Zaki - Bags MYR185m Putrajaya Building/Road Job

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nordimohd 4u2c,
azrb n gadang both have palm oil but azrb indon palm oil exposure while gadang local exposure in east msia about 10000 hectore...?however gadang has different type of exposure in indon i.e on power generation and fresh water supply & treatment...

azrb lost rm27mil on plantation in FY2013

anyway of recent news indon cancel the motion to limit 30% foreign holding so gadang n azrb are safe for now...n both potentially will have dabble kick affects, first kick by the construction game and later probably in late 2016 to 2017 the 2nd kick will come form palm oil once its price turn bluish which potentially send the stocks price through the roof...so buy n keep n then selling before pru 14 which last date on 5/5/2018....

those are just my 2cent grandmother opinion...kikiki...n good luck...
19/10/2014 21:47
apini Abang nordi, for gadang , next year the plantation sector will start contributing profit. How about AZ?
19/10/2014 21:58
nordimohd apini,
dono let wait azrb FY2014 report..my best guess still lost on plantation but less... the beauty about oversea venture is the company can hoard the gain because it is beyond msian law...kikiki

they can always put lost making as much as they can until such time once the exchange rate is favorable to repatriate the gain which will has triple kick affect to the stock price...
19/10/2014 22:09
nordimohd apini,
so by now i guess u start to understand why gadang n azrb are my favorite counters n u see now no azrb stock price sky rocketing...this what i means when u see gadang price in 2011/2012. perfectly just like other counters price movement...so for long term play just buy man2 slowly2 on the price deep...n keep in the safety box for next 2 years??? after enough buying mean while go play kite n go on holiday till 2017/18...kiki
19/10/2014 22:23
GG3261 You point too diverged and general, I don't think your friends understand
19/10/2014 23:01
4u2c Slow counter......plantation will help azrb in the near future...2017 /2018 is toooo long. construction revenue is good.Hope profit margin is good.That will do the trick
20/10/2014 20:25
4u2c 80 billion for 5 yrs = 16 b per year revenue. Currentis 500 mil only.Price of AZRB is indeeed undervalue
20/10/2014 20:28
i3i2i1 http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=382922:bulk-of-foreign-selling-in-msian-share-market-over?&Itemid=3#axzz3GjmrLc23
21/10/2014 09:17
i3i2i1 this keyword of undervalue.... many years i heard but....
21/10/2014 09:17
i3i2i1 nordi, world market is green but why KLSE today moody?
21/10/2014 09:38

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