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0.795 1.19     +0.395 (49.69%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
18/04/2014 0.815 0.96 +0.145 (17.79%) BUY RHB Price Target News
14/04/2014 0.77 0.96 +0.19 (24.68%) BUY RHB Price Target News
03/03/2014 0.825 1.13 +0.305 (36.97%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News
16/01/2014 0.89 1.33 +0.44 (49.44%) BUY RHB Price Target News
16/01/2014 0.89 1.40 +0.51 (57.30%) BUY ALLIANCE Price Target News
19/12/2013 0.91 1.15 +0.24 (26.37%) BUY ALLIANCE Price Target News
02/12/2013 0.93 1.33 +0.40 (43.01%) BUY RHB Price Target News
02/12/2013 0.93 1.15 +0.22 (23.66%) BUY ALLIANCE Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
18/04/2014  RHB Ahmad Zaki - A Slice Of Action In Langat 2
14/04/2014  RHB Ahmad Zaki - Sowing The Seeds For Growth
03/03/2014  ALLIANCE AZRB - 4QFY13: Another let down
16/01/2014  RHB Ahmad Zaki - Proposes Rights Issue With Free Warrants
16/01/2014  ALLIANCE AZRB - Proposes rights issue
19/12/2013  ALLIANCE AZRB - Financial close for EKVE
02/12/2013  RHB Ahmad Zaki - Soft Patch In 9MFY13
02/12/2013  ALLIANCE AZRB - 3QFY13: Soon but not now

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gohku opportunity to accumulate more as price has not move up yet,
too many good news coming like faisal university payout coming.
i think rhb rm 0.96 target too conservative
18/04/2014 10:26
Investeye I believe RM0.96 is a fair price, expected the AZRB price will up until next week before the closing for closing of OR. The weak part for AZRB is it low % profit and hopefully the profit margin is increased accordingly but time will tell.
18/04/2014 10:43
james70 Their tax rate on their profit paid to the IRB is way too high due to the company structure. It is in the region of 40-45%. This should normalize soon.
18/04/2014 11:09
ryan7642 the mother not yet over value la still got space to boost still chill;) tp for short term will be 0.95-1.00:)
18/04/2014 11:44
warrenbuffett0830 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2014 15:00
james70 AZRB-or Target Price is RM0.42. There is ~ 20+% upside from the current price.
18/04/2014 15:01
valuezorro To those concentrating on water treatment, please don't forget that AZRB will get the money back from Al-Faisal University. If contract worth RM1B but only 30% AZRB means only roughly 30% contract worth, then plus minus to get profit margin, it is going to be really small, about RM30 Mil to its bottom line.

If you consider that AZRB will get the money from Al-Faisal to the tune of RM 80 Mil, how would it affect its share price?! GO LONG AZRB. Potential more than current price. Expecting the research houses to be correct, at least RM1.13 to get the fair value.
18/04/2014 21:01
fortunebullz Azrb just gone through par value reduction to clear their bad debts tied to Arab deal gone wrong! So upside to reach rm1 is not that hard! Azrb has plenty of projects worth 2 billions excluding next few months on their concession highway for recurring income!
18/04/2014 21:10
fortunebullz Yes! You are right!

Posted by ryan7642 > Apr 18, 2014 11:44 AM | Report Abuse

the mother not yet over value la still got space to boost still chill;) tp for short term will be 0.95-1.00:)
18/04/2014 21:11
gohku The aifaisal settlement will be a great story for azrb.
Go for it.
Should be running up soon.
19/04/2014 00:29

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