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syahnaz07 no movement.
01/07/2016 10:26
The One • This is an example of a stupid counter. Contracts keep coming but stock keeps going down. No wonder its one of those very unpopular stocks with low volume. Pity to the holders..
01/07/2016 17:33
wolf1 F...1 day show only...KNN
01/07/2016 19:36
vxpoison Told u all to but only if cross 0.660... Now all just technical rebound for show only...
04/07/2016 16:19
Investeye See opportunity to accumulate further when the price drops again, with more projects secured . The downside is very limited.
05/07/2016 09:29
10bagger10 Speckzai, fpi leh?
05/07/2016 22:14
jenn 又是一间超值的公司!目标价rm1.00快来买了!不买就后悔了!
12/07/2016 07:52
BRAVOZULU orait jenn I folo
12/07/2016 09:19
rkpvr Good buy..TP.71...Good luck God Bless
14/07/2016 11:51
CashWin Buy buy buy ,Tp rm1.00
14/07/2016 13:08
namcha TP 0.9, Buy / HOLD
14/07/2016 14:47
Mrsoki http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/annent/7078.jsp .
buy n hold guys...tp above rm0.8
14/07/2016 17:10
namcha hold hold hold
15/07/2016 09:58
CashWin TP RM1.20
15/07/2016 12:42
JKing will drop after dividend go ex
15/07/2016 13:16
Masked Rider When will be the show???
15/07/2016 14:57
Investeye Disposed half to take profit at rm0.68...
15/07/2016 23:02
Mrsoki buy n hold...even after ex,still uptrend...
17/07/2016 16:01
Shafiq Azrb banyak chance tender project lagi
18/07/2016 09:48
namcha Buy only, no regret
18/07/2016 09:50
Mrsoki agree with shafiq...no need to worry la...
18/07/2016 14:26
livelife Beli simpan dlm poket tidor
19/07/2016 10:29
BRAVOZULU Dont think to much, buy only looo
20/07/2016 11:46
livelife Hehehe hover .65 above until market goreng back. Just keep la
22/07/2016 12:04
vxpoison http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5167245
03/08/2016 22:17
WanEmdibi Will DWZUL buy or will he sell? To/from whom?
04/08/2016 00:25
Redpeople give me 645 come come come
08/08/2016 12:13
Investeye Accumulated back some lots at RM0.65 after failed to get at RM0.645/0.64 for few days.
08/08/2016 17:13
iman6767 election play this one.
11/08/2016 16:29
nickyeo55 Iman election in 2018 unless .......
11/08/2016 23:50
Redpeople 65 give me.. i am buying
12/08/2016 10:05
WanEmdibi Quarterly result coming soon, think will push it up
15/08/2016 15:11
ryan7642 wow curi curi up slowly lo~~gonna break 0.7 tis wk i guess due to result & project going to out soon~~
15/08/2016 22:07
syahnaz07 sleeping counter
23/08/2016 09:23
WanEmdibi Think Long-term it will jump due to large order book & election, but short-term will depend on Quarterly result due out today/tomorrow(?)
25/08/2016 01:11
WanEmdibi Q-Result out:
26/08/2016 17:31
bestbuy Result and future are good, more contract from construction side is coming, I'm in // all the best!
29/08/2016 16:20
bestbuy Believe it or not, construction is the current and future drive for our country economy, gov is involving to boost the industry as we can see those LRT1,2,3 MRT line HSR-My/Sg, Pan Borneo projects>>>
29/08/2016 16:22
stockcode i believe i can fly
30/08/2016 09:54
WanEmdibi yes, buy & keep, it may fly to 0.90
30/08/2016 12:24
The One • The recent QR is better than the previous 3 quarters. Me opine the current consolidation is healthy for accumulation before trending up again amid improving performance.. hmm..
30/08/2016 15:58
vxpoison http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5195397
02/09/2016 14:31
BRAVOZULU next week tambah lagi sikit.
04/09/2016 10:36
Redpeople rebound sign.. go go go ,,
13/09/2016 10:45
WanEmdibi Collecting now, positive momentum
13/09/2016 16:05
Jason Teoh This counter is dead?
05/10/2016 16:16
Investeye Opportunity to accumulate .. as the property business and plantation should be better for AZRB compare with previous q..

Below is the prospect from previous q:
The Group’s Construction Division remaining order book balance as at the date of this 2nd
Quarter Report stands at RM4.357 billion. We are positive on our prospects of adding to and enhancing the order book. Therefore, the Construction Division is confident to give
continued strong performance in future quarters.

The Oil and Gas Division expects to remain steady despite the continuing prolongation of
weak global oil prices and sentiments. The division also expects increasing contribution from its operations at Tok Bali Supply Base as the port continues to develop and mature.

The Plantation Division expects yields of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) to continually improve, thereby generating higher revenue going forward. The division also expects to improve its overall contribution to the Group through increasing yields and stringent cost
controls being implemented. The division has also commenced construction on its maiden palm oil mill which would greatly help the division in delivering desired results to the Group beginning next year.

The Property Division is currently planning and embarking on several residential development projects for launch in 2016 and 2017. Upon the successful launches of these projects, the Property Division will be expected to contribute positively to the Group. As at the date of this report, the division has development projects with an estimated Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM1.4 billion. The facilities management business under the Property Division has started to contribute a steady flow of income upon commencement of the asset management services of IIUM Medical Centre during 2nd quarter of 2016
06/10/2016 15:00
Investeye Good to accumulate some lots at RM0.62 ..
12/10/2016 15:28
Investeye See some light in the tunnel..but the best yet to come based on the facts:
- one of the reputable bumi construction company
- plantation and property business are getting better shape
- present price is at the bottom
- good visibility and potential to secure most projects.
20/10/2016 15:24
Investeye Allocation of 2017 budget on UIA/Mara
23/10/2016 10:53

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