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03/07/2014 1.05 1.23 +0.18 (17.14%) TRADING BUY KENANGA Price Target News

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03/07/2014  KENANGA Property Developers - Taking a Breather

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CAF-POW I would not subscribe for sure.....I would rather absorb the price adjustment rather than pay a premium and getting sucked it deeper.
16/10/2014 14:51
kancs3118 see,,,,if you and me are unwilling to subscribe, then the question now is will they postpone the rights issue? Don't forget...management needs the monies from the rights issue to beef up their coffers.
16/10/2014 14:57
james70 kancs3118, the silver lining to all this carnage is that the rights price will be at a discount to the last reported price and the warrants also have a lower exercise price. More upside in the future if you ask me.
16/10/2014 16:53
kancs3118 @ james70, great to see you here. But what good does it do to me since my average price is at RM1.07? Please elaborate.

Also, do you think they will postpone the rights to next year when market sentiment improves for the better?
16/10/2014 17:25
james70 Well, it is going to be a short term pain for you but if you intend to subscribe the rights, you now need less money compared to when the share price was > RM1. I doubt they will postpone the rights because they may need it for DaMen.
16/10/2014 17:34
laughdieme77 Posted by kancs3118 > Oct 15, 2014 05:12 PM | Report Abuse

@ laughdieme77, my average entry price = RM1.07. What is your take? Live with this flushing?
Few options ahead:
Option 1: Exploit this market to average down...then, when the rights issue come, hope the market price at rights issue is higher than the new (lower) average price. Take note i have no more bullets left. The ONLY way to free up capital is by selling off a portion of the mother share and then subscribe to the rights issue. This can only work if the market price during rights issue will be more than the average price.

Option 2: Do nothing.

kancs, if u have a lot of money to average down, feel free to do some, someday it will go up again. but donno when.

if u need the money in near term, u better lightened up bcos Uncle Bear is here to stay.
16/10/2014 17:36
kancs3118 Hi James70, i maybe abit slow...just asking, where is the discount brought about by this carnage?

The lowest the rights can go is RM0.50 per share because the par value of the share is RM0.50. That means my theoretical ex-rights price is (RM1.07+RM0.50)/2 = RM0.79.

Hence, if the market price before rights is at RM0.75, the theoretical market ex-rights price is at RM0.63.

This means i will still be losing RM0.16.

Am i missing something here? Please advice.
16/10/2014 22:56
james70 The loss you have made is in paper unless you sell. If they put the rights at 50c, you need to fork out only 50c/share vs RM1/share since the previous prices which were hovering > RM1 for many months.
17/10/2014 07:30
kancs3118 Hi James70, just a quick question. How much do you think they are going to priced the free warrants? Looking to close the gap on the RM0.16 per share losses...

is there any warrant valuation model that you can share with me?
17/10/2014 10:56
james70 It could be somewhere between 20c and 30c depending on the exercise price.
17/10/2014 11:06

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