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0.535 1.23     +0.695 (129.91%)
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03/07/2014 1.05 1.23 +0.18 (17.14%) TRADING BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
03/07/2014  KENANGA Property Developers - Taking a Breather

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martinng This counter is said to be linked to Tan Sri Desmond Lim and Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan. I am not a fan of the latter. Check his background! Google it!
18/12/2014 10:50
Icon8888 I not a sifu, never claim to be one. Admit I am half bucket.

You guys follow at your own risk.

I am still holding GOB. If I lose money, I have nobody to blame, not even myself. I tried my best. If things don't work out, there is nothing I can do.
18/12/2014 11:31
Icon8888 That is part and parcel of investing
18/12/2014 11:32
Icon8888 As long as one day GOB doesn't report big losses or go bankrupt, it is too early to declare defeat and sell out. That is not the way it works for stock investment, at least not for me
18/12/2014 11:35
SSinvesting GOB got ample Land in prime area and new cash with rights issue, now price at 0.50 ie 50% less than existing NAT, definitely it can withstand the recession with slow launch.

Sometime I am wondering whether it's the major shareholder that pushing the price down to collect more due to GOB has very loose shareholding in retailer hand
18/12/2014 11:45
bukithot "those half bucket sifu, pls refrain from writting bullish stock buy report citing all secondary info"
If like that all investment banks can close shops liao. Coz they always come out with BULLISH xxx target price.
18/12/2014 12:26
bukithot Support ICON8888 on his passion to share!
18/12/2014 12:26
yanxuan8 Yesterday was the last day of rights subscription, they purposely pushed it down caoupled with weak market, so that less people subscribed the rights, then more excess for distribution, they have stated clearly in the prospectus that they are applying for excess with big quantity! Now today, you can see that price starts to move up!
18/12/2014 12:28
GoldenShares 過去幾年,房貸容易獲批,大部份產業發展商推出的新產業計劃,只要地點適中,不管是永久地契還是99年租賃地段,很快就被搶購一空,銷售處門庭若市,大排長龍的情況時有所聞,產業出售率達80%以上者眾多。





19/12/2014 12:43
CAF-POW When will shares credited to cds?
19/12/2014 17:09

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