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03/07/2014 1.05 1.23 +0.18 (17.14%) TRADING BUY KENANGA Price Target News

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03/07/2014  KENANGA Property Developers - Taking a Breather

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kancs3118 i foresee investment banks gonna write up on this counter...just to shore up the price...in preparation for an imminent rights issue.

Remember last time during Apr'14 when TheEdge wrote an article on GOB about Batu Kawan? The price went up the roof. Then, it fell sharply and consolidated for a few months at about RM1.00 and slowly edge up to RM1.04 ...right until now.
31/07/2014 09:54
Icon8888 I think the price goes up has something to do with court approval for par value cancellation

They can then proceed with the rights
31/07/2014 09:56
baiyuensheng there is no dividend history for this counter....why investor still want it?
31/07/2014 09:59
kancs3118 @ baiyuensheng; if not mistaken, the no dividend history is attributabe to the previous management under Equine Capital. I may be wrong...but if you look at the nearest proxy that is Malton - Malton declares dividend yearly - albeit not much
31/07/2014 10:03
Icon8888 This company is growth play, not dividend
31/07/2014 10:03
speakup whats the Rights Issue about?
31/07/2014 10:04
kancs3118 @ icon8888, well said. But then, the great Tambun INdah is still able to grow year on year and pay out RM0.06 dividend per annum...and now, they have the largest landbank in mainland Penang which is quite near to their flagship project Pearl City - and bought cheaper than other developers.
31/07/2014 10:14
Pika Chan baiyuensheng there is no dividend history for this counter....why investor still want it?

Usually, dividend is not announce in property sector .. even there is, the dividend is very low....
This GOB I foresee will be my old lover SBCCORP
31/07/2014 12:43
Pika Chan If you want dividend, go find those consumer counter like OLDTOWN, PWROOT etc.
31/07/2014 12:44
kancs3118 gentlemen, i am just afraid this may be a repetition of what happens way back in Apr'14 whereby the shares went up to about RM1.20 and then went crashing down to RM0.90......and then stabilise at RM1.00 to RM1.04 range before this upshot.
31/07/2014 13:05

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