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0.755 1.00     +0.245 (32.45%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
23/01/2015 0.755 0.93 +0.175 (23.18%) BUY TA Price Target News
23/01/2015 0.755 0.84 +0.085 (11.26%) HOLD RHB-OSK Price Target News
23/01/2015 0.755 0.72 -0.035 (4.64%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
23/01/2015 0.755 1.04 +0.285 (37.75%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
23/01/2015 0.755 0.95 +0.195 (25.83%) BUY ALLIANCE Price Target News
16/01/2015 0.735 0.84 +0.105 (14.29%) TRADING BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
05/12/2014 0.79 1.10 +0.31 (39.24%) BUY ALLIANCE Price Target News
13/11/2014 0.93 1.55 +0.62 (66.67%) BUY ALLIANCE Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
23/01/2015  TA Eagerly Awaiting RAPID Kicker
23/01/2015  RHB-OSK Pantech - Poorer 3QFY15 As Expected
23/01/2015  KENANGA Pantech Group Holdings - 3Q15 Below Expectations
23/01/2015  JF APEX Hit by slower oil and gas industry
23/01/2015  ALLIANCE Some turbulence before RAPID
16/01/2015  RHB-OSK Pantech - Riding Through The Storm
05/12/2014  ALLIANCE Downstream demand to support earnings
13/11/2014  ALLIANCE Look forward to FY16

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RonnieKimLondon Very bad results.
25/04/2015 08:49
Chin Leong dunno want sell or want wait ..haiz
25/04/2015 09:45
Tornado Oil is slowly coming back. You sell I buy while enjoying a not really bad divvy and free treasury shares. Tq very much....

Furthermore, treasury share is not like bonus share , it does not dilute the earning per share, forumer, correct me if I am wrong.....
25/04/2015 09:56
johotin88 The decline of profit already expected. The same will happen to other o&g big players like skpetro and armada .
25/04/2015 11:35
Josh Ong Tornado, you are absolutely right!
25/04/2015 12:38
beckham89 so, treasure share mean what? The distribution dividend will be 0.5 sen or 1.16 sen?
25/04/2015 16:51
Tornado Tq Josh.
25/04/2015 21:32
Tornado Imho:-

Treasury Share are share that the company bought from open market and deposit into company treasury. The coming distribution dividend is 0.5c , a 0.6c divvy was given during Mar '15 , so year to date is 1.1c . If taking 1:100 treasury share into consideration, base on today closing of RM0.755 per share, investor get a 0.755c in share for every 1000 units owned, so the total payout year to date would be 1.855c.

Hence for every RM755 invested (1000 units), investor get RM18.55, 18.55/755 = 2.45% return in 2 quarters (6 months). If the company maintain this rate for the next 2 quarters, then you stand to enjoy a 4.8% return while sitting on a potential capital gain ( consider O&G stocks has reach the bottom and is on a consolidation upward mode )

It is norm for companies with substantial cash reserve to buy share from open market when price is undervalued for keeping in treasury.
Some companies will sell the treasury at open market again when reaches its fair value.
Pantech is using treasury share to reward retail investors instead.....

As a minority share holder, I love what Pantech management is practising.............

I welcome comment from i3 sifu please......
25/04/2015 22:25
Tornado I am looking at it purely from a layman term...
If you need a detail FA , pls review below write out from i3 Sifu

25/04/2015 22:35
Icon8888 This latest quarter includes a a provision for doubtful debts of RM4 mil. Without this item, net profit would be RM11 mil
26/04/2015 23:06

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