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0.47 0.49     +0.02 (4.26%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
13/01/2017 0.465 0.52 +0.055 (11.83%) BUY TA Price Target News
13/01/2017 0.465 0.42 -0.045 (9.68%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
13/01/2017 0.465 0.51 +0.045 (9.68%) HOLD JF APEX Price Target News
19/10/2016 0.565 0.63 +0.065 (11.50%) BUY TA Price Target News
19/10/2016 0.565 0.50 -0.065 (11.50%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
19/10/2016 0.565 0.55 -0.015 (2.65%) HOLD JF APEX Price Target News
13/10/2016 0.57 0.67 +0.10 (17.54%) BUY TA Price Target News
10/10/2016 0.565 0.59 +0.025 (4.42%) BUY TA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
13/01/2017  TA PANTECH - Better Earnings Going Forward
13/01/2017  KENANGA Pantech Group Holdings - Expecting Stronger 4Q17
13/01/2017  JF APEX PANTECH - Weaker earnings
19/10/2016  TA Pantech Group Holdings Berhad - Margin Contraction due to Competition & Slow Demand
19/10/2016  KENANGA Pantech Group Holdings - Disappointing 1H17
19/10/2016  JF APEX Results Review 19 October 2016 Pantech Group Holdings Berhad - Earnings continue to slide
13/10/2016  TA Improving Demand and Robust Cash Flow
10/10/2016  TA PANTECH - Bonus Issue and Warrants

Bonus Issue, Share Split or Share Consolidation announcement
Announce Date Ex Date Subject Amount/Ratio
05/12/2016 19/12/2016 Bonus Issue 1 : 5

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smartInvestor1 乘低吸纳
06/02/2017 15:29
smartInvestor1 不怕Pantech不上位 只怕你坚持不住 低谷回转态势 先买一点 等业绩转好时再加注
07/02/2017 18:23
smartInvestor1 Share Buy Back
13/02/2017 06:06
hekhek share buy back are still save for us to buy this stock to invest?
13/02/2017 10:27
jackyle Seems like accumulate mode
14/02/2017 14:31
ryan7642 Yea done bought wa ^^ see can make another round technical play p not^^ huat ar!!!
14/02/2017 15:01
Josh Ong warrant 0.25 shouldn't a problem.
14/02/2017 16:58
jackyle Follow smartinvestor1, diam diam collect 1st.
14/02/2017 17:16
jackyle Wow, got sifu duit jaga here I banyak fong sam liao. :)
14/02/2017 17:39
John Lu Funny
14/02/2017 17:53
Russell Hahaha this is like what I read on analyst statements all the time!
14/02/2017 18:14
thenewbee duit sifu when u are free reply me
14/02/2017 22:13
John Lu Duit sifu never email me...so sad
14/02/2017 22:40
John Lu Duit sifu...email u ald. Pls check
14/02/2017 22:44
OmManiPadmeHum duit, oil up, all mkt drop, hoseh?
14/02/2017 23:01
OmManiPadmeHum oic, then I better join oso... thx...
14/02/2017 23:11
paperplane2016 Oil up, pantech up Is danger assumptions
14/02/2017 23:11
OmManiPadmeHum not intra day la.. t + 4.. intra day is for HSIF
14/02/2017 23:28
Russell Good morning duit sifu. Thanks for your constant update
15/02/2017 08:32
pang72 Ok...I am watching...
15/02/2017 08:48
jackyle Noted duit sifu.
15/02/2017 09:37
andrew32 dear duit sifu, i know there is no sure win in share, as a newbee here, i really wish to learn your knowledge before i invest more in share. Earn or lose is my own resposibility. THanks duit sifu.
Hope to receive your email, andrewwjs32@gmail.com.
15/02/2017 09:43
andrew32 just 10% will do.
15/02/2017 09:59
thesteward lai liao 2nd round huat
15/02/2017 10:01
ryan7642 Yea baby done short play on wa wf 10% profit^^ ong ar!!huat ar! !
15/02/2017 10:09
andrew32 sifu duit, still can hold or need to sell now? i am not contra.
15/02/2017 10:14
andrew32 noted & thanks duit sifu!
15/02/2017 10:20
ryan7642 Actually I not contra either just that I use cash but play like contra if there is a chance to grap quick profit:) cos I got invest on behalf for my Frens so need show result month to month on n off..
15/02/2017 10:27
Pakandak Andak What is the TP..?
15/02/2017 11:12
ryan7642 My style is only 3..1)dividend type which hold for recurring income 2) growing type Co (which report turnaround wf high chance) 3)technical play wf cash not contra..now only completed mostly 2 & 3..
15/02/2017 11:13
jackyle Need more power to break 0.485 resistance. Duit sifu kasih pecah dia pls.... hahaha
15/02/2017 13:10
ryan7642 Queue back wa at 0.155 ^^come one more round quick profit for me again^^
15/02/2017 13:12
Russell Duit sifu don't be so humble you always bring us luck
15/02/2017 14:37
ryan7642 go buy rsawit/ruberex i believe going to hv fast movement soon^^ happy investing:)
15/02/2017 16:43
jackyle Ryan so fast u move from this counter liao?
15/02/2017 17:38
ryan7642 Ya out d..ad 10% within 1 day good enuf lo^^ now at dnex-wc, ruberex, rsawit, scbuild , scbuild wb , nexgram wb^^
15/02/2017 18:13
jackyle Ok! If got chance till we meet again in other thread.
15/02/2017 20:19
ryan7642 jackyle : sure sure^^ anyway probably dnex, ruberex , rsawit, nexgram u wont see me too if the trend up soon:)
15/02/2017 21:34
Pakandak Andak Pantech ready to fly sky rocket?
16/02/2017 18:07
16/02/2017 18:32
Pakandak Andak http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5332257
17/02/2017 08:52
beckham89 is it good news?For share buy back.
This co always do share buy back one
17/02/2017 11:04
jackyle Share buy back which meant the comp felt that their price too low so buy back lo. This action also giv ikan bilis like us got confident. On the other hand some ppl may think that this action is to con ppl buy more. Buy or not buy up to u :)
18/02/2017 18:58
Pakandak Andak Agree. .with you jackyle
19/02/2017 11:09
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 A proxy to oil and gas sector....

I accumulate for some time n keep till year end
19/02/2017 12:40
jackyle Duit sifu seldom see u mentioned will parked long long since u always play guerilla. Hav a nice trip!
19/02/2017 16:31
jackyle Other O&G counters submit good QR today. Pantech 返來咯.........
22/02/2017 20:54
ryan7642 Yea baby here I come again bought wa again^^ vroom vroom~~~oil price up~~~
23/02/2017 16:30
Pakandak Andak Any news...??
24/02/2017 15:07
BERKSHIRE http://theedgemarkets.com/en/article/saudi-king-salman-launches-investment-drive-tour-malaysia-and-other-asian-nations?type=latest news

RIYADH (Feb 24): Saudi Arabia's King Salman starts a month-long Asian tour on Sunday to build ties with the world's fastest growing importers of Saudi oil and promote investment opportunities, including the sale of a stake in its giant state firm Saudi Aramco.

The octogenarian monarch, who has overseen the launch of an ambitious economic reform plan since his accession two years ago, is expected to visit Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and China.

Malaysian deal
Saudi Arabia has yet to announce Salman's trip, but officials in Malaysia say he will start his tour there on Sunday, accompanied by his son Prince Mohammed.

Aramco is expected to sign an agreement during the visit to collaborate with Malaysia's state oil firm Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) on its Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) project.
25/02/2017 13:38

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