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stockstrader88 I personally think can accumulate slowly if you have holding power.
24/10/2014 14:05
stockstrader88 If you noticed, many oil and gas companies has rebounded strongly since last few days. Tgoffs is the lagger here. It could be speculators are trying to depress its price. Holding power is important if you want to buy.
24/10/2014 15:20
stockstrader88 Most of other oil and gas related stocks have rebounded 20-30% since their lowest point last week. If tgoffs were to follow, it will has another 20% upside.
24/10/2014 15:26
stockstrader88 It could be due to speculators are depressing it or people just stay away from this counter due to the extended RTO.

But, many have forgotten about its existing fundamental even without the RTO as I mentioned in previous comments.
24/10/2014 15:31
stockstrader88 Look at movement of knm, thheavy, icons and etc in the past few days till now and compare it with tgoffs then you will know what i mean.
24/10/2014 15:36
stockstrader88 But it is obvious that its price is manipulated. Only buy if you can hold for a long time.
24/10/2014 16:39
ozzie75 @stockstrader88: thanks for sharing. still vested. Cheers
24/10/2014 23:18
kk123 I prefer TAS offshore as its earnings is good
25/10/2014 00:08
viper88 Yes..good observation, rebound is weak.. less than 10%. As mentioned earlier, theres obvious sell down progress that break several support lvl n slow accumulation sign of TGOFFS shares at low price. Whenever theres buyer try to buy up.. the seller queues will increase to suppress the price..and the buying continues at low price lvl. Theres also lack of strong support even with TKS buy announcement price at 0.565 (200k), 0.55 (200k)and 0.53(400k) price lvl increase his total shareholding to 5.79% from 5.62% previously. NTA TGOFFS stands at 0.51 and at its current price 0.435 its trading at low ..even lower than last year private share placement price which was at 0.57 and RTO offer price for Bourboun + BNI group at 0.708. Since RTO plan delay 2 next year June, TGOFF share price quite volatile but there will still be buyers buying it. See its price last 1-2 yrs ago.. after sold of TKS OSV price drop a lot but still can rebound high several times till highest 0.78. Those interested with TGOFFS share, set own entry and exit point and also like stocktrader88 adv... buy only if have holding power. If not suit risk appetite.. den go for other stock that u guys like.
25/10/2014 00:18
viper88 Some break down of TGOFFS recent biz activities.

Dato Tan Sri TKS increase shareholding to 5.79%

PETRONAS contract RM200million 3yrs with possible extension to 4 yrs. 24/9/14

Fircroft Tanjung Sdn. Bhd. (FTS) has been incorporated on Aug. 01/14 with authorize capital RM1million, TOS holding 51% abt RM0.51million

Tanjung Offshore Bhd announces option agreement with HB Properties PLC bought WAVENET for RM37million, 22/5/14

Tanjung Offshore Bhd and HMS Petroleum Sdn. Bhd jointly incorporates subsidiary namely Tanjung HMS Petroleum Sdn. Bhd with authorize capital RM400,000 - TOS holding 51% , 4/5/14

TGOFFS bought GASTEC 100% cash (RM5.1 million + RM34.3 million = RM 39.4 million) , 24/4/14

Private share placement bought by Tan Sri TKS about RM17million at 0.57, 10/9/13
25/10/2014 22:14

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