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granto Tanjung Offshore Services and Drilltec Offshore form new drilling rig business:
28/10/2014 08:04
ongmarine hi guys, I am back after a long break. whats up with Tanjung ? news say they are back in business for the rigs with Drilltec. please read the drilltec website. they are in octg not drilling rigs. why did the write up says drilling rigs. this is misleading.... Please check
28/10/2014 10:04
stockstrader88 Hi Ongmarine, curious on how you can get drilltec website. R u looking at drilltech or drilltec?
28/10/2014 10:58
viper88 Joint-venture (JV) agreement to market and operate drilling rigs and provide ancillary services to Malaysia’s oil and gas industry

Tanjung Offshore’s subsidiary Tanjung Offshore Services (TOS) has, on 23 October 2014, entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Drilltec Offshore Sdn. Bhd.

The two companies will jointly undertake business in the area of marketing, managing, owning, operating, maintenance and repair, leasing, and chartering of drilling rigs for oil and gas industry in Malaysia. The JV will also provide other integrated services to the oil and gas industry.

By signing the JV agreement, TOS and Drilltec have agreed to work closely together to achieve the objective of the project and to utilise each other’s resources and expertise for the purpose of implementing the project successfully and efficiently, Tanjung explained in the release.

TOS was incorporated in Malaysia on 28 April 1983 as a private limited company with its principal business address at Kuala Lumpur.

Drilltec was incorporated in Malaysia’s Selangor.

TOS will have 51% interest in the JV company and Drilltec 49%.
28/10/2014 11:26
ozzie75 51%? Isn't that a subsidiary?
28/10/2014 12:18
viper88 Tos is subsidiary of tanjung offshore.
28/10/2014 15:12
ozzie75 Thanks, Viper88.
28/10/2014 15:17
viper88 Welcome ozzie75. I've accumulated more TGOFFS shares recently at 0.45.
Price still stubborn below 0.50 lvl eventho theres good news abt JV for drilling rigs & integrated service for O&G industry. Buying this morning up fast till 0.475 but get press down fimmediately to 0.455 and later towards closing time another push down from 0.465 to 0.46. Rebound suppose to be strong but its obvious theres control price resistance to prevent price from spike up fast.
Even without RTO previously, TGOFFS price normally be around 0.55+/-.
28/10/2014 22:36
stockstrader88 What I am seeing is tgoffs is working towards offering integrated services from continuous acquisition and JV. It is going to be a 1 stop oil & gas 1 stop solutions and services company. It will take a long time to reflect its value on its price. We shall be looking for more projects coming in, provided tat you have the holding power. Else, you might want to seize the chance to sell off now.
29/10/2014 11:06
ozzie75 Thanks for sharing the insight once again, folks.
Indeed, holding stamina is important. Still holding and not looking at parting any time soon. :)
29/10/2014 14:07

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