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Edmund investor Tabung Haji always make wrong investment . Should have sold earlier .
28/05/2015 20:31
King Musang Revenue only RM8mil? Losss RM2mil.. mati lah this time. Directors busy suing each other no body running the business.
Get ready.. RM0.35 soon..
30/05/2015 21:38
Valuetrader888 Big contract coming up watch of
08/06/2015 16:53
supernova 30c happened in this Jan 2015.
08/06/2015 17:02
Der RanjAu Tanjung Offshore secures RM250m contract from Petronas Carigali

how this kaunter? dis morning can up and up n away ?
10/06/2015 03:32
granto Tanjung Offshore wins two-year Petronas contract: http://splash247.com/tanjung-offshore-wins-two-year-petronas-contract/
10/06/2015 13:48
supernova but still drops today while most o&g counters are up today
10/06/2015 13:52
sengseng news out selling...but i hold it...
where viper88?....long time didnt saw his comments
10/06/2015 15:54
supernova http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/tanjung-offshore-files-reports-police-macc
24/06/2015 09:07
supernova hopefully internal cleansing can boost up company. yesterday uptrend.
24/06/2015 09:08
92839238 All these cheats surely nothing happen and will continue as most of this are done with the help of the authority. The authority will gang up with accountants and lawyers to cheat the business owners while these business directors will in turn cheat public investors.
24/06/2015 10:16
Alfred Boon Huat Tgoff-wa can hold? I am trapped...
02/07/2015 15:50
cute so do i...
30/07/2015 09:14
King Musang How much exercise price and expiry date? Then ask if money share cheaper?
30/07/2015 21:10
Alfred Boon Huat 0.50. 7.4.2016. Sorry, what is money share price?
31/07/2015 01:55
King Musang Mother only 0.42, so unless you are confident Mother can go above 55 by 4/16, then the warrant is worth nothing especially the time left is so short. So why take the risk if you can buy the mother cheaper. But if the mother is 0.6 0r o.7, then your warrant is worth 0.1-0.2, then it is 100-300% return if you buy now. so the risk/reward is there!
01/08/2015 10:41
stockstrader88 The company is going to book huge loss in coming quarter due to termination of new business venture.
09/10/2015 10:15
i3fan Hope tgoffs still can survive and shoot up, follow the other O&G co.
09/10/2015 10:19
goldisgold this counter is gone case.
09/10/2015 22:45
stockstrader88 Yup. No point to buy if there isn't any restructuring
14/10/2015 13:29
Alfred Boon Huat But today seems like coming...
27/10/2015 19:30
Jolin Lai Chi Pet limit down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25/11/2015 19:33
Alfred Boon Huat Omg...lose....
25/11/2015 21:00
King Musang Dont be panic... Impairment during bad quarter just to book cleaning... Smart guynwill wait to collect lower... Then good news will come..
25/11/2015 22:26
King Musang haha.... you wish it will go down. .because already rock bottom how to go lower.. so only way is up up up..
26/11/2015 18:51
ongmarine bro, this is not whether it is rock bottom or not but whether it can perform or not.
30/11/2015 15:52
King Musang Sure can lah the new owner Tansri berry powelful one....
03/12/2015 22:15
Alfred Boon Huat Write a comment..Should I keep holding tgoff-wa?
07/12/2015 08:28
thefarside ... check the quarter to quarter results. Writing off RM41m after only one year of investing in PPE. Does this mean that the investment property is fully written off? What is going on? We have not heard of any updates on the investment property issue after it was highlighted to the authorities. What is the status now?
07/12/2015 15:52
King Musang Status is BUNGKUS liao....
07/12/2015 19:57
ongmarine King Musang, Tan Sri also cannot help the write off in the property investment. Stop those praises. Those who are not in the know will not know the truth but that asset is a screwed up bro. Buy some shares go for the AGM and ask the BOD, what actions do they plan to take?
30/12/2015 07:05
King Musang Nothing can be done lah case with MACC now long way to battle.. Only way is write off le what can they do? So long no good news le since Tansri took over exactly 12 months ago,,,aiyaaaa jiaklak...
03/01/2016 20:34
tuapuikia buying in now, Pray hard everyone!
06/01/2016 13:19
thefarside The silence is deafening....
14/01/2016 14:56
Jolin Lai Chi Pet game over already........................... prepare for dive!!!
23/02/2016 17:39
King Musang Already die long time ago what you mean prepare? Hahaha
26/02/2016 22:44
tuapuikia buy buy buy
01/03/2016 17:47
Tripaka Tanjung wa becomes hell notes...
03/03/2016 13:58
tuapuikia oil price up again and this share going to shoot soon
06/03/2016 20:27
tuapuikia Better be good
14/03/2016 18:51
Alfred Boon Huat Today big volume in.... any news?
17/03/2016 21:46
sheep PUMP AND DUMP...
17/03/2016 22:01
tuapuikia shit, got to grab some
19/03/2016 18:57
23/03/2016 14:00
tuapuikia what happen to this counter?
22/04/2016 15:21
iman6767 Cash rich company surely attracts attention. Everybody wants to scoop the cash for themselves. That's why the tussle last time. Now, the winner will/is scooping the RM into their pocket...
25/05/2016 10:51
Terence Chin Yun Peng GORENG MODE IS ON ?
01/08/2016 16:34
MyInvest I think not yet... It will take very long time to goreng... It might go down to .25 to .28
18/08/2016 14:53
djibaok When oil above USD 70 will travel........ to Holland.
07/10/2016 15:08
Jacky Yip 它建议削资 : - RM0.40 @ 29/9/16
26/10/2016 23:27

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