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godbless88 I don't think tanjung price will rise much as the price is fixed for the proposed rto (subject to changes), unlike other counters which people can "buy on rumor sell on news" to goreng.

The price should hovering around this range. I'm looking forward towards the rto tho, I think tanjung has many potential that others don't see yet.
17/09/2014 03:42
ongmarine aiya viper the rto can happen lah. ini semua temberang punya. ini semua goring punya counter. all business subsidiaries are not doing well except Gastec.later Gastec also cannot contribute
17/09/2014 06:56
viper88 ongmarine: if u think rto not goin 2 happen, its ur own personal view.
Others want to buy/sell also their own decision.
17/09/2014 11:36
viper88 Can look into Tanjung Offshore latest/recent private placement to get some idea whats goin on for those who don't have any idea info abt the RTO....


Monday, 22 Jul 2013 08:00pm EDT
Tanjung Offshore Bhd announced that the Company is proposing to undertake a private placement of up to 10% of the issued and paid-up share capital of Tanjung to third party investor(s) to be identified and at an issue price to be determined later and in accordance with Section 132D of the Companies Act 1965. Based on the Record of Depositors as at July 17, 2013, being the latest practicable date preceding the date of this announcement, the issued and paid-up share capital of the Company is MYR147,736,268.50 comprising 295,472,537 ordinary shares of MYR0.50 each. The proposed utilisation of the Placement Proceeds to Tanjung and its subsidiary companies are for Strategic acquisition and for Estimated expenses relating to the Proposed Private Placement.

On 23 July 2013, we have announced a Private Placement of up to ten percent (10%) of the
issued and paid-up share capital of Tanjung in accordance to Section 132D of the Companies Act
1965. The Private Placement exercise was approved by Bursa Securities on 20 August 2013.
The proceeds from the Private Placement exercise may be utilised to pay for deposits and/or
repay any borrowings undertaken for potential strategic acquisition(s). The strategic acquisition(s)
may require approval from the shareholders of Tanjung pursuant to Chapter 10 of the MMLR. If
shareholders approval is required for the strategic acquisition(s), then the utilisation of proceeds
from the Private Placement to fund the future strategic acquisition(s) may only be utilised after
approval from the shareholders has been obtained. However, in the event that such strategic
acquisition(s) do not materialise, Tanjung shall utilise the proceeds from Private Placement to
repay its bank borrowings and/or trade payables. The proceeds from Private Placement will also
be utilized for expenses that consist of professional fees, fees payable to authorities and other
miscellaneous expenses. Any variation in the actual amount of expenses will be adjusted to/from
the amount allocated for the strategic acquisition(s).
The said Private Placement was completed upon the listing of and quotation for the 29,816,000
Placement Shares on the Main Market of Bursa Securities on 13 September 2013.
17/09/2014 11:50
Hot.T Hi viper88.how hv u been?...I see u've posted some of my earlier "findings".. :)
still worried if the RTO is gonna go thru? my 2 rupiah is that piece all the info u already hv to get the bigger pic. Include the latest development in the marine O&G and u may see the relevance of the RTO..subject to the powers that be to make it a +ve outcome. :)
17/09/2014 18:48
Hot.T OPM2000...hope my much earlier posting rgding the Tingkat 4 Boys and their outer circle helped.
17/09/2014 19:05
viper88 Hi Hot.T. I'm fine. Nice 2 have u back. Ur info is good and I've been doing some research since last year and made several rounds of good profit 4 TGOFFS, this year only took some profit coz abit hesistant as I feel its very close to M&A already in May/June...Price will spike up again like last year once all big players are back in action.. but its alwys calm 1st......:D
17/09/2014 19:05
Hot.T viper88...good good to hear that. LOL..hvnt actually bn away bro.
Depending how they pen their request for exemption on "same biz" in the agreement with Ekuinas (some see it as the catalyst for the RTO), pls bear in mind that there will be 2 approvals that need to b obtained..from the Mgmt as well as Directors/Sholders.
The links that u provided recently + d sector outlook that my team did in Q2 has been useful to see the whole thing as a bigger pic. :)
17/09/2014 19:21
viper88 Ya.. have to post ur excellent research + other available info to give others a clear picture.
17/09/2014 20:14
viper88 Hot.T: If u have any new infos, can share here... last year Oct towards Nov a lot big val transaction and price move up strongly from 0.60 - 0.735 goes beyond my expectations :D coz I sold off earlier at 0.705.
18/09/2014 00:13

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