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kensen Yes, definitely. It does not make sense at all.
1 month ago, the price of Scomi and Scomien was same but now Scomi is so RM0.10 lower than scomien....

Is definitely a buy
26/11/2014 17:23
calvintaneng Scomi deals with drilling fluids. So when crude oil collapsed there will be less business for drilling. And scomi will be hit hard. That is the reason for scomi sell down
26/11/2014 17:31
kensen Yes, but they have secured billion RM contract before oil price collapsed. The less business will only impact on future contracts to be secured. If u see, when Scomies went up they stagnant but once Scomies went down they performed worse.

That is why no one can understand Scomi since beginning. If u see this forum, in the past all the so-call "Scomi Gurus" had left. All the so-call "insider info" ppl had left and all the optimistic ppl all left.... But at this price, i do not think we need to understand Scomi. Just buy and put into refrigerator till 2015
26/11/2014 17:38
kensen And seriously I appreciate that is still remaining supporters to support this share. Esp. i_investors, thanks for the update and when it starts to go up, then only all the supporter will come back and said buy, buy, buy...And they will be some so-call guru said TP RM0.60 by Jan 2015, RM0.70 by 2nd Q of 2015.
26/11/2014 17:41
Vin Tan Oil price will drop if everybody keeps on pumping, as is what happens now as no producer is willing to lose market share. If no cut in production is effected, then there will be industry activity at lease maintained at current state , which means there will still be contracts for those involved in the supporting business . Why the big drop in price if there will still be drilling activity .Kind of ironic , isn't ?
26/11/2014 18:07
kensen Yes, agreed.. That is why i can say that is not easy to understand Scomi.
And it seem like no matter how good the news, there will always be a gate keeper to stop from flying..
26/11/2014 18:10
mikeann I observed today the selling is drying up. Share grossly oversold. Profitable. The share should rebound by Friday.
26/11/2014 18:50
scottybang dude u muz be kidding me. i juz saw a lot of seller as they are queing at 0.285 like no tomorrow. With good fundamental and dropping is juz gross..i cant understand at all. but anyway i hope u r right which rebound soon
26/11/2014 22:23
i_investor SCOMI Malaysia terlibat dalam projek baru!

Berita BERNAMA lanjut terkini : http://web10.bernama.com/bernama/v7/bm/bu/newsbusiness.php?id=1088463

See it ?! The price of SCOMI subsidiaries SCOMIEN and SCOMIES still stable.
Only SCOMI price being artificially pushed down, even cheaper than SCOMIEN!

Is a TRAP!!!

It looks like a plan for cheapest entry price and easier to own and control via SCOMI as mother company! Then later the SCOMI price will have leap jump up after substantial accumulation and clearance done!

There will be a very interesting rebound!
27/11/2014 00:01
i_investor http://web10.bernama.com/bernama/v7/bm/bu/newsbusiness.php?id=1088463

More news: http://www.kinibiz.com/story/corporate/123979/chennai-monorail-okayed-scomi-wants-in.html
27/11/2014 00:05

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