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nippy65 Would be surprised to see Scomi and Scomies walking down the same path as Scomien.
10/08/2016 09:03
nippy65 Should read, "Would not be suprised to ........ "
10/08/2016 10:08
vc1922 Buy scomi very very great news coming. Scomi is now syariah. Syariah kwsp fund will enter
11/08/2016 14:45
sun99 making a lost again this qtr
11/08/2016 20:03
Angielim9955 sun99 @ so sun99 what will this reports impact scomi
can advise
11/08/2016 21:17
up2up IJM (major shareholder) please do something to turnaround SCOMI !!!
12/08/2016 10:15
nippy65 Blood will be oozing for the remainder of the financial year.
12/08/2016 12:00
winmal in recently months most of construction counters have been gradually rose..even Zelan also up from 0,15 to 0.19. why scomi moving downward.. from 0.19 to 0.145
12/08/2016 12:35
nippy65 up2up, do you think IJM can do something ?
12/08/2016 13:41
up2up I hope so
12/08/2016 15:01
zebrapower Zelan got project, not like scomi
12/08/2016 15:42
Angielim9955 up2up can ask is IJM still the big boss of scomi ?
12/08/2016 16:10
up2up From Annual Report 2016, as at 30/06/2016, IJM hold 24.59% of Scomi share (largest shareholder)
15/08/2016 09:25
Redz1 IJM got only 25%, nothing mush they can do. Got themselves in sticky company. Lets get new management team and turn around this company. sun99, nippy65,zebrapower, anyone???
15/08/2016 11:58
yifie_911 scomi will be in more trouble if IJM sold all its shares
15/08/2016 12:12
magen3434 worth to buy?
16/08/2016 03:33
Frank Soweto Nope :(

unless u want donate to ayatollah Shah who is by the way continuing makaning ghaji bhuta :( :(
16/08/2016 06:34
xfighter suddenly went up?
16/08/2016 10:05
nippy65 Bottomline. The entire group must win contracts to increase the orderbook. Current jobs will eventually be depleted. Replenishment of orderbook appears very sluggish of late. Should this situation continues till the financial year end, deeper trouble prevails. IJM will not be able to do much as O&G and rail are not their line of expertise. Going forward, marine vessel services will hit hard. Today, vol for Scomi is merely a rollover for T4 position on 10/08/16. It will not last, if one deems that somthing is coming. Without more jobs coming in, any price movement north will not last and merely short term at best one week action and limited in price range. Unless announcement of securing a huge contract, then it would be a different case altogether. As of now, tough going as pointed out in the AR itself. Bear in mind, total borrowing, if I have not mistaken is very much above RM1b and this adds more pressure. For Scomi as a group, its performance is a function of succesfully securing as many jobs as possible (assuming profitable) like any other business if one is to do well. This is not happening at least not at the moment. Until it happens, then we can start talking about fundemental and ratios again. To buy or not to buy, that is the question and will remain as a question for those who have set sights on these companies.
16/08/2016 10:46
winmal How you get the borrowing of RM1b.. we can't find any in latest reports. furthermore, I believe IJM will not let the ship to sink.
16/08/2016 11:20
vc1922 Buy scomi syariah fund get in
16/08/2016 15:29
nippy65 What is happening to Scomi-Platinum Sdn Bhd, a Scomi ES and Graphene Nanochem JV located in Port Klang. Up and running procuction ? Aborted ? Under construction ? Answer, anyone ?
19/08/2016 14:50
Angielim9955 vc1922 winmal and

hi scomi memebers , if you dont mind can I ask a question avbout scomi Nta :

I find out scomi Nta on 31/05 qr is lower down to zero , then this new qr got nta again
details as below :

scomi : NTA record :

11/08/2016 31/03/2017 0.340
31/05/2016 31/03/2016 0.000
25/02/2016 31/03/2016 0.450

hi , scomi family , do you you guys know why scomi last qr nta is zero value,
because I heard people say if nta become zero mean debt too high

anyone can explain please ?
21/08/2016 16:11
nippy65 Angielin9955, I am just a novice. Far from adequately equiped to provide indepth knowledge to guide you thru.
22/08/2016 10:47
Angielim9955 nippy65 , no worry nippy65 thanks for answer thanks
22/08/2016 17:16
Angielim9955 thanks
22/08/2016 17:18
nippy65 New 52-weeks low for Scomi, Scomies and Scomien should be coming soon.
25/08/2016 08:59
Blur2investor Why? How?
26/08/2016 11:24
nippy65 Scomien scored a 52-week low of 0.175. Scomies did touch intraday 52-week low of 0.185. Scomi maintain at 0.14 which is a 52-week low recorded before today.
26/08/2016 16:59
yifie_911 i cant foresee their future
27/08/2016 00:39
Frank Soweto LOL captain chang n his singaporean investors already gone de - looong time
they oso got conned by ayatollah Shah - bushie was right when he said Ayatollah, Supreme Leader general Kim n Captain ??? kannot remember his name of Masterkill all r part of the Axis of evil :( tell me how many people invested or even punted on these 3 cos Scomi,KNM n Masterkill make $$$
Please dun wait for anymore goreng - no more free foods :( wok oso stolen long time de :(
27/08/2016 04:49
nippy65 yifie_911, if you can't forsee their future, I help you to see it in one word - moribund.
29/08/2016 11:14
nippy65 ladahitam, I pray and hope you are right.
01/09/2016 10:50
nippy65 Scomien touched 52-weel low today @ 0.165. Chennai monorail project ??? Any comment from participants of this forum to enlighten ?
05/09/2016 11:30
magen3434 bro, worth to buy ?
06/09/2016 15:18
yifie_911 Nippy65, if u dun mind, can u share with us what made u think that scomi is worth to invest?
06/09/2016 17:42
nippy65 yifie_911, if u dun mind, can u share with us at which point in time from my participation in this forum did I implicitly, explicitly or unequivocally recommended (which in your view I think) that Scomi is worth to invest ?
07/09/2016 08:27
koyokui buy scomi syariah couter
08/09/2016 09:29
ryan7642 Buy for Technical Play if next wk drop further:) at least 15-20% margin play for short term..
10/09/2016 12:21
Blur2investor The price target quoted above for this counter is 1.07. So the questions are: 1. Who had been smoking? And, 2) What were they smoking?6
15/09/2016 23:05
Happy Nut no profit hopeless...
19/09/2016 21:33
nippy65 More pain yet to come before we can even talk about healing.
21/09/2016 09:37
nippy65 Putrajaya monorail, MMC making proposal. Scomien no ?
23/09/2016 10:59
ivan9511 nippy65 scomi can buy 0.13 ?
23/09/2016 20:04
arbao Slowly sinking...
28/09/2016 23:12
djibaok ini scomi ada projek kapal selam ka.... selam ke laut dalam...
07/10/2016 10:28
nippy65 A new 52-weeks low in the making this week.
10/10/2016 09:13
nippy65 For those who may want to know more of the development with regard to the Mumbai monorail project by Scomien, google "dnaindia mumbai monorail" .
11/10/2016 08:46
nippy65 Scomi recorded a new 52-week low this morning.
19/10/2016 09:34
nippy65 At RM0.12.
19/10/2016 09:35

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