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tiennhieu merge with china will strengthen their position.
17/05/2017 16:57
gelong aku mu late, ez 5 sen
17/05/2017 23:05
Rohnn Kerlevsw Krik krik..
22/05/2017 11:19
gelong grab some more bro
25/05/2017 08:34
nippy65 A good piece of news from Graphene Nanochem on the huge order of PlateDrill for deployment in Myanmar with Scomi Oil.
25/05/2017 11:36
nippy65 Hopefully it can translate into more revenue and the bottomline, profit for Scomi.
25/05/2017 11:39
r3490 where is this news?
25/05/2017 15:51
nippy65 r3490, go into graphenenanochem.com
25/05/2017 16:37
r3490 http://otp.investis.com/clients/uk/graphenenanochem/rns/regulatory-story.aspx?cid=607&newsid=875751
25/05/2017 17:06
r3490 if it were big news, scomi would have bigged it up in an announcement
25/05/2017 17:06
chinaman At an inaugural lecture held in honour of former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, prime minister Najib Abdul Razak today credited his predecessor for unwavering loyalty to Umno and Barisan Nasional.

Najib during his speech at the event hosted by Pertubuhan Legasi Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Putrajaya, also took a subtle jab at those he said have betrayed Umno and the country.

"I would like to honour his loyalty all this while, no matter what happened, he continued to give full support and stood beside me, the government, Umno and BN.

"Not even once did he think of doing any actions to betray the party and the country, or go as far as leaving the party," he said, without mentioning any names...

Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/383483#ixzz4i57AW0xt
25/05/2017 17:34
chinaman SCOMI become salted fish since Pak Lah left politics last 10 years ago. when can we see scomi back to glory. we miss Pak Lah a lot as nicest PM we ever had
25/05/2017 17:36
gelong jangan tido bro
25/05/2017 17:50
nippy65 Any comment on the pending quarterly result ? Anyone ?
26/05/2017 09:15
chinaman If it can minimize loss which is widely expected in oil& gas industry now, it's considered good. let's wait and see if IJM can do the miracle as what they did in IJM with amazing result. This time I'm sure Pak Lah counter already wake up. wa kaka
26/05/2017 12:54
nippy65 IJM is merely a passive investor in Scomi. Both are in total different industry. So, dont think IJM can help much in enhancing Scomi's revenue. It just does not connect.
26/05/2017 15:57
chinaman if IJM management are proven genius and strong, any challenging industry also they can overcome. But, if the management is lousy, it will still mediocre result even during bullish economy. I'll say there is indeed improvement since IJM join in as strategic shareholder.
26/05/2017 16:18
nippy65 How many projects/jobs have been won and announced so far in the past 12 months ? Whatever job on hand, what is the depletion rate and in Ringgit terms how much is left to completion ? The group used to announce RM200 mil+ cash on hand, where does it stands now ? I wish someone can enlighten on this. Anyone ?
26/05/2017 16:45
chinaman Last Qtr report shows cash level at myr142Million. Not sure about the job burning rate. But, look forward for Ophir marginal oil field prospect to kick start soon
26/05/2017 17:01
Ahead1268 http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Corporate-Infomation.aspx?securityCode=7158

Losses from qtr to qtr but narrow down. Sooner the cash pile will gone if this financial year still make losses which is likely based on qoq report. Better dumb the share now as heading to south
27/05/2017 10:52
gushan interesting
29/05/2017 01:57
nippy65 Given the share price inability to move even a bit to the north and more so cautiously and seemly edging marginally south for the past week, it does not auger well to show a pleasant set of quarterly numbers. I hope to be wronged.
29/05/2017 09:04
Octopus i think even coming qr is good result also cant bring it higher.. previous 3 qr is too bad and impact to its price directly
29/05/2017 15:46
nippy65 At best, improvement from last qtr. I have the leaning to project the numbers pending announcement will remain in the red .
29/05/2017 15:58
gushan the qr coming wont show gain from ophir but would be interesting to note whether are they able to turn around the company. From the previous quarter result, it does indeed showed that they have narrowed down the losses massively, so would be interesting
30/05/2017 11:35
gushan given that oil prices been recovering, the worst was in year 2016, n by following the trend, u can see the previous losses were correlated to year 2016 oil prices. Theoretically, it should show rebound in profit and if they can perform well or neutral in the coming qr result, that means the next qr(after the one going to be release soon) which would show ophir or part of ophir would mean higher gain
30/05/2017 11:43
gushan as for the cash burn due to losses, the last qr result was just few millions, so this qr will address the woe once and for all
30/05/2017 11:44
chinaman KUALA LUMPUR: IJM Corp, Malaysia’s biggest builder by revenue, may spin off its infrastructure unit and sell some non-core assets as part of a plan to focus on growing its main revenue-generating businesses.

The company may also consider paring its 56% stake in IJM Plantations Bhd. through local or foreign partnerships that could contribute to a larger landbank for the unit, chief executive officer Datuk Soam Heng Choon said in an interview on Tuesday.

The move is also aimed at improving trading of IJM Plantations shares as liquidity is low, he said.

IJM’s non-core assets have a book value of more than RM600mil, Soam said. That includes a 24.5% stake in oil and gas services provider Scomi Group Bhd and a hotel in Selangor state, he said.

Change of guard in Scomi again?
31/05/2017 16:28
Unknown404 Scomi can go holland edi. My company dealt with them before and get to know they got lousy management.
31/05/2017 18:31
chinaman should sack all his lousy management & replace with talents. Kasi malu...myr100million loss per Qtr.Crazy loss...Shah Hakim with fat salary still there? in their dictionary, missing a word MALU
31/05/2017 19:12
Unknown404 SCOMI just like other corporates such as PROTON,MAS and FVD (If you get what I mean). Investing in it is equivalent to buying yourself an expensive lesson
31/05/2017 20:28
gushan think need to look at what causes the losses first. How did the losses suddenly widen so much ?
31/05/2017 20:44
Rohnn Kerlevsw Flush....
01/06/2017 09:08
gushan only way is for IJM to take over . Management prb
01/06/2017 09:11
evolutiontech straight down since last week
01/06/2017 09:51
gushan really a suprise that 100million
01/06/2017 10:13
snwong13 .
IJM’s non-core assets. May divest!
01/06/2017 10:57
gushan i think those buying are playing dead cat bounces. For those buying this stock for long term, my advice is this. Set your cut loss point and follow it(DISCIPLINE). When it hit that cut loss point of yours, be sure to follow it.
01/06/2017 11:13
Rohnn Kerlevsw Lesson learnt. Scomi is a lesson learning platform. Lol
01/06/2017 11:38
gushan these r speculative plays. When u see co. making losses quarter after quarter, u know there's bound to be risk. If to really invest, get one that is making money from quarter to quarter, low P/E, with stable income, with dividend too, that way u can be sure the probability of it plummeting won't be so high. Speculative plays always come with risk .
01/06/2017 13:30
gushan as for assesing competency of this company, look at the news, u will see their competency at what lvl
01/06/2017 13:32
gushan judging by the way things are going, sooner or later they will have to raise fund. I think most likely they will have to sell some assets
01/06/2017 13:40
nippy65 When you thought that all is well again between Pasaranan and Scomien, the 3rd supplementary contract is now bogged down with dispute. And going by the results, we may need till mid 2019 to see positive outcome. Even so, we need to see more jobs awarded which is totally unheard of for a long while. Ophir will only see oil in the final qtr of this year if indeed it gets black gold. Pray hope by then the Crude oil price is attractive. As long as other business sectors of the Scomi group are not performing, no matter how well Ophir delivered its results, the rest of the activities will drag the head below the water. Frabication yard in Rawang already sold. What next for sale ? On the issue of fund raising, pray hard it will not happen. Any call for rights or capital reduction will be a bad move in the eyes of investors.
01/06/2017 16:48
chinaman To be fair, all O&G companies also got impairment loss on assets. This is one-off only. At this critical stage, there should be M&A to achieve economy of scale. But, somehow it happens very slow as lamented by PETRONAS chief. O&G industry is strategic importance to our nation in ensuring sustainable energy and low cost supply chain. Thus, govt. wont let this industry collapse and will do the necessary. if govt. do nothing, oil supply shock will cause inflation super high like what happen to Venezuela. many become beggars, prostitutes at street.
01/06/2017 17:59
gushan i dont think given the current share price they can do rights issue, if cash is needed most likely selling its stakes in its subsidiaries. Let's see how much more cash can they keep burning
01/06/2017 18:10
gushan as for the one off thing, i suggest u look at their previous quarterly results, also got one off thing, always sudddenly something appear one. So can anyone here guarantee there won't be any one off thing again?
01/06/2017 18:12
longvalley IJM PREFER to dispose scomi share to other......it sign no potential at all..........!
01/06/2017 22:11
Unknown404 Now got MM supportibt the price temporarily. Wait they pull out then this counter is will skyfall
02/06/2017 12:28
evolutiontech penniless stock now...haha
19/06/2017 10:17
nippy65 On the backdrop of woes Scomien is faced with couple with Scomies idling of marine vessel, low drilling activities and of replenishment of orderbook which appears to have been in slumberland, the situation looks grim. Considering the crude price going south, which I believe will remain low for a while, the 2nd half of the year even with Ophir coming on stream will not provide much cushion to address the stressful state of affair.
23/06/2017 09:17

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