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4 Weeks Range:0.23 - 0.365
52 Weeks Range:0.23 - 1.05
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Latest Headlines
02/12/2016  IFCAMSC Rebounce Finally???
27/11/2016  股价跌跌不休.IFCA多媒体可否转盈?
08/11/2016  Stock Alert : IFCA
12/08/2016  Traders Brief - Market is likely to grind higher towards 1684
26/06/2016  Stallion Stock Radar 26 Jun 2016 - IFCAMSC
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KiasiPu Knn, really rebound..
Will it last long?
01/12/2016 09:45
ljmeng wow.....rebound.....unbelievable......
01/12/2016 09:50
John1234 Today, stockists reverse course and invite technical traders to trade with them along with improved mkt sentiments after the OPEC deal.

01/12/2016 09:57
STUPIDPUNCAKKPS ifcamsc ripe for rebound 0.24 cent a good entry point can make 25% return
01/12/2016 11:14
migoreng shut up!!! bunuhsateman!!!! early morning 8 morning ask ppl go HOLAND... kurang ajar
01/12/2016 11:33
John1234 Stockists call shots in the stock market. Technical traders are day traders. They buy and sell according to charting and buy/sell signals.

Yesterday's candlestick was a bullish hammer, coupled with OPEC deal this morning. Let's see how it pans out in the next few days...

Not a buy/sell call. Ha Ha...
01/12/2016 13:44
Spid3rman Harap2 naik teruss lor..
01/12/2016 16:20
kenen gogogo...
01/12/2016 20:23
stonebridge John1234

Stockists call shots in the stock market. Technical traders are day traders. They buy and sell according to charting and buy/sell signals.

Yesterday's candlestick was a bullish hammer, coupled with OPEC deal this morning. Let's see how it pans out in the next few days...

Not a buy/sell call. Ha Ha...

Wow.. good comment!
01/12/2016 22:09
John1234 Thank you. I try to make sense of what is happening here.

A lot will depend on how the stockists want to play this counter.
02/12/2016 08:26
ljmeng dun gamble ur money in this counter......
02/12/2016 08:54
migoreng otak gila!
02/12/2016 09:20
stonebridge Boiling frog theory.... dont chase this counter. just sell dont look back..super dangerous counter
02/12/2016 09:50
FX Lee those chase high all GG liao...
02/12/2016 10:10
FX Lee police cakap jangan....
02/12/2016 10:42
kenen haha. naik cepat
02/12/2016 17:55
John1234 Wow,good closing at day's high. Few people expected it...
02/12/2016 22:35
ifca no hope at all... very regret buying this share because of KY & OBB.. I love both of you,,, smoking
02/12/2016 22:35
Bullhunter sorry for those who were misled into chasing this stock so high and now holding it at high price..
02/12/2016 22:39
John1234 Facts of investment world:
A lot of sifus will tell you "buy high and sell higher", when a stock is in a uptrend. But hardly, you hear people say "nibble low and buy even lower".
03/12/2016 09:25
John1234 Technical traders buy shares based on bullish signals given. They usually close their positions at the end of the day. They set cut-loss points(risk management), so they usually gain on the trading momentum and do not lose much(cut loss, if necessary). I would say they are commando-trained.

Stockists will take the lead and day traders will follow. Let's see if the stockists will bring the price above 30 sen next week to invite more participation.

Again, not meant to be a buy or sell call. Purely for illustration purpose.
03/12/2016 09:41
Kubistrader Cycle of a counter..downtrend..sideway..uptrend. or any of them...it repeat..so find the best opportunity...
03/12/2016 13:39
KiasiPu Rebound without good news... It's time to sell out if you hold..
05/12/2016 09:23
John1234 Wow, really above 30 sen now. What some of the forumers termed as a lousy counter turns out to be a "bright" star in this lacklustre market.

After the last round of aggressive and continual pushing down of prices by stockists, what remains now are stronger hands, those who had entered at much higher prices and are unwilling to cut loss at much lower prices.

Let's see what this (oversold) rebound will take us to. Not a buy and sell call, as usual.
05/12/2016 11:10
bunuhsateman KY & OBB said rebound then die even faster later.. better sell all before go to HOLAND .. too late...
05/12/2016 11:44
Spid3rman Let see how far it can go
05/12/2016 11:54
Spid3rman Rebound then continue drop?
05/12/2016 12:03
John1234 Facts of investment world: Greed and fear. They are always our greatest enemies.

Judging by the response so far, looks like stockists have successfully instilled fear in many of us. Before the next quarterly report is out(either good or bad), stockists can have a free hand on their game plan.
05/12/2016 12:15
stonebridge Be careful in T+3 and T+7....
05/12/2016 13:33
John1234 Punters are already so scared by the various sell calls in this forum. Only technical traders are commando-trained to take the plunge. Mild sellling was somehow well absorbed today. 412,400 shares were still queuing to buy at 30.5 sen at closing today.
05/12/2016 17:38
bunuhsateman yes...Rebound then continue drop like no where ... KY & OBB said 1
06/12/2016 08:54
bunuhsateman better sell now before too late.. later left NUT.. drop back 8 cents!!!
06/12/2016 10:55
KiasiPu Up without reason will drop without reason..
06/12/2016 11:28
bunuhsateman start dropping back now.. be careful !!!
06/12/2016 11:36
KiasiPu From 0.31 to 0.285.. Panics selling..
06/12/2016 11:41
stonebridge Just sell, dont let shark eating you, you will left bone
06/12/2016 11:52
Spid3rman Write a comment..look at the previous rebound..then continue drop..
06/12/2016 11:55
John1234 Stockists really cannot tahan all of your sell calls until they have to move the price down 1 or 2 sen lower to test mkt reactions. Now, slightly better at 29.5 sen.

06/12/2016 12:49
CUTLOST Ifca will make my portfolio..bankrup young..
06/12/2016 12:56
John1234 If this counter can hold above 30 sen by end Dec, I will not be surprised it is being "groomed" for our traditional CNY play next month, when many players are back in the mkt.

Let's see....
06/12/2016 13:17
OtakQ Absolutely, got this hunch
whoever buy below @0.30 will be rewarded handsomely by Feb/March 2017
06/12/2016 14:55
Buy1sell2 Junk stock...unless QR report a very high profit...else stay out.
06/12/2016 16:48
John1234 Even if it really ends up as a CNY play, my advice is NEVER to keep it till the next quarterly report is out, unless you are very confident of the results.

CNY rally is usually sentiment-driven. It is usually used by the stockists to bid up prices to attract participation.

Always good to stay cautious...
06/12/2016 17:49
bunuhsateman next QR will guaranteed go HOLAND ... quit before too late... hopeless counter... KY & OBB lari cepat222 liao
07/12/2016 09:31
bunuhsateman next TP 0.20 before year end
07/12/2016 09:32
John1234 Facts of investment world:
The moment you start to play with stocks operated by stockists, you must be prepared to go to Holland, under adverse conditions.

Investment is a zero sum game. Some people make big money and some others will have to pay for it.

So, do not play play if you do not have a strong stomache for high risks.
07/12/2016 09:52
KiasiPu Doesn't look good today..
07/12/2016 14:50
ljmeng today majority counters holland la....mr kiasi....
07/12/2016 15:27
IronShirt Not even T+3 already "Holland She"__Come T+3 become "Fun She"
07/12/2016 15:32
John1234 Amedia - drops 50% in 2 days, another creative work by stockists.

Compared to Amedia, the drop for this counter is more gradual and less frightening
07/12/2016 19:43


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