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Board:ACE Market
Avg Volume (4 weeks):13,490,394
4 Weeks Range:0.925 - 1.27
52 Weeks Range:0.22 - 1.87
Average Price Target:1.70
Price Target Upside/Downside:+0.765
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Bilis Bilis CHINA50----the MACQ is going to do an ambush....
03/08/2015 15:05
Bilis Bilis .the EPF boys might mount another high of 8 point from 1721 to 1729 afternoon close or tomorrow opening.....
03/08/2015 15:49
alphajack 80c I buy la..Most prob 80c before results as foreigners further offload kikikiki
03/08/2015 17:07
nomanland Just updated the charts.
Have a good evening, folks.
03/08/2015 17:43
aries_saham Woow...someone want to accumulate @ low price. Haha... another 2 week to go for next quarter results. This stock technically should @ 2.20.
03/08/2015 18:36
lucaluca Buylowsellhigh.. Its follow normal trend for now..
03/08/2015 18:57
Beleng Ng Bilis Bilis
Thank you for your posting.
03/08/2015 22:59
Bilis Bilis Posted by Bilis Bilis > Jul 29, 2015 11:40 AM | Report Abuse X

The Ajibkor-directed market MAY SURPRISE you with a DECISIVE 50 POINTS run up next 3 days starting this pm......."........to show malaysian investors all "....APPLAUDED ,APPROVED and WELCOMED and FULL OF OPTIMISM of our nation and collective future after his rombakan...." .... and the TVs and newspapers will report this as so......
It is called the chorus of approvals...
29/07/2015 11:38

Posted by Bilis Bilis > Aug 3, 2015 03:49 PM | Report Abuse X
IF we read the KLCI chart correctly.... .............from this 1721 level.the EPF boys might mount another high of 8 point from 1721 to 1729 afternoon close or tomorrow opening.....

IF SO the the afore-mentioned contrasting behaviours would be very very obvious by then
Even in the current prevailing gloomy and oppressive mood (local & overseas and the worst ringgit slump ,oil), We anticipated
this 3-days KLCI uptrend + the AMBUSH/Curi-Ayam style EPFBoys will achieve this JUMP-push (as above)....but We are flabergasted at the way this "new Petronas Tower" was erected IN ONE MINUTE @ 4.50pm and the UGLY Sore-thumb sticking up on the KLCI & Emas Charts (1,5,15,30minutes charts) .

So from 1695 to 1744 =49 points,July 30,31 & Aug03 3 days after July29.

Fortuneebullz, you have unfortunately contracted EdenInvestor's cheeky & petty ppl (xiao-ren) low-class desease of posting an UNPROVOKED & NASTY attack-post of "AMBUSH YOUR BALLS" (2-3 times) during the day and instantly DELETED (TO HIDE it) after the above-mentioned last minute KLCI 20 points AMBUSH-STYLE closing jump, i.e. THE MARKET exposed your embarrassing wrongful ignorance.

Honestly Fortuneebullz : i have no issues with you -- NOT on issues of principles like with AT & Jenni & ACADI on letting so many small investors stuck at 1.87 till today...and i have no wish of using the same long messages i used for EdenInvestor on you ...and i dont think i like to follow your style of haunting SumaPariah with " how much you lost on sumatec.." endlessly with this "why you self-castrated or sunat-sendiri your own postings?" endlessly....

Also BIF, for your info ,our Hakka DatukKong is very accurate and reliable most of the time, and he has this message for you : from now until mid-autumn festival, he advise you to be careful on the road--because your "centre" and "nerve" is very "loose"--he want you and family to be safe when driving......
03/08/2015 23:25
Bilis Bilis Posted by Beleng Ng > Aug 3, 2015 10:59 PM | Report Abuse

Bilis Bilis
Thank you for your posting.

You r welcome!

My only wish is : all the bilis-bilis will be able to cash-out of IFCAm and all the other Syndicate-Counters when the price is pushed wildly high ON RECORD VOLUME next 2 months!!!

Dont miss this (maybe final) oppurtunity for a long long time to come...
03/08/2015 23:40
EdenInvestor U farking nutcase! U should be taken and confined in a mental hospital separating from the world! Even when ppl dont give a fark about U, U keep attacking others so U can get attention U pathetic low life attention wh0re!!!! Even dream con and many others ppl also think U're one hell of a nutcase without any cure!

Since when did I wrote anything about predicting movement of stocks and KLCI? I NEVER do, only U do and when U're wrong, U always keep quiet but when U're coincidentally right, then U brag as if u veli pro.

Did I ever criticize U and say anything? I never! The reason why I only deleted 1 post last time because I exposed Ur real ID but I felt pity on you so I delete that particular post!

EVERYONE! Bilis bilis real ID is pdtan/ Pi DI Tan, he has made so many wrong prediction that he changed into a new ID called bilis bilis! Don't trust him anymore!

Here is a record of his rubbish trading records that someone called Optimus piled! See for yourself!

his old accounts, check all the trading records of his! All masuk longkang!

I really don't want to waste time argue with U anymore! U treat my pity with vengeance, what an evil person! U made so many enemies already with everyone! As DreamCon says, God's hand is on work! Let Karma find you and your foul mouth!
03/08/2015 23:49


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