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Stock Name   Last Price Change Shares Market Value % Average Cost Per Share Unrealized Gain % Day Gain %
What If Analysis   CANONE MYR 3,000 13,712.87 4.570
What If Analysis   CHINWEL MYR 9,600 20,208.78 2.105
What If Analysis   FAVCO MYR 10,500 28,838.65 2.746
What If Analysis   FLBHD MYR 7,100 20,497.18 2.886
What If Analysis   TGUAN-WA MYR 7,700 16,517.71 2.145
$CASH 224.81
Total 100.00%

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Stock Name   Last Price Change Shares Volume Open High Low Day Gain/Loss %
FAVCO MYR 10,500

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Stock Name   Last Price Price Range
(4 Wks)
Price Range
(52 Wks)
Market Cap
Avg Volume
(4 Wks)
Price Target
FAVCO MYR 10,500

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yewyin33 Mr Tan KW, I wish to change VS to 10,900 shares of Favco at Rm 2.74 per share = Rm 29,866
I am sorry for making this change and I hope it can be done
03/01/2016 15:39
paperplane2016 Fake kyy.
03/01/2016 16:44
Tan KW @yewyin33, please use http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/cube/koonyewyin.jsp to comment

I'm not sure if yewyin33 is the real mr. koon
03/01/2016 16:46
Tan KW @otb, can you help to verify if @yewyin33 = @koonyewyin

@yewyin33 only have 4 post and I dare not to modify @koonyewyin portfolio based on @yewyin33 request
03/01/2016 16:47
Tan KW ok

Koon Yew Yin Dear Editor,

Please kindly submit this revised list to the organiser

Favco 10,500 shares at Rm 2.74 = Rm 28.770

Chin Well 9500 shares at Rm 2.10 = Rm 19,950

Focus Lumber 7,000 shares at Rm 2.88= Rm 20,160

T.Guan 7,600 shares at Rm 2.14 = Rm 16,264

CanOne 3,000 shares at Rm 4.56 = Rm 13,680

Total cost Rm 98,824

Koon Yew Yin
03/01/2016 16:55
03/01/2016 16:58
jonbravo lets have koon yew yin vs kc chong 2.0 for 2016.
apa macam guys????
03/01/2016 17:00
yewyin33 I am the same Koon Yew Yin. I have changed my email address to yewyin33@gmail.com
03/01/2016 21:53
yudesh_preeti96 Mr. Tan,

My picks for 2016 are as follows:

Hevea - 1.62 x 10,000 = RM16,200
Magni - 4.48 x 5000 = RM22,400
VS - 1.57 x 9000 = RM14,130
TGuan - 2.57 x10,000 = RM19,040
Unisem - 2.38 x 8000 = RM19,040
TOTAL RM97,470
03/01/2016 22:04
paperplane2016 Not enough 99k.....
03/01/2016 22:13
Tan KW @yewyin33, new year - new email - new id.....
03/01/2016 23:07
Tan KW @paperplane2016, ok
03/01/2016 23:12
Tan KW @yewyin33, i have increase 100 units for CHINWEL, FLBHD, & TGUAN-WA respectively in order to utilize at least 99% of the cash
03/01/2016 23:13
rosetan Please put in the stock names.
04/01/2016 10:45
paperplane2016 mine is finally matching KYY the pro
20/01/2016 13:40
sarahdeaton my porfolio :
VS @ 1.43 x 50,000
Hevea @ 1.49 x 80,000
Aemulus @ 0.51 x 120,000
KNM @ 0.43 x 500,000
Deleum @ 1.02 x 150,000
poh huat @ 1.90 x 140,000
homeritz @ 1.01 x 95,000

hheeehehehe.i pro?
20/01/2016 13:48
confuse OMG down 7K(7.55%) in a day.
21/01/2016 16:06
paperplane2016 -6%, kinda same with mkt avg
21/01/2016 17:21
paperplane2016 stock god return -8.66% MTD, I am better than GOD
29/01/2016 17:55
paperplane2016 6% negative. Even god not spare, hehe
17/02/2016 02:51
enning22 since g20 last meeting,there is a shift in focus on the international trade arena,EU reopened door for China products,it was earler barred from entring on "dumping charges".crude oil price recovered from a low of 28 back to 40 USD level,and american dollars eroded value as against a basket of currencies.many Commodity ,like copper,iron ,gold , palmoil saw prices began to rise from lows .As such ,there is a need to review earlier selection , due to drastic change of vital economic factors.
23/03/2016 14:56
faiyou Superinvestor apa cerita? Semua saham jadi layu. Sudah banyak diam, rugi
24/03/2016 17:34
Saifuldin Post removed. Why?
30/03/2016 11:43
paperplane2016 Stock God also -14%, I am better than GOD la
31/03/2016 18:14
Jonathan Keung a boy trust GOD so much he asked GOD to help him pass his exams. on the day he sit for his test he ask GOD to help. he came home & tell his mother. Ma ma GOD never help me.

Mother ask why you say that. I ask God to come and help me to answer the Question. He never show up ?
31/03/2016 18:37
alibabacoming -13%
10mils, 1.3millions gone.
31/03/2016 19:56
moneySIFU alibabacoming, where got 10mils, sure more than that lah.

When winning money, everyone is god
When losing money, everyone is sheep
02/04/2016 02:47
KLCI King Oh, this is the correct portfolio, not so bad indeed.
16/04/2016 16:54
stockmanmy 3 kinds of participants

1 the entrepreneurs, directors , substantial shareholders and long term investors

2 the portfolio managers

3 the traders.

the entrepreneurs, directors , substantial shareholders and long term investors.......they don't have to be right all the time, it seems they don't even have to be right most of the time, but they seem to get by very well even when they are right just once every decade.
16/04/2016 17:20
stockmanmy 3 different boxes living in 3 different worlds.

the stockmarket is big enough to accomodate all 3,

but no one is big enough to live in all 3 boxes.
16/04/2016 17:33
stockmanmy when one box talk to the other 2 boxes, wouldn't it be like duck talking to chicken in dog language?
16/04/2016 21:40
paperplane2016 Why liihen not here
22/05/2016 21:24
confuse Why still down 15.85% for i3 sifu?
02/06/2016 17:22
moneySIFU Still negative return, way to go
19/08/2016 02:22
new_in_share Heard very rich people why down 15%.
24/11/2016 22:18
timetokoon Ah Koon is winner for 2016
24/12/2016 16:44
curious2 Is TKW competition relevant? So KYY must be poor guy to lose 15%?
24/12/2016 16:47
younginvestor92 Unbelievable...... this is the track record ?
24/12/2016 21:07
Why_ KYY YTD down 15% is poor man?
24/12/2016 22:45
paperplane2016 LOSER mah
28/12/2016 11:44
Why_ Since KYY is losing 15% and no bank willing to organise KYY sponsored competition how to win back loss money?
28/12/2016 11:56
pengembaraalam quite good for counters selection but not for 1 year competition obviously
21/04/2017 01:56
moneySIFU Still negative
25/04/2017 19:54
moneySIFU Business sense vs investment profit?
25/04/2017 19:55
paperplane2016 Sense? Got sense won't lose whole xingquan lah.
25/04/2017 20:29
stockmanmy plane...you so silly....the test is in winning or losing....got money or not.
25/04/2017 20:30
poorkid If i3 stock competition result is true so KYY must be poor to lose 10.54%? Yes we are having bull run why KYY still lose money?
25/04/2017 20:41
paperplane2016 Of course. Got money can afford to lose More oh. Lose little, gain many. Always ok
25/04/2017 20:44
AK2899 KYY is holland king ! you follow him unless u want go holland ! FLBHD and many track record proven that he "forgot to make announcement " kakkaka
20/05/2017 03:36
OptimusCallShitBaba KYY stock selection LOUSY & TERRIBLE! With the latest result release by Lii Hen, no pleasant surprise at all.

KYY has failed in XinQuan, doing so so at CSCSteel & Lii Hen, remain to be seen at Jaks.

While everyone seem doing very good in 2017, KYY stock selection based on his OLD MAN SENSE was terribly bad!
23/05/2017 17:46
moneySIFU After 5 months bull run in 2017 still red, hmm..... something not right
23/05/2017 17:54