Public Watchlist: RHB's Top Picks for Year 2017

Escalating external risks have forced us to reconsider our more positive outlook in the preceding quarter’s strategy report. Uncertainty over US policies and their impact on growth, interest rates, USD strength and direction of portfolio flows are weighing on EM sentiment and creating volatility in the forex markets. Hopes that the US economy would provide a lift to global growth are not assured, while the growing wave of antiestablishment sentiment could put the EU in danger of disintegration.

Resilient domestic consumption patterns, infrastructure project implementation and improving outlook for commodities are positives for 2017 corporate earnings. Still a trading market that requires astute stockpicking. Overweight Utilities, Construction, Oil & Gas, Basic Materials and Aviation.

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Stock Name Ref Date Ref Price Price Diff Last Range Open Change Volume Note
AIRASIA 30-Dec-2016 2.29 3.73
DSONIC 30-Dec-2016 1.22 0.965
KIMLUN 30-Dec-2016 2.14 2.18
MMCCORP 30-Dec-2016 2.37 1.49
MUHIBAH 30-Dec-2016 2.27 2.98
PCHEM 30-Dec-2016 6.97 8.52
PMETAL 30-Dec-2016 1.60 5.07
PBBANK 30-Dec-2016 19.70 24.24
SAPNRG 30-Dec-2016 1.66 0.78
SIME 30-Dec-2016 8.15 2.83
TM 30-Dec-2016 6.06 5.60
TENAGA 30-Dec-2016 13.82 15.96
VS 30-Dec-2016 1.40 2.21
DRBHCOM 30-Dec-2016 1.15 2.18
BAUTO 30-Dec-2016 2.07 2.25

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 NEXGRAM 0.0650.00 
 KSTAR-WA 0.05-0.005 
 PUC 0.26-0.005 
 BORNOIL 0.080.00 
 HSI-C3B 0.50-0.045 
 DAYA 0.035+0.005 
 VIZIONE 0.1450.00 
 KNM 0.220.00 
 HIBISCS 0.905-0.035 


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