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Sebastian Sted Power uncle tan need do something to push the price up, otherwise ho no face when he meet Sultan
29/12/2017 14:28
wafryer i bought at 80cent, now only half of it, this redtone is really 烂泥扶不上壁
02/01/2018 16:34
andrewong wait lo..dont think need wait long
03/01/2018 23:21
Sebastian Sted Power today trading weird. 57% at 40cents suspicious
04/01/2018 11:25
Indahnya interesting....hehe
04/01/2018 11:31
Sebastian Sted Power this is a trading counter, when up need to sell; buy only at when other dumping it like crazy. Previously I have sold my share to uncle Tan at 80cents. WTF!!! bought again when 50cents (thought its a good offer, siapa tau all the way down to 30cents!!!!). Then no choice use my hidden "reserve" bought again at 30cents try to average down the cost.

This counter really waste my effort!!
04/01/2018 11:33
wafryer 没有最低,只有更低
04/01/2018 12:10
lol168 seems like a no hope counter.. 250M project awarded also can't push it up... if not mistaken the previous USP project awarded to them at 80M++.. this is a significant gain in terms of project value.
04/01/2018 12:15
Sebastian Sted Power wait to the best time to unload all again. Hope Uncle Tan kind enough to launch another 80cents offer (since he always want to become charity fund-raisers). Should charity to this counter. Hahahaha
04/01/2018 16:49
andrewong market is in bullish. definetly redtone might be going up soon as well
06/01/2018 17:02
speakup arrrgggghhhhh, CUT LOSSSS!!!
11/01/2018 09:23
speakup speakup think this 250M project fake one. if real, sure up already. down = fake project
better cut loss.
11/01/2018 09:39
speakup bye bye
11/01/2018 09:45
saihuebee lol…now is goreng period ma~
11/01/2018 12:38
Sebastian Sted Power the worst counter in my holding. Wait to exit only
15/01/2018 16:32
andrewong patient bah..soon going back to 0.46
16/01/2018 23:42
novice2017 Still have people selling at 36/36.5sen eventhough Redtone had secured the RM250mil project, which is largest in their history. Strange, is that someone is accumulating or something not right with the company?
22/01/2018 12:04
Sebastian Sted Power yes I also feel weird it's start dropping after got that 250mil projects. Yesterday and today bought again at 36sen. As long as Sultan and VT no sell then should be ok. Waiting uptrend to EXITTTT
23/01/2018 14:46
speakup still holding kah? already told cut loss @ 39.5! degil!
25/01/2018 14:22
Sebastian Sted Power Yalor!! Tak dengar speakup because I still got 0.1% confident on Uncle Tan. Hahahah
25/01/2018 23:55
saihuebee Sell
27/01/2018 15:41
Sharemaster8 Slowly it is going up soon.
29/01/2018 21:04
Sebastian Sted Power @speakup,can buy liao.Oversold now. Tycoon want give you angpow
05/02/2018 15:40
Sebastian Sted Power 32cents bought again!!
06/02/2018 09:51
Matthieu Seven Vincent Tan counter all garbage!!!!
01/03/2018 16:36
Matthieu Seven I hope Sultan consider before invest into Vincent Tan company
01/03/2018 16:44
saihuebee welcome to holand
01/03/2018 21:09
Matthieu Seven all in at 30cents. Hopefully wont sell my underwear later

why I all in??

1- Vincent Tan and Sultan purchased 80cents
2- 250mil project will be contributed soon
3- UMobile coming~~~~ hopefully
05/03/2018 08:32
Sebastian Sted Power Matthieu, this counter difficult to predict. Previously I bought at 30cents then all the way up to 50-60cents (I sold off at 50cents); then when it drop below 40cents then I enter again at 38cents then drop to 32cents I enter again..

Seem like all the profit in my ROUND ONE will be eaten up soon by this ROUND TWO drop..

This counter play play can la but dont fall in love with. If not you will be fallen into RED RED..
05/03/2018 08:57
Matthieu Seven 30 upto 50 (you untung 20cents); then 38 drop to 30 (rugi 8cents)

Sebastian, you still untung 12 cents; why you complain????
05/03/2018 09:16
saihuebee haha!now 28cent,i think the host have see your comment here...
06/03/2018 00:49
Matthieu Seven bought at 30cents also die. Drop again.. Hahaha... Sultan please fire Vincent Tan
07/03/2018 10:22
Sebastian Sted Power Maybe Matthieu you are right; I have earn 20cents; so shall try my luck at 26cents and 26.5cents
07/03/2018 15:59
Matthieu Seven I checked the old announcement in March2015 that Sultan and Vincent Tan all in at 80cents

Who know something will happen again in March 2018? I give some hope and faith all in this counter
08/03/2018 09:55
KHamster VT's counters are not meant for flipping. Buy and keep for a few years.
09/03/2018 01:54
Sebastian Sted Power Matthieu, probably March will be a good month . Coming QR very likely green and give a good YoY gain %. I have enter again at 26.5cents. hope for the best but again don't too serious with Vincent Tan counter. Play play short term if got good profits shall let go
09/03/2018 08:42
saihuebee can close counter liao
13/03/2018 00:24
Matthieu Seven YoY improved! Right on track.. Long term look good
19/03/2018 20:39
Sebastian Sted Power For the nine-month period, the revenue fell 24.8% from RM115.14 million to RM86.63 million; however it posted a net profit RM3.06 million against a net loss of RM7.41 million a year ago,

Given the macroeconomic outlook and the prevailing economic conditions, REDtone expects its operating performance to remain challenging for the remaining quarter of the financial year ended April 30. However, the group will continue with its focus on measures to improve operational efficiencies to improve profitability in the core businesses.

It also foresees improved contribution from projects in the pipeline in the managed telecommunications network services segment.
20/03/2018 08:21
saihuebee who can explain to me redtone profit is 0.66m, but why net cash increase 7.2m on QR3
20/03/2018 15:39
KLCI King Little company with great name and tiny profits
20/03/2018 21:30
saihuebee If u got study the statement of cash flow , u may found that actual after operating expense is more then 30%profit , and redtone use the money to payoff the short term borrowing and invest in iot area like upgrade the data center facility , and also the cash on hand increases 8-9mil in 9 months ,I think after the finance year 2018, redtone will fly in 2019, if there is no other accident.
29/03/2018 05:01
Matthieu Seven terrible bull shit counter.. give fake hope to me
02/04/2018 11:10
Matthieu Seven yesterday I met my friend who bought redtone in 2015 about 80cents still keeping, Alamak!! He thought he same boat with Gamble Tan and Sultan will be safe. Who know sinking
02/04/2018 11:13
Sebastian Sted Power after clear all my stock at 30cents. now its time to buy back. Cheap cheap now can buy. Why??

Please read this:-

I didn't recommend buy or sell. But I am confident on the future business
03/04/2018 16:12
Matthieu Seven I knew some guys of that Johor team. Mainly only marketing sound good, the business is not that good actually. Even got business the profits very thin or breakeven
03/04/2018 18:55
Sebastian Sted Power who makan 500,000 per transaction?? Uncle Tan come liao???
04/04/2018 10:43
Matthieu Seven Sebastian you bought 500000?? My average cost still 25-26cents. Still no meat for me to eat yet
04/04/2018 10:55
Matthieu Seven or maybe Tycoon will launc mandatory offer again? Last time he offer 80cents; now maybe offer 40cents. Hahahaa
04/04/2018 10:57
Sebastian Sted Power dont crazy. 50000 already too much for me; dont say 500000
04/04/2018 11:09

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