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JoshuaMS7 @Fortune888 sumatec not yet pn 17, its only consecutive 2 qtr red color! Can consider buy rather keeps topping this counter! It's high possibility to be delisted!
11/11/2017 09:09
kobe24 @Fortune888, your portfolio mainly focus on this perisai share ?
11/11/2017 12:15
Fortune888 JoshuaMS7. I got sumatec share too
Kobe24. i mainly focus in O&G not only perisai
11/11/2017 12:30
Fortune888 Kobe24 . U hold alots of perisai share ?
11/11/2017 12:42
kobe24 @Fortune888.. yup , for me consider quite a lots
11/11/2017 12:44
Fortune888 Just hope for the best for perisai.otherwise our money will bcom waste paper
11/11/2017 13:11
Fortune888 US shale keep increasing oil rigs ,hard to sustain higher crude price even OPEC keep decrease output.The crude price will only increase at the level US shale oil rigs has already full occupy all the oil field in US or OPEC keep decrease output to a level to meet the higher shale productionbto remove the glut.
11/11/2017 13:34
PenguinDad unless oil price reach $70 before 2018.
12/11/2017 15:50
Fortune888 Reach usd 80 above.
12/11/2017 21:47
AzerothJr Scare even oil $80 also perisai would be hard to go up. Last time people say oil $50 perisai will go up now already $55 also even lower the perisai price.
12/11/2017 21:49
Shines Must get rid of the red light first
13/11/2017 08:00
JoshuaMS7 Come buy sumatec!! It will be another top volumes today!!
13/11/2017 08:47
arman70 deadline with bursa extended. meaning Perisai plans to table in the plan during next AGM. sit tight every one.
13/11/2017 10:25
Fortune888 JoshuaMS7. We are not interested to discuss sumatec here. I got sumatec share too but here is solely for perisai .
13/11/2017 10:27
arman70 Perisai has completed their financial settlement plan just in time for AGM on 23 Nov. The question is whether it is acceptable by KLSE.
13/11/2017 15:06
HengHuatOng The right side is on the oil price. If it continue to increase in next 2 weeks, chances are KLSE will accept plan.
13/11/2017 15:52
Fortune888 Bro Arman70 . How dis u know perisai ve completed the financial settlement plan ?
13/11/2017 19:46
pea3034 we hope so lah
13/11/2017 21:07
Syed Hidayat Company making huge loses but yet still directors want to claim huge fee out of it? Heck business no untung director should potong gaji instead!! Pay director special fees up to +rm500k with other extra cash for others directors till +rm600k so that they can create more loses in the company??
13/11/2017 22:01
pea3034 betul syed ..bodohpunya director
14/11/2017 08:56
J2529 everybody here lets go for AGM. voice it up. give some pressure
14/11/2017 17:07
J2529 combination of everybody vote, you can vote to change director. and question them before vote
14/11/2017 17:07
J2529 dont only typing here talk and no action.
14/11/2017 17:08
pea3034 J2529 did u go....
14/11/2017 20:50
pea3034 i went last time noting we can do we are tiny sher holder
14/11/2017 20:51
Albert Baker what we can get when attending AGM ?
14/11/2017 22:42
ivan9511 @Azman Hashim Last proposal date 11 Feb 2018, or perisai will de-list.
hi guys do I get it wrong , the worst for perisai is join pn17 or delist
why you said delist dont scare us please ?
14/11/2017 23:18
J2529 going next week
15/11/2017 11:01
Internationale To those who will be going, ask about this too : http://in.reuters.com/article/saudi-aramco-gas/aramco-awards-hasbah-gas-expansion-contract-to-lt-and-emas-amc-sources-idINKCN0Y71ZF
15/11/2017 15:14
limkokthye can buy or not this stock?
15/11/2017 21:53
15/11/2017 22:12
ivan9511 hi guys . is this stock already pn17 or still not yet?
16/11/2017 17:03
vikrogers still under pn17 till 11 Feb 2018
16/11/2017 17:41
kobe24 wow today break the lowest ...35 cents
16/11/2017 18:18
pea3034 byeee to perisai ... Fortune88 still buy or byee byee
16/11/2017 20:50
Fortune888 Haha..hold 1st . Still got another 3 months
16/11/2017 22:04
kobe24 @fotune888,, what is ur average price ? u hold this perisai share since when ?
16/11/2017 22:17
AzerothJr Thus stock have to becareful. You see all other stock goes up this stock goes down lower and lower surely it is trying to tell you something. So becareful please. Those with faint heart are advised to think properly. Potential for delisting of the stock is quite high and potential for your stock to become worthless toilet paper is there also. Later the money you invested bcome paper only to wipe your ass. It might be that even toiletpaper is more valuable then it when it reach that point.
16/11/2017 22:40
AzerothJr No need to ask about others price of entry what you trying to comfort yourself that others potentially lose more money then you when it id delisted? Make your own judgement. It is really habis all the money invested when delisted if that happens.It will be worse then invest in money game at least money game still you get some return for some months until the game is dead hence PN17 stock is very very high risk game.
16/11/2017 22:44
JoshuaMS7 sell and switch to sumatec since it is very low price and it is not PN17 company and will not be delisted...
16/11/2017 22:59
Shines @F88, now u can trade the normal egg to 1 perisai share, haha wonderful
17/11/2017 08:07
Fortune888 In the end egg shell pun dak dapat.very risky. I start sell half my lots 1st. If got good news only add on.
17/11/2017 11:58
Fortune888 Worry unable to cabut last minit. Sell half 1st.not so damaging if perisai delist
17/11/2017 12:01
risenfall can't wait to see the qr.
17/11/2017 12:04
Fortune888 Muz be diarrhoea.
17/11/2017 12:18
jr2911 F888, u mean cut lost now
17/11/2017 15:50
Fortune888 Cut half dulu
17/11/2017 16:53
arman70 Buying stocks is not like gamble. You buy when you know the potential. Perisai still have revenue. The problem is now paying back the debt with the small revenue. Sit back and think on that. If you still have confidence with the company in paying the debt then go ahead keep the shares.
17/11/2017 20:00
Fortune888 For self protection. Sell half and keep half. Haha
17/11/2017 20:26
AzerothJr Bond also can default lor but director salary and fee still gets paid. Small revenue only makes it more obvious. If big revenue it will be even worse, director will take more cuts and more debt will be issue to take advantage of the higher valuations and eventually also will not be able to pay even larger debt. This kind of company either complete restructuring or best to let it close shop.
19/11/2017 01:22


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