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HengHuatOng Yah man, price will only jump when they jump out of PN17. Can they jump out of PN17?
20/09/2017 19:28
Fortune888 Yes .another 1 month.
20/09/2017 19:31
HengHuatOng If yes really going to be Huat ah!
20/09/2017 19:51
Fortune888 Huat ar !!!
20/09/2017 19:56
Fortune888 Wait for contract for perisai kamelia. If got sure out of PN17 easily.
20/09/2017 20:04
ravz Don't think can get contract in such a short period
20/09/2017 20:08
ravz I feel the only way is for another company to safe perisai
20/09/2017 20:08
Hitman you wait for the contract you need to buy at 0.25cts..haha
20/09/2017 20:58
Betta68 Tomorrow i am queing to buy at 0.06,, all the way,,,
20/09/2017 22:53
Fortune888 Tomorrow I ll go another round at 6 sen .but need fast if not easily break 7-8sen resistance.
20/09/2017 23:23
Fortune888 GM68, Betta68 ,shines,hitman,ravz join the game tomorrow !!
20/09/2017 23:24
Betta68 I am all in,,,
21/09/2017 08:38
Hitman Fortune888, actually what news?
21/09/2017 08:54
HengHuatOng Will it go for another bull run today?
21/09/2017 10:11
Fortune888 Crude oil now edge up to usd 50.70.The bull will come soon .
21/09/2017 10:20
kennie Problem malaysia oil gas company.
21/09/2017 10:43
Betta68 Kennie1, go play in your yard...
21/09/2017 10:46
Fortune888 Haha. Now almost all oil & gas company is in huge debts . But most important is perisai got contract in hand. And new contract ia coming soon.
21/09/2017 11:07
ravz but why price dropping again
21/09/2017 11:07
Fortune888 Some investor will take profit but trade on ur own risk .
21/09/2017 11:13
Fortune888 High risk ,high return.
21/09/2017 11:16
ravz high risk can also be high losses
21/09/2017 11:49
Fortune888 Yes .tats y trade on ur own risk .
21/09/2017 12:03
HengHuatOng Alamak. Today profit taking. Bear not bull.
21/09/2017 14:11
Fortune888 Just small portion profit taking .see today traded value at Rm250k only.
21/09/2017 14:29
HengHuatOng How to see the traded value?
21/09/2017 15:15
Fortune888 I trade with maybank account. It show on the screen.
21/09/2017 16:23
ravz What happen..seem downwards trend
21/09/2017 17:08
Fortune888 Finally . At least can maintain same price 5.5 sen.
21/09/2017 17:08
ravz Looks like false alarm
21/09/2017 17:38
iambigshark not a good sign le
22/09/2017 10:53
HengHuatOng Wah all ONG sector pancit yesterday. Hope next week would be bullish.
22/09/2017 14:07
Fortune888 Oil and gas cuti yesterday
22/09/2017 14:12
Shines Hi buddies, how now, dare not rush in on Thur. Now q at 5 sen
22/09/2017 18:49
Hitman http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/09/23/oil-and-gas-shares-back-on-investors-radar/
23/09/2017 14:44
ravz can perisai be out of pn17.i think they should get extension. oil price is picking up
23/09/2017 14:53
GM68 In two weeks. Befor 11 october. Perisai will be out of PN17. Will maitain all his core business.
23/09/2017 16:18
GM68 Queu to buy at 0.06
23/09/2017 16:50
Shines @GM68 really bo out of PN17
23/09/2017 17:27
ravz What's makes u say will be out of pn 17
23/09/2017 17:36
ktlum84 not really! still haven't see any positive news from this company.. only 2 week left.
23/09/2017 18:21
pea3034 no way comeout from Pn17..lingkup
24/09/2017 00:20
pea3034 GM68 dan fortune888,,shines,, berhati2.... jgn gelojok beli
24/09/2017 00:36
Betta68 With a 47 milion usd contract booked 3 weeks ago with Petronas, they will come out, if not Petronas will make sure they do.
24/09/2017 09:25
Betta68 And i guess they will come out clean. Restructuring plan will have to be presented befor 11 october or get extention. Oil and gas price is booming and local company will benefit the most.
24/09/2017 09:28
Betta68 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/09/23/oil-and-gas-shares-back-on-investors-radar/
24/09/2017 11:11
Betta68 Perisai do perform MCM servecis for Petronas Rigs...
24/09/2017 11:12
ravz question is how will perisai restructure their debt. is anyone willing to safe them from their debts. its only 2 weeks more
24/09/2017 11:29
Hitman correct Betta 68, the best part is 47million usd same to stock number of Perisai (0047)..
24/09/2017 13:59
Fortune888 Thanks pea3034. I have faith with perisai.
24/09/2017 16:45

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