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0.62 0.56     -0.06 (9.68%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
07/12/2017 0.60 0.59 -0.01 (1.67%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
07/12/2017 0.60 0.45 -0.15 (25.00%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
21/11/2017 0.63 0.59 -0.04 (6.35%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
21/11/2017 0.63 0.45 -0.18 (28.57%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
08/09/2017 0.665 0.45 -0.215 (32.33%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
30/08/2017 0.67 0.70 +0.03 (4.48%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
30/08/2017 0.67 0.48 -0.19 (28.36%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
07/12/2017  MIDF GD Express Carrier Berhad - Higher OPEX To Remain Operationally Competitive
07/12/2017  KENANGA GD Express Carrier Berhad - Foreseeable Positives Priced-in
21/11/2017  MIDF GD Express Carrier Berhad - Efforts To Ramp Up Capacity Continue
21/11/2017  KENANGA GD Express Carrier Berhad - Poorer 1Q18 on Increased Competition
08/09/2017  KENANGA GDEX - Pressures from Increasing Competition
30/08/2017  MIDF GDEX - Steady Growth But Steep Valuations
30/08/2017  KENANGA GDEX - FY17 Grew 7% on Higher Demand

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103Ong What happened to Gdex? keep dropping?
08/12/2017 10:40
dariatan why drop?
08/12/2017 15:36
dariatan I still think this company will grow because of current market trend of online purchase.
08/12/2017 15:38
King99 dropping..... but I still keep it
08/12/2017 17:31
Wuzy Is it because price overvalue?
08/12/2017 17:58
verhansolution Buy to keep it for ≥ 6 months. I don't believe next 2 qtr no result improvement because recent buy from the boss was a good sign to shoot up soon.
11/12/2017 17:23
keen2learn aiks...upcoming dividend only 0.0025 per share.... so low =(
13/12/2017 16:53
Ameera 0.0025? Omg..so low..
13/12/2017 22:26
Kawkaw Counter going to die...composite up 20 above..not move..
Index down...it follow suit...n down..
14/12/2017 17:55
Ameera Hopeless counter!!
14/12/2017 20:05
CFTrader Posted by dariatan > Dec 8, 2017 03:38 PM | Report Abuse

I still think this company will grow because of current market trend of online purchase.

And because of this , can fetch up to PE 90x ?
No sense right ?

15/12/2017 23:03
Wuzy GDEX up up. Add oil pls.
18/12/2017 12:08
Ameera Hv to wait another qtr only will up!
18/12/2017 18:41
Joker96 You joke I thought you said Gdex is a hopeless counter?
19/12/2017 14:08
Wuzy Wait for next QR for better net profit result, then price will up up up
20/12/2017 13:05
kira87 This counter is a joke and hopeless. same as their customer service. company that is not customer
oriented won't be sustainable.
20/12/2017 14:59
Ameera Div of 0,0025 is not attractive..
28/12/2017 18:38
nmaa3003 just opened cds account today.

this counter my main target.
so many business in 2018 and area expansion in next year.
28/12/2017 22:18
Christopher Toh Gdex services like shit...
29/12/2017 14:21
Wuzy Now got small courier service company like ninja van, they run at low cost, cheap and fast service. recently lazada keep using ninja van instead of gdex :/ ninja van like uber/grab car service in courier service line. this kind of services is a treat to gdex profit growth. good luck for those buying gdex.
29/12/2017 15:00
vivabursa this Gdex service is very BAD, will loose customers to other courier service company. their pick up especially delivery very slow, not qualify as a courier service. Avoid this company
29/12/2017 17:19
Ameera That’s y the dividend also so cheap
29/12/2017 17:29
kennyku 0.0025 mean Rm 2.50 each share? Or Rm 25?
30/12/2017 11:38
Ameera RM2.50...:)
30/12/2017 11:50
Joker96 ho ho ho happy new year, in Gdex we trust :D
03/01/2018 10:51
Joker96 @wuzy what do you know about Gdex? you think just parcel delivery?? Lol
03/01/2018 10:52
Joker96 @ vivabursa - change your perception, not everyone uses Gdex said bad..management sometimes make mistake..perfect doesnt exist..just because of your bad experience with Gdex doest mean this company is bad..
03/01/2018 10:54
lalazhai As a investor, should concern about the company's earning instead of their service. You want a good service company but poor in earning? Recent GDEX price drop because they wanna improve the service by expand the facility, but the net profit drop................In view of small investor, I prefer high profit with minimize expenses.
03/01/2018 13:25
mrwonderful Gdex recent weaker earnings is because they spend more to expand their facilities. Which is good for long term growth. Also, they have a lot of funds for inorganic growth, i.e. acquisitions or expansion to overseas markets like Vietnam, etc. Barring any global crisis, this stock should do well this year. The free float is very small too so it's prone to big swings in stock price.
03/01/2018 14:55
Wuzy @Joker96 want to know what gdex do? go study AR and QR urself, wwwww
04/01/2018 15:35
Ameera omg...suddently wake-up...
08/01/2018 14:46
Xiao Mi At last, wake up.
08/01/2018 15:55
orangbaru77 ok ok nice..
08/01/2018 20:26
TongKee Yam Upwards adjust.
08/01/2018 21:26
Joker96 Haha bull trap...ikan bilis who bought queued yesterday or today kena trap...sad
09/01/2018 12:57
Joker96 semua tengah tidur ni ikan bilis
09/01/2018 12:59
mrwonderful Round 2 rally coming?
10/01/2018 10:31
lalazhai My view is GDEX will only rally if they post the nice quarterly report, let wait for end Feb
10/01/2018 12:59
elp25 GDEX - some bullishness sign after long consolidation..
reason for picking up:
*long term uptrend stock, just in a short term consolidation
*MACD shows some bullishness (above zero line)
*a nice triangle breakout
Support at 0.63 , 0.62 , 0.615
SL if price unable to hold above 0.60
Resistance to watch
0.685 , 0.775 and 0.82
may consider to enter at support, OR , wait for price break above 0.685..
May the trend be with you~
Trade Safe
for more instant updates, please follow
10/01/2018 16:49
ericio I am holding this for mid & long term given the long consolidation period
12/01/2018 15:10
oong1225 0.655
23/01/2018 15:59
Birdtalk88 Push for DRP?
23/01/2018 17:00
MayJun Excuse me here, may I know anybody here requested by the bank (especially Frm MBB) to pay for nominees charges before can get the GDEX dividend 0.0025 ???
25/01/2018 15:46
ericio Hi MayJun, not that I am aware because I am using MBB as well but never receive any request (maybe not yet)
26/01/2018 14:01
Ameera When is the div payout? Thanks
28/01/2018 07:48
MayJun @ericio, mbb ask me to choose frm one of these 2 options : get share or get cash, but boths need to deduct for Nominees charges.
30/01/2018 17:31
Ameera Something brewing? Now 0.645..
02/02/2018 16:06
awp380 Tracker show me lot of buyers. Some big fish loading stock.
04/02/2018 21:22
ericio @MayJun I still didn’t receive any notification from MBB. Maybe they had defaulted to get cash for the dividend
06/02/2018 19:42
Ameera The div is v little... 0.0025...
06/02/2018 20:44

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