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15/05/2015 0.38 0.43 +0.05 (13.16%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
26/02/2015 0.43 0.46 +0.03 (6.98%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
24/02/2015 0.44 0.45 +0.01 (2.27%) HOLD RHB-OSK Price Target News
28/01/2015 0.45 0.45 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD RHB-OSK Price Target News
26/01/2015 0.455 0.46 +0.005 (1.10%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
05/12/2014 0.415 0.45 +0.035 (8.43%) HOLD RHB-OSK Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
15/05/2015  KENANGA Notion VTec - Below Expectations
26/02/2015  KENANGA Notion VTec - Within House Expectation
24/02/2015  RHB-OSK Notion - Ceasing Coverage
28/01/2015  RHB-OSK Notion - Lacking Re-Rating Catalysts For Now
26/01/2015  KENANGA Notion VTec - Navigating Rough Seas
05/12/2014  RHB-OSK Technology - Buy On Weakness

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Val-Elta Ya, mistakes in estimating d forex losses to b at 7million. :( fundamentally its good though. I think their CNC machine use rate is much higher now? 1st time since a long while revenue hit 63m per q. LSO forex close at 3.70 in march. In April forex close at 3.60, so confirm some forex gain realized back. and may now at 3.57. Ideally get some forex gain back, before USD strengthen back to 3.7 ba.

But assuming revenue is fattened by forex exchange by 15, deducting 15% revenue is at 53million. Don't have access to previous q results now, have to see past results what is their machine utilization is at 53-55 mill sales
15/05/2015 08:54
blackout First quarter already mark to market until USD3.55~3.60. Second quarter why still mark to mark. Exchange rate floating at USD3.55~3.60. Wtf.
15/05/2015 09:09
Val-Elta As a stuck in d boat investor. I like good growth in their HDD n Auto business. I think they managed to utilized d machines vacated by loss of camera business d. No point to cut loss n give other ppl profit ;) I don't have the figures now, will post again later, but iirc, their auto business growth is impressive actually. QoQ is almost 30% growth in this Q alone. If not for weaker euro for their auto business, QoQ growth is more like 35%?? Need to refer back my excel in a while
15/05/2015 09:12
Val-Elta Blackout, 2nd q end of march, forex at 3.70 that's why marked, April 3.6 and may 3.6 also la let's say. So will get some forex gain from d higher MTM at 3.7 in march
15/05/2015 09:35
Val-Elta why would the phone project encounter delays? Do you have more information?
From what we can guess.

On the phone itself, the telephone should be the easiest part of their business.
1) It can be as simple as just a rebadge of an OEM phone - This project should be risk free at least on the phone manufacturing process, and would not incur what you're saying.
2) It can be more complex, if they want to hire UI designer to skin their phone as well. But even then, this is cosmetics and doesn't really have risks to it.
3) The manufacturing of phones by OEM factories in China is very well matured too, shouldn't have issues, unless they got conned by scammers.

On the supporting side
1) Facebook/Website marketing - Need to create FB account, and/or website to perform the sales of the phone
2) Staff hiring - Hire staff to manage the sales, marketing, packing/shipment of phone

Personally I'm hoping from their silence on this (no mention of phone project in their Q report at all), means that they're dropping the phone business idea completely. Especially if their core business is getting back on track, which is getting back on track.
15/05/2015 16:43
Val-Elta Overall, market reaction seems ok today, I'd expected worst to be honest.
15/05/2015 16:45
kakashit nightmare over? Most of the USD hedging contract are gonna ended on May.
Or maybe need to wait one more quarter so Notion can totally be detoxified of hedging stuff.

But Im afraid ringgit would turn strong in the second half of 2015.

Anyway, Im pending insider buying signal
17/05/2015 10:45
bsngpg Toxic of flood- pls be patient with us, once the art of water God is gone, we will be fine.

Toxic of fire- pls be patient with us, once the art of fire God is gone, we would be fine.

Toxic of camera downturn- pls be patient with us, once the cycle is over, we will be fine.

Toxic of hedging on dollar, oh pls be patient with us again, once the hedging is over, we will be fine.

Everything is other's faults, we are fine. The management team is perfect.

I afraid the source of toxic is the management itself.

Quote from “柴九”,one people has how many 10 years?

I have sucked in this stupid company for the last n years. Stupid management, and the more stupid bsngpg. Do you want to be the most stupidest?
17/05/2015 11:07
cheer76 USD will turn North, now is phone business matter
17/05/2015 23:02
Johnnys almost time to buy, just wait wait
18/05/2015 08:50

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