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15/08/2014 0.655 0.58 -0.075 (11.45%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
16/05/2014 0.60 0.58 -0.02 (3.33%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
15/08/2014  KENANGA Notion VTec - Slower-Than-Expected Recovery
16/05/2014  KENANGA Notion VTec Bhd - Still in Red Ink

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Angel_Investor Well say Val-Elta! Let's wait at lower range of 0.55 - 0.60
23/08/2014 17:33
Val-Elta I wont say the company didn't change... they changed from HDD to SLR and now they're changing to Automotive. Problem is, there seems to be, maybe just maybe some divergence between top management? You think so easy to change and to get into a new industry/segment which already have their own established suppliers?

Seems to have strong support at 60 cents, and not much sellers too.
I got 8 lots matched yesterday at 59 :S haha

Off topic a bit, anyone of you ever worries about the 'us stock bubble'?
28/08/2014 11:45
Snowden Hopeless owners. No hope cut loss
28/08/2014 23:38
Weiyi Yap I bought 0.69 should i sell or hold, pls advice
16/09/2014 09:24
lloydlim Weiyi Yap, definitely hold!
16/09/2014 10:02
amason Weiyi sell half and hold half
16/09/2014 10:02
Weiyi Yap Potential counter?
im newbie in share market..
16/09/2014 10:14
bsngpg If Notion has potential or not, I dare not to comment as share mkt is not predictable where lemon can sometimes become diamond.

But what I can tell you is that if you have bought Notion in 2010 and 2011 and hold it until today(me lol), you would have lost 40% in average plus opportunity cost. Pls do not misunderstand that I chosed high in 2010 and 2011. You can choose average price of 2012, 2013 or 2014 and check if it is still a negative game.

On the other hand, if you have bought Mahsing on 30/6/2010 and 30/6/2011 and hold it till now, you would have earned at least 100% and 25% respectively.

So I were you, I would not buy Notion. It is my 2 cents only. If somebody fries up Notion, I rest my case.
16/09/2014 23:03
trincylim Bought in 300,000 units at 0.62 and still holding, and still praying hard. When can we see a turnaround?
17/09/2014 12:21
Val-Elta Mmm.. if you buy, and have to pray hard. You're buying for the wrong reasons really... trincylim, what made you buy notion in the 1st place?

I can't say for those who buy at 69/62 what can they do...
But from my personal experience, everytime you cut loss, your loss is someone else's gains.. For myself, I've jumped back in, average price 0.5784

Let's assume you're buying in at 69 cents. What's your exit strategy(target)? How long do you expect to hold to reach that exit point(time)? What's your risk from now until that time(risks)? Worst case scenario, can you survive(holding power)?

For me, since my entrance is lower. Strategy could be something like this
Exit at 0.64 for 10% gain
Time, 3-6 months. There's no news at all that's gonna drive the share up until the next Q result is released. (except if got goreng)
Risks... US stock bubble crash. If no crash, I think in 6 months notion's turn around should be complete.
Worst case scenario, I'm prepared for notion to drop to 54 cents. But, I don't think they will though. Even without any positive news, your share is still supported by Notion's NAPS as the baseline.

In the longer term PRO.
Notion's huge amount of CNC machines can turn in a lot of money... (IF, they can get them all running!) Assuming utilization now is at 60% and it won't get worst (no/minimal downside risks) there's still a possibility of them increasing their revenue by 33% more (60% utilization to 80%) and this is what I'm targeting as their Q results churns out as they move along. As long as revenue is increasing, utilization increasing, that's your fundamental reason for buying notion.

In the longer term CONS.
I'm a bit concerned on the senior managements.. this is all speculative feeling, that's not back by any proof.. so do take note.
Feels like there's some 'cracks' among them? Power struggle? Others directors not happy with the chairman's alcyone mistake?
The chairman is buying the shares up, while the others are dumping.
It seems like the other directors may continue dump too, if the price is good. **again all speculative talk.. gut feeling.. take it with a grain of salt**
18/09/2014 11:16

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