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27/10/2014 0.49 0.49 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD RHB Price Target News
15/08/2014 0.655 0.58 -0.075 (11.45%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
16/05/2014 0.60 0.58 -0.02 (3.33%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
27/10/2014  RHB Notion - Fairly Valued Following Recent Selldown
15/08/2014  KENANGA Notion VTec - Slower-Than-Expected Recovery
16/05/2014  KENANGA Notion VTec Bhd - Still in Red Ink

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Val-Elta Hi Unduk.. your Samsung news is more towards JCY I believe.
JCY is mainly on consumer HDDs..

Back then I'm not sure when already, read up my older post here in Notion vs JCY.

While JCY was receiving good revenue increases, I tried to compare and see if there's any correlation between them, but there's NONE. JCY n Notion's HDD business seems to be on a completely different segment.

The way to explain it is, Notion's HDD is more focused (90-100%?) on the enterprise HDD sector, which is not related to JCY's gains in the Desktop/Consumer HDD sector.

I could be wrong though... TBH. Please advice if anyone can confirm otherwise..

Yes, share price drop is ugly, but it's a general market panic now. Tell me which share is still shooting up? There's a lot of good fundamental stocks that's taken a beating as well. Good opportunity to top up (not only notion).. plenty of fish on sales now.

Weiyi, may I ask why did you buy the stock in the first place? And at what price?
13/10/2014 17:35
Val-Elta *Totally off topic, and speculative gut feeling talk* Is there strategies where a company purposely drive their share price down and then to privatise it while it's down? Generally the consensus is to follow the directors' shareholding movement.
But, if you're following their movement and sell without any reasons, won't you be setting yourself into whatever their long terms plan maybe?

I just notices some strange trading patterns, which is later verified from the directors sales notification.... there was a point few weeks ago when 'someone' kept place a queue for 5000 lots at 0.56 (avg price at that time was 57-58), and I was wondering who would sell to him. He kept queue at that price for a few days, to 1 week I think, until finally 56 hits. Any others Notion watchers noticed this 5000lots Q at 56 cents?

Later only I found out that when his 56 cents Q is matched, that's also the time a director sold.

Again, it's just gut feeling discussions based on what I saw in the market. Not suggesting anything. It could be just a coincidence only.
13/10/2014 17:59
UndukNgadau Val-Elta : Seriously, I now think you could be right, that Notion will/could be taken private by Mr Thoo & Choo. Honestly, that would be very sad, as I always like Notion Vtec. I sold all my shares to purchased a Condo at KK Loft. I only recently re-study Notion as I got a bit cash from disposal of another Condo Investment. To my surprised, Notion was 62 cents. I sold my Notion back in 2012 at over RM1.90. Now I definitely would shy away from Notion. Thanks
13/10/2014 23:20
invester My personal opinion is, the privatization will not happen. The reason is, to privatise a company, it needs a lot of cash on hands. At this moment, Notion does not have much cash on hands (after they invested in silver milling company). They might be selling their lands to get some cash in and privatise the company. But I don't think the management or the owner will do so as the lands will be more valuable than the company now.
14/10/2014 11:03
Val-Elta Market cap is 132m, assuming the directors have abt 30% in total now? Didn't check for real actual holding % still need abt 90 mil, which does seems a bit far off.

Selling seems to have slowed down a bit though, we're still talking about a NAPS company of Rm1.19, at this point I think the selling is becoming ridiculous, and since it's 52++ weeks low, the sellers at this point is totally selling at a loss I guess. Don't understand their mentality at times. While the director is selling, as I mentioned above, it seems someone was waiting for him to sell on the other hand of the Q. *or it could be a coincidence...

Mmm, Nikon's new cameras is a hit at least among the enthusiasts/pros with the 810, 750.. will need to see nikon's next Q results to see if there's any improvements.
HDD, expect same revenue.
Camera, can't be lower than last Q's 15mill right(iirc)
Automotive, (should still be higher)
Forex, closed at 3.29, so will have some forex lost as Mark to Market rule, is higher than last Q's forex exchange.
Silver... Now.. this is something else I want to discuss. Is the share of loss of associate a recurring theme (that will continue drain abt 2.x mill per quarter forever), or are they writing off their initial investment on a quarterly basis? I dont seem to see Notion valuing their Shares in Alcyone in their quarterly/AL.. need to dig back and have a look.
14/10/2014 11:46
UndukNgadau Which is more likely? Notion Vtec (A) falling to 45cents(-3.5cents) or (B) rising to 51cents(+2.5cents)? Somehow, I personally choose (A). Please give me your thoughts
15/10/2014 09:57
Val-Elta Now is super bear correction time, gonna drop la of course, but it's more because of fear rather than anything else. All drop, no matter which sector which company u buy.
16/10/2014 16:35
Raymond Tiruchelvam in a bear market... all benchmarks and target price go out the window... whats left is NTA, hope and pray price does not dip this floor... :-(
16/10/2014 16:38
UndukNgadau I'm so sure today's(@ 11:20) gain of 1.5cents will be short-lived!
17/10/2014 11:54
Val-Elta Timing the market? :P Dow's pretty green now... hard to say.. One thing's for sure, those who cut loss, just made someone elses gain
17/10/2014 22:12

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