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15/08/2014 0.655 0.58 -0.075 (11.45%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
16/05/2014 0.60 0.58 -0.02 (3.33%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

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15/08/2014  KENANGA Notion VTec - Slower-Than-Expected Recovery
16/05/2014  KENANGA Notion VTec Bhd - Still in Red Ink

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AhJee this counter no ooommm.
14/08/2014 09:50
Val-Elta So many new Notion-ers suddenly.. hahaha. I'll just drop by to put my 2cents.

I'm one of the longer holders of notion, all the while trying to give a neutral position while everyone was screaming sell back then. But eventually, I did cash all out during the recent rise, missed the peak by a lot too...I must sadly admit. Those who follow this thread, should remember me ba.

I'm not someone who follows emotions, rather like to believe in numbers.
The numbers don't really look good near term.

If it's not for the forex, it'll be another Q of lost for notion.

Now, just recently, someone was saying the Thoo Chow Fah is buying, but at the same time I did try to offer a counter opinion that, the other directors were selling too... In my mind, if the other directors are selling so near this Q's results, surely they know it's not going to be good.

And it's not too good to be honest.

QoQ wise, I'll expect the same results next quarter.
HDD, 22m (+2 qoq)
Camera, 20m (+5 qoq)
Automotive, 20m (+3 qoq)
Silver, -2.5m
Forex, 0 (no more forex gains, unless USD dips below 3? as current favourable exchange rate already booked for all outstanding loans, more forex gain is only possible if USD continues weaken)

All in, abt 5m better vs this q. My figures here is very very optimistic already, showing reasonable growth across all 3 core sectors.

Assuming even if the glass business is confirmed for 2015, it's a bit of a disappointment, initially, I was hoping it's related to the metal aluminium body, as I believe that's the real good margins...

If it's machining glass, the glass should come preordered from sony or lg or etc.. and notion's part should just be on grinding the edges to smooth things out and to get the rounded edges, which may not be able to contribute big margins... **I could be wrong. assuming a RM1-2 net profit per piece, at 1.5million pieces per q, the initial contribution from machining of glasses may not be that much.. Mmm. However, if they can grow it to 4 or 5 million per q, then there'll be some good money in it, that's definitely possible.

Another thing that I'm a bit uncomfortable, is previously I take it as their management to be honest in their reporting, however, I'm a bit worried on some signs where what's reported didn't turn up well. For example, their fire insurance claims, they keep saying it'll be paid in the next quarter, for too long already... a bit of a red flag there.
Or the special dividend which was hinted, as another example. It may still come, in the future.

Let's see how the shareprice reacts.

*Final disclaimer, all in, I still think it's can be re-bought back at a lower price. If it drops to ard 55-60, maybe i'll jump back in.
14/08/2014 21:56
usry Although it record of loss for YoY however Notion was turn in black when it register of RM1.26million profit for Q3 2014 compare with nett loss RM7.37 million record on Q2 2014 on March 2014.
Look like we can put this share on our portfolio list for next year if this company really involves in smart phone component.
14/08/2014 21:56
ryan_och If cannot hold 0.64, will be another droptrend.
19/08/2014 13:59
kkkua how low to enter...now or later...
21/08/2014 11:14
AhJee no show
21/08/2014 15:29
Kukuman This company is in a sunset industry. The computer industry has changed so much and the company has to do something to revive its fortune
21/08/2014 15:32
Angel_Investor Well say Val-Elta! Let's wait at lower range of 0.55 - 0.60
23/08/2014 17:33
Val-Elta I wont say the company didn't change... they changed from HDD to SLR and now they're changing to Automotive. Problem is, there seems to be, maybe just maybe some divergence between top management? You think so easy to change and to get into a new industry/segment which already have their own established suppliers?

Seems to have strong support at 60 cents, and not much sellers too.
I got 8 lots matched yesterday at 59 :S haha

Off topic a bit, anyone of you ever worries about the 'us stock bubble'?
28/08/2014 11:45
Snowden Hopeless owners. No hope cut loss
28/08/2014 23:38


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