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0.615 0.70     +0.085 (13.82%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
20/02/2014 0.66 0.55 -0.11 (16.67%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
21/11/2013 0.755 0.74 -0.015 (1.99%) HOLD RHB Price Target News
21/11/2013 0.755 0.81 +0.055 (7.28%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
21/11/2013 0.755 0.71 -0.045 (5.96%) HOLD HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
20/02/2014  KENANGA Notion Vtec - Into Red Ink
21/11/2013  RHB Notion VTec - No Surprises In FY13
21/11/2013  KENANGA Notion Vtec - Below Expectations
21/11/2013  HLG Notion VTec - 4QFY13 Results

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wannabeinvestor what is wrong with notion? no kick at all...
13/03/2014 14:27
Yang Tan I am grabbing more share at the pricing,do you having same action?
17/03/2014 13:11
Green Tea Terrible development at Notion...http://gmmoneytree.blogspot.com/2014/03/notion-alcyone-suspended-in-autarlia.html
18/03/2014 18:10
Green Tea Some surprises and My take after attending the Notion AGM http://gmmoneytree.blogspot.com/2014/03/notion-10th-agm-take-away-message.html
20/03/2014 17:12
mjwong82 Thanks for sharing Green Tea!
21/03/2014 09:35
Val-Elta Been staying out of spotlight for a while... but i'm still holding ;D
Yes Green Tea, I do agree that one thing I like abt notion, is their management is quite frank on their projections, and when possible I think they warned the investors ahead of a bad Q and what not.

what's the total CNC machines that they have at the moment? Assuming Q42013's harddisk division sales of 21.2mil is at 80% utilization, now they mentioned it's in full capacity (21.2*1.2) = 25.5 mill, + 100 CNC machines more allocated to it from camera. Potentially, HDD sales is at 27-30 million?

Assume camera sales is stagnant at 15.8m QoQ

Automotive +8% (based on 8% increase in car sales in europe that u can google abt) QoQ = 13.8m

Revenue = ~54-56mil
Assume all losses is as same as previous(forex, alcyone, etc) QoQ
Assume finally a low insurance claim of 3 mil.

Quarter result shld be breakeven to +3 mil in gains?

On their forex losses.. Prior to this, in 2011 and 2012 their forex gains was actually 11 million from the hedge. 2013 -3.7 mill and as of 2014 at 3.28 (forex loss of 3.3mil) net they're still 4 million gain from forex at the moment. I think all in, their forex is a no win no lose in the end after all.
21/03/2014 13:12
invester Do you think the recent price up is due to the share buy back which approved in previous AGM?
01/04/2014 16:25
Green Tea val-Elta Forex hedging is a double edge sword indeed...The contract has another 18 month.
directors are selling warrants A and B heavily, but still holding the mother share. Waiting for the Special dividend?
01/04/2014 18:16
Val-Elta mmm better to keep low at the moment, but let's see how it goes :) cautiously optimistic. warrant A, they sold off long time ago actually, no effect to what happened in the past 6 months. The exercise price is nonsense too, and with the nearer excise date, makes sense to sell.

On WB, its still quite funny, that on the days the Ds, dispose, it was equally met with buyers at high volume too. if you follow notion-b's volume, at the rates that the directors were disposing previously, it's more than enough to tank it to 10 cent and below in a single day. Excise price of RM1, is still probable to be in the money since it have sufficient time left to mature.

dont feel like talking too much on this d, as previously... maybe you can take the flag :D
02/04/2014 16:01
dragonking will notion turn to profit soon,,,after selling their land.....
20/04/2014 14:27

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