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19/05/2016 0.41 0.41 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
19/02/2016 0.435 0.41 -0.025 (5.75%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News

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19/05/2016  KENANGA Notion VTec - Headwinds Persist
19/02/2016  KENANGA Notion VTec - Below Expectation

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sherlock market are currently marked notion as HDD supplier,this had drag notion valuation down,but in fact,i notice the company aldy turn their focus to automotive market,which is much bigger and having good growth potential,the emerged business was doing very well,continue to grow at double digit.

in 2q,revenue from HDD parts business was RM26.2m VS automotive/industrial business of RM19.4m,camera parts business contribute another RM11m.

so,based on current trend, contribution from automotive business should surpassing HDD segment very soon,which i predict will be occur within one year,since new order from new customer will start to contribute from 2nd half FY2016 onward.

when revenue from automotive business surpassing HDD business,and eventually contribute more than 50% of group revenue,notion should be re-rated.i am patiently waiting.

don forget,notion was not HDD manufacturer but a high-precision metal parts supplier,their product can be used in various industry.opportunity for more and diverse orders always there.
19/05/2016 22:57
sherlock usd appreciate again recently,and the timing was fantastic to notion,since their hedging was only RM33m left,compared with more than RM200m last year,if stronger usd theme re-emerge, notion should able to join the rally this time.
19/05/2016 23:51
Andy88 Why all people keep collect wb?
20/05/2016 15:46
hock007 wb high risk high return
20/05/2016 19:52
cutie notion wb went up 100percent....Notion still have not move yet. Can buy or not?
25/05/2016 09:19
TAH Buy notion only, got potential to go up
25/05/2016 09:31
sherlock as EBITDA only 2x of market cap,and with sustainable profitability,notion vtec was deeply underestimated by the market.

my prediction is:

1.)Net profit of FY2016 should ended around RM13-15m,equal to EPS of 4.8-5.5cen,due 2nd half result should improve further after consolidate of business operation,stronger USD and elimination of hedging losses.

2.)Net profit of FY 2017 should improved further to RM 20-22m,equal to EPS of 7.4-8.2cen,due to depreciation charges reduce further after two consecutive year of low capex spending,pick up of automotive business and assume USD maintain at RM4.00-4.10 level.

3.)net cash position should improve to RM22m(8.2cen) at the end of FY 2016(after considering settlement of hedging losses),and RM52m(19.25cen) at the end of FY 2017(assuming 60% of EBITDA convert into cash,and without major investment activity.).so,dividend is highly possible at the end of FY2016.

if you are trying to bet on turnaround story.notion is a good choice.
26/05/2016 00:24
TAH It is creeping up, buy if u have holding power
26/05/2016 10:38
TAH Don 't buy wb cos next year mature
26/05/2016 10:48
sherlock agreed.don buy wb.
26/05/2016 10:54

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