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27/10/2014 0.49 0.49 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD RHB Price Target News
15/08/2014 0.655 0.58 -0.075 (11.45%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

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27/10/2014  RHB Notion - Fairly Valued Following Recent Selldown
15/08/2014  KENANGA Notion VTec - Slower-Than-Expected Recovery

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undukngadau Which is more likely? Notion Vtec (A) falling to 45cents(-3.5cents) or (B) rising to 51cents(+2.5cents)? Somehow, I personally choose (A). Please give me your thoughts
15/10/2014 09:57
Val-Elta Now is super bear correction time, gonna drop la of course, but it's more because of fear rather than anything else. All drop, no matter which sector which company u buy.
16/10/2014 16:35
Raymond Tiruchelvam in a bear market... all benchmarks and target price go out the window... whats left is NTA, hope and pray price does not dip this floor... :-(
16/10/2014 16:38
undukngadau I'm so sure today's(@ 11:20) gain of 1.5cents will be short-lived!
17/10/2014 11:54
Val-Elta Timing the market? :P Dow's pretty green now... hard to say.. One thing's for sure, those who cut loss, just made someone elses gain
17/10/2014 22:12
bohmiah yes computer sales may be down but corp are starting to store more customer's data hence should more data storage is required?
08/11/2014 10:23
undukngadau http://nikonrumors.com/2014/11/08/nikon-announced-q22015-financial-results.aspx/
10/11/2014 16:10
Val-Elta Bohmiah, computer sales are not directly related to notion's business somehow... I did try to track notion's sales vs jcy's about 9?-12 months ago, when JCY got a big increase in sales. Notion's HDD sales remains the same. There's no correlation. There's actually an anti correlation in some quarters where JCY sales up, notion's HDD sales went down. I'll say they serve differenet segments. Notion, on enterprise disks, like SAS in servers I guess.
Good news is, enterprise storage is still growing, and will continue growth with the cloud buzzword now.
Also, in consumer HDD, assuming Notion can benefit, Win10 is showing some good promise, for those who want to consider this as good news. (HDD Neutral, it's been a steady revenue stream for a lot of quarters now. No up, no down, no surprise here)

SLR sales, well, for once, Nikon's not cutting their forecast anymore! So, that's a good news in its own I guess. (Neutral-sunset for now, with some potential moving forward. Depends on how Nikon positions themselves actually. One potential that unfortunately Nikon dont seem to be tapping or slowly try tapping, is 4k video recording. They will need this feature in their SLRs to give an edge vs phones.)

This is Notion's sunrise business, from their aggressive growth in the past few quarters. The industry trend for automotive is active safety measures now in Europe/US. So, definitely a lot of potential growth, if Notion serve their customer well. see how fast they can grow their automotive business.

No surprise there for now, expect continuous writedown of ~2mil per Q over the next 4 Qs until the investment value in alcyone is approximately valued at ~RM5 mill. One surprising thing is, actually, if you exclude the silver investment writedown, IIRC, notion's FY2014 is actually profitable/very very small loss.

Again, if you're an investor, you will want to buy a company that can turn around, instead of getting stuck and dying when their business fundamental changed.
With Notion, I think up to now, it's fair to say we can see from HDD > SLR and now > Automotive.

I'm being passive in my assessment here, and purposely exclude their handphone/oil&gas business.
19/11/2014 11:03
bsngpg Thks for the good assessment and comments
19/11/2014 12:01
undukngadau Val-Elta : Thank you too
19/11/2014 13:26

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