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1.75 2.55     +0.80 (45.71%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
14/11/2017 1.87 2.36 +0.49 (26.20%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
31/10/2017 1.90 2.36 +0.46 (24.21%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
28/08/2017 2.05 2.54 +0.49 (23.90%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
23/05/2017 2.37 2.74 +0.37 (15.61%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
14/11/2017  MIDF Scicom (MSC) Berhad - Results in-line
31/10/2017  MIDF Scicom - Value re-emerging
28/08/2017  Affin Hwang Capital SCICOM (MSC) (BUY, Maintain) - In Line With Expectations
23/05/2017  Affin Hwang Capital SCICOM (MSC) (BUY, maintain) - Affected by stricter conditions for foreign pupils

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stockistlearner if the boat is too heavy, how too sail?? scicom need to squeeze out more tickets. a major correction as in 2015 is needed.....
26/07/2017 23:32
scaramooch MD buying shares is purely for optics.
Rather he DELIVERS significant new projects.....has been very little of significance since EMGS 3 years ago.......
30/07/2017 07:25
mocics Scaramooch - agreed that he needs to deliver something more substantial in order for the stock to rerate.. ..but him buying stock is no harm as he does not place it back out into the market.
01/08/2017 08:18
mocics They dont tend to announce any contract win - in actual fact, they never do.
03/08/2017 16:18
Yipman It's seem like someone purposely press down the price for accumulation. 3 more week QR will release. I foresee the price shall goes up to 2.30 level before the QR release.
03/08/2017 17:21
theintinvestor keep dropping..results not good?
10/08/2017 09:13
scaramooch stock price down nearly 20 percent...not a word from
the CEO........perhaps the Board needs to update investors.....
13/08/2017 18:48
novice88 Any idea when is the next agm and expecting any good news from them?
19/08/2017 08:14
stockistlearner CEO never ask you to buy at 2.30. if you are holding from low, then not a big deal to you.
the price had been rallied for 2 years from 20-30c to current level. perhaps they need a rest for another 2 years or more in order to regain its energy. hehe.
23/08/2017 18:15
theintinvestor results out. 3c div.
25/08/2017 18:17
novice88 Company is giving 3cents divident but still down. What happen?. Profit getting smaller?
28/08/2017 14:05
Dakewlest Maybe drop because profit/revenue drop compared to last year same for same quarter.
11/09/2017 14:32
waikee lower and lower and lower
11/09/2017 23:27
warchest mosics left already. fully sold off i guess
13/09/2017 11:48
warchest just put into lemon list, No longer has tax incentive benefits anymore. revenue dropping as well
13/09/2017 11:49
warchest no longer quarter-on-quarter growth anymore
13/09/2017 11:49
theintinvestor CEO been buying..something brewing?
13/09/2017 19:27
stockistlearner waiting at 1.60.
14/09/2017 17:24
gankm mocics, what happened? Bleeding cannot be stop..
15/09/2017 16:56
mocics Warchest - I am still around, not giving up on the company at all. Current time need conviction to stay through though. I believe some institutions are selling for whatever reasons - cut lost, realized profit, redemption, switch to buy stocks with stronger momentum/ stories etc etc

I do agreed that the lackluster 4Q number (as govt has tightened foreign students entries) is not great. However, other business continue as usual. The inflection point will always be when the secured another e gov contract, unfortunately timing of that is hard to pin point.

Overall, business model is still robust (4Q is down but yoy growth), net cash, dividend yield of 4.5%

The MD/CEO is buying back stocks - when one person buy stock there is only one reason - believing that the stock price will go up.

So, whether you want to place bet with the MD or some faceless institutions with different agenda is very much up to you.

A case in point, the company as mentioned never announce contract win in the past - worry that people may come to hijack certain contract, esp e-govt contract. That's why it always lack news flow. Anyway, buying this stock you need to believe that the management can deliver some significant wins over the next 6-12 months - it is not a pump and dump operations like vivocom etc

Good luck all.
17/09/2017 11:12
theintinvestor hi guys, can comment on this company MSC status or tax incentive? can they set up another MSC subsidiary to get the incentive? thanks
18/09/2017 00:51
warchest everyday keep going lower and lower
18/09/2017 10:24
warchest this is frustrating !
18/09/2017 10:24
stockistlearner good to collect! but not now.....break 1.90 then all the way to 1.60.
those collect for dividend yield should be happy as it is offering discount again
18/09/2017 12:38
warchest Guys, last time still growing company so is okay to give 20 x PE for this counter. But now, since no longer growing, i think PE 12 x would be more reasonable? I'm correct. Say EPS is about 13 cents, so the entry price should be around RM1.60 ?
18/09/2017 13:33
gankm But the MD had been buying a total of 249000 unit of shares from 11/09 - 15/09 at around RM2.00 which cost him around RM500,000. I don't think will drop to 1.60...
18/09/2017 14:35
warchest the boss is rich - RM500 k to him is a peanut
18/09/2017 14:55
stockistlearner warchest is right. 500k is nothing. he can hold until the end of the day. can you?
18/09/2017 15:00
warchest unload unload. lucky i unloaded everything just now
18/09/2017 16:05
stockistlearner it is not a good sign at all as it breaks 1.90. if closing can't close back to 1.90, then heading downward is more likely to happen.
18/09/2017 16:41
theintinvestor CEO collect collect collect..good time to collect..div yield higher now
18/09/2017 22:52
warchest These counter controlled by Indian operators. Not easy to play this counter
19/09/2017 09:04
warchest today 52 weeks low. approaching 10 times PE of RM1.6
20/09/2017 10:43
allanchong1988 For me, as long as its profit remain stable/increase, then dividend yield above 4.5%. I will continue to buy....
20/09/2017 11:32
warchest Let it goes down more only buy. for the last few quarters revenue and profitability dropping
20/09/2017 16:56
stockist Whatever reasons... i have much confidents on this stock
20/09/2017 20:18
Darren 1.80 on the way
20/09/2017 23:55
mocics Seeing plenty of support from major shareholders and directors - should be good sign.
26/09/2017 08:25
stockist Do not blame him. He is just giving his point of view and he is getting nothing from this too...
05/10/2017 14:14
warchest told u many times already. the results doesn't seem good. that's why i unloaded all. TP RM1.6
05/10/2017 14:39
warchest scicom 1.83
05/10/2017 15:09
warchest scicom 1.80
06/10/2017 09:10
warchest mocics selling off
06/10/2017 09:10
stockistlearner good. keep buy keep buy. buy until 1.60, or even lower. thats the spirit of scicom minority shareholders!
06/10/2017 13:37
WLiang777 invest at your own risk.. you have been hard sell this stock in many forum all the while now loosing confident ?
11/10/2017 09:59
warchest This counter already quite weak, Revenues dropping (bad), Profit dropping and will continue (tax incentive from MSC status going to expire soon). If starting to tax at 25% later, profit will drop at least 25%. Chart already showing weakness. And Mosics that keep promoting this counter probably sell off cause he has more info than us
13/10/2017 08:23
TomHagen better run, will go below 1.5
13/10/2017 09:01
bluechip The CEO is big fish started to eat small fries
01/11/2017 16:31
cyeec2000 Result is not good..
13/11/2017 20:00
warchest I think going forward the excitement in the company going to diminish soon
20/11/2017 15:23

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