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13/04/2018 2.65 3.15 +0.50 (18.87%) BUY MACQUARIE GROUP Price Target News
21/12/2017 2.16 2.10 -0.06 (2.78%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
30/11/2017 2.02 2.10 +0.08 (3.96%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
13/04/2018  MACQUARIE GROUP MYEG – Spreading Its Wings
21/12/2017  MIDF My EG Services Berhad - Diversifying Into Provision Of Debt Collection System
30/11/2017  MIDF My EG Services Berhad - Lower Net Cash Balance To Suppress Dividend Payment

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peng01 new PM mahadey, GST akan dihapuskan
10/04/2018 12:29
stockistlearner if today can close green then it is good signal.
10/04/2018 12:31
YSL76 Election fall on 9 May
10/04/2018 12:41
YSL76 Good luck everyone
10/04/2018 12:41
GreatWarrants Myeg RM 4
10/04/2018 13:01
si3nz at bursa...heard some goodies...collect else its too late
10/04/2018 13:51
si3nz a lot of internal transaction....gonna shoot up soon
10/04/2018 14:40
stockistlearner today is a bullish day for m'sia stock market. alot of counters up with double digit %. alot GLC alot performed well, beside myeg.
today closing is so so only. however, the market turned bullish after news of GE voting date is announced. market might think that the date favors to BN. so will myeg make a u turn from here? i think tomorrow price movement will tell.
10/04/2018 17:27
YSL76 Simply logic, If I don't came out good news, how you guys will start buying? And how can sell to you if u not buying?
10/04/2018 17:33
PenguinDad Still don't see that power rangers here! becareful is a trap!
11/04/2018 08:30
PenguinDad Power rangers fool everybody and they are actual at Cuscupi. See you there!!!
11/04/2018 08:57
xexlone aiyo drop so lil AGAIN!!!!!
11/04/2018 09:20
hellbender MyEG will be in trouble if Pakatan Harapan wins the election.... their gst softwares will be null & void because there will be no more gst.

Too much election uncertainty.
11/04/2018 10:37
stockistlearner i doubt pakatan will eliminate gst. donf believe too much in what politicians said.
gst is not the problem of the country. corruption and incompetency of govt is the root cause.
11/04/2018 12:33
cyeec2000 When the corruption is in serious, gov need more money to fill up the hole. So more taxes and subsidies cut is expected.
11/04/2018 12:36
elbrutus keep gst around but reduce d % to say...3 or 4 % ...new gov still needs taxes to run d country
11/04/2018 12:44
xexlone @elbrutus ...agree...GST abolish no, reduce yes.....i think....
11/04/2018 13:03
phyroxus if can reduce to 4% would be ok. At least people will happy by paying less and can circulate the economy growth to spend more.

GST cant be fully abolish as they are some folks who stay here didn't pay tax but they may earn more than lot of Malaysian.
One of the example is foreign workers, regardless is low or high.
11/04/2018 19:08
hellbender Pakatan Harapan promise in 1st day to 100th day of taking government is abolish GST. If they u - turn they will look like idiots... probably they will zero rate all GST items.

Election play is on now. Only after election, certainty will come. Lets hope the better side wins
12/04/2018 09:50
jordanmaggie61 Good to keep for long term
12/04/2018 10:22
stockistlearner myeg might resume its down trend. beware.
12/04/2018 16:45
RainT 1. Impossible BN will lose and Pakatan will win in the coming election

2. GST is good for the country just don't fall to the hand of wrong government, highly unlikely GST will be abolish
12/04/2018 16:48
Superb99 Time to buy, supported by EMA60
12/04/2018 23:18
Superb99 People throw then we shall collect, myeg got money, they can whatever is possible
12/04/2018 23:20
angwk For now, it is advisable not to take too aggressive move to avoid burning your fingers:
1.) US and China trade war still hasn’t fully settled down, nothing has been really finalised thus far. Both countries still have intense negotiation to go and should expected volatility in coming months. It concerns Malaysia because both US and China are Malaysia large trading partners.
2.) Malaysian election results is still very unpredictable. Recents moves by BN has generated hates everywhere and will there be Malay tsunami or even Malaysian tsunami in GE 14? Some reports are saying this is the hardest to predict election ever...
3.) Most importantly, current PE of this stock is also at at high side, meaning the share price growth is very limited for the time being. In case you don’t already know, CIMB has recently downgraded this stock from “add” to “hold” mainly for this reason. Coupled with the volatility from point 1.) - 2.), it is really rather uncomfortable and risky for any reasonable investor to chase high price now and there is always opportunities to buy lower due to great volatility ahead.

Trade cautiously, good luck.
13/04/2018 09:52
lolita You got the points
13/04/2018 10:04
股你悟到 (April 13): Macquarie analyst Anand Pathmakanthan upgraded the recommendation on My EG Services Bhd (MyEG) to outperform from neutral.

* Price target (PT) raised to RM3.15...
13/04/2018 10:40
peng01 Mahadey: Gst akan dihapuskan !!!
13/04/2018 12:00
kinetic my 2 cents, worst case scenario if gst dihapuskan, under whatever new tax system a monitoring system is still very need to avoid tax evasion and increase tax collection. myeg system should be easily convert and adopt to that purpose. political issue wont last long as long as myeg can really perform as not many other local IT company is as capable as myeg, for now.
13/04/2018 13:54
angwk According to a very recent UK Yougov survey on Malaysians (results published today), Mahathir Mohammad is ranked as the most respected male figure in Malaysia while Najib Razak is ranked only 15. Even Answar Ibrahim is ranked no 8.

For most respected female figure, Siti Hasmah is ranked no 2 while Rosmah Mansor is ranked no 25.

We can expect some tsunami coming in GE14.

Remember, the obolishment of GST is the main proposition of Pakatan they are serious about it.
13/04/2018 14:47
Henry Chan Up or down tomorrow? :p
15/04/2018 18:36
kong73 Down
15/04/2018 19:02
ramunia Up...
16/04/2018 01:38
lolita China to showcase MILITARY STRENGTH in support of Russia following Syria airstrikes
CHINA will conduct in a number of navy drills in a show of support for Russia following the US, UK and French airstrikes in Syria, it has been claimed as World War 3 fears grow.


Trade carefully. Good luck.
16/04/2018 09:29
angwk Hang Send Index has just dropped more than 300 pts or 1%. Sentiment is weak. FBM KLCI most likely will follow suit.
16/04/2018 10:01
PenguinDad wow WW3. SCARY!!! n end of the world... sell all your myeg. ha... u believe all this news.
16/04/2018 10:06
angwk Hang Seng Index has now dropped 450 pts. China is officially going against US in supporting Russia over Syria incident. I believe Donald Trump will be very emotional over this and it will affect Trade War negations between US and China. If the trade war negotiation is not going well, more than $150 billions is at stake and it will not do good for global economy. The stock that is currently overpriced need to be extra cautious over these events.
16/04/2018 12:20
abcde12345 yooo hooo!
16/04/2018 13:16
Jessie Ng ahahahhahahhahahah =goooooddddddd
16/04/2018 13:42
jordanmaggie61 yooo hooo!
16/04/2018 14:27
lolita T+3 day is approaching for quite a bit of investors
16/04/2018 14:39
Kendo Ken Hz When near 1.53 near support, buy in, sapu big
16/04/2018 18:37
16/04/2018 18:38
angwk Trade War tension can escalate anytime soon. This time, it involves the largest companies in both US and China.

From CNBC:-
US reportedly weighs retaliation against China for restrictions on tech companies
• The U.S. trade representative's office is putting together a fresh trade complaint against China to retaliate for restrictions on high tech sectors.
• The complaint would open up a new front in the trade standoff with China, in addition to proposed tariffs on $150 billion in Chinese imports.
• Should the trade representative move forward with this new complaint, it would be the third such action the U.S. government has employed to attempt to influence China's trade policies.
17/04/2018 09:00
Jessie Ng hahahah good
17/04/2018 10:07
abcde12345 good news
17/04/2018 10:23
LimKL1 非常可以
17/04/2018 10:48
18/04/2018 11:15
18/04/2018 12:21
Data5000 short sale
18/04/2018 20:21
Data5000 waiting low price
18/04/2018 20:22

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