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0.905 0.99     +0.085 (9.39%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
10/08/2017 0.905 1.01 +0.105 (11.60%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
01/06/2017 0.955 0.95 -0.005 (0.52%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News
01/06/2017 0.955 1.05 +0.095 (9.95%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
31/05/2017 0.905 0.95 +0.045 (4.97%) HOLD Malacca Securities Price Target News
31/05/2017 0.905 0.96 +0.055 (6.08%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
05/05/2017 0.885 1.05 +0.165 (18.64%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
01/03/2017 0.82 0.96 +0.14 (17.07%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
28/02/2017 0.825 0.95 +0.125 (15.15%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News
28/02/2017 0.825 0.96 +0.135 (16.36%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
27/02/2017 0.83 1.00 +0.17 (20.48%) BUY UOBKayHian Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
10/08/2017  RHB-OSK OCK Group - Mytel Calls In
01/06/2017  Malacca Securities OCK - Still In The Hunt
01/06/2017  KENANGA OCK Group Bhd - Eyeing Growth
31/05/2017  Malacca Securities Mplus Market Pulse - 31 May 2017
31/05/2017  KENANGA OCK Group - Solid Start For FY17
05/05/2017  RHB-OSK OCK Group - Malaysia’s Budding Regional Towerco
01/03/2017  KENANGA OCK Group Bhd - More Towers Up
28/02/2017  Malacca Securities Mplus Market Pulse - 28 Feb 2017
28/02/2017  KENANGA OCK Group - Solid Closing for FY16
27/02/2017  UOBKayHian OCK Group: Growth Opportunities In Southeast Asia To Drive Future Earnings

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myportfolio cheapness are gone.. lets overide it with a bull-run
01/08/2017 23:33
Practical Planner Go in carefully. Maybe someone just pushes it up for few days then will dump again.

Go for it, then close your eyes for at least 3 months.

By year end sure will jump. But cannot invest on this stock with loan with high interest. You will get burnt because the swing is very big, will make you heart attack.
02/08/2017 02:00
Zai Zai brought some to support.

02/08/2017 13:27
VFTRADER zai zai, good move.
02/08/2017 13:40
Practical Planner wow.. big spender.. but please... don't show you are so kaya..
It will make someone tak tahan and burn her misai lah..

But thanks for your signal..... we know what to do now..
02/08/2017 22:03
Jenas Tan drop continues.. buyer appeared and gone.. loll
03/08/2017 12:01
abang_misai Banyak pandai... 0.310 tak mau beli. Tapi mau beli 0.325.
03/08/2017 12:14
Practical Planner ZZ tu pura2. Xde show off 0.19 dulu yg beli simpan senyap saja
03/08/2017 15:31
chl1989 0.285 cannot match. haiz
03/08/2017 18:00
Dennis NP Lee talking bull and cock story. where is the bonus or dividend if they are good and making money ?????
03/08/2017 21:42
Practical Planner sabar Dennis...
For dividend play go with Maxis and Digi.
For very high risks play go with penny stocks
For medium term player go with OCK

For zero risk play, and If kena bakar cannot tahan, pull out, go see God and pray 5 times a day, sure cannot lose
04/08/2017 00:58
ttt kuching mati melantun
04/08/2017 09:11
Dennis NP Lee Pray 5 times a day ? only idiot will do. Faithfulness dont go at nos. of times. How much money ock made and how good their future, so what ? The share value double ? throw..throw...let it drop. Anyway I made some money out of it ! If I want to waste time to feed all these fox and shark I rather become a loan shark myself. Please take a look at YTL . then u will know what I am talking about i.e. Public investors' confidence ! If u investing in a company and the company made money and dont pay u a single cent bonus and u call it a good company ? why ock drop back pls explain if u are expert !
04/08/2017 11:20
Zai Zai hehe.lunch time
04/08/2017 12:18
zoomboom kenapa marah-marah ni... rileks laa....
04/08/2017 17:16
chl1989 simple. coz profit from myanmar project is not reflected in the book yet. thats why ppl are skeptical and run away.
04/08/2017 19:39
VFTRADER http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/science-it/182839/4g-forecast-to-boom-in-vietnam-this-year.html

Seems like Vietnam demand is very strong.
04/08/2017 22:24
VFTRADER http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/science-it/182961/mobifone-voted-top-4g-service-provider.html

Mobifone is SEATH main customer and 2nd largest telco in Vietnam.
04/08/2017 22:27
Zai Zai if you wonder how the ock myanmar tower construction site look like, go below link
05/08/2017 20:49
05/08/2017 21:19
rkgfantasy 20days to go for financial report.... like waiting baby born, not sure is healthy or bad condition~
07/08/2017 15:13
ttt good one rkg!
07/08/2017 16:54
Ah Kow, Ali dan Muthu 为何跌不停?
08/08/2017 17:44
abang_misai 30 sen beli, kita jual 33sen. Main kontra
09/08/2017 06:55
Practical Planner pandai.. saya dah beli 29.5 minggu lalu, queue kat 35. tak main kontra.
09/08/2017 09:13
Practical Planner pandai.. saya dah beli 29.5 minggu lalu, queue kat 35. tak main kontra.
09/08/2017 09:14
rkgfantasy nearby QR result, hope this wave is turning point, all the way to TP price 1.xx
10/08/2017 10:13
sosfinance RHB's report


I do not agree with RHB using enlarged share base (to calculate value per share) on assumption that all warrant holders (264m) convert into ordinary shares. In reality, warrants normally traded at premium few years before expiry (in this case 12-15%), and held by mainly retail investors, CONVERSION is NOT LIKELY.
10/08/2017 12:20
samyew1234 ooi kok hwa said last bull and all in, luckily didn't listen to him
10/08/2017 12:26
Zai Zai i agree with you sos.
between,Practical info is correct
Thumb up
10/08/2017 13:22
Zai Zai abbreviation
10/08/2017 13:59
Practical Planner Ideally1.5sen up per weekly should be the. Best. Then can sustain. If 1 day 3 sen sure people take profit one
10/08/2017 21:24
sosfinance Accumulated some @ 30.5sen based on RHB:
1) RM90m build and leaseback with Mytel
2) Mytel became 3rd tenant (no figures given)
3) Telenor clear another 100 sites for deployment
4) Vietnam continue to ramp up new BTS
5) Possible M&A
(mostly are value for longer term)
11/08/2017 17:29
VFTRADER Exchanged of market infor on tower business in Msia with tower contractor:

[a] 3 leg tower.
Build cost est =RM300k (very closed to OCK figure)
Rental rev per month = basic package with 3 telco tenant = min rental revenue is Rm10k-15k/mth.

[b] rooftop station
Spece rental = RM3k to 5k/mth to shop owner depending on location.
Total revenue rental collected from telco = not sure

So from here, look at SEATH infor again.
FY2015, rev=RM49mil
Total tower = 1,983.
Rev/tower/yr = RM25k.
Rev/tower/mth = RM2k.

[a] The rental revenue is very much lower compare to Msia rate.
[b] 2 possible case: too competitive or under charge.

If it is under charge, then potential of rev upside will be very strong.

13/08/2017 10:16
Zai Zai VF, you are correct!

Seath Revenue vs Net Profit
FY13 : Revenue : RM46.4m ; Net profit : RM7.6m
FY14 : Revenue : RM48.5m ; Net profit : RM7.2m
FY15 : Revenue : RM48.9m ; Net profit : RM7.4m
Last 3y profit margin is thin because VNI been a fund manager, didn’t concentrate on maximizing the efficiency of the towers.
With OCK managing the operations, we will be able to reduce Seath’s high operating costs and manage it efficiently to increase profit margins
13/08/2017 13:11
VFTRADER Relook on Axiata article about edotco infor:

[a] est Rev in FY17 = RM1.5bil
[b] Total tower owned = 17,500

Average rev
[1] Per tower per year = RM85k.
[2] Per tower per mth = RM7k.

Seems like rental for SEATH tower was under-charge...
13/08/2017 15:50
VFTRADER https://www.dbs.com/aics/pdfController.page?pdfpath=/content/article/pdf/...

Based on the dbs research, XL is offering Rp10m/mth rental for Indonesia market which translate to US$750/mth (RM3k)
13/08/2017 21:03
sosfinance VFTRADER - unable to open the link. Please resend.

ZaiZai - yes, profit a bit low (OCK should be able to improve it), however, the depreciation is about RM16-18m. So the EBITDA/cash flow is not too bad. RM7.4m + RM17m = RM24.4m p.a.
14/08/2017 12:04
VFTRADER https://www.google.com/search?q=Indonesia+listed+tower+company&oq=indonesia&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i57j35i39j69i60j0l2.5559j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

sos, this link ok?
14/08/2017 20:34
Zai Zai let me help you

14/08/2017 21:22
sosfinance Tx VFTRADER. Very comprehensive report.
14/08/2017 21:53
15/08/2017 21:04
ttt oooo OCK website under construction


Perhaps some new rebranding exercise since they are more "regional" now,.,,
16/08/2017 10:33
sosfinance 2Q will be a positive surprise. 3Q will even be better. 4Q will confirm OCK growth is real.
16/08/2017 21:39
chl1989 sosfinance, my expectation on Q2 is 10mil net profit. i hope it can reap its rental income from 600 towers in Myanmar. do you think it is realistic? :)
17/08/2017 12:08
rkgfantasy Q2 10m nett profit sound abit over expectation, i guess is somewhere around 6-7
17/08/2017 12:24
zlyc i estimate net profit 8.5M+-
17/08/2017 15:35
VFTRADER RHB was OCK IB on Seath purchase.
So RHB research worth to take a look.
18/08/2017 15:50
rkgfantasy RHB lower TP le, don't talk like that la, i borrow ah long buy this stock 1
Anyway, i believe in RHB, last years they recommend Pmetal and it raise 4xx% in 24 month time
18/08/2017 16:56
Bizfuneng RHB can change story very fast.....Nvr mind lah ah along you extension.
18/08/2017 17:17

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