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0.23 0.30     +0.07 (30.43%)
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20/04/2017 0.215 0.30 +0.085 (39.53%) BUY BCT ASIA ADVISORY Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
20/04/2017  BCT ASIA ADVISORY BCM ALLIANCE - Initiation Report

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hewusana Look like no up..?
12/04/2017 14:09
Taico88 Will move very soon...
12/04/2017 16:02
junclj hope is washing plate now. come drop back to lower, I want to join.
12/04/2017 21:54
KAQ4468 Up up up ....pasti up !!!!
12/04/2017 23:52
KAQ4468 $$$$$$$$$$ pasti mari !!!
12/04/2017 23:52
Taico88 Better collect now at 0.225...Will move soon
13/04/2017 15:34
Taico88 Today T4 for that day higher to wash ....Better buy now 0.215...Good new caming
14/04/2017 10:26
lcteh88 It was still very inconsistent. Hope it can move up ti strike another peak.
14/04/2017 16:48
Koh Jui Lian End of month Bcmall will hit 0.30
15/04/2017 11:39
Mazhar3192 Strong support there..
16/04/2017 11:36
Taico88 Resistance at 0.215 , next is 0.25
17/04/2017 22:17
Taico88 Technical strong uptrend .....Will break 0.25
18/04/2017 21:50
Taico88 Jaw are collecting at 0.215....Soon will fly
20/04/2017 07:41
Josephine Ong TP 0.30
20/04/2017 14:40
Taico88 BCMALL big wave coming...
20/04/2017 14:47
Taico88 Tip from insider. Next week have goods new to announce...
20/04/2017 14:50
Taico88 Better collect now....
20/04/2017 14:50
Taico88 Huat counter BCMALL if you collect now...Next week will laugh walk into bank...
20/04/2017 14:55
8085208 ok, trust you
20/04/2017 18:30
Taico88 BCM ALLIANCE - Initiation Report
Date: 20/04/2017

Price Target : 0.30 | Price Call : BUY
Last Price : 0.22
20/04/2017 21:59
Josephine Ong TP 0.30
21/04/2017 09:11
Ahairytrader Come come join the party!


30++% upside!
21/04/2017 09:13
Mazhar3192 I already in the boat..
21/04/2017 10:09
marcop its better to enter now as it's starting to increase.
21/04/2017 10:29
Taico88 Next week fly again...
21/04/2017 11:03
Mazhar3192 Yup..bullish..
22/04/2017 15:01
lcteh88 Org, RIGHT . I just believe in 90%, as such, 90% of 0.30 is 0.27 !!!
23/04/2017 20:33
Orga will slowly up until announcment.. if result is good.. tp 0.3 is not a problem at all.. before that, i would predict price will minggle around 0.24-0.26..
23/04/2017 21:00
siam888 Why loss QR can up?
25/04/2017 03:19
willian88 QR loss due to listing cost....This week have good new to announce....
25/04/2017 10:00
marcop yes good news to come
25/04/2017 11:41
rylyaoming Come on
25/04/2017 23:23
Taico88 This week private placement for BCMall
26/04/2017 09:55
Taico88 Engine start......
26/04/2017 10:30
willian88 Better collect now....
26/04/2017 14:12
Taico88 Already on the boat...
27/04/2017 07:29
marcop coming
27/04/2017 12:09
Taico88 Soon will Huat!
28/04/2017 09:13
8085208 tp?
28/04/2017 09:19
Taico88 Tp 0.3 end of next month
28/04/2017 13:50
Taico88 Next Quarter result shui-shui
28/04/2017 13:51
i7trader Taico88, how do you know? Are you insider? But nvm, important is banker don't press down and up... Want up let it up
28/04/2017 15:03
i7trader If next quarter good result, IPO price and current price just 3.5 cents up, so poor for the stock performance.
28/04/2017 15:17
i7trader <<Annual Report>>
Commercial laundry equipment industry - The commercial appeal of self service
launderettes also drives investment in vended commercial laundry
equipment. In addition, the increasing demand from the hospitality industry
and healthcare sector also contributes to the growth of this industry.

Medical devices industry - a strong government support and presence of established
supporting industries are expected to boost the revenue of the medical devices industry in Malaysia.

They're generate the revenue through sale of goods and after sales service.

Hopefully, the coming result is showing the positive and reflect in the share price.
28/04/2017 19:53
Taico88 Bro i7trade , don't worry we will reward soon....Trust Taico88
28/04/2017 23:47
junclj Guys, just take note about this counter. I didn't own this counter but was speculated for two weeks. Just don't miss the boat. Banker already inside this counter, just waiting for ending the liquidation, then banker will start to goreng at next round.
29/04/2017 11:33
junclj Just ignore about the big selling force, its all the banker's chips queuing all there. When banker ready to start engine, they will cancel all the selling queue. Then will suddenly goreng up to 0.20~0.30 per day.
29/04/2017 11:57
croc This stock will goreng to 0.27. Bursa should prohibit this type of company to be listed in Bursa. If anyone has read the annual report. The business peak is 2014 and drop for every year. I personally think that investor should keep in mind that BCMALL is purely distributor company, it is mainly depend on principal itself. I noticed that director like to emphasize on the medical which is BCM subsidiary -Best Contact. The subsidiary is holding licensed of HITACHI. Unfortunately, HITACHI market is very small in Malaysia and most government and private hospital is using Siemen, Toshiba and GE.

Why I mentioned that this type of company should be prohibited to be listing in MY?
:It holding 3 company and all is under principal activities which means they are only sale and servicing. If principal one day wish to cancel their licensed then end of story.

See what happen to SCN, PERWAJA, THHEAVY.

BCMALL has more than 24m in bank but so what ? They are just a distributor. What can a distributor do ?

Goreng is goreng. But once should knows company background.
29/04/2017 14:12
croc I noticed that someone has mentioned that government is intended to build few hospitals and etc.
Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with BCMALL. They are fully on private hospital and they didn't get any government job. Please comment with facts and show that you are an adult and you are able to interpret. Please dont be misreading if you dont even do your homework.
29/04/2017 14:15
Mazhar3192 Its good to know company..to study company strong fundamental...but technical analysis important too...as long as you know your trading plan...my 2cent
30/04/2017 09:34

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