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8.92 8.50     -0.42 (4.71%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
23/03/2017 8.98 9.45 +0.47 (5.23%) BUY HLG Price Target News
24/02/2017 8.46 8.60 +0.14 (1.65%) HOLD TA Price Target News
24/02/2017 8.46 9.40 +0.94 (11.11%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
24/02/2017 8.46 8.70 +0.24 (2.84%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
24/02/2017 8.46 9.00 +0.54 (6.38%) BUY HLG Price Target News
17/02/2017 8.40 8.10 -0.30 (3.57%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
17/02/2017 8.40 8.04 -0.36 (4.29%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
16/01/2017 8.31 8.50 +0.19 (2.29%) HOLD UOBKayHian Price Target News
13/01/2017 8.31 8.00 -0.31 (3.73%) SELL TA Price Target News
13/01/2017 8.31 8.10 -0.21 (2.53%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
13/01/2017 8.31 8.04 -0.27 (3.25%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
13/01/2017 8.31 8.80 +0.49 (5.90%) BUY HLG Price Target News
13/01/2017 8.31 7.50 -0.81 (9.75%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News
25/11/2016 7.71 8.04 +0.33 (4.28%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
25/11/2016 7.71 8.51 +0.80 (10.38%) BUY HLG Price Target News
08/11/2016 7.84 8.00 +0.16 (2.04%) HOLD TA Price Target News
25/10/2016 7.75 8.46 +0.71 (9.16%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
04/10/2016 7.58 8.51 +0.93 (12.27%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
23/03/2017  HLG Malayan Banking - Up our ante in Maybank
24/02/2017  TA Malayan Banking - FY16 Operating Profit Within Expectations
24/02/2017  MIDF Maybank - Ending The Year With Strong Momentum
24/02/2017  KENANGA Malayan Banking Berhad - In Line but Cautious Going Forward
24/02/2017  HLG Malayan Banking - FY2016: Managing asset quality well
17/02/2017  MIDF Maybank - Maybank Indonesia FY16Strong Growth With Less Provisions
17/02/2017  KENANGA Malayan Banking Berhad - Maybank Indonesia: Boosted by Lower Provisions
16/01/2017  UOBKayHian Malayan Banking: Jumping On The Election Feel-good Factor
13/01/2017  TA Maybank - Maybank Indonesia to Sell Stake in WOM Finance
13/01/2017  MIDF Malayan Banking - Maybank Indonesia Divesting WOM Finance
13/01/2017  KENANGA Maybank : Maybank Indonesia: Disposing of WOM Finance
13/01/2017  HLG Malayan Banking - Disposal of stake in WOM Finance
13/01/2017  ALLIANCE MALAYAN BANKING - Hiving off WOM Finance
25/11/2016  KENANGA Malayan Banking Berhad - Towards a Subdued 2016
25/11/2016  HLG Malayan Banking - In line, with lower impairment
08/11/2016  TA Malayan Banking Berhad - Better 2H16; Earnings Visibility Remains Weak in 2017
25/10/2016  KENANGA Malayan Banking - Maybank Indonesia: Improved Margins but Loans Weaker
04/10/2016  HLG Banking - Aug Stats – Loan growth moderates further

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culbertlim huat Liao airport
22/03/2017 21:21
sctan sohai mushimushi, singapore banks go regional are more aggressive than malaysia. u really mountain turtle
22/03/2017 21:23
mushimushi you sohai donut, has anyone see any DBS branches in Malaysia!?!?! more aggressive, which planet you from?
22/03/2017 21:37
sctan only u think malysia market is big.
22/03/2017 21:41
mushimushi Malaysia is just right across the bridge buddy, if DBS can't even get its foot in a market right next door, the so call ASEAN no.1 title most probably a sham.
22/03/2017 22:41
zerowins Jack ma effect I wishes tmr I can laugh all my way to maybank to bank in my profit.
22/03/2017 23:09
Tch84 Maybank c24 tradin at a deep discount which -2.56% of it premium
23/03/2017 11:05
kudamuda @Tch84, wonder why Maybank-C24 didn't attract any buying interest?
23/03/2017 11:19
apprentice Take into account c24 expires after X date for dividend. Means its not actually at a discount.
23/03/2017 11:28
kudamuda @apprentice, the market maker for c24 is CIMB. likely they will not do adjustment of ex-price for C24 in relation to the dividend?
23/03/2017 11:39
allanchong1988 when can it touch 9.5????????
23/03/2017 11:40
valuelurker Faster smash RM9 lor...time to set the warrants free
23/03/2017 12:17
nissan warrants free? us vs korea
23/03/2017 12:38
nissan training
23/03/2017 12:38
Beza http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/hleresearch/118931.jsp
23/03/2017 12:41
mushimushi fast fast enter before rise higher and no turning back RM 11 is 1st milestone, then RM 15
23/03/2017 12:55
WCapital Largest Southeast Asian banks by total assets
Information from Forbes as of 2016

Rank Bank name Country Total assets
(US$ billion)
1 DBS Bank Singapore 322.8
2 OCBC Bank Singapore 275.1
3 United Overseas Bank Singapore 222.8
4 Maybank Malaysia 165.0
5 CIMB Malaysia 107.7
6 Public Bank Berhad Malaysia 95.4

DBS has branches and offices in China, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom and United States. It also owned Temasek Holdings (Private) 11.46% shares.
23/03/2017 14:03
kudamuda so hard to break 9.00.... must be some big institution auto trade 9.00 as selling... hmmm...
23/03/2017 14:18
Beza MBB is up mainly due to foreign buyers, increased to 17% plus from 15% plus.
Foreign interest on Maybank has gained traction since early January, with foreign shareholding rising from 15.65% to 17.37% as of 17 March, the highest level in 9 months
23/03/2017 14:28
Beza Next Target RM9.15.
23/03/2017 14:28
Tch84 Many people don't know about warrant. Maybank c24 is -2.56% premium mean that the selling price is far below the actual price. Meaning said is cheap sale.
23/03/2017 14:58
kudamuda @Tch84, but this is European style cash settled call warrant, you can't exercise anytime.

Looking at the current px, cash settle value should be
( 9.00 - 8.00 ) / 2.5 = 40 sen.

But, let's consider the scenario below :

Let say Maybank declare 30 sen div before the ex-date of this call warrant.. Theoretically, assuming everything being equal, Maybank mother share will drop 30sen after ex-div. So, 9.00 become 8.70..

Cash settle price become ( 8.70 - 8.00 / 2.5 ) = 28 sen.

I guess this explain what @apprentice mentioned. Unless the market maker make adjustment to the ex-price of 8.00 for this call warrant in tandem with the dividend.. which most likely won't, the cash settle price would become much less, and the negative premium would be wiped out.

This could explain why nobody buy even it is "cheap sale" ? The only hope is mother share keep going up ... haha

Anyone have better insights? Not sure if above calculation is correct?
23/03/2017 15:17
kudamuda @Beza, thanks for the insights on the foreign shareholding %.
23/03/2017 15:19
Tch84 This is a warrant calculator

it will tell you how much maybankc24 worth
23/03/2017 16:05
kudamuda thank you @Tch84. Very handy tool.
23/03/2017 16:51
kudamuda fuyoh... the last minutes volume of maybank... =.=" sweat...
23/03/2017 16:53
shortinvestor77 My pleasure, kudamuda.
23/03/2017 17:18
apprentice Call warrant issuers will never adjust the exercise price. The higher the dividend, the lower the value of the CW.
MBB has declared 32 sen dividend, pending approval during AGM in 2 weeks.
So deduct 32 sen dividend, deduct 8.00 ex price, divide by 2.5, c24 is overpriced.
23/03/2017 17:42
kudamuda Thanks @apprenntice. That's what I thought.. unless share split, big special div... Unlikely the issuerer will adjust the exercise price. But, I did notice one of the GenM (or Genting .. can't recall ) call warrant adjust the ex price recently. Erhmm.. with this explanation.. tomorrow will see some big selling on C24 perhaps.. hehe
23/03/2017 19:40
Liek Lim Hi, anybody can explain why PNB + Amanahraya acquired around 26m Maybank shares on 21-March but the trading volume of on that day was recorded lesser than that (around 20m shares) ?
24/03/2017 03:28
apprentice kudamuda, I don't see reason for big selling of C24 as there is still about 3 months to go for C24, and MBB can still go up prior to xdate dividend.
Yes, if there is any exercise on the mother, like bonus then the ex price will be adjusted.
24/03/2017 05:57
apprentice Like Lim, its date of change and not date acquired.
24/03/2017 05:59
mushimushi Maybank up because maybank is so so so undervalue u people have no idea. Maybank is the largest bank in Asean. Believe me or not singapore total assets value is above both east/west malaysia combined. You can imagine how inflated singapore assets values are. A tiny island worth 10k times its true value.
24/03/2017 09:56
tomwah after brek 9,,,,easily come 10.
24/03/2017 11:09
kudamuda Seems keep hovering around 9 again..
24/03/2017 12:13
WCapital What i like about maybank is dividend, and what i like about PBBANK is the share price solid like Rock, you can see dividend/revenue and all the parameter keep increasing from time to time. Maybank main problem is the DRP dilute the EPS and Dividend. But it still a good stock to collect dividend.
24/03/2017 17:12
shortinvestor77 Due to DRP, MBB does not need to issue right issues at all but PBB had done it before.
24/03/2017 18:00
tecpower http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/03/25/malaysian-stocks-likely-to-inch-higher-next-week/
25/03/2017 13:36
apprentice I have subscribed for the DRP from the very beginning and have no complains. I think its 13 now.
Secretly I hope the price of MBB does not increase too much as it will reduce the number of shares allotted under DRP. But since we have no control over its rise, I chose to buy call warrants and profit from it.
MBB and DRP are for long term investors. My DY is about 14% as I bought it cheap back in 2009.
25/03/2017 19:05
gooman iSaham Fundamental + Technical Score
25/03/2017 20:29
tecpower http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/03/25/malaysia-to-benefit-from-improvements-in-ma-activities/
26/03/2017 00:06
leslieroycarter u can buy banking stocks after the crash....like the 10th years once . 68/78/88/98/2008/2018?
2017/2018 anytime may see the big tsunami coming ....so advised to reduce stock holding starting fr now....
26/03/2017 12:25
shortinvestor77 Those time no QEs (Printing money and use future money). Only after 2008, US started an extremely dirty game QE to rescue their economics. Other countries follow. Imagine the whole market is flooding with cash. This cash could make a down market up anytime. You sell, they buy like this month foreign buyers. So leslieroycarter pls sell all your shares and leave us alone.
26/03/2017 16:11
tomwah bursa almost touch 10,
27/03/2017 14:10
tecpower More and more Malaysian people will use stocks as an inflation hedge.

27/03/2017 22:47
shortinvestor77 http://www.nst.com.my/news/2017/03/224662/maybank-islamic-unveils-islamic-private-wealth-solution
27/03/2017 23:16
mikee one have to imagined that this USD$50 billion or at least initial $10 billion from all e-trades permits approvals generate from DFTZ/Alibaba when start in 2018 or early 2019 is COMPULSORY/MUST pass tru DNEX (4456) e-services software platform tat currently been authorized by Gov to integrates with most gov agencies to get each items/goods pass on from shippers to consumers.
Just 1 segment from IT can rake up 1000% folds profits, haven't count others segments like O&G, Hydro Energy, Foreign Workers Permit, VEP and RFID profits.

go and read mind boggling good revelation about DNEX (4456) from Cruz......
28/03/2017 02:13
mikee Dnex (4456) true facts....

Government Intermediaries.
The country’s external trade has been expanding continuously over the last three decades. As such, the demand on government services also increases annually. To cope with business demands and constraints on government capacity expansion, the government outsources some of its functions, by privatising specific government functions, setting up or appointing a private and commercial entity to run the outsourced function. These entities are monopolistic outsourced service providers.

In the case of Customs, the online customs clearance activities have been outsourced to a company Dagang Net Sdn. Bhd. which is an e-commerce service provider. Dagang Net has performed over 275 million electronic transactions and RM1.8 billion worth of Customs duty payments and serves more than 5000 customers.

The customers base will definitely expand tremendously as the just newly launched DFTZ and Alibaba gigantic USD$50 billion digital economy trades will definitely benefits 100% DNEX (4456).
28/03/2017 08:17
tecpower http://m.thesundaily.my/node/435880
28/03/2017 11:48
tecpower http://m.thesundaily.my/node/436213
29/03/2017 20:00

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