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9.87 9.78     -0.09 (0.91%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
04/12/2017 9.27 10.30 +1.03 (11.11%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
04/12/2017 9.27 9.35 +0.08 (0.86%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
04/12/2017 9.27 10.70 +1.43 (15.43%) BUY HLG Price Target News
04/12/2017 9.27 9.10 -0.17 (1.83%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
04/12/2017 9.27 10.50 +1.23 (13.27%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
14/11/2017 9.38 10.30 +0.92 (9.81%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
14/11/2017 9.38 10.70 +1.32 (14.07%) BUY HLG Price Target News
31/10/2017 9.21 10.30 +1.09 (11.83%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
31/10/2017 9.21 9.50 +0.29 (3.15%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
05/09/2017 9.52 9.50 -0.02 (0.21%) HOLD UOBKayHian Price Target News
05/09/2017 9.52 10.30 +0.78 (8.19%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
05/09/2017 9.52 9.50 -0.02 (0.21%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
05/09/2017 9.52 10.70 +1.18 (12.39%) BUY HLG Price Target News
05/09/2017 9.52 9.10 -0.42 (4.41%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
05/09/2017 9.52 10.50 +0.98 (10.29%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
03/08/2017 9.65 9.20 -0.45 (4.66%) HOLD MACQUARIE GROUP Price Target News
01/08/2017 9.57 9.90 +0.33 (3.45%) BUY HLG Price Target News
28/07/2017 9.64 10.30 +0.66 (6.85%) BUY MIDF Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
04/12/2017  MIDF Maybank Banking Berhad - NIM Improvement And Loans Growth Continue To Be The Driver
04/12/2017  KENANGA Malayan Banking Berhad - Lower Impairment Allowances
04/12/2017  HLG Malayan Banking - 3Q17: Better End in Sight
04/12/2017  AMMB Malayan Banking - Higher funding cost with GIL ratio remain elevated
04/12/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Maybank - Lower Allowances Drove Qoq Profit Expansion
14/11/2017  MIDF Maybank Banking Berhad - Digitally Ahead Of The Pack
14/11/2017  HLG Malayan Banking - Reinforcing Effort in Digital Space
31/10/2017  MIDF Maybank - Higher OPEX Contained By Lower Provision
31/10/2017  KENANGA Malayan Banking - Maybank Indonesia: Letdown by a Poor Quarter
05/09/2017  UOBKayHian Malayan Banking: 2Q17: Provisions Remain Elevated
05/09/2017  MIDF Maybank - Led By Strong NII Momentum And Lower Provisions
05/09/2017  KENANGA Malayan Banking Berhad - Boosted by Lower Impairments
05/09/2017  HLG Malayan Banking - 2Q17: Results in Line
05/09/2017  AMMB Malayan Banking - Pressure remains on Singapore asset quality
05/09/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Maybank (BUY, Maintain) - Lower Credit Cost, Absence of Large Impairment
03/08/2017  MACQUARIE GROUP MQ Research - Malaysian Banking Sector Report
01/08/2017  HLG Banking - Jun Stats – Loan Growth Rebounded
28/07/2017  MIDF Maybank - Well Contained Funding Cost

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Beza http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kianweiaritcles/144088.jsp
12/01/2018 14:25
Save T+9 Maybank still digesting sellers at 9.85 (52 weeks all time peak at 9.86). No news related to Maybank yet.
http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/hleresearch/143988.jsp (Maybank & RHB)
So far non of the banks as far as I know take away 52 weeks Hi yet. As Maybank has consolidated for 9 days at this resistance, it could be first to break it and speculatively first target to reach is RM10-10.20 after breaking the resiatance. Time to sell half and buy 2nd liner banks then. Any good 2nd liner banks?
13/01/2018 11:02
Fabien Extraordinaire http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kianweiaritcles/144119.jsp
13/01/2018 11:38
Save Just sharing. This time readjust premium % as Maybank is slow and steady. Based on calculation, if 0.5% premium, 10, C31=(1.005X10-9.50)/3=0.165; 10.20, C31=(1.005X10.2-9.50)/3=0.23;
if 0.5% premium, 10, C34=(1.005X10-9.25)/2.5=0.305; 10.20, C34=(1.005X10.2-9.25)/2.5=0.385.
Market most of time is unpredictable, above is merely references.
13/01/2018 11:56
apprentice Anyone still holding C31?
13/01/2018 12:26
spiderman49 Posted by apprentice > Jan 13, 2018 12:26 PM | Report Abuse

Anyone still holding C31?

hhehee ,, me :) ,,why ? ahahha
13/01/2018 12:30
spiderman49 and not just c31 ,,, c34 also :DDDD
13/01/2018 12:31
apprentice I believe most sold people off C31 by now. I dont hold C34 but lots of C31.
13/01/2018 13:37
linges Sold all C34 for 30% profit but still monitoring C34
13/01/2018 13:46
Save Hi, Linges, If I manage to sell half of C31 and C34 next week, swap & slowly accumulate TNB (C39) should be better choice as C39 trending lower next week before results release (TNB MACD below signal). TNB results on 19th or 26th?
13/01/2018 14:04
linges @Save...yup..its look like good time to accumulate C39...might sell other non-performing/idle stock to accumulate more C39..based on last year Q1 released date, next QR should be end of Feb2018
13/01/2018 14:09
Save Strategy for C34 now should be buying on dip waiting for market to taking away 52 weeks Hi @9.86. Huge jump may be noticed after breaking up before profit taking come in (like TNB performance on 8-9 of January)
13/01/2018 14:10
linges Noted bro :)
13/01/2018 14:46
Save Save @linges, wait, TNB QR1 is Jan 2018, price may dip before QR, purely speculative. (However QR1 2017: price dip after QR as results below expectation, 2016 QR1: Price up after QR as better results) We should discuss TNB speculation in TNB Chat room
13/01/2018 14:57
linges Ok...lets discuss in Tenaga forum...takut Maybank guys flag us..he he
13/01/2018 15:26
Save T+10 today, Judgement day. Can 9.86 be taken away? Million dollar question
15/01/2018 09:19
hit & run Last I was checking maybankc34 and umw c3, ended up bought maybank c34@0.285, but today umw c3 increased 0.5 and still flying..haiz, what a bad luck
15/01/2018 15:54
Save Very strong resistance at 9.86. Profit take 30% C31 @0.15, balance 70% wait till Wednesday
15/01/2018 23:04
Save 9.86 no big block queueing to sell today, consider resistance taken away?
16/01/2018 11:30
hit & run C34 dip now, losing money. If maybank price cant up sure die
16/01/2018 12:27
apprentice I presume your C31 was sold yesterday since highest for today is 14.5. Both the resistance and support level must be from institutional investors. They decide when and by how much it shall go up or down. Still waiting for a push before selling my C31.
16/01/2018 13:06
Save Yes. Sold C31 @0.15 is to prepare bullets to buy into C34@0.265 and tenaga C39 at0.26 this morning, though unsuccessful. AMMB C5 this morning 0.215 is very attractive also. expecting a dip today, thus buying on dip
16/01/2018 15:01
hit & run @Save, what is your TP for C34?
16/01/2018 17:02
windcloud sold C34 at 0.286 average, locked in profit 55% gain ......
16/01/2018 17:38
Save Today too slow to buy AMMB C5 @0.215, TNB C39 0.26, MB C34 @0.265, then no choice  buy back a bit of C31@0.14, back to square one. Finally found a Maybank news:


Should be good news right?
16/01/2018 22:16
Save @hit & run, my TP for C34 is when Mother hit 10-10.20 (9.15->10.15 about RM1, heavy weight also need to rest), or KLCI 1st attempt to cross 1850, or 2 days after BNM's announcement of interest rate raise, or just 2 week before CNY, which ever is earlier. I just start learning technical analysis on sound companies. A lot of misleading comments before, don't trust me and do your homework. What is your C34 TP?
Retyped as msg missing just now
16/01/2018 23:15
hit & run I bought c34@0.285, my tp only 0.4 then I will sell
17/01/2018 08:34
hit & run Haiz, today maybank price no hope. 2000+ queue to sell at 9.85. And there is new warrant by mac c37 strike 10.3 and expire sep18. The price dips a lot and looks very cheap now. If confident maybank will up this year is worthy to buy c37
17/01/2018 09:34
Save Exercice price of 10.30 for new warrant means Maybank outlook is above 10.30. C37 for me is too expensive
17/01/2018 10:23
hit & run too many ESOS@9.75, guess Maybank staffs selling their units to take profit
17/01/2018 12:14
linges @Save...still safe to buy C31 @ 14c ? hand itchy but expiring next month...
17/01/2018 15:08
Save @Linges, sorry for late reply. Maybank closing 9.88, presume 9.86 taken away (T+10 of 3rd January) without much volume, surely but slowly until grow white hair. Technically expecting %D cross over smoothed %D tomorrow. Looking clue from Maybank news tonight. I still hold 80% C31 after taking profit nett 20%. C34 of course is safer, I haven't sell.
17/01/2018 17:33
hit & run thanks to EPF, the price finally moving up
17/01/2018 17:46
apprentice hit & run, the staff excercised the ESOS as the ESOS price is lower than market price but with profit of only 10sen, dont think they sold at all. Its only Amanah Raya and EPF buying and selling to each other. Hopefully the big chunk done at 9.88 will be the new support for MBB.

I have not sold any of my C31 as I am confident MBB will pass the 10 mark before CNY. More importantly, I see it unlikely to fall below 9.85 before CNY.
17/01/2018 19:27
Save I agree with apprentice about RM10-10.20 target can be reached before CNY as long as USD Index dropping.
17/01/2018 19:59
Henry Chan is C37 a good choice?
17/01/2018 20:46
Save @Henry, just my 2c since no one reply
When C31 was first traded on 2nd June 2017, It was 0.16 while Mother was about 9.50. Premium was (0.16X3+9.50-9.50)/9.50=0.05=5%
while C37 is 0.14 while mother is 9.88, premium is already 9.9%. If follow C31 valuation of premium 5% , C37 may worth (1.05X9.88-10.30)/4=0.02.
Of course if we compare ratio, gearing or in money, C31 is better than C37; only C31 maturity date is much shorter.
If you look back into history of C31, from 0.16 to 0.19 then drop to lowest 0.035, it can be happen to any warrant when market is bad, When I bought C31@0.04-0.05, premium was 4%.
If Mother stabilize @10 in March 2018, acceptable price of C37 for me is @premium 5%, which is (1.05X10-10.30)/4= 0.05.
18/01/2018 01:08
18/01/2018 01:27
Save Can't find any news related to Maybank. Some old news here: http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/ringgit-seen-38000-malaysia-prepares-interest-rate-hike-—-sercs-lee-heng-guie
Mark down 25 Jan 2018: BNM meeting. 15 Feb 2018: GDP report
18/01/2018 01:53
apprentice When C31 was first listed, I had just sold off my C24 when MBB was 9.35. I thought C31 was expensive then so I skipped buying MBB cws.

As with save, I only bought C31 between 4 to 5 sen when MBB was at 9.15 to 9.25 late Nov to early Dec. I strongly believe MBB will be somewhere in the region of 10.30 to 10.50 come GE and post GE based on 2013 experience, so C34 is still a good buy, and since C31 would have expired by then.

I would KIV C37 for play later and jump to other counters as I am reluctant to pay more than 10 sen for any cws.
18/01/2018 01:59
18/01/2018 10:48
Save http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/maybank-consolidating-says-alliancedbs-research
That means no spike, resting today, will see if the prediction is true
18/01/2018 11:01
Save https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/17/asia-markets-china-gdp-data-and-central-banks-in-focus.html
Thursday's economic calendar is fairly crowded (all times in HK/SIN):
12:30 p.m.: Japan industrial production
3:00 p.m.: China fourth-quarter GDP, industrial production and retail sales
5:00 p.m.: Bank Indonesia rates decision
18/01/2018 11:21
linges Tq @Save...will keep on eye on both C31 and C34
18/01/2018 11:35
Save Lai lo. Waiting for this type of news. New business: soon-to-be-launched cashless mobile payment option using quick-response (QR) codes. According to the statement, the platform is known as “Maybank QRPay”.......
18/01/2018 14:14
hit & run amanahraya bought 41,600,000, guess very soon maybank will fly
19/01/2018 19:10
ChampionCw ChampionCw Mac quarie a parasite. we will weed out and throw to the fore soon
19/01/2018 21:36

hollandking i thought mckie good for your health??? super investor praise mckie for its sendie investment woh.
19/01/2018 21:37
ChampionCw Mac Quarie dirty hands and prints all over We ill complain until it (Mac Quarie) us no more

Go home Aussie prick
19/01/2018 21:38
ChampionCw Super Investor KYY is buried in Hengyuan World Trade Center rubble hahhahahhaa
Caused by Mac Quarie who Press mother price down to cull all its cW
Mac Quarie doesnt want to honor bets that it lost
19/01/2018 21:41
ChampionCw Mac Quarie has killed off Saprng, MRCB, FGV, all to cull its CW holders

Political parties must pledge Mac Quarie witch hunt as election promise

Burn the witch at the stake
19/01/2018 21:43
ChampionCw Scream Mac Quarie Scream Hot Enough ?
19/01/2018 21:43
19/01/2018 21:48
ChampionCw mac Quarie employees will soon be on prime time tv wearing orange suit. after that gallows
19/01/2018 21:48
ChampionCw ChampionCw ChampionCw ChampionCw Only a 93 year old Mugabe like government in malaysia will allow Mac Quarie to continue operate in Malaysia. Fleece all malaysian traders down to their underwear with holes hahahha a Mugabe like Malaysian government imagine that
19/01/2018 22:17
ChampionCw Mac Quarie in Malaysia like the Brits in China 1900. Give the citizens opium hahhaha Make the the advisor of PM department hahhaha. MOF and PM Department all officers fast asleep ah ahahhahaha

Mac Quarie in Malaysia like GST at 50% hahhahaha
19/01/2018 22:18

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