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2.67 3.21     +0.54 (20.22%)
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** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
17/03/2017 2.91 3.15 +0.24 (8.25%) HOLD UOBKayHian Price Target News
17/03/2017 2.91 3.81 +0.90 (30.93%) BUY TA Price Target News
17/03/2017 2.91 2.92 +0.01 (0.34%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
17/03/2017 2.91 3.09 +0.18 (6.19%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
19/12/2016 3.07 4.01 +0.94 (30.62%) BUY TA Price Target News
19/12/2016 3.07 3.05 -0.02 (0.65%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
19/12/2016 3.07 3.15 +0.08 (2.61%) HOLD MAYBANK Price Target News
19/12/2016 3.07 3.17 +0.10 (3.26%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
19/12/2016 3.07 2.87 -0.20 (6.51%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
19/12/2016 3.07 2.88 -0.19 (6.19%) SELL Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
14/12/2016 3.10 3.16 +0.06 (1.94%) HOLD HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
17/03/2017  UOBKayHian Berjaya Sports Toto: 3QFY17: Below Expectations
17/03/2017  TA BTOTO - Additional GST Adjustments in 3QFY17
17/03/2017  PUBLIC BANK BTOTO - Hit by Higher Tax Cost
17/03/2017  KENANGA Berjaya Sports Toto - 3Q17 Still Disappointing
19/12/2016  TA Berjaya Sports Toto - Resilient 2QFY17 Earnings
19/12/2016  PUBLIC BANK Berjaya Sports Toto - Lower Gaming Profit
19/12/2016  MAYBANK Berjaya Sports Toto - STM sales weaken again
19/12/2016  KENANGA Berjaya Sports Toto - 2Q17 Below; Still No Lady Luck
19/12/2016  HLG Berjaya Sports Toto - Need more luck in 2H
19/12/2016  Affin Hwang Capital Berjaya Sports Toto (SELL, maintain) - Falling short of expectations
14/12/2016  HLG Berjaya Sports Toto - Proposed Acquisition Shares of H.R. Owen

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sheldon Each time I buy thinking it can't get any lower, I'm proven wrong. The govt which as we all are aware is in desperate need of funds, has every reason to nurture and protect this goose which has been laying golden eggs but the illegal outfits are still there.
16/05/2017 09:50
my3333 drop to 2.5?
16/05/2017 09:51
TC Link I have plans to buy later. Will key in and see my luck! All the best!
16/05/2017 11:55
RainT Profit down all the way

Still can buy this counter ????

Also this gaming industry is sunset and not popular anymore

For those who bought or hold ....what is the reasons ???

Mind to share ....
16/05/2017 13:46
speakup will drop more. Bjtoto PE 11x still very high.
Magnum PE 16x is better.
16/05/2017 16:42
joannelim buy
16/05/2017 21:00
billionaire88 OMG! Another new low.... It's still on a down trend, don't touch this stock.
16/05/2017 22:24
chkhooju Yea don't catch the falling knife. I'm very surprised that I can restrain myself.. I would have bought at 2.80,but I didn't. I'll patiently wait for the price to stablise.
16/05/2017 22:42
stockmanmy buy new low shares also cannot
buy new high shares also cannot
then how?
16/05/2017 22:49
chkhooju Be patient. Nowadays I don't buy down trending stocks because CHEAP CAN BE CHEAPER.
16/05/2017 22:54
Flying Man Berjaya Corp & Toto are merely operators of Vietlott & Vietnam's MOF is the owner. Until today & after 2 quarters, no one know what is the actual monetary contribution towards Berjaya Corp or Toto BECAUSE THE IMPACT WAS SO MINIMAL OR INDEED IMMATERIAL.

As far as I look at it, Vincent Tan & everyone who positive about the business have blown a giant hot balloon, only hot air inside.

Read news below:
Berjaya will give 100% of the capital, technical equipment and software. In return, Barjaya will enjoy a certain profit rate of revenues from the lottery business to offset investment costs. However, representatives of the Ministry of Finance did not disclose the specific profit rate.
16/05/2017 22:56
tt101 https://www.msci.com/eqb/gimi/stdindex/MSCI_May17_STPublicList.pdf



17/05/2017 08:19
TC Link The article which I read mentioned that the Vietnam outlets were doing very well. Let me try to see if I am able to find the article for sharing.
17/05/2017 10:31
gushan morning to all the dividend players. Is true that btoto offer high dividend and since u all are connoisseur of dividend stocks, u may think currently btoto is among the highest in dividend, but there's one that currently have a dividend yield of 9%+. It is Ranhill, it monopolized the water biz in Johor under its subsidiary SAJ Ranhill. Its high dividend yield is due to the stocks getting battered down after its IPO. As you will observed in recent years, almost all the IPOs are down water one. So take a look, do your DD on the stock. Don't trust my words. Its P/E is 6.47. I'll be taking a look at btoto too since I never put all $ in 1 stock no matter how good a stock is. Its current price is 0.85
17/05/2017 10:35
speakup CUTLOSS!!!!
stupid counter recommended by icon8888, wasted my money!
17/05/2017 16:30
lkoky in a giant spiral free fall
17/05/2017 16:35
speakup icon8888 recommend stupid counters like bjcorp & bjtoto now, all losing money one
17/05/2017 16:36
billionaire88 tt101 says: https://www.msci.com/eqb/gimi/stdindex/MSCI_May17_STPublicList.pdf




Is this a bad news for investors? Does it mean, it will be totally out of foreign/local funds radar?
17/05/2017 22:21
lwyy60 Good buy for the dip if div maintained as years before as today dow down more than 1%.
18/05/2017 05:29
fourM Yes, the fundamental of the company will not affected by the index
18/05/2017 08:23
sheldon V funny. When stock does not perform it's removed from the index even though it's actively traded.
18/05/2017 09:20
speakup better fast fast cutloss bjtoto
18/05/2017 09:24
TC Link BJTOTO from 2.72 to 2.76 today is a great achievement. Looks like it is drawing the attention of the investors! Keep it coming! Good news to be launched next week!
19/05/2017 16:33
TC Link Last minute selling by some investors in such small quantity spoils the day. Looking forward to a great week ahead for BJTOTO!
19/05/2017 18:32
meistsk3134 same case as BJcorp, fundamental good yet keep drop.
19/05/2017 23:12
Apollo Ang will up only if govt step up efforts to curb the illegal 4d net betting,and outlets
19/05/2017 23:22
DickyMe RUNNnnnnn
21/05/2017 13:42
chkhooju Don't touch!
21/05/2017 14:54
speakup sell bjtoto, swap to magnum?
22/05/2017 09:26
Alex5199 roe of bjtoto is 36.xx but the magnum just 6.xx ! so which is the good horse?
22/05/2017 10:00
TC Link BJTOTO at 2.71/2.72 is a good price for entry. Basically I feel the selling is due to MAGNUM and it will be soon over. BJTOTO should be back at 2.8x soon enough.
22/05/2017 14:49
Yong Chun Wah yesterday, pre-closing time, many lots were grabbed at rm2.74.... just a matter of time, easily back to above rm2.8 or higher... target price by analysts at least rm2.9+ check it out yourself... don't believe others. :)
23/05/2017 10:29
aliyusof Why is it the major shareholder Tan sri Vincent tan his shares? Is it a IRB possible target after Country Heights, Magnum and latest MK Land to be hit? All these Tan Sris are very close, especially TS Vincent, to Dr M, heard them in the market??? Any advice to dump the share or keep??
23/05/2017 12:08
aliyusof Tan sri vincent selling his shares from Bursa announcements in past few days
23/05/2017 12:09
nkk53 If kena Irb,habis la our investment.No stock is safe now
23/05/2017 14:07
nkk53 Best to put all the hardearned money in fd,no need to worry about everythings
23/05/2017 14:12
aliyusof Crazy, IRB investigated Country Heights accounts since 1997... 20 years ago!What go on? Desperate for $$$$ or something else? No good for investors like us.
23/05/2017 14:33
Yong Chun Wah no worries... better results will come...

Vietlott and Berjaya are not shy about ambition to become a big name in the lottery market
Berjaya won the bid over five other international companies to become the first foreign investor to tap into Vietnam’s lottery market. Accordingly, Berjaya and Vietnam Lottery One-member Limited Liability Company (Vietlott), the only company in Vietnam allowed to sell computerised lottery, were awarded a $210.58-million contract to exclusively invest in and operate a computerised lottery project in Vietnam for 18 years. The deal was estimated to be worth $210.6 million.

The Vietnamese lottery market is worth about $3 billion. Although a newcomer, Vietlott aims to conquer 30 per cent of the market within a few years, which will bring in billions of dollars in revenue.
23/05/2017 16:25
Yong Chun Wah a new cash cow for bjtoto.

An American-style lottery in Vietnam?
OCTOBER 11, 2016

VietNamNet Bridge – Will Vietnamese businesses have to share the multi-billion dollar lottery market with foreign investors?
In August, a student became the first winner of the Mega 6/45 Lotto Jackpot Game worth VND203 million. This changed the face of the lottery industry, estimated to be worth over $3 billion.
In August, a student became the first winner of the Mega 6/45 Lotto Jackpot Game worth VND203 million. This changed the face of the lottery industry, estimated to be worth over $3 billion.
Just after one month of launching, Vietlott (Vietnam Computerised Lottery One Member Company Ltd) reportedly earned VND40.1 billion. However, the figure did not surprise analysts, who believe that lotteries, casinos and sports betting have great potential in Vietnam.

Lotteries are expected to contribute VND26 trillion more to the state budget this year, a sharp increase of 48 percent compared with three years ago.

The initial achievements are so attractive that Vietlott decided to set up 800 points of sales in all districts and communes in HCM City in the first month and increase the number to 10,000 within the next five years.

Foreign investors have joined the lottery industry, which in the past was run by state-owned enterprises.

The foreign investor from Malaysia – Berjaya Corp Bhd (BCorp) and Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd (BToto) – and Vietnamese Vietlott have been granted a license to operate computerized lotteries throughout Vietnam.

The business cooperation contract between BCorp and Vietlott comprises provisions on the investment in technology, equipment software and computerized lottery in Vietnam.

Foreign investors have joined the lottery industry, which in the past was run by state-owned enterprises.

After obtaining the investment license from the Hanoi Investment and Planning Department in early 2016, the exclusive lottery project was implemented by a subsidiary of BCorp – Berjaya Gia Thinh (Berjaya GTI).

Questions have been raised about the structure and the actual role of the businesses that get involved in the project, not only because of its high value, but also of the long-term duration of 18 years.

Berjaya GTI has a 51 percent stockholder equity belonging to BLV. Meanwhile, BLV is set up in Labuan with 80 percent stockholder equity belonging to BCorp and the other 20 percent to BToto.

Sources said that six months ago, in order to obtain the project, BCorp had to attend the auction where it had to compete with five other international lottery companies. The auction marked an important milestone in the history of Vietnam’s lottery industry as it opened the lottery market.

Vietlott, put under the management of the Ministry of Finance, was established in 2011 with VND500 billion in capital.

After five years of operation, it now has total assets of VND305 billion. Mega 6/45 lottery alone brought it VND49 billion in revenue in the first eight months of the year.
23/05/2017 16:30
nkk53 sell toto and buy kub
23/05/2017 17:04
speakup already told u all to CUT LOSS at 2.72 last day. DEGIL!!!!
23/05/2017 17:15
tt101 啊多生大病。。 :(
23/05/2017 17:20
armadasaxon cabut lor..all this nfo ..drop till lausai.
23/05/2017 17:21
mamatede all Vincent tan counter sux. his berjaya timesquare all ah beng shops inside. his berjaya hotel so many bad reviews. his Kenny riggers also barely survive. only bright side is the Starbucks. else none
23/05/2017 18:25
aliyusof Yong chun wah, question is if Vietnam business is so good, why Tan Sri Vincent Tan has been selling shares like mad during the past many months? Is he knowing something we do not know? RM468m tax liability had been slapped on Magnum just like that, how about the company of the closest buddy of Dr M? Those who depend on 5 to 7% dividend yield for retirement like us are in dilemma...to hold or sell.
23/05/2017 18:33
aliyusof https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/383147
23/05/2017 18:56
ChickyWaWa Who are the Mahathir's cronies, tell me tell me... waiting to sapu those counters if got good one
23/05/2017 20:58
billionaire88 Another low!....so tempting but its still on a down trend! Had expected BJToto share price to be hit by the IRB news. It will go lower.
23/05/2017 23:53
Yong Chun Wah bjtoto is not magnum.... already reported lower profit due to gst payment during the last financial year. haha
24/05/2017 10:47
clp72 aiya... election coming ma... all these guys have to give "donation", same as every other country...
24/05/2017 11:52

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