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2.43 2.75     +0.32 (13.17%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
19/10/2017 2.46 2.50 +0.04 (1.63%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
02/10/2017 2.48 2.50 +0.02 (0.81%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
21/09/2017 2.32 3.15 +0.83 (35.78%) BUY UOBKayHian Price Target News
21/09/2017 2.32 2.98 +0.66 (28.45%) TRADING BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
21/09/2017 2.32 2.95 +0.63 (27.16%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
21/09/2017 2.32 2.60 +0.28 (12.07%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
21/09/2017 2.32 2.20 -0.12 (5.17%) HOLD Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
21/06/2017 2.56 2.98 +0.42 (16.41%) TRADING BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
21/06/2017 2.56 2.95 +0.39 (15.23%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
21/06/2017 2.56 2.87 +0.31 (12.11%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
21/06/2017 2.56 2.85 +0.29 (11.33%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
21/06/2017 2.56 2.20 -0.36 (14.06%) SELL Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
16/10/2017 2.61 3.20 +0.59 (22.61%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
19/10/2017  HLG Berjaya Sports Toto - Retiring Grand Toto 6/63
02/10/2017  HLG Berjaya Sports Toto (HOLD) - Better Performance From H.R. Owen
21/09/2017  UOBKayHian Berjaya Sports Toto: 1QFY18: Within Expectations
21/09/2017  PUBLIC BANK Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad - NFO Business Appears To Have Stabilised
21/09/2017  KENANGA Berjaya Sports Toto - 1Q18 In Line; Value Buy
21/09/2017  AMMB Berjaya Sports Toto - Flat ticket sales per draw
21/09/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Berjaya Sports Toto (HOLD, Upgrade) - Upgrade on Valuation But Core Profit Still Down
21/06/2017  PUBLIC BANK BERJAYA SPORTS TOTO - Not An Exceptionally Bad Quarter
21/06/2017  KENANGA Berjaya Sports Toto - Results Still Weak But Value Emerges
21/06/2017  HLG Berjaya Sports Toto (HOLD) - Unexciting Year Without Luck
21/06/2017  AMMB B SPORTS TOTO - Languid ticket sales
21/06/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Berjaya Sports Toto (SELL, maintain) - Lower FY18E dividend leads to lower TP
16/06/2017  AMMB Berjaya Sports Toto - Establishes RM800mil MTN

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apolloang same also cos illegal online offer better odds and payout,cos govt tax is high
28/09/2017 21:52
apolloang the illegal gambling u refer to is the computer gaming machines one only.illegal 4d outlets many in penang,they close one eye.....hahaha
28/09/2017 21:54
apolloang even now cruise offers 4d everyday one.so many competition how the legal one cari makan,long term sure no business lah,unless govt take action
28/09/2017 21:56
Biker2b Illegal gambling but only focusing on "computer/online" gambling ? That's weird.
29/09/2017 10:55
apolloang illegal 4d gaming tak tangkap only tangkap the casino online gambling one.....hahaha. many shops disguise as selling t-shirts and bags but inside got counter selling 4d
29/09/2017 10:59
jackng06 illegal no provide few million jackpot lo
29/09/2017 16:48
jackng06 i believe alot ppl still like to buy grand toto those
29/09/2017 16:49
apolloang 4d business more than the lotto games lah,but toto advantage magnum is got the lotto games lo better than magnum.but overall their business affected a lot cos my frens mostly open the legal magnum,pmp and toto outlets and they told me so. the illegals even open shops beside their shop and purposely park some cars at their entry during peak hours
29/09/2017 16:55
geary I knew it...!!! I was nearly Con...!!! http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-29/wa-ponzi-scheme-investors-unlikely-to-get-money-back/8997970
29/09/2017 21:24
armadasaxon told ya..2.48 is the max :)
02/10/2017 18:45
DualShock Knock.. knock..

Magnum seemed losing its strength now..
Can Bjtoto continue to hold its uptrend after Dividend?? or fall back to $2.26-2.28.
Lets wait and see..
04/10/2017 20:48
joetay with so many headwinds in home market, i really wonder if the vn lott story can save bjtoto and bjc.
04/10/2017 22:15
Seng Thye Ng sound like slow counter........will be back to 2.28 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/10/2017 09:53
armadasaxon sure fall back..need u ask..hahaha
05/10/2017 10:00
Biker2b Anyone here planning to attend BJTOTO AGM next week?
05/10/2017 10:42
Superb99 how come, good counter keeps dropping..................!!!
05/10/2017 13:05
jackng06 all go other share goreng d, toto will be more good after few more quarter
07/10/2017 23:13
meistsk3134 illegal betting with gst tax
07/10/2017 23:20
jackng06 already impact in previous quarter, share price seem like stablize in future and the latest quarter
09/10/2017 00:43
Biker2b What's the logic for this ? Total Executive Director remuneration increased by 37% y-o-y (from RM6.372mil in 2016 to RM8.77mil in 2017), but for the same period :
a. Profit Before Tax reduced by 16%
b. Dividend reduced by 26%

What makes the Exec Directors deserved higher salaries, emoluments & bonus if performance of the company is worsening ?
09/10/2017 10:50
93126668 Malaysian gaming sector could see a turnaround

Good news wor...also drop
10/10/2017 12:42
Biker2b Let see what the management got to share at AGM tomorrow.
10/10/2017 16:14
samk the police have successfully closed down 90 percent of the gambling dens in Malaysia.. when it was at their peak there were more than 20,000 gambling dens together,, thats more than mcdonald , KFC pizza hut Startbuck 7-11 etc combined.. im pretty sure they will not open back in 1-2 years time cos most of the dens stop renewing their contract for the shoplots... all those legal gaming sector will benefits from this in the long run .. gamblers will always gamble
10/10/2017 17:30
gongxifacai True, gamblers will always gamble no matter what. I gonna hold this counter for long period of time. I pretty sure is a good invest for long term run.
11/10/2017 10:12
freddiehero how the deviden?
11/10/2017 10:18
gongxifacai @freddiehero 4 sen dividend which already expire on 06 October, payment date 24 October. Wait money enter my account
11/10/2017 10:56
Biker2b Disappointed with the Board at AGM today. Year-in-year-out blaming illegal gambling for the poor results.
11/10/2017 15:20
smartly illegal gambling.....GST the most... :(
11/10/2017 15:24
gongxifacai Illegal gambling will always be there. the best way to reduce illegal gambling is government allow gamblers to bet online.
11/10/2017 17:12
kahhoeng any mention about the Vietnam Toto and its contribution towards BJToto? Thanks...
11/10/2017 18:20
TakeProfits Directors all buaya...take more themselves. Should give more to shareholders..
12/10/2017 21:55
samk its impossible to stop illegal gambling in malaysia..u can only reduce it .. but there is no illegal betting for Lotto/Jackpots in Malaysia and Vietnam as the price payout is too big for the bookies to pay and the gamblers dont feel secure to bet with the illegal bookies..there are at least 3-4 jackpot winners every month in Vietnam... the tickets is selling like hot cakes,,,the revenues for Lotto will keep increase for the coming 5-10 years ... its a very smart move by VT by placing 80/20 ration to Bjcorp and BJtoto .. and for the reminder...more Lotto/Jackpot payout means more revenue
12/10/2017 14:38
samk http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/165618/vietlott-dismisses-rumour-of-being-unable-to-pay-out-jackpot.html

12/10/2017 14:39
Biker2b @kahhoeng, according to the board during AGM, contribution from Berjaya GTI will be small given it's early operation and BJTOTO's effective equity stake of only about 10%.
12/10/2017 16:24
Biker2b Positive takeaway from BJTOTO AGM :
1. Management will offer online platform similar like dmcGo
2. Lotte (non-4D) sales enjoyed about 5% growth y-o-y
3. Management will focus on NFO as core and potentially divest HR Owen & other non core investments
12/10/2017 16:35
2721 when will the online platform be ready?
12/10/2017 00:05
billionaire88 Biker2b: Positive takeaway from BJTOTO AGM :
1. Management will offer online platform similar like dmcGo
2. Lotte (non-4D) sales enjoyed about 5% growth y-o-y
3. Management will focus on NFO as core and potentially divest HR Owen & other non core investments

This is good news. I like what was said. It's time to accumulate BJToto!
12/10/2017 10:33
kahhoeng Biker2b, thanks. Its indeed crazy for BJToto to invest in non core, particularly HR Owen...
12/10/2017 11:16
sheldon Agreed that HR Owen is an odd and non-compatible investment
13/10/2017 16:36
shpg22 All the while i thot the online platform is not allowed by the gov. Its seems like d management is sleeping.
13/10/2017 16:43
billionaire88 Happy to get 5 lots at 2.38 today. Will continue to accumulate.
13/10/2017 15:29
gongxifacai @billionaire88 bjtoto is a good counter. good for you to get at RM 2.38. My target price for bjtoto will be RM 2.80
13/10/2017 20:39
Biker2b BJTOTO needs to focus on NFO and spin-off Berjaya Philippines Inc (BPI). BPI is root cause of all non-core distraction by holding equity interests in : luxury car dealership in UK, hotel/Papa John's Pizza/ Mazda & Ssangyong cars dealership in Philippines.

These should belongs to Berjaya Auto, Berjaya Land & Berjaya Food.
16/10/2017 12:37
geary Buying Power...!!!
16/10/2017 18:54
geary Uptrending...!!! http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Stock-Chart.aspx?securitycode=1562&mode=D
16/10/2017 19:25
jackng06 TP 2.7
16/10/2017 20:04
ashrelniko Positive takeaway from BJTOTO AGM :
1. Management will offer online platform similar like dmcGo
2. Lotte (non-4D) sales enjoyed about 5% growth y-o-y
3. Management will focus on NFO as core and potentially divest HR Owen & other non core investments

Are these statements confirmed? i cant find them on any research reports other than on this forum. Really hope they can refocus themselves on the core business.
17/10/2017 12:44
Biker2b They didn't attend AGM :)
17/10/2017 15:56
geary Lotto 6/50...!!! http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2017/10/17/sports-toto-introduces-new-star-toto-650/
19/10/2017 00:11
Biker2b Introducing new game is good but why retiring another ? Isn't it more offerings better for sales & profit?
19/10/2017 12:26

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