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B4b4 Something is brewing here..... very interesting. If cannot drop, then can go up !
18/08/2017 15:45
tokti Botak gives out lar...how to push? Bloxxk all the ways
18/08/2017 15:49
Nick Motor tui loh..closing 1.32
18/08/2017 16:47
B4b4 Monday , Iwcity go UP
19/08/2017 19:29
Nick Motor B4b4....how u know??ada inside news kah???
19/08/2017 22:26
Kktan3168 Yes! How u no? Monday go up?
19/08/2017 22:48
yapwailoon kena kencing lagi
20/08/2017 13:37
Bigbrother CORPORATE


IWC, IWH extend date to execute definitive deal for merger

Chong Jin Hun


The Edge Financial Daily

July 06, 2017 10:27 am MYT

This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on July 6, 2017.


KUALA LUMPUR: Iskandar Waterfront City Bhd (IWC) and its holding company Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd (IWH) have agreed to extend the date to enter into the definitive sale and purchase agreement(s) (SPAs) on their proposed merger.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia yesterday, IWC said the extension until Sept 4 this year is to enable IWH to negotiate in good faith and execute the definitive SPAs with the relevant vendor(s) under the proposed restructuring exercise. “Any material developments on the definitive SPAs will be announced accordingly,” it said.
20/08/2017 15:55
Kktan3168 What news?
20/08/2017 17:38
4444 Why QR not out on 18th Aug? Loss QR again?
21/08/2017 01:00
ran777rpt A big day for IWCITY TODAY
21/08/2017 11:26
tebrauteguh Lai liao
21/08/2017 11:40
tokti Botak Lim no power lar, last week went to.Geylang again..hopefully tonight vigra helps n back to pushing tomorrow...zzzzzz
21/08/2017 14:43
Kktan3168 Ok! Give up iwcity. Dun follow anymore
21/08/2017 17:33
Cheok Chan Yuh good news coming soon ~~~
22/08/2017 09:19
tokti Botak already old n weak..IWCity no hope to climb..not even at ESOS price, all employees and directors curse him..banks may force sell them too...how to climb
22/08/2017 09:29
Nick Motor cheok......apa good news?can share abit?
22/08/2017 09:41
22/08/2017 10:01
22/08/2017 11:15
tokti We feel sleepy..Botak still on his bed..these counter negrects employees ESOS, Merger news..Greenland proceeds etc..BM no chance as Gomen also silence now..Gone case...
22/08/2017 11:30
Nick Motor 3h ago...iwcity official fb share the link about merger! good news coming soon?
22/08/2017 13:04
Nick Motor https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1258750107585217&id=721308864662680
22/08/2017 13:04
M168 Should be done early Sep17. So it is just a week or 2 away...
22/08/2017 13:17
B4b4 Iwcity is moving up .
22/08/2017 15:09
tokti Where got moving up? Dont get trap again...Botak flying kite now..
22/08/2017 15:38
B4b4 Iwcity will go up next level. Be extra patient.
22/08/2017 16:08
Bigbrother Tokti, one investor give botak one curse.. at least 2k cursing will go to botak
22/08/2017 16:51
Bigbrother Dow Jones index up 157 points presently
23/08/2017 00:04
Nickmotor Wooo....Dow jones and nasdaq all green!! Hope today klse also green green....good luck
23/08/2017 07:02
Cheok Chan Yuh 1.310???
23/08/2017 09:33
tokti Pushing ekovest...later botak push IWCity..
23/08/2017 09:50
Cheok Chan Yuh sure boh
23/08/2017 09:56
Cheok Chan Yuh all run away
23/08/2017 10:40
Cheok Chan Yuh now seller is weakness easy to push the price
23/08/2017 11:24
Cheok Chan Yuh kick coming soon
23/08/2017 11:24
Cheok Chan Yuh collect enough liao now price going up haha
23/08/2017 11:51
Cheok Chan Yuh waiting take profit
23/08/2017 11:52
Jupiterang Queue at 1.29
23/08/2017 14:48
Bigbrother Tokti, can you explain why so big queue buy qty volume?
23/08/2017 15:56
Bigbrother Will shooting up anytime from now
23/08/2017 15:56
tokti Dow Up Bursa Down..if Dow falls, Bursa dipping...what are we ? Botak Lim never react to the fact and his commitments..curse him
23/08/2017 16:08
Bigbrother http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2017/08/23/irwan-6-companies-have-shown-interest-in-bandar-malaysia/

The insxder news already out, why the sharks still waiting?
23/08/2017 16:14
Bigbrother Iwh & Iwcity will be the jv partner
23/08/2017 16:25
ran777rpt Irwan did not say if either IWH or CREC, or both, were among the six companies which had shown interest.

Clear indication that IWH- CREC in.
23/08/2017 16:38
ran777rpt There are good signs of another run up. Cheers Bros
23/08/2017 16:42
tokti This time Mamak never show off, use very low tone in BM, very obvious he already kena scolded kuat kuat...hope CREC is back and so IWH..
23/08/2017 17:15
Bigbrother Iwh and iwcity merge result confirmed, CREC and iwcity back to the tender of bandar malaysia project.
23/08/2017 17:32
Bigbrother China will go all up for the project
23/08/2017 17:33
Bigbrother EditWatch this pageRead in another languageChina Railway Engineering Corporation

Not to be confused with China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, another railway infrastructure enterprise in China.

Not to be confused with China Railway, the national railway operator in China.

For the main subsidiary, see China Railway Group Limited.

The China Railway Engineering Corporation (CRECG) is a state-owned holding company of China, which is under the supervision of the State Council. The company is the major shareholder of China Railway Group Limited (CREC), its subsidiary.
23/08/2017 18:02
Bigbrother http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/business/2017/08/22/chinas-big-four-banks-raise-billions-for-belt-and-road-deals/

Property group jv with china government owner company will up, including iwcity
23/08/2017 23:08

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