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hklcheng 98 in, sold 122...thanks
15/02/2017 09:21
Goodluck888 Dun worries, be happy! See you all at 1.40.......
15/02/2017 09:36
superegg my target is 1.50
15/02/2017 10:11
tianjin see you on 28th !
15/02/2017 10:19
Goodluck888 28th too far, see you on 24th
15/02/2017 11:13
Seek Wow, no more ghost city!
15/02/2017 11:22
tianjin ok , meet half way 26th , hahahaha
15/02/2017 11:40
JamesPond gold town
15/02/2017 12:29
Goodluck888 Just let go if you think it's enough and always remind ourselves not to be friend with "GREEDY". Hope, everyone here have a great trading! Cheers......
15/02/2017 13:44
yapwailoon paperplane, what trap?
15/02/2017 14:51
Goodluck888 1.30 now
15/02/2017 14:59
SALAM Up,sell. Down,buy !! Normal logics, What trap
15/02/2017 15:03
yapwailoon your advice.....
15/02/2017 15:15
nekosan paperplane2016 trapped at 1.6 which be bought in 2014
15/02/2017 15:27
nekosan yapwailoon your advice.....

hold if you have a big heart ...

sell if you have a small heart ...
15/02/2017 15:32
Yip2880 Missed out on this one. And it's within a week or slightly more that the p rice surged more than 40%. Congrats to all who bought
15/02/2017 15:41
Yip2880 I believed some corporate exercises are impending, hence the surge in the share price.
15/02/2017 15:52
kilrathi strong buy at 1.30
15/02/2017 15:55
paperplane2016 I trap at RM0.90. how? thinking sell also no. buy and hold loh
15/02/2017 15:56
Yip2880 paperplane2016, you are sitting on huge profits and you can realise it if you liquidate now
15/02/2017 15:58
nekosan sell ... take profit ... dont greedy
15/02/2017 16:15
nekosan cw0614 Q to buy at 1.29


crazy ?
15/02/2017 16:22
paperplane2016 My rule in investment. Cut loss, let profit run. It never hit my cut loss point. Now at profit. So let it run.
15/02/2017 22:19
moneySIFU Hi paperplane, when will you think the profit is running out of gas & good for you to lock in profit?
15/02/2017 22:26
gcke The bullish trend for the stock is still intact.Along the way,it may correct 2-5 cents before continuing its ascent.The investors can view the Technical Price Charts appended here:http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Corporate-Infomation.aspx?securityCode=1589

2.Even though the three(3) last quarters (QR) the company is losing money,but this company is asset rich.Can monetise the strategic landbanks around JB.

Good luck,but stay alert for any sudden price reversal.This is a highly speculative stock.Take care.
15/02/2017 22:26
paperplane2016 That's the questions I always ask myself also. Some ppl set profit taking target.
For me, two method on how to sell a good stock.
1. 100% gains, sell half. Balance are all pure profit stocks, if by worst it crash to zero, you also lose nothing, only time and effort waste. Lose FD returns.
2. Learn from Hong Kong sifu, 曹仁超。he advise using bull eye investing method. Once stocks retreat 15% and more from its Top, sell.
15/02/2017 22:33
paperplane2016 Technical analysis also got method, when it forms 假突破,long term trend is down, so sell
15/02/2017 22:34
John Lu Paperplane sifu got point..geng
15/02/2017 22:43
paperplane2016 Talk cock only. I good talking cock.
15/02/2017 22:43
John Lu LOL...so humble
15/02/2017 22:46
nekosan Then can sell d. Highest 1.31 today close 1.25
15/02/2017 23:12
Yip2880 Not yet down 15% or more from the top ma
16/02/2017 00:40
Goodluck888 Just make it simple, let go when you think enough and hold if you think want to have it more. Of course, Greedy always kill investors..... This game is belongs to company owners and no body will knows what to be happen next except them.
16/02/2017 08:22
rogers123 ghost town
17/02/2017 14:20
Yip2880 Hi paperplane2016, is there further potential upside in IWCity and its future prospects?
17/02/2017 15:19
yapwailoon any good news?
17/02/2017 15:42
Yip2880 Just have this gut feeling that this is not the end of IWCity's run. There's more to come.
18/02/2017 23:56
Yip2880 IWCity on the move again.
20/02/2017 09:22
nekosan what a superb closing at 1.32

2.0 come already
20/02/2017 17:09
bktay123 So good! Heavy vol and up.
20/02/2017 18:51
nekosan so less people post in i3 already ... means less retailer ... nice ... hehe
20/02/2017 18:52
red_85 Wah. Up nonstop...
20/02/2017 19:10
angsp trap?
21/02/2017 14:39
JamesPond Sigh...down say ghost town....up say trap...why so pessimistic
22/02/2017 11:51
michaelwong At least resting for sometimes after huge run up . With the huge previous volume, it needs quite sometimes for sellers to trim their profits b4 any further run up
22/02/2017 16:55
nekosan Shoukd be bad result. Run
22/02/2017 21:22
angsp any news on this...
24/02/2017 09:29
JamesPond nekosan, until [1] sale of land to Greenland becomes unconditional, should be soon, [2] development of Danga Sutera is reflected in accounts, yes, results should be bad. BTW anyone knows why development of Botanika not reflected in the financial results? Actual construction work is like 40 to 50% complete. Initial launch of 1st block almost 100% sold!!
24/02/2017 12:11
nekosan Next week should sink to 1.0
24/02/2017 17:24
bktay123 Lucky sold yesterday cant afford not to take profit before it vanishes!
24/02/2017 22:03

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