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hng33 Bought more IWCITY at 93.5sen, average down cost
24/08/2016 15:35
paperplane2016 hng33 like ghost town. failed state plus ghost town. good for hng33
24/08/2016 18:10
hng33 Hahaha, already pocked profit many many round on iwcity trading through buy on weakness, sell on strength to lock profit and I expect to continue rolling on again on iwcity trading.

Too bad, these twisting paparplan2016 due to own evil heart, and bad mounting render him too afraid of ghost backfire lolllll
24/08/2016 20:57
paperplane2016 I am afraid of ghost house. Some day it will come haunting you!
24/08/2016 21:02
hng33 hahaha, paperplane2916 after reading some ghost article, now so afraid already, under illusion thought staying in ghost house., hunting by ghost. This is call backfire lor for your twisting, bad mounting and self evil . Pity paperplane2016.......
24/08/2016 22:01
paperplane2016 Happen. I got better stock, gkent, kesm,rgb! Forget ghost house! Now Chinese ghost month
24/08/2016 22:22
paperplane2016 Buy ghost house stock in ghost month will kena suai next 10yrs you know?
24/08/2016 22:23
hng33 kesian paperplane2016 still under illusion hunting by ghost.......next time must learn lesson no to twist fact again ya.
24/08/2016 22:33
paperplane2016 Hehe, ghost town! Ghost town!
24/08/2016 22:38
paperplane2016 Yes! Go get those ghost house
24/08/2016 23:13
paperplane2016 ghost town
25/08/2016 09:53
hng33 hahahaha, pity self-illusion paperplane2016.....chasing by ghost day night....lollll
26/08/2016 11:01
paperplane2016 ghost is haunting you hng, see the price dropping non stop? Ghost houses, banyakkkkkk
29/08/2016 11:48
30/08/2016 14:54
paperplane2016 Buy what? Ghost town?
02/09/2016 01:39
hng33 Bought bigger batch of IWCITY at 92-93sen, average down holding cost to 93.8sen
02/09/2016 10:06
hng33 poor paperplane2016 lorrrr, non stop backfire by ghost...what a waste clown !!!
02/09/2016 10:19
hng33 Gear up power with margin line credit, accumulating more IWCITY at 93-93.5sen
02/09/2016 10:24
hng33 Iskandar Malaysia Greenland Smart City

02/09/2016 10:51
hng33 Perasmian Iskandar Malaysia Greenland Smart City Experiential Centre

02/09/2016 13:00
hng33 IWCITY prospect

Our RM 2.4 billion land sale to Greenland Tebrau Sdn Bhd is progressing well and the official launch of the Iskandar Malaysia Greenland Smart City Experiential Centre took place on 14 August 2016, officiated by our Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Johor. IWCity is also in discussions with other prospective investors for future land sales and joint developments
02/09/2016 15:31
paperplane2016 My Heart is a ghost town
09/09/2016 22:27
paperplane2016 https://youtu.be/Ix8ocFEMa1o
09/09/2016 22:29
paperplane2016 Ghost town
09/09/2016 22:41
paperplane2016 http://oldjimpacific.blogspot.my/2016/08/blog-post_21.html
09/09/2016 22:43
酷睿齐聿 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/09/10/investments-spread-across-the-country/
10/09/2016 09:33
soon9913 Paper plane, why u keep saying ghost town .?
11/09/2016 22:32
bktay123 foreign selling like Malton at one stage
15/09/2016 11:37
aizuddin1199 bktay123 what do u mean?
15/09/2016 14:41
paperplane2016 Ghost town!
19/09/2016 13:57
paperplane2016 Looking at results, buy ekovest better!
19/09/2016 17:03
bktay123 Malton at one point was dropping everyday like IWcity
19/09/2016 17:14
bktay123 Some major investor selling!
19/09/2016 17:14
paperplane2016 Hng loss his pants here. Pity him, diam diam like loser dog now! Yes! He like ghost town and he buy a lot of ghost houses, salute him from heart!
19/09/2016 17:16
hng33 what a pity clown paperplane2016...when share price on weakness, tag its as ghost ....but once share price on strength, give target price RM 2.....tag it as gold.

paperplane2016 UNDERVALUED!
After land sales, RM2!!!
16/05/2016 17:46
21/09/2016 09:09
hng33 Portfolio average Holding cost at 93.6sen, hold tight and to wait for land disposal completion :D)
21/09/2016 09:11
aizuddin1199 hng33..any idea when is the completion ?
21/09/2016 09:52
paperplane2016 haha. forever and ever. Yes! RM2! sell pls
21/09/2016 09:56
hng33 aizuddin1199

According to SPA, the final date completion is on Q1 2018 for entire total 5 tranche of land. Therefore, IWCITY still on track although the first 2 tranche have delay in granting land title by state gov.

These could be because the buyer is no-local, but is from china company, Greenland, it take longer than expected time to meet state gov documentation/red tape etc. However, once first 2 tranche of land successful completed, then the following tranche of land will be much easier and fast track.

The most important is that IWCITY alrdy state clearly that once land disposal completed by Q1 2018, it will declare special dividend 20sen for shareholder and IWCITY stand to realize net gain RM 1.80/share.

Therefore the risk is limited and investment horizon is 1 to 1.5 year until 2018 for massive potential gain RM 1.80/share or 200% gain.
21/09/2016 10:27
hng33 clown paperplan2016 will remain just as clown forever due to backfire chasing out by self-ghost illusion......lollll what a pity !!!
21/09/2016 10:29
aizuddin1199 ok thanks for the info Hng33
21/09/2016 13:45
linges with so much good news ahead...thinking2 to enter...let see
21/09/2016 13:49
paperplane2016 2018? By tht time sudah financial crisis, forget it! Got money also useless!
21/09/2016 23:48
sng2015 “狗嘴里吐不出象牙”
22/09/2016 06:54
hng33 Got money also useless !? ---> clown mind paperplan2016
22/09/2016 09:46
aizuddin1199 start flying since yesterday
22/09/2016 11:11
hng33 :D)
22/09/2016 12:12
paperplane2016 if RM1++ only call fly, this one is nothing
22/09/2016 13:40
Ah Hai Jai ICAP said TP is RM0.66...
23/09/2016 16:01
paperplane2016 Sochai buy ghost town
23/09/2016 21:57

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