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trumpco banners are costly nowadays...better use that money buy even more...so price shoot up...then sell...then call ts for oolong tea...that's the attitude of The Trader..( see..the capital letter mean something...a legendary)
24/05/2017 16:27
ks55 From 85 sen moved up to 1.70
What else to protest?

Asking share price to come back to 85 sen?
24/05/2017 16:33
monkeyinvestor 『追高、買強、買漲停價』人人都會!但大部分是『賠錢』出場。『買低、買【支撐】、買【整理完成】、買【未來】會大漲』的股票,才是聰明的投資人!
24/05/2017 16:36
VenFx Buy EG, it suite all your criteria mentioned.
24/05/2017 16:39
Kentby Loo when agm?today or tomolo?
24/05/2017 16:41
trumpco dont want to drop buy jjtpr lor....never drop..just dissapeared in thin air... plus free lokap meal somemore ( can we take it as dividend?) ..
24/05/2017 16:43
monkeyinvestor im saving small water fishes...hopefully they understand!
24/05/2017 16:44
晓雨霖 Tomorrow AGM morning
24/05/2017 16:58
Lovebite Normally they will announce a good news during the agm...so please w up to buy iwcity tomorrow
24/05/2017 16:58
Kentby Loo aiya,bot ardy 1.78 jz now..hope will up tomolo
24/05/2017 17:00
Sam Sam 今天买的人明天会发达!
24/05/2017 17:01
Lovebite Tomorrow sure up... there are some good news to announce ..ekovest up twice to 1.27 just now, tomorrow sure up
24/05/2017 17:03
晓雨霖 already in boat don't worry tomorrow sure gain
24/05/2017 17:03
Lovebite Buy buy better buy, don't ask me why why
24/05/2017 17:04
huatliao think the price will drop back 1.6++ gua
24/05/2017 17:04
huatliao up one day, drop few days
24/05/2017 17:05
huatliao iwcity new rules.....haha
24/05/2017 17:06
Lovebite huatliao think the price will drop back 1.6++ gua
24/05/2017 17:04

Not tomorrow bro, the price will up during the agm.
24/05/2017 17:06
晓雨霖 Botak Lim sure give u everyone happy tomorrow
24/05/2017 17:06
晓雨霖 Surprise!!!!!
24/05/2017 17:07
Lovebite Buy buy better buy, don't ask me why why
Cry cry if no buy, lai lai tomorrow buy
24/05/2017 17:08
Lovebite Yesssßss
24/05/2017 17:09
晓雨霖 LOL!!!lai lai buy buy don't tell me why
24/05/2017 17:10
Aboveall waste time in game over counter must as well go in potential counters like Solution, PUC, Idemsn,inari,kianjoo,canone, cimb etc.......
24/05/2017 17:10
Lovebite So many jokers sell just now...they will regret soon
24/05/2017 17:11
Lovebite Kojek lim always give supprise during the agm...
24/05/2017 17:12
晓雨霖 Ong mari on the way
24/05/2017 17:12
Lovebite Managed to do final top up just now.
24/05/2017 17:14
Lovebite Testing testing
24/05/2017 18:43
paktua73 Old man nyanyuk always u turn he he..
Oldman still love this ocean but now so tiny one..
Will swallow huge big fatt no matter who went wing come blowing hard in this sea
Old man always nyanyuk man make all gone mad he he old man
Tut tut back he he
24/05/2017 18:46
Ryan88 Oldman , u makan duit rakyat banyak ke.
24/05/2017 19:17
Lovebite Lovebite Buy buy better buy, don't ask me why why
Cry cry if no buy, lai lai tomorrow buy

Gong xi fatt cai and happy new year to kojak lim first
24/05/2017 19:59
晓雨霖 Where Sharesmaker going?
24/05/2017 20:11
Pmaster Dun buy still unstable n risky
24/05/2017 20:28
晓雨霖 Iskandar Waterfront City tomorrow sure gain !!!
24/05/2017 20:44
Pmaster Maybe yes maybe no
24/05/2017 20:45
Lovebite 晓雨霖 Where Sharesmaker going?
24/05/2017 20:11

My acc was suspended in iwcity forum...
24/05/2017 20:46
晓雨霖 @Lovebite why your acc kena suspended?
24/05/2017 20:54
Lovebite Pmaster Dun buy still unstable n risky
24/05/2017 20:28
Bro, iwcity agm tomorrow, the price should up this two days, but so many idiots give the bad comments today...the price drop.
Just hope some of opposition don't spoil the market here, iwcity and the gang have nothing to do with political. Bandar malaysia project was terminated due to their brainless and let the investors who have nothing to do with political suffer.
24/05/2017 20:57
Lovebite Lovebite =sharemakers
24/05/2017 20:59
Lovebite Welcome paktua73 makes a u turn to iwcity
24/05/2017 21:01
晓雨霖 Old news is good
24/05/2017 21:04
晓雨霖 Buy buy don't ask me why,no buy u don't regret
24/05/2017 21:17
Lovebite Gong xi fatt choy tan sri lkh...hopefully tomorrow sui sui sui...
24/05/2017 22:28
晓雨霖 Tan Sri LKH tonight cannot sleep
24/05/2017 22:45
longvalley Still cheap.........!
24/05/2017 22:45
ilovehits You can buy KIMHIN to cover your losses. QR will release in this few days.
24/05/2017 22:47
晓雨霖 tomorrow wake up got surprise
25/05/2017 00:03
Dexter150185 Lol you guys are jokers. This counter is dead and game over. Move in to other counters.
25/05/2017 00:13
haihai QR result got any impact on share price meh?. Dnex making profit of 16mil for Q12017 but share price is down.. moreover iwcity...
25/05/2017 03:47

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