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Striker90 Sell IWCITY and buy EKOVEST!
07/01/2018 13:00
chinchiahor still not too late to do it!
08/01/2018 09:50
astalavista Sold Iwcity..tq
08/01/2018 11:06
David Lingez Ekovest took this ooohhh,, bye then
08/01/2018 17:57
hoplanner offer document which was due ystd, has been deferred to a later date.
09/01/2018 17:31
Alvin Tan later date is when?
10/01/2018 11:11
Striker90 http://www.enanyang.my/?p=981637
15/01/2018 21:57
warchest Sell iwc city buy ekovest
16/01/2018 19:43
warchest Good offer for iwc city shareholders. Accept it and become ekovest shareholders
16/01/2018 19:44
Striker90 Malaysia Singapore Transit! Its nearby Plentong
17/01/2018 08:38
tokok88 Delisting IWCITY required 75% of share holders to accept the offer. The due date has been extended because they can't reach 75%. No share holders were interested to the offer. IWH also no accept the offer why others share holder want to accept?
17/01/2018 21:03
dusti Hibernating?
18/01/2018 19:04
hoplanner Tokok88, the Offeror has yet to despatch the Offer Document lah!!! There isnt any deadline as yet!!!
18/01/2018 23:40
tokok88 Dear hoplanner. I had received it from my agent last week 9th January to choose the offer option. Already rejected the offer because they can't reach 75% for delisting. The accepted offer rate very very low he told me.
19/01/2018 07:01
hoplanner no lah. See official announcement.
Your Agent is most likely referring to another co, maybe Hovid Bhd.
Ask him again.
19/01/2018 15:37
limen12 Can anyone please share when the merger result will be announced? I am new here. Thank you
19/01/2018 21:17
tokok88 Hoplanner, all I shared here are true. But of course this info is from which agent should be confidential due to the due date has been extended. Later may give trouble to the agent.
20/01/2018 08:15
tokok88 Since IWH not accept the offer. We all minority share holders should follow IWH and we have the choice not to accept the offer because to delisting required 75% share holders to accept the offer.
20/01/2018 11:16
tokok88 With ESOS share price 1.50 + profit of land sale to Greenland. The value should be around 3.00. Very very cheap to buy because market capital only 1.156b compare with Ekovest 2.203b, which is double the price.
20/01/2018 11:18
20/01/2018 11:32
tokok88 Don't forget Ekovest has paid 25cents dividend before split from 2 to 5 units. Their share capital is very low and it might be lower than 20cents now. They are very happy to share swap with IWCity 1:1
20/01/2018 11:53
Richpapa Tokok88. Me received the offer msg. too and deadline is on 12/1/2018, but after this they postpone the date. Don't know when is the new dead line.
20/01/2018 20:43
Richpapa The offer only ask to choose the 2 options with note "do not want maintain listing". Never give option to reject the offer. Is it true they need 75% to delisting? Can we reject the offer?
20/01/2018 20:52
tokok88 Yes. You can check with your agent.
21/01/2018 10:11
Richpapa Hi everyone! Get ready to buy more if the price drop further.
23/01/2018 22:41
cheoky said a few time. its land is peat swamp. the delay is equivalent wawasan 2020 to TN50. cos we know well it is not possible until something drastic happens...
23/01/2018 23:11
Richpapa China developer buy swamp and sea facing Singapore. Country Garden, Greenland and more to come. HSR project and recent announced railway project. Collect more if the price is below 1.50.
24/01/2018 06:52
Richpapa IWCity net asset value by Ekovest valuation report is 3.03 per share. You can check it at Ekovest KL branch office at ground floor.
24/01/2018 06:56
tokok88 It was undervalue and good for long term investment. Not aspect it to receive the land sale payment in short term. 2.4 billion is a lot. It is better to receive it gradually. That's why IWH not accept the offer at 1.50 and the minority share holders shouldn't accept the offer too.
24/01/2018 12:13
tokok88 Agreed to Richpapa to collect more if the price is below 1.50. I believe they are pushing people to sale back to them in this low price and buy Ekovest which is double the market share capital.
24/01/2018 12:19
tokok88 Anyway, I think the minority share holders will make their right choice to the offer. EPF' also in the list of minority share holders. Said many many times. IWH is not accept the offer.
24/01/2018 12:25
Veda https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/01/26/sapura-energy-shares-fall-on-news-of-ep-spinoff/
27/01/2018 22:35
Veda If Ekovest spinoff Duke 1&2? Will Ekovest like Sapura Energy; share price drop?
27/01/2018 22:45
tokok88 Veda, Negative impact to Ekovest share value because asset and earning per share has been spinoff.
28/01/2018 10:05
Richpapa Immediate >10% profit once buy now at 1.35.
07/02/2018 11:13
Veda Yes! Richpapa. I managed to collect it at 1.33 yesterday.
07/02/2018 11:31
Veda Will buy more if the price drop again.
07/02/2018 11:32
paperplane when they want to finalise.....wait and wait long long
09/02/2018 08:48
Richpapa Get ready to buy buy buy...
09/02/2018 08:53
09/02/2018 08:54
Veda Yes! I'm ready... Buy more if the price drop drop drop...
09/02/2018 08:55
tokok88 Buy and hold it. ESOS is 1.50.
09/02/2018 11:39
tokok88 Follow IWH reject the unfair offer. Land sale 2.4bil earning per share already more than 1.50.
09/02/2018 11:43
Richpapa Yes. Hold it. Follow IWH reject the offer.
09/02/2018 12:02
Striker90 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/340415
10/02/2018 18:27
Striker90 Only 38% agree with the offer means the deal can go through aldy, this is a sure deal and (cash plus shares) will be most likely it ended up
10/02/2018 18:28
Veda Yes. Sure can go through. Ekovest only need to pay 51.8cents per share.
11/02/2018 01:26
Veda Going to receive bonus soon, will buy more once moneys received.
14/02/2018 11:03
Veda Keep as long term saving. Immediate 10% interest.
14/02/2018 11:05
Hafidz Hazaki Wait, so the deal will go through? As in will Ekovest acquire all shares of IWCity at RM1.50
14/02/2018 19:45

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