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29/11/2016 0.705 0.85 +0.145 (20.57%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/08/2016 0.68 0.85 +0.17 (25.00%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
29/11/2016  PUBLIC BANK TDM - Seeing Stronger Earnings In 4Q
30/08/2016  PUBLIC BANK TDM BERHAD - Bolstered By Stronger Plantation Earnings

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mjy88 Albukhary, thanks..i just gave a rough figure as i cant recall exactly. My estimation is about 400 in total, including the new hospital
06/01/2017 14:12
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Anyone can tell the news is real???
09/01/2017 10:08
abangadik duitkor want to go check on site? kekeke
09/01/2017 10:14
bestbuy what news?
09/01/2017 10:25
bestbuy http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/178835
12/01/2017 07:58
bestbuy Nutella, strong statement by the big European food maker on supporting the use of palm oil as their raw mat
12/01/2017 07:59
Sebastian Sted Power buying queue good signal now. Hopefully above 80cents soon. CNY angpow coming
12/01/2017 09:45
bestbuy Slowly climbing up, supported by increasing volume
12/01/2017 11:57
Lonaldo Lo Support at rm 0.73, break resistance is 0.75, if can break , then will climb to rm 0.825...patient everybody..
12/01/2017 13:50
bestbuy Large volume on 0.735, strong support there.. this stock just need some catalyst to boost and fly
12/01/2017 20:59
bestbuy Dec production going to announce soon, CPO price is stable at 3000-3200 RM
12/01/2017 20:59
manji the only catalyst is Feb's qr. Win lose also see the qr
13/01/2017 00:31
user This shares at least worth 0.85.
15/01/2017 23:17
HowAh Omg what happened to the market today la
16/01/2017 17:53
Lonaldo Lo Today headline from New ceo message , good news is management said demerge plan for tdm to become pure plantation and medical counter separately which will unlock the tdm value is their main direction . Anyway bad news is this plan will take another 3-5 years ..patient n patient ..nowadays invest theory is can be last for longer is final winner ..good luck everybody ..history chart show this share goreng when at least 200k to 600k volume trade ..recently show 10k to 50k volume , still lack of big player play even this is good counter ..
17/01/2017 00:35
kino318 hi all, sifu, I m new to plantation, I want to ask which one give better profit margin, ffb, CPO or pk? mny thk.
17/01/2017 10:58
Angielim9955 Lonaldo Lo good news also no use for this elephant ?
17/01/2017 15:08
DisCiPline http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5315629

Slight decrease in production, but with the offset of the CPO price, would expected a better quarter result ahead
17/01/2017 17:37

2015 Sep-Dec: CPO 29,047 2016 Sep-Dec: CPO 24,461 (-15.79%)

2015 Sep-Dec: PK 7,839 2016 Sep-Dec: PK 6,713 (-14.36%%)

CPO & PK Price are good.. OFFSET.. ZZZ...

Healthcare.. still worrying to me.. if it makes u happy go ahead !!!
18/01/2017 00:11
ezobear Agreed .. disappointing dec output ... the only positive factors is CPO sustain above 3k ... innoprise of story will not see in TDM
18/01/2017 00:42
Lonaldo Lo Price palm oil 2015 Vs 2016, increase 40-50%.Health care business increased 5% annually.
Even palm oil production drop due to el nino weather , of course this month 9-12 quarter versus last year + health care business will be much improved and considered good news .If management said said demerge on next 3 to 5 year then this counter will boost another 3 years later . Most of the palm oil counter currently increased 7-20 % only even palm oil price had increased 50%. So tdm increase from 0.65-67 to 0.72-0.74 (+10%) are consider normal and so so because this counter are not famous and after split had too many share outside in open market which difficult to push it up if without major share holder . Hard to said is undervalued , it still lack of focus from most fund manager , besides recently major shareholder always disposed the share , so this counter still need patient and wait ...
18/01/2017 01:03
bestbuy If u had compared TDM with other plantation counters, you will know they actually did a good job and their bio discompose plant which produce the fertiliser for own use just started to operate around Oct2016..sustain growth FA/TA are in good position
18/01/2017 08:28
bestbuy Bought at low risk and return is by the market, felt great at least new ceo made some announcement about the Healthcare plantation split in near future
18/01/2017 08:29
Lonaldo Lo Latest monthly production show positive , it can be seen from Today volume and price increased . Next two day break rm 0.75 personal think could be possible .
18/01/2017 10:26
YOLOOOO 2015 Sep-Dec: CPO 29,047 ( avg RM2200/MT ) = RM 63.9m
2016 Sep-Dec: CPO 24,461 ( avg RM2800/MT ) = RM 68.5m (+7%)

2015 Sep-Dec: PK 7,839 (avg Rm3500/MT) = RM 27m
2016 Sep-Dec: PK 6,713 (avg RM6000/MT) = RM 40m (+50%)

Simple math can tell you worth to buy or not.
18/01/2017 11:06
bestbuy Sure Lonaldo, volume and price this morning showed people are following TDM, more will realise and follow afterward.. cheers
18/01/2017 11:06
Lonaldo Lo If based on yoloooo calculation , latest financial result should be 68.5+40+ health care turnover , health care previous quarter (45mil, +5%), so it should be 68.5+40+ 47.5= 155.5mil . Variance 5%,
So it will range from 150 mil to 160 mil approximately for latest financial result for coming feb announcement ..it increase 50% versus previous quarter and 40% increased compared last year ..
18/01/2017 14:04
ezobear excellent breakout @ 0.74 ... TDM will test next barrier @0.79
18/01/2017 16:31
ezobear breakout with volume ... the only option is up up & away ... :)
18/01/2017 16:43
Lonaldo Lo Wow, so fast had reach my estimated price today rm 0.75. Last 30 minutes almost trade half full day volume mean big fish coming..small share holder who sold rm 0.75 will regret later..next target is rm 0.825..try to maximum profit not small money if u confident ..price will keep increased if no any bad news , wish every people earn money , no earn then learning ..
18/01/2017 17:11
looyee Elephant is moving :)
18/01/2017 20:23
bestbuy TDM gap up this morning, with strong volume by end of the day, great up trend momentum
18/01/2017 21:39
manji pretty~
next 0.8 then 1.0 dance with the bull~
18/01/2017 22:03
user Lai lai lai..... huat arrh......
18/01/2017 22:55
Lonaldo Lo Good morning and good luck .big fish coming yesterday , sure they will parking few weeks here , enjoy the game this few weeks ..Most of palm oil counter haven't moved , if they find opportunities here , sure will find below rm 3 counter and good financial result and maximize profit ..obviously taann is first one to move from rm 3.5 to rm 4.2, tdm will be their second target and it is live now..
19/01/2017 08:48
Lonaldo Lo See big fish play mbsb , chua ma yu bet 250 mil in mbsb on August , within 5 month , on paper profit had 70 over million , but didn't see he had disposed any share..that is not greedy , because he know can earn by smell the opportunity and grab it tightly. Of course , so far tdm haven't see any major shareholder and it supported by its fundamental result which attract investor slowly come to join the party ..there is still lot of thing we need to learn from them , anyway enjoy the game , good luck everybody
19/01/2017 09:02
Sebastian Sted Power panas panas
19/01/2017 09:07
bestbuy Felt great that price start moving, yet still not much ppl want to talk about TDM.. meaning more will come and price to shoot for coming waves,
Morning peep, Cheers
19/01/2017 09:10
DisCiPline why so fast? i have not finish buying =)
19/01/2017 09:13
pgboy88 0.77 already
19/01/2017 09:15
ezobear As expected ... heading north to test the 0.79 resistance ... If breakout in style again like they did at 0.74 ..... ho ho ho ... another innoprise in making ..
19/01/2017 09:16
ryan_och today will close red
19/01/2017 09:29
Lincorn Matthieu Seven confirm close green
19/01/2017 09:53
mjy88 TDM is not in the spotlight...good and bad. When it goes unnoticed, there wont be so much distraction and contra people are frustrated and dont want to goreng
19/01/2017 10:11
user Crossing 0.80 is just sap sap the water....
19/01/2017 22:16
HowAh Sure or not?
19/01/2017 22:27
manji sap sap air la
jz keep and see again next month no need to monitor so much
19/01/2017 22:41
helenvoon 49 days from now. those who have bought tdm will get handsome return
20/01/2017 10:04
helenvoon manji is right. no need to monitor so closely now

manji sap sap air la
jz keep and see again next month no need to monitor so much
19/01/2017 22:41
20/01/2017 10:05
HowAh Hah? 49 days.... So odd. Died n waiting to leave the world?
20/01/2017 18:20

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