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0.68 0.85     +0.17 (25.00%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
29/11/2016 0.705 0.85 +0.145 (20.57%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/08/2016 0.68 0.85 +0.17 (25.00%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
09/06/2016 0.675 0.85 +0.175 (25.93%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
29/11/2016  PUBLIC BANK TDM - Seeing Stronger Earnings In 4Q
30/08/2016  PUBLIC BANK TDM BERHAD - Bolstered By Stronger Plantation Earnings
09/06/2016  PUBLIC BANK TDM BERHAD - Buying Opportunity

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user Will TDM betrays us ? Let see by end of the month.....
03/11/2016 21:36
Graemesquires85 Definitely betray liao. Now 0.65. No eye see...
09/11/2016 15:16
looyee Bought some at 65 sen
09/11/2016 16:30
lkhoong sleeping counter?
10/11/2016 16:20
lkhoong Tomorrow up?
10/11/2016 16:55
fhis hope it could scale high tomorrow...anyone in?
11/11/2016 04:33
necro production of FFB,CPO & KERNEL is uptrend for this company...forget the price flactuation focus on growth...
11/11/2016 17:15
user Dont be scared by Trump...... CPO price is still at high side...
11/11/2016 21:23
user High US dollar, high CPO price, watch carefully..... coming...
13/11/2016 21:30
Angielim9955 tdm faster go back to 1.00 ringgit please
15/11/2016 14:47
necro With Price over book of 0.69 & low PE compare to peer how come no body realize this gems?...
Plus healthcare arm listing next year RM0.69 is definitely undervalue
15/11/2016 16:49
user Engine started from now, until end of the month.....
15/11/2016 17:02
looyee Sold some at 68 to 69..will pick again if drop
15/11/2016 17:04
looyee Still holding some, waiting for rm1
15/11/2016 17:04
Lonaldo Lo Recent result on pure palm oil share financial result all record higher profit
17/11/2016 15:51
chamlo Heard hospital biz very bad bec everyone rush to govn hospital to save money. 60 sen coming.
23/11/2016 15:11
ezobear ya ya ya ... hospital biz no good but pharmacy business very good as everyone rush to buy panadol
23/11/2016 15:29
Lonaldo Lo Hope maintain this price until next year. Every month I buy 10 lot..approx 7k per month. Currently only 50 lot . My target is 200 lot for this share. Dunno it will like other palm oil counter get flying color result like klk, United, genp , batukawan . Anyway hope will not like Fgv, lose money during good time .. If all guy like to buy fgv, better buy tan, at least better than fgv.
23/11/2016 19:23
necro Aiyooo sama mcm FGV?...ini company listed berapa punya lama lah...ITU FGV Baru berapa tahun...
24/11/2016 12:12
joe2703 when is the quarter result coming out ? Today ?
25/11/2016 16:43
If you look at 30 Nov 2013, the volume was 3 times higher than this...... but the price was hit 1.04 only, so, I dont put much hope on this increase unless it breaks 1.10.
25/11/2016 16:44
joe2703 @klmanutd, can't just base on history price la...
25/11/2016 17:02
pgboy88 R u ready???? 5...4...3...2..1
28/11/2016 10:03
静思# 跳出框框 是修行更是修养--- Accumulate and keep.

TDM shall be back to Syariah list latest by 27 May 2017 (Friday) and national renown institution shall take up the stakes too.

All the best. Let profit run.
28/11/2016 10:08
looyee On on on, keep rolling forward.
28/11/2016 11:25
user Kambing.......
28/11/2016 12:01
ezobear who let the "bull" out???
TA & FA both show favorable signs ... Eagerly waiting for QR to break the 0.715 resistance!!
28/11/2016 12:38
Yong Hao Siow tdm qr out already ^^
28/11/2016 17:28
Yong Hao Siow http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5271901
28/11/2016 17:32
静思# 跳出框框 是修行更是修养--- yup..

net 23,41t with 1.56 EPS. Meet target!
28/11/2016 17:33
Lonaldo Lo Actually most of plantation counter quarter result easily to guess, they had monthly announcements their monthly production, from there we can traced it volume, cpo price . Qr 3 result production volume almost same with last year , just this year cpo price is better , so profit increased a lot. If we got traced it latest volume production, the next quarter result profit will be crazy, why ? Production volume increased 50%, cpo record highest latest few months. So all depend ur own decision wanna invest or not for future next few months..will break rm 1? Dunno, u all guess ur own
28/11/2016 17:48
Michael Soon Higher unrealised gain on the foreign exchange of investment in fixed income securities of
RM16.8 million
If not this unrealised gain, plantation PBT is less than Q3 2015.
Is my interpretation correct?
28/11/2016 17:57
Michael Soon Or the 16.8 million is the fixed income total and not the total gain?
28/11/2016 17:59
ezobear Good QR but next QR expected to be better! High Cost of New hospital start up is absorbed without hitting the P&L too much!

Next QR will be Twin cam + turbo charge engine: higher FFB & CPO throughout (see the monthly report) + higher CPO & PK price (see the spot price) + higher Forex Gain !!!!
28/11/2016 20:58
user CPO price gonna keep at RM3000 until March 2017, based on future index trading......
28/11/2016 21:57
necro Dissapointing result...not meet my expectation
28/11/2016 22:16
mjy88 Necro, how many companies posting 100% growth in bursa, if this is not good enough?
28/11/2016 22:41
ming Wonder plantation counter used to trade above PE 15/hospital above PE 30..
How come tdm trade only this lvl?
28/11/2016 23:13
mjy88 Ming: TDM's historical PE was high too, until recently its share price stabilised at the relatively low level, coupled with improved EPS, the PE is getting lower
29/11/2016 10:13
Lonaldo Lo Qr result good doesn't mean price will up, all need to wait, see Taann , qr result come out ,drop until rm 3.63, but after 1 week increase 10%, today had break rm 3.91...
Tdm are doing right thing, one is palm oil, 2nd one is hospital. This counter probably need to wait another 1 weeks to move...be patient .
29/11/2016 10:16
Graemesquires85 Puncture
29/11/2016 10:57
user Hold tied .....
29/11/2016 14:49
veln82k6 trap
29/11/2016 21:53
Angielim9955 is ok
Fa good profit good , all beautiful wait break 0.75 is very soon la
29/11/2016 22:13
Lincorn Matthieu Seven better post a loss every QR.. Because gain or loss Qr also wont change the picture for this counter

i only want to shout FXXX
30/11/2016 09:50
Lonaldo Lo I had 50,000 lot bought early this month at rm 0.695.
Today I bought another 20,000 lot at rm 0.67 just now
Haha, dunno it is right or wrong.. Anyway I just hold..
Don worry be happy...
30/11/2016 10:30
veln82k6 Strong recovery for FFB CPO and kernel for October. with current CPO price at 2900 n kernel at 3100 I believe next quarter result will be very good..
30/11/2016 13:20
Mat Cendana This is a counter that we'd need to hold on for a certain period. But the buying price must be towards the lower end to provide a buffer. I am still waiting to come in, on the basis of "palm oil". There is also the other business of health services. The potential capital gain might not be 100% but in an upswing for plantations, it should be at least satisfactory.

No less important is the preservation of capital. Important when Bursa Malaysia is in a rather shaky position and seemingly `safe' counters enter a slump. Like Axiata. TDM and plantations appear to be more solid. I would only get alarmed if its support doesn't hold. Buy and just wait. This isn't a contra counter.
30/11/2016 13:51
Angielim9955 Mat Cendana you in today ?
today offer 0.665 what a surprise with such good qr results
30/11/2016 15:34
veln82k6 Cheap sales again.
30/11/2016 21:19

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