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01/03/2017 0.67 0.85 +0.18 (26.87%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
28/02/2017 0.725 0.85 +0.125 (17.24%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
29/11/2016 0.705 0.85 +0.145 (20.57%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
01/03/2017  PUBLIC BANK TDM - Hit By Massive Impairment In Indonesia
28/02/2017  PUBLIC BANK TDM - Acquiring Additional Stake in Plantation Co
29/11/2016  PUBLIC BANK TDM - Seeing Stronger Earnings In 4Q

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Albukhary user, the dividend and the bonus issue, which one will come first?


If I got 100,000 share, I will get RM500 (100,000 x 0.005) as dividend first, then get another 10,000 bonus share; or

I will get 10,000 bonus share first, then get RM550 dividend (110,000 x 0.005)
16/05/2017 19:13
user This is depending on their EGM decision next week. But, I think most probably dividend comes first.....
16/05/2017 19:28
Valueseeker Taken out from MSCI Global Small Cap Index. Latest rebalancing report dated 15 May.
16/05/2017 19:34
kevin5059 99% dividend will come first. Bonus process will taken longer.
17/05/2017 09:42
Arthur Chee @valueseeker, what does it mean actually? I saw TDM was deleted from MSCI...
17/05/2017 10:00
user Don't miss, daily volume getting higher....
17/05/2017 10:43
Yin Yee not moving
17/05/2017 15:10
user Key point now is accumulation, not moving, the volume getting higher.....
17/05/2017 16:09
kuah Aidwiz.... Car queing is because they don't want to pay parking... hihi
17/05/2017 19:50
kuah Parking outside
17/05/2017 19:50
thesteward hope will jalan up next week ;-)
18/05/2017 19:12
waihung82 sure will jalan !
18/05/2017 20:30
user Sudah Jalan, tapi belum naik.......
19/05/2017 16:28
ming Really cant find any reason it will making loss again..
Run pls..
20/05/2017 00:30
cpo_ If i3 info correct, QR out last day? Why last day if not loss QR again? Swk Plant and many CPO stocks report very good QR why TDM is exception case?
20/05/2017 03:49
user TDM is so quiet with constant volume, somebody is doing something.....
24/05/2017 19:40
hueyyng27 Q1'17 quartertly report released:

1) QoQ 17: Group revenue of RM113.9 million for the quarter ended 31 March 2017 was 17% higher than reported in the preceding corresponding quarter. The Group recorded higher PBT of RM28.7 million in the current quarter, compared to loss of RM5.3 million in the previous corresponding quarter.
25/05/2017 13:10
hueyyng27 Commentary on the prospects, including the factors that are likely to influence the
Group's prospects for the remaining period to the end of the financial year or the
next financial year if the reporting period is the last quarter:

The recent correction in palm oil prices is due to the expectation of stronger production in
second half of 2017 as palms recover from the effects of El Nino. However, the Group is optimistic on the long term fundamentals of the industry and will remain
focused in improving productivity and optimizing production cost. We are also committed to
sustainability agenda and the RSPO certification has enabled us to enjoy better premium from
the sale of our CSPO and CSPK.

Challenging economic environment and entry of new players to the industry will continue to
weigh on the Healthcare sector. Nevertheless, we are cautiously optimistic that our Healthcare
Division growth would remain supported by our capacity expansion and introduction of new
service modalities. The Group is cautiously optimistic of achieving expected satisfactory performance in FY2017.
25/05/2017 13:12
hueyyng27 The Group is cautiously optimistic of achieving expected satisfactory performance in FY2017.
25/05/2017 13:14
calvintaneng Excellent TDM



Hip hip hooray!!
25/05/2017 13:53
pretty_life Good result ..but no show...
25/05/2017 14:37
Yong Hao Siow good QR
25/05/2017 14:37
Chansey Owh wow. a strong turnaroud. 22.5m net profit XD
25/05/2017 14:38
smartly good result....sapu....
25/05/2017 14:42
pretty_life Net profit 22.5m and share value is 1.49 ...still no ppl come and play?
25/05/2017 14:45
waihung82 yalo....so quiet even though good result....
25/05/2017 14:51
SS1967 result good also came out so many shares to sell at 0.69....
25/05/2017 14:54
Chansey Annualising this quarter earnings and the stock is 90m net profit. That means it's trading at 11x P/E. Quite cheap for a plantation / hospital company
25/05/2017 15:00
waihung82 From P/E, it should worth more than the price now
25/05/2017 15:12
smartly boh lat....fake one....haiz.
25/05/2017 15:14
smartly so good result must up at least 5sen mah...
25/05/2017 15:15
smartly bonus issue coming some more....cheh. pui. pui. pui.
25/05/2017 15:18
smartly calvin tan, need yr big capital letter writing to promote else no kick !!!!
25/05/2017 15:37
Andry007 buy buy buy
25/05/2017 15:58
风起云涌 calvin boss, y tdm up so little?
25/05/2017 16:05
Octopus what to say.. this is not a gem like other ppl said as well.. but this is a green packet for our muslim fren..
25/05/2017 16:06
calvintaneng TDM up so little?

Last time Prestar at 46 sen also up so little when Calvin first posted


So before other analysts do research and call for a buy on TDM just buy NOW!
25/05/2017 16:09
风起云涌 I bot liao lor... lost 1 bit liao...
25/05/2017 16:14
Andry007 plantation stock not yet in play...
25/05/2017 16:31
hueyyng27 buy when not hot .... hot cake only chase, late liao. buy while still low and keep sure shoot
25/05/2017 17:06
hueyyng27 with the financial turnaround, TDM is a guarantee return now.
25/05/2017 17:07
hueyyng27 the report released noon just now, many still no realized about it.
25/05/2017 17:08
Albukhary Yup, I also missed it this afternoon. Now only saw it.
25/05/2017 17:09
hueyyng27 may bank, TDM , datasonic & a few others released the qtr report 12.30 noon juz now. this hour people mainly are working or having lunch no time looked into it,
25/05/2017 17:14
waihung82 tmr still ok to buy~
25/05/2017 17:57
saikuro525 Material litigation 8th of June, fingers crossed, hope good news!!
25/05/2017 20:55
hueyyng27 Proposed Bonus Issue of up to 150,546,238 New Ordinary Shares
On 27 February 2017, the Board of Directors of the Company has approved a proposal to
implement a Proposed Bonus issue of up to 150,546,238 new Bonus Shares on the basis of one
(1) Bonus Share for every ten (10) existing TDM Shares held at a date to be determined and
announced later.
26/05/2017 10:13
waihung82 Proposed....until now no announcement to confirm this bonus issue
26/05/2017 10:17
稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香 TDM is not ready to back Syariah list this term.
26/05/2017 10:18
user Collect slowly will be fine.....
26/05/2017 12:10

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