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58671398 shit counter
13/01/2016 11:35
yongch Totally give up this shit!!!:(
14/01/2016 18:36
DnsLeong Among many stocks bought, this really a shit.
Year in, year out annnounced profit, profit, profit.
Year in, year out, not a single cent divident paid.
Year in, year out, price keep dropping like shit.
This kind of stock shouldn't be listed and its a waste of time.
14/01/2016 22:24
profit profits since hopeless and useless why u still waste time here ?
21/01/2016 11:38
Vin Cullen Just my opinion...
Hard to earn money from YTL and Berjaya counter...
Last time I make a mistake...when I saw Hapseng and YTL almost same price...
Hapseng RM1.50 and YTL RM1.48.... I choose YTL !!
After a few years later....Hapseng shoot up to RM7.55 !! and YTL still the same...maybe lower....
18/02/2016 01:15
RVI123 The difference is Hap Seng is run by professional Manager. His salary and bonus are tied to his performance. He also needs to get better and better performance so that his value and popularity will increase. Whereas YTLland is run by multimillionaire. An additional million to them is like a hundred to us. Money is not as attractive to them.
22/02/2016 09:47
Angielim9955 why ytl not support ytl land ?
26/02/2016 01:22
Kris Wong profit every years but no dividend with price downhill years after years at record low. only hope and chance to minority shareholders for this hopeless counter is when the cash rich YTL group decides to pivatise this company for them to savage some returns from this useless investment
18/03/2016 14:47
RVI123 UOA and IJM are developing highrise residential and commercial projects in Pantai Dalam areas. However, YTL Land is proposing to build landed properties in that area. It is really a waste of resources. If the land is used for high rise development, the GDV will be more than 4 times the present GDV.
29/03/2016 22:51
Angielim9955 Kris Wong and RVI123 , do you guys still following this couter ytl land, can I ask your guys a question, I find out all realted ytl included, YTL , YTLpower , YTL E-solution,YTLreit, they all provided a very high dividend yield , but why YTLland no dividend one ?
And the funny part is YTLland do profit everyyear and net profit so far and the result actually is good , so why YTLLAND no declare dividend , anything I dont know , can tell me ?
08/04/2016 03:36
RVI123 Angielim9955, YTLLand has a lot of valuable landbanks. However, The pace of development is slow as compared to other developers due to reasons only known to them. Therefore their profits are low. They made only 0.81 sen per share in 2014 and 1.65 sen in 2015. These profits are not distributed to YTLLand shareholders. The profits are used to pay the interest for YTLLand-LA which was 3% in both 2014 and 2015. The interest payment will be 4.5% in 2016.
09/04/2016 22:03
mlike i have 200k share YTLLand-LA,
2016 interest RM4,500pa.
2017 interest RM4,500pa.
2018 interest RM4,500pa.
2019 interest RM6,000pa.
2019 interest RM6,000pa.
2020 interest RM6,000pa.
Remark: Bank interest 4.3%p.a - 2016
exchange 200kshare to YTLLand 151,500share@RM0.66.
IF after 6 years YTLland up to RM1.20
i will earned another RM81,000 (BONUS, maybe)
totalRM112,500 (6Yrs)(AVG:RM1,560 per month)
I hold is because i believe.
11/04/2016 19:28
mlike no body buy, also no body sale, why? because all are waiting...(incl. myself).
11/04/2016 19:34
mlike just my opinion:
Angielim, YTLLand no dividend is because he need to pay interest for loan (YTLLand-LA).
The price is low also because of this 10 years Loan (YTLLand-LA).
after 10years loan finish (2021) it will up like ****.
11/04/2016 19:54
Angielim9955 RVI123 , mlike : hi friends thanks for your suggestion, however currently I wish to top up ytlland , do your guys think which is the best timing, because I sell all my ytlpower for ytlland , because I feel ytlpower cannot go any further but YTLLand is a black horse , but I still need your advice , do you think I made a wrong decision for swap ?
17/04/2016 18:24
Angielim9955 And RVI123 , mlike , sorry I forgot to ask you another opinion, because before I choose ytlland , actually I also want to pick YTLesolution because dividend super high , how do RVI123 , mlike comment on YTL E-slution , ?
17/04/2016 18:26
BlueFin mlike can you explain more about the YTLLand-LA ?
where can i get more info more this security ?
18/04/2016 16:05
mlike if you interested "the stock", pls do your own study, don't ask people explain to you, we only can share some opinion. as stock can be earn can be lose.
27/04/2016 10:33
yongch I bought ytl midfield but the quality is "most lousy" n hv done more than 30times defect yet problem not solved...they used partition built the wall...further more last year the director oledy not recommend to buy till 2017,no dividend,it will further drop more soon!!!hopeless counter!!!
01/05/2016 19:11
RVI123 Why it will become a buy in 2017?
02/05/2016 16:13
invesho Angielim9955. YTLLand LA is a 10 yr ICULS issued on 31 Oct 2011 and the first 4 years is at 3% which has expired. In May recently they paid out the first dvd at 4.5% based on 50c ICUL. Since the share is now at 46c the dvd is equivalent to 4.89%. After another 3 years the dvd will go up to 6% as per mlikes info, for another 3 years. Conversion after 4th anniversay, which is from now, is 0.99c plus 1.98 ICULS and conversion after the 7th anniversary is .66c and 1.32 ICULS. It all depends on the mother share price whether it is worth converting. The risk is that should the mother share price be below 1.27 before the ICULS expire, one may not make money on the conversion. Please check with your stock broker.
24/05/2016 15:54
Angielim9955 invesho , thanks invesho , I already top up a lot ytlland,
thanks your explain
appreciate that
26/05/2016 20:48
lai81533 Good investment for conservative investors for long term gain
02/06/2016 19:56
mlike invesho, your info here have some different with me, what are your mean 0.99c plus 1.98 ICULS and 0.66c and 1.32ICULS?

My info are:
Conversion Period:
1. any time from the Issue Date and up to the 4th anniversary, conversion ratio is 2.46 ICULS: 1 YTL Land Share
2. any time after the 4th anniversary and up to 7th anniversary, the conversion ratio is 1.98 ICULS: 1 YTL Land Share
3. any time after 7th anniversary and up to the Maturity Date, the conversion ratio is 1.32 ICULS: 1 YTL Land Share;
Coupon Rate: 3% stepping up to 6%
Write a comment..
06/06/2016 13:18
invesho mlike, your info is correct and my info was incorrect. The conversion is as per your post which makes the ICULs more attractive. 66c and 99c is the equivalent value of conversion of the ICULS at issue price.
07/06/2016 16:36
firehawk started to make loss at last QR .... :-(
12/06/2016 15:57
yongch Hahaha..finally drop below 0.60!!!next will b 0.50...0.40...will b waiting this donkey right issue!!kikikiki..
19/07/2016 18:20
Kris Wong Ya agreed donkey useless shares but wondering why they can help YTL e-solutions by privatising it but not also YTL Land to reduce the small shareholders suffering for the past few years with share price down non stop and no dividend !!!
27/07/2016 09:23
yongch Aiyoi..simple logic..so much land own by them of course la wait for good time then revalue again lo...now juz press down down so that ikan bilis slowly sell off their hand share...next will touch below 0.55 soon!...impossible will privatise but next will b right issue below 0.50!!!tat's I'm waiting but definitely not now lo!!!
02/08/2016 11:53
enid888 The company still has more than 900million shares of loan stock (LA) not converted yet. Are you sure there will be more right issues?
23/08/2016 12:16
sapurakencana net profit 10mil,good result
25/08/2016 20:22
Kris Wong Share buy back 100 units only. What the fxxk they trying to do !!!
08/09/2016 12:28
Angielim9955 Kris Wong , do you guys think this ytlland will start giving out dividend ?
12/09/2016 19:36
Kris Wong Angie, not likely at moment as it has to pay its huge o/s loanstock (LA) holders their LA interest first !!!
13/09/2016 09:57
yongch Don't ever think any of dividend b4 year of 2018!!!this is what FY was said during last year AGM!!!even he himself also encouraged to shift to ytl n ytl power lo..coz high dividend was promised by yeoh's family......
13/09/2016 11:30
Angielim9955 Kris Wong and yongch thanks for advise
but yongch ytland not also under yeoh's family...... meh ?
why ytl, ytlp, ytle,ytlreit all can pay super high dividend , but only ytland cannot pay dividend
and ytlland everyear got profit , net ptofit counter wat ?
13/09/2016 15:43
yongch Hahaha......dear angielim9955,I would suggest you attend AGM then u may ask tan sri francis yeoh direct lo...their hold so much land but price valuation still 10years backwards....tp0.50 will next target price!!!kesian those investor lo....
13/09/2016 15:54
Kris Wong Angie, If u want yield from this counter, consider its Loanstock (LA) as interest payment on Loanstock is mandatory unlike share dividend which must be declared by the company. Others had commented above on the Loanstock n as such I don't need to repeat their comments.
13/09/2016 17:03
Angielim9955 thanks,
base if compare , actually not much different buy ytlland or LA,
let say suddenly ytlland give dividend , then ytlland much much better than LA.
actully for me I prefer ytlland
land is a value things on ecomomi bad now , land sure got value .
and I dont think ytl no money to develope their land , just dun know what happen
weird this counter
14/09/2016 00:41
RVI123 YTLland earnings was not much for the last few years. It is just barely enough to pay for the interest of the loan stocks. I thk for the next few years, it will not be giving dividends.
YTLland is sitting on undervalued lands. Developments for the last 15 years was very slow bcos YTL concentrated on the utilities n cement business. Hopefully, Yeoh family will concentrate more on YTLland in future.
15/09/2016 20:59
17/09/2016 18:24
RVI123 This counter is for long term. You have to hold for few years and you will be rewarded. YTLland will develop the lands sooner or later. By that time, the market will realize the real potential of this stock and price it accordingly.
18/09/2016 00:53
Angielim9955 RVI123 , agreed
ytl family should more take care of ytlland from 2.00 until 0.58
ytle ytl ytlp ytlreit all good good but no ytlland
19/09/2016 18:26
Leo HL ytle just risen higher than ytlland
21/09/2016 14:40
yongch Those who attended last AGM that's tan Sri Francis Y oledy promised do something abt ytl land share price...let's wait n see after CNY!
06/01/2017 19:57
Kris Wong Grossly underpriced counter with NTA RM1.29 n decent profit record but no dividend, cash rich YTL group should copied what Goldis done to IGB n offer a good takeover price for long suffering minority shareholders to exit YTL Land !!!
24/02/2017 16:15
2721 Any good news..
13/03/2017 21:18
dusti Maybe tomorrow?
14/03/2017 21:49
lai81533 Focus ytl land la with brokerage fee rm2 vs mother shares rm12
15/03/2017 03:41
lai81533 Ytl land la really low brokerage fee
17/03/2017 03:05

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