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RVI123 UOA and IJM are developing highrise residential and commercial projects in Pantai Dalam areas. However, YTL Land is proposing to build landed properties in that area. It is really a waste of resources. If the land is used for high rise development, the GDV will be more than 4 times the present GDV.
29/03/2016 22:51
Angielim9955 Kris Wong and RVI123 , do you guys still following this couter ytl land, can I ask your guys a question, I find out all realted ytl included, YTL , YTLpower , YTL E-solution,YTLreit, they all provided a very high dividend yield , but why YTLland no dividend one ?
And the funny part is YTLland do profit everyyear and net profit so far and the result actually is good , so why YTLLAND no declare dividend , anything I dont know , can tell me ?
08/04/2016 03:36
RVI123 Angielim9955, YTLLand has a lot of valuable landbanks. However, The pace of development is slow as compared to other developers due to reasons only known to them. Therefore their profits are low. They made only 0.81 sen per share in 2014 and 1.65 sen in 2015. These profits are not distributed to YTLLand shareholders. The profits are used to pay the interest for YTLLand-LA which was 3% in both 2014 and 2015. The interest payment will be 4.5% in 2016.
09/04/2016 22:03
mlike i have 200k share YTLLand-LA,
2016 interest RM4,500pa.
2017 interest RM4,500pa.
2018 interest RM4,500pa.
2019 interest RM6,000pa.
2019 interest RM6,000pa.
2020 interest RM6,000pa.
Remark: Bank interest 4.3%p.a - 2016
exchange 200kshare to YTLLand 151,500share@RM0.66.
IF after 6 years YTLland up to RM1.20
i will earned another RM81,000 (BONUS, maybe)
totalRM112,500 (6Yrs)(AVG:RM1,560 per month)
I hold is because i believe.
11/04/2016 19:28
mlike no body buy, also no body sale, why? because all are waiting...(incl. myself).
11/04/2016 19:34
mlike just my opinion:
Angielim, YTLLand no dividend is because he need to pay interest for loan (YTLLand-LA).
The price is low also because of this 10 years Loan (YTLLand-LA).
after 10years loan finish (2021) it will up like ****.
11/04/2016 19:54
Angielim9955 RVI123 , mlike : hi friends thanks for your suggestion, however currently I wish to top up ytlland , do your guys think which is the best timing, because I sell all my ytlpower for ytlland , because I feel ytlpower cannot go any further but YTLLand is a black horse , but I still need your advice , do you think I made a wrong decision for swap ?
17/04/2016 18:24
Angielim9955 And RVI123 , mlike , sorry I forgot to ask you another opinion, because before I choose ytlland , actually I also want to pick YTLesolution because dividend super high , how do RVI123 , mlike comment on YTL E-slution , ?
17/04/2016 18:26
BlueFin mlike can you explain more about the YTLLand-LA ?
where can i get more info more this security ?
18/04/2016 16:05
mlike if you interested "the stock", pls do your own study, don't ask people explain to you, we only can share some opinion. as stock can be earn can be lose.
27/04/2016 10:33

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