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yongch I bought ytl midfield but the quality is "most lousy" n hv done more than 30times defect yet problem not solved...they used partition built the wall...further more last year the director oledy not recommend to buy till 2017,no dividend,it will further drop more soon!!!hopeless counter!!!
01/05/2016 19:11
RVI123 Why it will become a buy in 2017?
02/05/2016 16:13
invesho Angielim9955. YTLLand LA is a 10 yr ICULS issued on 31 Oct 2011 and the first 4 years is at 3% which has expired. In May recently they paid out the first dvd at 4.5% based on 50c ICUL. Since the share is now at 46c the dvd is equivalent to 4.89%. After another 3 years the dvd will go up to 6% as per mlikes info, for another 3 years. Conversion after 4th anniversay, which is from now, is 0.99c plus 1.98 ICULS and conversion after the 7th anniversary is .66c and 1.32 ICULS. It all depends on the mother share price whether it is worth converting. The risk is that should the mother share price be below 1.27 before the ICULS expire, one may not make money on the conversion. Please check with your stock broker.
24/05/2016 15:54
Angielim9955 invesho , thanks invesho , I already top up a lot ytlland,
thanks your explain
appreciate that
26/05/2016 20:48
lai81533 Good investment for conservative investors for long term gain
02/06/2016 19:56
mlike invesho, your info here have some different with me, what are your mean 0.99c plus 1.98 ICULS and 0.66c and 1.32ICULS?

My info are:
Conversion Period:
1. any time from the Issue Date and up to the 4th anniversary, conversion ratio is 2.46 ICULS: 1 YTL Land Share
2. any time after the 4th anniversary and up to 7th anniversary, the conversion ratio is 1.98 ICULS: 1 YTL Land Share
3. any time after 7th anniversary and up to the Maturity Date, the conversion ratio is 1.32 ICULS: 1 YTL Land Share;
Coupon Rate: 3% stepping up to 6%
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06/06/2016 13:18
invesho mlike, your info is correct and my info was incorrect. The conversion is as per your post which makes the ICULs more attractive. 66c and 99c is the equivalent value of conversion of the ICULS at issue price.
07/06/2016 16:36
firehawk started to make loss at last QR .... :-(
12/06/2016 15:57
yongch Hahaha..finally drop below 0.60!!!next will b 0.50...0.40...will b waiting this donkey right issue!!kikikiki..
19/07/2016 18:20
Kris Wong Ya agreed donkey useless shares but wondering why they can help YTL e-solutions by privatising it but not also YTL Land to reduce the small shareholders suffering for the past few years with share price down non stop and no dividend !!!
27/07/2016 09:23

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