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5.45 5.82     +0.37 (6.79%)
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17/08/2015 5.30 5.82 +0.52 (9.81%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
30/06/2015 5.48 6.15 +0.67 (12.23%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
26/05/2015 4.80 5.50 +0.70 (14.58%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
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leeyl99 Hi, profit increase almost double, where got drop?
26/08/2015 18:26
Johann5354 another 10sen for dividend, hapseng really make good future for us
26/08/2015 21:26
haikeyila get ready all :) profits have doubled, certainly no mean feat at times like this. the rock of bursa.
27/08/2015 08:41
calvintaneng Good morning leey199,

Profit increase almost double? Where got drop?

I think I will charge a fee in future. For now it is free friendly advise.

Here you go.

Go and check the details carefully. Don't just do superficial skin deep reading.

This latest quarter gross profit (March 31 to June 30th 2015) is Rm1.097 Billions

The Operating Expenses has ballooned to Rm990.9 Millions
Why operating expenses increased? GST? Drop of Ringgit caused higher import prices?

So Deduct RM990.9 from Rm1.097 = Rm197 millions


Then why Company reported a Profit of 25.91 cents?

How did they managed to raise the figures? What magic?

It is from Non Operating item. Profit Rm508 millions
What is non operating item? In tough times people sell their assets or jewelry to tide them over. Like bringing gold to the pawn shop. Of course your grand mother's gold would show a huge profit when gold was only US$35 an ounce (Now US$1100).

But this profit is a One Off event and not recurring income

Go and check the Accounts again carefully.

Hapseng's Receivables have increased from Rm1.5 billion to over Rm2 billions!
This is a warning sign that HapSeng might have cash flow problem and thus force to liquidate assets.

If still not sure better go and sign up a course with KcChongnz.

Your hard earned money is yours. Better keep it safe.

Other examples KcChongnz has written are Guan Chong, London Biscuits & KNM
27/08/2015 09:37
leeyl99 Thanks Calvin. Yup, RM508 million from disposal of asset in Singapore. Realize it when read the report deeply
27/08/2015 11:22
jtoh1985 calvintaneng. cant deny ur word. You got ur point.

But in every stock market, the stock will raise up or down because there is a hidden big boss inside and push up or push down the price.

It all depend on the big boss is good or bad.

For example, bad big boss knm,hwgb.(sorry,don shoot me if u got this share..haha)

From hapseng movement, we can see their big boss target very clear. He wan hapseng better in future. So why don't we just follow his step to move on?
27/08/2015 14:08
haikeyila the rock of bursa flying high over envious eyes
27/08/2015 17:56
iiinvestsmart Recap old commentary by Calvin on HSC. Calvin's storytelling is rolling down hill and suffer the same fate like his "excellent" stock pick.

I may not know motive behind Calvin's childish act if ignorant of his history. By a stroke of luck, happened to be at the link below and know his strong dislike to investor sharing the same traits like me. :D


Posted by calvintaneng > Jan 18, 2014 12:46 AM | Report Abuse

HapSeng Company Share Buy Backs? Wake Up! Directors & Major Share Holders Have Been Selling HapSeng Since September 2013. Check it out carefully.

This is Year 2014. The GoGo Year of 2013 for HapSeng is over. HapSeng Price Has Doubled From RM1.50 to RM3.00 in just one short year. Going forward all 6 divisions of HapSeng Businesses face formidable headwind.

Don't Chase High Flying Shares This Year. Look at AEONCREDIT - how it crashes back down. The Higher it goes - the further it might fall. HapSeng might be next in line. So be careful and play safe. Seek out laggard shares with high NTA Buffer that won't crash much this year.

Return OF capital is more important than return ON capital now.
27/08/2015 22:13
calvintaneng Haha!

Envious eyes? It's ludicrous! It's laughable indeed!

Now Dumb 3i has popped up his/her head?

Go check on Calvin's First Recommendation on September 20th 2013 on Pm Corp.

It was 15 cents. Today it stands firm at 18 cents. Up 20%

Go and see AeonCredit on September 20th 2013. It was a high of Rm16.90. Today it has fallen to Rm12.00. Same for Dutch Lady (Holland Grandma). Dutch Lady was Rm46.60 then. Now Rm46.90. Walking slower than a grandma.

Why make molehills out of mountains. Didn't you see Calvin's pick on Super? Up 200%. Recommendation on all Export furniture stocks? GST Stock like MyEG? 11 MPO Stocks?

Why so dumb? What mental blockage?

Remember this. All Calvin's stock picks have a long term view.

Last time I picked KPS at 50 cents. It crashed to 39 cents. So what? It later powered up to Rm3.90
27/08/2015 22:28
calvintaneng As for HapSeng. It is a clear case of manipulation. It has moved up not on fundamental.

So was Ifca which I gave ample warning with its gravity defying upsurge!

At long last it fell like a rock!
27/08/2015 22:31

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