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cyphua 彷徨
13/12/2017 08:44
tt101 已过三天了!在这一两天,对余额付款理应有个定案。付?拖?打官司?拭目以待!
13/12/2017 08:55
richie jaya tak berjaya
13/12/2017 10:27
tw01 ini kali lahh
13/12/2017 10:43
Eddysurge Someone are continuously selling at 36~36.5cent , feel worried. If this shares bought by small fish, another trap will be set up.
13/12/2017 12:05
freetospeak all small fish oledi sold , only big fish are holding like VT
13/12/2017 12:16
freetospeak if big fish is selling it will be now at 30 sen....
13/12/2017 12:18
freetospeak in VT chauffer we believe....
13/12/2017 12:19
Eddysurge Frightening if small fish buy, who are selling?
13/12/2017 12:22
freetospeak ppl who dun beleive ..ppl who think it will fall n wanna buy back later..ppl who die die want it down becoz of their agenda..ppl who need money to invest in other stock...ppl who need money to pay for their expenses..ppl who kena forced sell... my heart will go on.....
13/12/2017 12:28
Eddysurge Big fish slowly induce small fish to net.
13/12/2017 12:29
freetospeak so the big fish wanna sell down to 0.30 ?
13/12/2017 12:33
Eddysurge So many times this kind of method used at past. Why still cheap? Many still in loss ,i guess.
13/12/2017 12:36
freetospeak i hav waited many years for them to do it lo...seems they cant loh...even when vt not back..they still cannot do it lo...now VT is back..i think it will be harder loh
13/12/2017 12:36
laulau 32 sens also can edi. already waiting long time
13/12/2017 12:36
freetospeak pls all do charity sell down to 33 sen many ppl wait til long neck liao la......sian
13/12/2017 12:39
kenlee OK will sell down to 3 cent
13/12/2017 12:46
freetospeak thank you kenlee..need some one like u to sacrifice...
13/12/2017 12:47
Eddysurge I believe bjcorp undervalued. Only VT can release the value.
13/12/2017 12:50
Eddysurge I don't care if down to 32cents,but why happen.
13/12/2017 12:54
freetospeak idun think ppl interested in why...ppl only interested in when...
13/12/2017 13:03
freetospeak when ppl is healthy they will worry when they will die..but when they are dying they worry why they are dying...
13/12/2017 13:06
Eddysurge When? Only insider tell you
13/12/2017 13:06
freetospeak dun worry about when...it is the time job..jus be prepared for it...
13/12/2017 13:13
freetospeak jus like i know VT is coming back..but dunno when...but i prepared for it...even the shark dunnoo..lol
13/12/2017 13:14
freetospeak jus like i am preparing for my death when other are still busy to be alive...its an art to be alive..and if u dunno why u will die..u dunno how to be alive...
13/12/2017 13:19
freetospeak its so sad when i c some one is down with cancer and all sort of disease...they dunno the art of life and death..ignorance is the worst poison....
13/12/2017 13:24
Eddysurge tt01, kahhoeng ,cyphua ,you're all my mentors.
13/12/2017 13:44
LaiChiPet 再等多一个月罢了啦~
13/12/2017 14:24
Embrace Belief Patience is good...
13/12/2017 15:02
bluebiznet patience is rewarding with berjaya group of companies, share price of rm1.00 today may become 1.05 at year 2027. good luck
13/12/2017 15:04
kahhoeng Eddysurge, I'm not insider with 'great' info, simply enjoying reading announcements, quarterly and annual reports. Still, burnt like hell in this boleh land
13/12/2017 15:21
tw01 go go go up up up !!!
13/12/2017 15:25
FalconFocusEagle Congratz all. Patience is a Virtue
13/12/2017 15:26
Eddysurge Your hardworking & informative sharing feels like good buddy at same thought sometimes.
13/12/2017 15:29
tw01 pls break @0.37 babyyy
13/12/2017 15:36
tt101 Eddysurge, I am still learning. BJ 搞到我灰头土脸。。。。
Do not trust too much on reporting. Even signed by so called CPA... typical example is CSL annual report, group holding huge cash but end up ......ash also not left for you.
13/12/2017 15:37
Eddysurge tt01 & cyphua ,both like old tree with bjcorp soul plant in.
13/12/2017 15:50
tw01 anyone still on boat ?
13/12/2017 15:57
titus Where is the boat???
13/12/2017 17:06
thesteward Soon next round
13/12/2017 18:27


See Bj Corp Song


Lyrics Written by Calvin Tan

Music Adapted from FIRST OF MAY By Bee Gees


1) Oh BJ Corp I bought it for a song;

The Mighty stock that someday will perform.

Don’t ask me why;

Don’t let it pass you by.

To make money you all must be strong.

2) Star Buck Coffee;

Papa John Pizza too.

Mazda Champion CX5 I drive;

Redtone telco, Atlan and Magni Tech.

Businesses that will last for ever.

3) The Companies

That grew for you and me.

I watch them growing richer one by one.

And I will keep BJ Corp all the way;

This is Asia’s Berkshire Hathaway.
13/12/2017 18:48
profes_lms .......
13/12/2017 19:21
calvintaneng The Year was 2006. The Place OSK in Ros Merah, Johor. I bought 30 lots of Berjaya Capital at about 90 cents. After buying BJ Cap the price weakened. And stayed below 90 cents for quite some time. Then it rebounded to slightly above 90 cents. I decided to sell off BJ Capital in case it crashed below 90 cents again.

To my chagrin, BJ Capital went up all the way to RM3.00 & Vincent Tan took it private through BJ Corp. If only I had waited. Then BJ Corp also took Dunham Bush & COSWAY Private. But I was puzzled to see BJ Corp price remaining unmoved at 12.5 cents.

Then I noticed Vincent Tan exercising share buy back of BJ Corp. Finally, I saw the NTA of BJ Corp from negative turning to NTA of over RM1.00. I saw Vincent Tan's no.1) Privatise 3 profitable companies 2) Buying own shares greedily in the absence of good news quietly 3) Transferring Cash into BJ Corp A/C.

So I bought 100,000 shares of BJ Corp at 12.5 cents. The Year was 2006. After buying I spoke to Mr. T... (sorry to withhold name). I think he has an MBA and a Chartered Accountant. Mr. T.... face turned green. He was speechless. Seeing his stunned reaction I turned to fellow investors and said the same thing, "I just bought BJ Corp 100,000 shares at 12.5 cents." Immediately, I heard comments like, "Ha, that's a con-man counter you have just bought." What a terrible reception I got from them - these Johor Investors!!

Then, Mr. Goh, the Aircond Technician Boss said, "I also bought 100 lots of BJ Corp at 12 cents. Later, I was to learn that Mr. Goh looked at Charts. From Charts he entered BJ Corp at 12 cents. 1/2 cent less than me. My cost was 12.5 cents.
(By The Way, This Is The Same Mr. Goh Who Later Brought The PM CORP(4081) Chart To Us - The Johor Investors in Year 2006)

Then I met a May Bank Officer. She also bought BJ Corp at 13 cents (Price moved up due to Share Buy back)

Then I paid a visit to KN Kenanga, Pelangi Plaza. Here, I met a Very Hostile Gang of Three. They cursed & scolded VT because they LOST SO MUCH MONEY IN BJ CORP!! No use reasoning with them. What I heard was jarring to the ears. Only words of condemnation, "Con Man Counter cheated all their monies." I left in no time.

Suddenly, there was a mini bull run in year 2006. BJ Corp shot up to 55 cents. So I was quite excited. However, to my surprise, our Friend Mr. Goh, the Chartist has also SOLD OUT BJ Corp at 19 cents! For a gross profit of RM7,000. You see, everyone around him told him VT is a con man. So inspite and despite of all his accurate charting, he sold just too early.

Then I met Lawrence Tan. He asked for tips. He got KPS and made some. Now BJ Corp has already run up to 55 cents from 12 cents. But as he watched BJ Corp prices started to correct and dropped from 55 cents to 39 cents. That's it. He bought BJ Corp at 39 cents! But to his horror, after buying, BJ Corp continued to crash and retraced to a low of 26 cents only!!

I received a phone call from Mr. Yeo, Bumi Berjaya Used Car Boss from Segamat. Any good counters? BJ Corp, of course. Straightaway, he bought 100,000 shares at 26 cents.

Then BJ Corp Price rebounded to 36 cents. Mr. Yeo unload his 100 lots for a gross profit of RM10,000. So you see, Mr. Yeo bought BJ Corp at 26 cents and made RM10K gross compared to Mr. Goh who made only RM7K. Among all of us, Mr. Goh bought BJ Corp at the cheapest price at a rock bottom price of only 12 cents. But Mr. Goh also made The Least Money Because He Sold TOO EARLY.

One Day As BJ Corp Share Price crossed 50 cents, GOLDMAN SACHS Appeared In The Picture!! Now BOTH BJ CORP & GOLDMAN SACHS ARE BUYING BJ CORP. To this day I am still not sure - it is rumoured that Vincent Tan employed Goldman Sachs to push up BJ Corp Share Price.

However, Laurence Tan who bought BJ Corp at 39 cents is now euphoric indeed. He chased BJ Corp from 50 cents all the way from 50 cents to RM1.00. He says, "Just follow Vincent Tan, if VT buys 1000 lots, follow behind him and buy 100 lots." Of course, we dare not chase shares like Lawrence did.

In fact as the price of BJ Corp touched RM1.00 both the Maybank Officer and myself sold off all BJ Corp shares. But Lawrence was adamant. He was lonely and wanted me to join him. He asked me to buy back BJ Corp above RM1.00. So I bought back some BJ Corp shares at RM1.05 (I think I also have gone crazy by now.) Then as BJ Corp crosses RM1.50 Lawrence gave the signal to sell all!

Of the 5 Johor Investors, Lawrence Tan (Retired Accountant) bought BJ Corp the highest at 39 cents, but made The Most Money among all of us. He Bought A Shining Toyota Camry & showed us at OSK, Johor - his winnings from BJ C
13/12/2017 19:29
calvintaneng He was our hero and same Sifu who taught us, "If you have found a really good counter - don't just nibble - HAMMER IT!"

Then Lehman Brothers' Crisis Came & Gone.

About 3 years later, I visited KN Kenanga in Pelangi Plaza. Now I met the same Gang of Three. To My Great Surprise All Three Have Turned Very Bullish on BJ Corp. I asked them, "Why, when it was 12 cents they were so antagonistic and bearish. And now BJ Corp at RM1.50 they have turned so bullish. WHAT A GREAT CONTRAST!"

Well, they said Vincent Tan came out to say Officially that BJ Corp is undervalue. And he told the Public that he got a gaming license and will donate all the RM500 Million Gaming Profit to charity. Now do join us. Buy BJ Corp at RM1.50 and price will shoot up to RM2.50.
Of course, I dare not join them. I am Greedy When Others Are Fearful & Fearful When Others Are Greedy.

Now they started to Scold me for not buying. Very puzzling. They scolded me for telling them to buy at 12.5 cents. Now they Scold me for not joining them to buy at RM1.50. They said that the circumstances have changed. Now can buy.

Not long after BJ Corp crashed all the way to around 50 cents. As for the Gang of Three. They have disappeared from KN Kenanga, Pelangi Plaza.

This Is My Story About BJ Corp.

13/12/2017 19:31
Jon Choivo Calvintaneng,

You retiree is it. So free write so much ahaha.
13/12/2017 19:36
kenlee Calvin talked bjcorp from 0.6 in 2014 until today 0.365 ... lol. u all still wanna buy?
13/12/2017 20:04
Patron up he ask u to buy , down he ask u to buy even more. win liao lor
13/12/2017 20:05
calvintaneng Buy Bj Corp at 36.5 sen after it dropped from 50 sen?


See same pattern in Jaks?

Jaks was 54 sen when Calvin called for a buy.

Jaks dropped to 40 sen?


When Jaks jumped to over Rm1.00 the n many called for a buy.

13/12/2017 20:10
GGecko a novel on BJCORP is on its way..
13/12/2017 20:11

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