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Eddysurge Share price also reflects the confidence to the company? See the competitors share price.
19/04/2018 15:54
Eddysurge Foreigner stakeholders % is small,.
19/04/2018 15:58
Bettyem 大型外国投资者购买的股票多于销售,意味着他们对BJCorp的未来充满信心。购入6,057,625股,同期仅售出2,902,081股
19/04/2018 16:03
Eddysurge Speculation more than investment!
19/04/2018 16:09
Bettyem 实际上,我们所有人都在为实际投机而获得的财务收益进行投资....进一步TSVT仅拥有BJCorp的1,113,850,808或22.85%的直接股份,而外国投资者已经拥有了近一半的TSVT拥有501,800,491股或9.93%的股权,这是一个征兆对BJCorp未来的信心
19/04/2018 16:22
tonyneo1234 bjcorp起了 ,应该会到0.33
19/04/2018 16:28
tonyneo1234 又开始多人关注了
19/04/2018 16:29
tonyneo1234 迟些VT又买回自己股
19/04/2018 16:30
tonyneo1234 是不是有人打算推上去0.35
19/04/2018 16:35
Eddysurge Still bahai4453 good comments.
19/04/2018 16:54
abc333 the probability to win the Hainan Island casino is very low. But a news is good enough to catalyst the movement. it is clean to be goreng by syndicate. with this price, the risk is low. If want to make long term investment. Better stay away from Berjaya 。 Vt is a bad boss who never care about investor.
19/04/2018 18:24
Bettyem TSVT是来自Batu Pahat的海南族或Tan族吗?凭借他的背景,竞购海南体育博彩和彩票而非赌场会容易得多。
20/04/2018 00:10
leek Huge selling at 0.30
20/04/2018 09:11
tonyneo1234 more ppl selling , i think drop back to 0.295
20/04/2018 10:48
abc333 probably side ways for 2 weeks. market seem worry BN will lose the battle. Dr.M is that one who suggest VT to build casino in berjaya hill resorts. If probability to win for him is 0.4. than what is the odds to have 2nd casino in malaysia?
20/04/2018 10:50
tonyneo1234 many ppl wait the election result come out. save the money in pocket first
20/04/2018 10:53
abc333 some colonies transfering money to oversea, they ready for the escape. If 510 511 is holiday. 514 market will either rocket up or deep deep fall.
20/04/2018 11:00
freetospeak market will deep deep fall...bjcorp will rise in the sea of red....lol
20/04/2018 11:12
Bettyem 对于像TSVT那样拥有足够现金储备的人来说......现在是累积“Ini Kali Lah!”的时候了!
20/04/2018 11:24
abc333 他的公司很少照顾小股东,若要长期投资,还有很多会照顾小股东的公司会是更理想的选择。 比如7668. 但他的回归必然带着一些计划。无论计划会否成功,在庄家炒上来时,就是夺利离开的时候。
20/04/2018 11:41
abcde12345 goooddd
20/04/2018 11:45
Bettyem 这就是为什么我们必须遵循TSVT目前正在做的事......跟随领导者
20/04/2018 11:49
abc333 他的哲学是:能赚钱的就做。 第二家赌场和赌球合法是他不放弃的心愿。大选后,世界杯登场。国家需要更多税收。DR。M,王好友。GST废除?有利消费。少数反对党胜出下会得益的公司。越南利益增加还有各种没有从新估值的资产。 如果相信三年最高价只有0.31的话,那快点卖。但如果还没有进场的,还是等等。这timing,cash is king。
20/04/2018 12:17
leek http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/vietnam-mega-casino-rises-help-macau-junket-company
20/04/2018 14:47
leek Sapu 0.305!!!!
20/04/2018 15:11
leek 0.60 coming!!!
20/04/2018 15:11
Jessie Ng gooogggddd
20/04/2018 15:32
Bettyem TSVT在日本引起轰动......他会再次在越南和海南大展拳脚吗?
20/04/2018 15:45
kahhoeng very very old news lah!
20/04/2018 15:49
takashi86 No doubt, judging by VT character and bjc biz, bjc will shot up one day, but when, ppl been speculate for several years, and mostly give up...

I still believe tat, if VT can just announce: hey guys, im goin to restructure the whole group, dispose non core assets and reducing debt and interest.

Bjc will fly, as who wanna buy a company cant generate constant profit at all? Even NTA is high, still no point, nid all five elements in the house... Fire, metal, earth,water and wood....lol!!
20/04/2018 15:59
Bettyem 旧闻,但仍然相关BJCorp仍然通过其子公司BJland在冲绳日本拥有100英亩的优质土地。这是适合度假村...市场价值RM828.1M至RM993.72M
"BLand’s annual report states that it owns 287 parcels of land in Onna Son, Okinawa, with a net carrying value of RM82.81 million, that have been acquired since July 2009. Though Tan declines to state the current value of the land, based on the offers he has received, it can be estimated at RM828.1 million to RM993.72 million. With close to 20 hotels under its belt, BLand is looking to unlock value in its hotel business, Tan acknowledges."
20/04/2018 16:07
abc333 stop dreaminglah, it wont shoot up this few weeks. consolidate at 0.305 is good enough. afraid will see 0.275 before GE. but after that, your dream will come true.
20/04/2018 16:19
tonyneo1234 drop alrdy.. i think will drop until 0.29.. many ppl sell it
20/04/2018 16:35
tonyneo1234 all ppl sold it, maybe 大户也跟着卖空
20/04/2018 16:36
tonyneo1234 一直跌。。。
20/04/2018 16:42
freetospeak Lol onli 2 million...
20/04/2018 16:53
jordanmaggie61 wonderful
20/04/2018 17:26
freetospeak Vt by bak 3 million
20/04/2018 17:46
kahhoeng If not for VT buying shares, price would have been below 0.30 by now?


1 17/04/2018 1,500,000 Acquired

2 18/04/2018 1,500,000 Acquired

Foreigners selling?!?
20/04/2018 18:20
leek Tan Sri Calvin Tan selling.... lolz
20/04/2018 18:38
Eddysurge Foreigners not power, ah jibgoh or TSVT selling? Calvin considered middleman,sold only can loss until pants drop, this is what I thought.
20/04/2018 19:39
20/04/2018 20:03
bahai4453 BJcorp last qtr result showed their revenue drop slightly, profit + financing + investment is almost zero or minus. Debt is increasing a lot. VT used what to push up to 0.60 ? Politically VT is standing in the middle because he also don know who will win the election. He is a lost man now ! Sell assets to get cash ? (He had sold his China assets). Revenue will drop ! Cash can disappear fast (VT knew that). Call warrant is pinching his ass. He is totally lost. Don forget retail business required plenty of cash to keep it moving. The above just my own opinions. What are your opinions?
21/04/2018 11:42
Eddysurge Where is ignissimis whom claims the deal of purchase bjland from TSVT is so profitable? If not do anything , it will be adverse effects to bjcorp short term and intermediate.
21/04/2018 12:44
Eddysurge Until today , ppl here only revealed TSVT have direct & indirect near to 50%, foreigners around 10%, retail investors ?%, institution or Ahjibgor ? %.
21/04/2018 12:54
Wei Sing Yong hopeless counter
22/04/2018 00:09
Wei Sing Yong https://wilsonyong.sharethislah.com/30-47253
22/04/2018 00:10
leek http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/berjaya-land-targets-rm1b-sales-annually
22/04/2018 07:07
leek Berjaya corp lai liao
22/04/2018 07:07
tonyneo1234 Vt buy back again
23/04/2018 10:51

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