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Eric Lim be patient, wait for U-mobile/Redtone stories
02/04/2015 00:36
Eric Lim be patient, wait for U-mobile/Redtone stories
02/04/2015 00:37
cyphua I have a feeling that BJCorp need to right issue, everyday have few million few million waiting to sell, seem is not small fish, is it small big share holder discuss right issue, some is not aggree and sell of? this type of phenomenon, can be happen, fund is going out from BJCorp.
VT cannot be sell it of, he buy in at low price, sure want to sell it high price, this company NTA have RM1.60, want to sell also above it. raise fund need to add money, no money add in will dilute.
02/04/2015 07:03
cyphua who can guarantee no right issue?
02/04/2015 07:04
cyphua If wait for Q4 need another 3 month, if have annual report, then can check from Major 30 share holder, who is quit from this company.
02/04/2015 07:07
cfoong Dun hope too much 1st for Bj Con...unless..it starts a cash call; it starts to have consistent operational profit; Cosway starts to turn around (still losing money 22mil RM last yr) ! or there have durian runtuh...likely securing the new TOTO licence in Vietnam (but it is very subjective in view of the Vietnam policy is not fully opened for gambling"... Buying as the discount of the huge asset (called Cigar Butt technique by Buffett) is no longer so effective in the modern world of investment esp most of us has oledi heard and aware of theory... I believe Tan Sri has much better understanding than anyone of us in term of the intrinsic value of Bj Con... Therefore, beaware of the "trap"...unless u prepare to hold for a bit longer time...said (at least 5 yrs)... Alternatively, u can have both short or long term position on it...like Datuk or Hng33... I thk they are doing it....
02/04/2015 08:28
cyphua i consider cfoong=VT because of the head. I consider your advise. I trap in bjcorp-cu. need consider profit taking.
02/04/2015 09:09
nancytang Basic rule of survival is to abandon a sinking ship & let the captain goes down with it !!!
02/04/2015 10:02
tt101 if the ship is over loaded with gold bar? should support or change the captain?
02/04/2015 10:31
Forever Game over and see you in June.
02/04/2015 10:58

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