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optimusprime Posted by calvintaneng > Sep 30, 2014 08:52 PM | Report Abuse


Calvin is observing The Art of Defense by LokLok & Sunztzhe

And Optimusprime is a Rare Gem Of The Next Great Investor from i3 Forum!


hahaha. 1st time in i3 got ppls talk good about me, and its from calvintaneng. thanks calvin. i m just a fortune teller.
i notice many hate u too. normal la, mediocre ppls always hate ppls that r far superior than them.

like i got so many enemies u know why lo. wakakakakaa.
30/09/2014 21:09
HC Lee Tis time looks like sharky got trap they is another chance it will pump it up.......WATCH CLOSELY 24/7 and you may get to sell at your target price !!
30/09/2014 21:43
LokLok =3=...observing, my defense cannot call it as art. i am not a kind person, and im scold people who is doing wrong from 3 years old onward,even you r 80 years old. i know calvin is not a liar, i can read from what he share. there are many kind people here, then who is the liar? DATUK is a liar. others is jealous cause by stupid, or just simply stupid.
30/09/2014 21:57
sunztzhe HC Lee, This stock had been on DOWNTREND for the past years. Suddenly it came alive last Friday and go on UPTREND. Do you think that this is just a flash in the pan and will sizzle out? I don't think so.
The stock fundamentals will get better and better & by 30/4/2015 the consolidated results will be "GOOD AS STATED IN THE LATEST QRTLY REPORT BY MANAGEMENT"

30/09/2014 22:05
tianhw sharky will always be sharky, no matter how hard they try to cover up their fin still pop up.
sell before u drop undies !!!!
30/09/2014 22:10
Steven Yong The more idiot speaks, the more he shows his stupidity. Nav? Bursa show NTA. Net tangible assets, which Exlude intangible such as goidwill. Think someone named hayxxxxx need go back school study account from basic sgain. Dr, CR.
01/10/2014 00:16
sunztzhe Salute to you Steven Yong. I like your crisp comment and your razor sharp mind in dissecting the difference between NTA and NAV. Great comment and good nite!!
01/10/2014 00:39
Steven Yong Hoho, Xmas is early this year. See my hlind limit up tomorrow.
01/10/2014 01:00
WWH33 Morning peeps... just my 2 cents advise... bjcorp investor please stay here... and for the non bjcorp investor please leaves here... i believe in this forum we dont need so many trashing advices against bjcorp... go back to the forum of your stock pick and stay there... let the bjcorp investor to have some peace of mind to exchange ideas and info... anyway the monies that being used to invest in bjcorp shares belongs to the bjcorp investors themselves... so there is no reason for those non bjcorp investor to care for the bjcorp investors monies... those non bjcorp investor also no need to spent so much time and energy to trash in this forum and the bjcorp investors no need to waste so much time on reading infoless post... once again, thank you very much to the non bjcorp investor to leaves the bjcorp investors alone in this forum. Thank you very much... just my 2 cents advise...
01/10/2014 03:15
mokkam Bjcorp will go up because smart money collected huge amount when it was 20cts and wants to unload at more than 1.00 but it will take time
01/10/2014 05:23

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