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Gary Chua Very very boring
21/09/2016 11:40
Eddysurge This is not the matters of gain or projects sought, is more like trust or sharing profits.
21/09/2016 12:05
iQBE189 vt x mau revalue...
21/09/2016 13:54
CaoCao if today buy eggs then should be rotten @ 20 october!!!!
21/09/2016 19:31
profes_lms so quiet, i guess many ppl switch to AA, genting....afterall riding roller coaster is more excited then fishing in dead pool.
22/09/2016 09:24
cfoong kikikiki... 0.15 lai lo... useless CEO...Robin Tan!
22/09/2016 15:09
takashi86 After all...no one can b as patient as VT...all ppl ady start giving up..mayb the show start soon
22/09/2016 15:09
Eddysurge Sureboh,15c coming! Cfoong.
22/09/2016 15:26
Eddysurge Bursa so generous, allow bj chains operation without customers or been paid ready.
22/09/2016 15:30
smartly no vol... :(
22/09/2016 15:46
Eddysurge Anyone know how SC approve any iculs, warrants ,esp call-warrant issues.any terms should follow or conditions fufill?
22/09/2016 15:59
tt101 :(
22/09/2016 16:28
leek Sapu....
22/09/2016 16:51
Eddysurge What i mean is any issuence shall always check the records or target achieve bf next time
22/09/2016 17:03
smartly q 33.5sen for so long already. :(
22/09/2016 17:04
smartly can't go back to 33.5sen anymore ?
22/09/2016 17:05
Angielim9955 smartly , angie here
smarty can you teach me something as I know you got better knowledge in Call warrant problem :
sorry if you not willing just ignore my message .

I want to ask about umwoil warrant as below :

UMWOG-C1 CALL WARRANTS 06/11/2015 28/11/2016 1.18 0.01 3:1
UMWOG-C2 CALL WARRANTS 06/11/2015 28/11/2016 1.38 0.015 3:1

as we checked above we find out actually C1 excercised price only 1.18 vs C2 1,38,
and both share same ratio and maturity date .

However why people only trade C2 and C2 price got up till 0.015 , but C1 which better value than C2 no volume only 0 volume and price lower than C2.

can explain why C1 better than C2 , but people only goreng c2 and ignore c1?
22/09/2016 17:13
cfoong Kikikiki... such a lousy CEO... bjland making loss again...
22/09/2016 18:49
smartly in fact both also equally no good.
their premiums are so high, unless mother can ram up to 1.18 & above within next month or so, then only can see survival of both else bid goodbye of these 2 cw.

UMWOG-C1 CALL WARRANTS 06/11/2015 28/11/2016 1.18 0.01 3:1
UMWOG-C2 CALL WARRANTS 06/11/2015 28/11/2016 1.38 0.015 3:1
22/09/2016 20:03
smartly should look at c3, c4, c6 & c7.
these cw have better chance, if mother ram up c4 has the tendency to move along as it is more sensitive than the rest.
22/09/2016 20:07
smartly but i advise u not to touch any of these, as u need a lot of skill to trade cw. cannot just buy n keep one.
u seem like a greenhorn in stock market. should stay away from trading cw & don't touch at all.
22/09/2016 20:15
smartly trading cw needs spontaneous act (always look at mother for action of cw), u r playing against other traders and MM. so not easy to win even though the gain is high but the loss also great if you get caught. is a double edge sword. better for u to stay out.
it is meant for expert traders.
22/09/2016 20:22
Angielim9955 smartly thanks for your explanation
I noted
but smartly I agreed c1 and c2 also no good but if compare c1 slightly better than c2
however last few days people keep goreng c2 and C1 Trading Volume is 0 for almost a week.
SO I wonder if traders want goreng call why dun choice c1 because c1 got more value to goreng.
why they choose a more lousy call C2 to goreng.

smartly do you know this is what strategy ?

because last time dayang call also , they goreng a worse call warrant instead of choose a better call warrant ,
this situation I saw a few times but I dun know why ?
is this consider normal because call warrant is a no logic game

sorry if I ask too much because I really curious
22/09/2016 20:38
smartly angie, u must first ask yourself, who control c1 & c2 ?
why c1 became not liquid but c2 can draw some attention from players ?
if u know this u know the answer.

but i can tell u, if mother can surge pass 1.18, then the table can turn around. c1 can become more liquid than c2. unfortunately now is not the case.
22/09/2016 22:02
Angielim9955 smartly , noted,thanks
today learned a new thing from you
you pick out the point
I miss the important part which you mention
(who control c1 & c2, )
this very important

thanks smartly
I very happy because get new knowlege
very useflu for my future invest
thanks for your sharing
thanks a lot
23/09/2016 00:53
k55s BJ Land report loss. So BJ Corp next 1?
23/09/2016 04:34
mr x anything can happen from now on, i have news pm son is interested in bjc and started buying in , wait for strong surge coming up kikikikikikiki
23/09/2016 08:39
cfoong BJ corp.. expects to report at least RM 200 mil NP this quarter... kikikikikiki....
23/09/2016 08:40
cfoong BJ corp also expects to report at least RM 250 mil NP for previous quarter which is due in this month end....kikikikikiki....
23/09/2016 08:42
Eddysurge From the above comments, shows checkmateliao.
23/09/2016 09:24
leek http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/09/23/bland-to-buy-land-from-bcity-for-rm155mil/
23/09/2016 16:13
leek Left hand give right hand again
23/09/2016 16:34
leek PM to announce casino licence No2 to BJC in October Budget day!
23/09/2016 17:30
iQBE189 dream
23/09/2016 17:36
bkt2008 Leek where is the casino location or casino name?
23/09/2016 17:38
abv8888 BJC lai liao ....lai liao......dream ....haha
23/09/2016 17:38
iwanttosuccess stay or go.. ??
23/09/2016 18:01
takashi86 I think is not bout stay or go...is depend on ur holding power n target,is quite low now..but when to rebound..no one knows.
23/09/2016 18:27
Eddysurge Sorry cannot erase. Everyone want cheap, want keep or not?
23/09/2016 18:29
takashi86 I'm still holding, but my entrance price is .36...300lots
23/09/2016 19:41
takashi86 Hold till got the treasury share then c how
23/09/2016 19:43
10bagger10 if consider treasury share how much equivalant dividend yield? got 5%?
23/09/2016 20:41
mr x another great news, u mobile, a subsidary of bjc is doing very well, its customer base is ever swelling since its intro of this rm70 pack, just rm 70/mth you will have UNLIMITED CALLS and a 25GB for surfing, coverage at any malaysian city and town is excellent,

many are coming in to u mobile, REMEMBER just rm70, UNLIMITED CALLS and 25GB for NET SURFING, i very confident U MOBILE will COME UP TOP IN THE FUTURE kikikikikiki
23/09/2016 23:04
cfoong Announcement of 2nd Casino licence in Msia? the new is no longer excited... because it is a very capital intensive and highly competitive business for casino nowadays!....kikikikikiki...
23/09/2016 23:30
cfoong BJ Corp needs to trim down his fat as what FGV is doing... and then its prices may only go up!!!!... You will see the impairment loss CEO, Robin Tan may conduct many conferences or meetings with the press for promoting the BJ Corp... kikikikiki.... ...BJ Corp will jump then... Robin has also needed to give the clear direction to BJ Corp in addition to the sliming exercises... Keep surviving behind his father Tan Sri wont help....but going to HELL instead...
23/09/2016 23:36
Angielim9955 bjc seem will fly very soon
even like bjfood new qr just out very bad result , dividend is the worst only 0.005
and report no good but the boss push up bjfood price very high and jump in top gainers
seem the boss will push up bjc very soon regarldess the qr is good or not
the boss play share price no see qr ar or fa one
just he like what he like
just my view for bjgroup la
24/09/2016 17:34
Wakong141242 Today tried out starbuck voucher buy want starbuck coffee get one free coffee telanjang (naked) without milk or sugar. This is how bj corpse reward d shareholders. Shud hv given all shareholders at least a free drinks without having to buy another drink. Even AAX in the red also can give all shareholders a free airticket.
25/09/2016 00:27
Angielim9955 ya Wakong141242 stingy lol
bjfood div 0.005 , so pitty
and Wakong141242 do you attend agm next month?
do you know they give free parking or not ?
I cant find any ralated phone number to call ,
if someone got their related number pls provided I call to ask will us get free parking or not ?
25/09/2016 16:39
cyphua Announce selling a land to BJLand at Bukit Tagar zoned(871.01 acres x RM177,954/acres = RM154,999,713.54 ),check back BJCorp annual report (Annual Report 2016 pg.237) , only have Sungai Tinggi and Batang Berjuntai 15+8 lots ( 3,200.76 Acres at RM 249,176,000 , RM77,849/acre )record, This few area is vary near to Universiti Selangor. No sure is the same or not?

Using RM177,854/acres to calculate, the book value 3,200.76 acres can be revalue to RM569,267,969.04, meam value increase RM320M/= from book value RM249,176,000.

Can we consider like this? BJCorp try to sell asset release the value.

Not sure Universiti Selangor is ok or not. So much university coming out.
25/09/2016 19:29
cyphua But nearby this area have a lot of abandon house nearby Bukit Beruntung Golf and country club.
25/09/2016 19:34

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