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Eric Lim Basically it means major jackpot for BJcorp, imagine Sportstoto operating without Magnum & Kuda, in a country 3 times the population of Malaysia, and most of them are non-muslim, can you imagine the potential return? wow
03/08/2015 00:00
MyView wow, Thanks Eric Lim and posby. Will reply Taugeh later.
03/08/2015 00:25
Eddysurge Appreciates VT is released more news to media. Is he concerned or only coincindence? He's also mentioned his treats all his Co like baby. If any bad happen , sure he will self-denfense. But I hope VT don't trash minority right To Myview, next month, they will sign memoradum,further news will anounces soon Bjcorp fought hard from 6 international rivals to get it.From analyst estimated ,only long term can get benefits due to market in Vietnam still in preliminary immature stage. To Wikiileaks, bjfood bjauto hard to get new investor, see volume tell the story,maybe lack consistency or direction?
03/08/2015 00:33
03/08/2015 00:35
MyView Taugeh: "and how many of those have done well over the years? almost none...."

My reply: NOT TRUE. Agree with Wikiileaks. BJfood, BJauto, BJtoto. Do not use blanket statements.

Taugeh: "he is by far one of the most successful businessmen on earth but his companies do not fit our investment criteria"

My Reply: How can he be the most succesful businessmen when none of his listed companies done well? But I agree he is successful. He has good companies that have done well. That's why he is successful. But his companies do not fit our investment criteria. So what should the minority do about this. We are already in this ship. It is not a sinking ship. It is just that the captain put the sail the wrong direction. Please share.
03/08/2015 00:43
MyView Last year AGM, Finance director already mentioned about BJcorp got the lottery licence. But cannot start operation yet. He said already got the title but have not receive the crown yet. This is exactly what he said.
03/08/2015 00:59
MyView Eddysurge, Eric Lim, posby, Wikiileaks, Taugeh, albukhary, Thank you all for sharing. Good night.
03/08/2015 01:04
Eddysurge I also have to thank Taugeh for sharing opinion. No one really right but only VT know. Black & White is shed only by a wall.Goodnite all.
03/08/2015 01:17
posby lock into my safe.. 2 yrs later only c... hopefully sometimes fruitful....
03/08/2015 13:13
ganasai now, who sell will be the loss. see how much blood they can loss.
03/08/2015 15:15
yeong55 Key in rm0.385 but can't get it, follow datuk buying all the way till end 2015.
03/08/2015 17:29

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