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yjinnvy Wave is coming?
21/10/2016 16:52
Duitlai Wow today closed high @0.34, !!!!!
21/10/2016 16:54
hng33 sold back all bjcrop at 34sen, lock paper profit, free up capital
21/10/2016 16:56
leek Casino licence coming
21/10/2016 17:11
93126668 0.34 too early ba....
21/10/2016 17:19
EKLIM Maybe short selling today buy back
21/10/2016 17:22
yjinnvy Maybe some good news coming on this weekend, haha...
21/10/2016 17:29
mr x Great news for berjaya corp. shareholder ,buy buy buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-------------------------------------------u mobile bis has great improvement FOR just over a number of months period ever since they brought in this plan------- rm70 only for UNLIMITED CALLS AND 23GB net surfing, my monthly phone bill has since reduce for more than 100% to just rm 70 kikikikkikikiki and my phone no of 30years remain unchanged, most important of all my access is much much better now compare with the previous plan.

remember its rm70 only for all the goodies kikikikikikikikikikikikik
21/10/2016 17:35
EKLIM Increase of cooking oil price does not impact BJFood (Kenny Rogers) bcs they are using corn oil, which is not subsidised.
21/10/2016 17:37
goldentriangle 【2017預算案】首購族買30萬以下房屋 豁免印花稅

Property sector will get booming and our economy will be getting better and better
and it's good for all sectors!
21/10/2016 19:57
Angielim9955 goldentriangle do you hold bjc
will limit up ippuppppppppppp ?
21/10/2016 20:47
abv8888 Monday morning up a bit and drop back again .......hahaha
21/10/2016 23:23
OceanSky Table 1, TSVT share-holding of Bj Corp as at 01-09-2016:

No. of BCorp Ordinary Shares, 1,076,186,290, 22.74% (Direct)
No. of BCorp Ordinary Shares, 1,074,207,732, 22.69% (Deem interest)
TOTAL: 2,150,384,022, 45.43%

No. of BCorp 5% ICULS, 155,916,065, 24.17% (Direct)
No. of BCorp 5% ICULS, 136,868,700, 21.22% (Deem interest)
No. of BCorp 5% ICULS, 109,973,349, 17.05% (Indirect int)
TOTAL: 402,758,114, 62.39%

No. of BCorp 2% ICULS 102,627,780, 99.80% (Direct)
This is exchanged from 6% Bj-Land to Bj-Corp.
22/10/2016 01:21
OceanSky While you look into the 2% ICULs, TSVT has hold up-to 99,80% of the market 2% ICULs, means Penta has fully converted their ICULs into Bj-Corp shares.

Q1: Why Penta like to convert the RM1.00 ICULs with 2% fix yield per annum into 33c ~ 34c of normal shares? Are they only aim for the 3:100 bonus shares at 30-12-2016? Or something else?

Q2: There was somebody ask a question in the AGM about why Bj-Corp give an RM1.00 ICULs with 2% yield for Penta and TSVT to sell Bj-Land to Bj-Corp. As there will be 2% interest over the 355 million ICULs = RM7.1 mil per annum.

The management answer is they like to hold back Bj-Land shares from Penta, instead of let another External party to purchase the substantial bulk of Bj-Land shares, 6% of total 5 Billion from Penta.

Benefits no.1, the purchase of 6% Bj-Land shares from Penta shares were using Bj-Corp ICULs with 2% yield, non-cash involved.
The extra 355 x 2 million ( one part by TSVT & one part by Penta) free warrants will further enhance Bj-Corp Capital Fund position if those warrants were converted into Bj-Corp shares with RM710 million.

Benefit no.2, as Penta has full converted into Bj-Corp shares, the yearly interest of RM7.1 mil/2 = RM3.55 mil was no longer an issue; if TSVT also convert them into Bj-Corp, no more interests will need to be paid.

FYI, TSVT has converted 70 million ICULs into Bj-Corp shares, and then sell off 35 million to third party.

Q3: Can somebody give a good guess on why this drastic action had been done by done both Tycoon, TSTV and Penta ? What is their agenda ? Pls share with us if you have some idea. Thks.

Q4: As at 01-09-2016, TSVT has hold about 45.5% of shares, out of 5 Billion shares, means there are balance of 3 Billion shares float in the market. Hugh qty of floating shares in the market.

Therefore, while the wave is coming, anticipate that the usual turn-over per day shall be of 15 million ~ 30 million; then boost up to 80 million ~ 100 million per day.

The only question is when it coming ?
22/10/2016 01:23
cyphua They need cash

Want to sell 598.73M 12% of BJLand sell in the market RM0.68 ~=RM400M, difficult to sell, no good new and have bad new, if sell, 6% to get RM200M from BJLand, BJLand will have big drop;
Convert to 353,250,000 BJCorp-LE 2% Irredeemable Convertible Unsecured Load 2016/2026, then convert to BJCorp 250M (balance 103M, VT have 99.80% seem a lot, he buy I also want to buy, stupid) sell at RM0.35 get RM87.5M, plus RM65.86M cash near RM173M/= easy,

(1) Vietlott new, vary good new;
(2) profit announce also vary good for the past;
(3) Selling this only 250M/4600M is 5%, can say not much different, but BJCorp market turnover big, stupit more, no body know. Or may be can say BJLand 75% is belong to BJCorp, 12% is VT and Penta, 13% is stupid, but BJCorp have more then 30% stupid.
(4) They still have BJCorpWC 706.5M can convert back same value in the furture.
(5) Fund and VT need money during this economy crisis, world is short of cash, bank don’t want release money ( include me cannot get cash from Bank on Oct ).
22/10/2016 03:51
abv8888 Penta convert ICULS to Mother share but you can't find the Penta in 20 major share holder . Mean Panta convert and sell already ....just why BJC always drop drop drop....
22/10/2016 17:12
takashi86 @abv8888...is not making sense, as all substantial nid to disclose to bursa whenever there is a transaction for buy/sell either inside or outside market, wat i think is VT has hidden acc for bjc share under dozen of his children names n make tis grand sales everyday, so tat ppl will fed up n sell tis share.
22/10/2016 17:46
OceanSky abv8888, you are right!
Penta's name does not appear in 30 major share holders, means they have dispose off at market for the past few months. Once the selling force was gone, the bottom line will form and up trend will begin.
22/10/2016 19:26
cyphua Goreng share must be small fish feel fear, panic and dispose on hand share then start accumulate to goreng; I can see a lot of small fish still accumulated, cannot see big fund accumulate, VT announced few time buy in but also dispose, there is not much place to monitor more where big fund accumulate.

The BJCorp price also lower and lower to break my confidence, can I stand until the end? Or I finish first before they goreng?

World economy and Malaysia politic also unstable, big fund is no confident to come in.
22/10/2016 20:45
Bullwinds If you have monitored this stk closely, it is very obvious that someone is managing the price and on accumulation. It's certained that Penta has sold its converted shares and well absolved by the mkt..If you check the voting result during the EGM for the purchase of Bjland shares, a block of 500+mil shares voted for it, i.e party friendly to VT. With all these signals, that means the countered is quite controlled. Further look at the long term price chart, one can see big move in price in every 5-6 yrs cycle, more so when close to election yr. My reading is, big price movement is near the corner!!
22/10/2016 20:56
Ricky Kiat from the 2016 annual report, i suspect the third party who bought the 35 million share from VT is Multi-Purpose Capital Holdings Berhad .
22/10/2016 21:27
OceanSky Ricky Kiat... May I ask how could we found the 3rd party bought the 35mil shares from TSVT is - Multi-Purpose Capital Holdings Berhad ?

Can you share with us ?
23/10/2016 06:44
OceanSky abv8888... I hv did some home-work about Penta, assume they have converted all ICULs into BjCorp shares, Total shares extra are 176,625,000, since 10-06-16.

Table 1, TSVT share-holding of Bj Corp as at 01-09-2016:

No. of BCorp Ordinary Shares, 1,076,186,290, 22.74% (Direct)
No. of BCorp Ordinary Shares, 1,074,207,732, 22.69% (Deem interest)
TOTAL: 2,150,384,022, 45.43%

Table 2, TSVT share-holding of Bj Corp as at 24-08-2015: (FY-2015 Annual Report)

No. of BCorp Ordinary Shares, 997,300,000, 24.03% (Direct)
No. of BCorp Ordinary Shares, 1,005,944,632, 24.24% (Deem interest)
TOTAL: 2,003,244,632, 48.27%

From TSVT disclosure, the extra 147 million shares extra were as below:
1. Conversion from 0%-ICULs, 99 mil
2. Conversion from 2%-ICULs, 70 mil
3. Disposal of shares to 3rd party, (35) mil
4. Purchased from open market, 13 mil

The finding is, those shares converted by Penta, 176.6 mil - 13.0 mil (by TSVT) = 163.6 mil, majority of those shares were bought by retailers for the past few months, June to October-16.

That's the reason why Bj-Corp share price was stuck at 32c ~ 34c for so long.
23/10/2016 07:06
Ricky Kiat bro oceansky, i dont have that kind of sources, but i am compare the annual report 2015 & 2016. Multi-Purpose Capital Holdings Berhad is a new shareholder who are acquire 35 million . so i predict they buy from VT. now i want to figure out why? any relation of both party ? what is the price of transaction ?
23/10/2016 07:53
limkokthye tomorrow buy 10,000
23/10/2016 13:40
goldentriangle Angielim9955, yes, obviously i'm holding Bjcorp! why?
Of course it will limit up, just need to be patient !
Just wait for the 'Dong Feng' (East Wind), when it started to blowing,
break above 0.5x should be no problem !
23/10/2016 14:11
goldentriangle Guys, get ready for the after budget bull run start from next Monday onwards! Cheers!
23/10/2016 19:32
mr x today vietlott 3rd price winner rose to 42000 tickets, what a record, kikikikikikikikiki.......you can imagine players has increase many folds from those early draw where hardly 5000 3rd price winner, bet not far from now this price winner will goes up to 100000, its possible, given time ,much much more terminals will be established when the popularity extend northwards
23/10/2016 21:29
ignissimia If Penta converted all their 176.6 million ICULS(2%) to ord shares on 10.06.2016 and their name does not appear in the list of the Top 30 Shareholders as at 29.07.2016 in AR2016, it does not necessarily mean that they have disposed off all their shares during the period in between.

They could have parked the shares in, say, 10 accounts with several brokerages so that they become virtually invisible (the smallest account in Top 30 Shareholders had only 29.47 million shares). The total holdings to start with was not substantial either being less than 5% of total BJCorp issued. We can only make intelligent guesswork about what could have been going on.
23/10/2016 23:18
roundcateye Just went into ecosway website today which has been recently revamped. The new website is absolutely rubbish, backward design and not much product information. This is the work done by amateur and first time designer. I have doubt Bjcorp is serious with its ebusiness. Robin King should do something.
24/10/2016 09:34
cyphua Frog in hot water
24/10/2016 09:57
takashi86 expected...back to square one now
24/10/2016 11:11
leelc70 bingo
24/10/2016 11:46
abv8888 buy la.....buy more la....ICU
24/10/2016 12:03
leek Sapu....
24/10/2016 14:50
Ivan89 Wat happen bjcorp
25/10/2016 08:03
cyphua Afraid we hope to get 3 units BJCorp then big fish slowly dispose their share slowly. So, after we get the bonus share, the price is lower then now. We expect get 3% income in 2 month time. But share price drop. Will Don't get 3%.
25/10/2016 09:26
leelc70 from here can predict price will goes down to 30-31sen after ex which will reduce 2sen from previous closing price
25/10/2016 09:37
Eddysurge Price will goes down to 30-31sen already not so important. Who's set up & motive very clearly. See bjland & bjtoto, economic local & abroad, really waits for privatised only. Ask yourself even big project or big new announced, the mrkt price will staggard due ppl lack of confidence, unless the tidbits impact the price,
25/10/2016 11:54
kuah Dying stock
25/10/2016 12:59
Wakong141242 here we go down, down,down ......
25/10/2016 15:07
Mountain New FOUR SEASONS Hotel Kyoto opened its doors last week.
26/10/2016 09:46
Wakong141242 any hope today?
26/10/2016 09:52
leelc70 believe getting more and more good news release to boots its price up before ex date
26/10/2016 10:50
Lim Boon Wang o0o BJC....
26/10/2016 12:44
patterntrader1168 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5242153
26/10/2016 17:54
Seong Zhi Lam tan sri buying...
26/10/2016 19:27
sayakamiyuki Follow tan sri buy
26/10/2016 21:56
abv8888 lol.....today VN vietlott super.... everyone is time to buy in ....
26/10/2016 22:48
Eddysurge hahaha....tan sri bought, goodddd and 加油 ? Go fighting......
26/10/2016 23:47


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