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1.42 2.58     +1.16 (81.69%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
14/02/2018 1.43 2.00 +0.57 (39.86%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
13/02/2018 1.43 2.90 +1.47 (102.80%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
16/11/2017 1.48 2.37 +0.89 (60.14%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
15/11/2017 1.49 2.00 +0.51 (34.23%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
15/11/2017 1.49 2.37 +0.88 (59.06%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
15/11/2017 1.49 3.04 +1.55 (104.03%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
14/02/2018  PUBLIC BANK Eastern & Oriental Berhad - Maiden Contribution From STP2A
13/02/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Eastern & Oriental - Delayed Recognition
16/11/2017  MIDF Eastern & Oriental - Reclamations Work Of STP2A Is Progressing Well
15/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Eastern & Oriental Berhad - Awaiting STP2A
15/11/2017  MIDF Eastern & Oriental - Earnings Improved
15/11/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Eastern & Oriental (BUY, Maintain) - Gaining Momentum

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yingchai Y Lembaga Tabung Haji buying like no tomorrow?Any reason? Even the finance director also utilise her entitlement share option. I think good news coming.,
31/07/2017 17:58
Daniel Pang one more leg down, 152 to156
06/08/2017 21:55
RandyRoe dead counter
07/08/2017 08:56
Pak Abu limit up??
07/08/2017 08:59
yingchai Limit down i think will break the support level at 1.60 and go all the way down to 1.40
07/08/2017 16:46
gsrajan Guys, no negative comments please.
08/08/2017 11:27
chandra54 but its really shitty counter!!!
10/08/2017 12:27
yingchai i think can go @ 1.40
10/08/2017 12:29
Money1188 What happened?
10/08/2017 12:55
BZ Hopeless counter
14/08/2017 17:41
Winnergetitall Be hopeful when everyone is fearful
16/08/2017 15:09
yingchai Lousy result, better sell and go for other counter.
30/08/2017 08:31
sien Aiyoo... TP 2 by when can reach... Every day also dropping
01/09/2017 21:50
smartbeng better sell in high short rebound price now or never while insider try to push up price while its too late! you may always can make a comeback when its reach bottom
11/09/2017 23:42
Bullshit going to double in mid term.
25/09/2017 15:01
yingchai Today will hit 1.48. BB sell after dividend taking.......
26/09/2017 11:28
Supertonic000 Disappointing price movement ...
26/09/2017 21:41
macd_85 hopefully will be uptrend..macd seems give good signal..
01/10/2017 21:00
yingchai down trend alamak....
10/10/2017 18:08
Daniel Pang tp 1.80 Next?
21/10/2017 00:28
painter retest 1.48 and reversal.
26/10/2017 00:18
painter last big uptrend to 2.50?maybe.
26/10/2017 23:28
yingchai Gone case. Target price RM1.35 In 2 weeks time.....
06/11/2017 15:32
Red_Hong_Bao Luckily I throw the shares d. Cannot make it
13/11/2017 09:20
sien good quarter result..
14/11/2017 19:51
albert663 Good Quarter results, why price still heading south?
14/11/2017 20:16
sien pushed lower for share buy back...
14/11/2017 21:27
spiderman49 caused announced after 5pm :D
15/11/2017 00:35
Galant got a bit @ 1.47
15/11/2017 11:13
LucaBrasi Ya I also buy 1 condo in this share xD
15/11/2017 11:24
rlch KWAP gone sour investment. Why bought at RM 2 not RM 1.4?
17/11/2017 06:09
RVI123 Hope that the management will sell away the investments and developments in the UK. The developments in the UK are occupying too much of the capital of E&O and increased the borrowings of E&O at 59% of equity now. If they can sell them away, the funds can be used to reduce the borrowings of the company and used as working capital. It is better to concentrate on STP2 in Penang, Elmina in Selangor and Avira in Iskandar Johor. These 3 projects are huge and will keep the company busy for the next 25 years.
17/11/2017 13:21
yingchai run run run.......next target price RM1.25......
22/11/2017 16:12
jt888 https://finnewsweek.com/focusing-the-lens-in-on-eastern-oriental-berhad-3417-kl-shares/540335/
23/11/2017 14:31
ryan7642 Report showing the best financial year end but price showing the lowest..shd be same trend as wct..stay tune on baby show time wf higher % return don't miss the boat^^
26/12/2017 14:25
ryan7642 Bear in mind KWSP private placement at 1.8+(on Aug/sept).. price won't be keeping at this range for so long (almost half year) and positive trend is ad showing via company report n result so don't miss the biggest % earning via baby enter b4 engine start Vroom~~~
26/12/2017 23:27
ryan7642 By Friday shd hv some show to close beauty at 2017 n beauty 2018 opening perhaps^^
28/12/2017 08:21
yingchai I think the price will drop further to 1.38. All in @ 1.30........Current price at 1.43 is on the high side......
02/01/2018 17:36
Galant looks relatively safe with all the share buy backs...
04/01/2018 09:28
Mazhar3192 Next week above 1.50
05/01/2018 18:38
JT James Straits Quay already sold?
12/01/2018 00:27
Wing Teoh Strait Quey sold? Where to get the info ??
13/01/2018 22:27
JT James Teoh Jee Wing, i am merely asking a question. That is because E&O is trying to dispose of Straits Quay for quite some time now.
So anyone have any info if they have sold Straits Quay?
16/01/2018 15:33
RVI123 Any Penang people can update us? Has the reclamation of the first island in STP2 cimpleted?
16/01/2018 23:28
greatinvestor Not yet completed
16/01/2018 23:57
Wing Teoh Just visit Straight Quey last few day, I dont think they are sold. Because the E&O still own it and brand logo still in the building also information counter.

Anyways the building is nice, but human traffic is consider very low.

They should have more event function and activity to pull the cloud.. otherwise, electric & maintenance can eat out their operation profit margin as well.
19/01/2018 11:20
RVI123 @greatinvestor,
There are two sections in the ongoing reclamation. The island section and the seaside section. The island section is owned by E&O. The seaside section will be owned by Penang government. Therefore, the island reclamation is more important to us. Has the reclamation for island section completed? It was already at advanced stage a few months ago. I know that the seaside section has a long way to go.
25/01/2018 23:53
dusti Who is generating fake stories?
09/02/2018 09:39
JuniorR only stamp duty excluded so far i believe.
02/03/2018 10:32
curious2 Penang Tunnel project will be cancelled if BN takeover Pg to protect KWAP wrong investment? If ask Penangites sure Gurney land sure more valuable than STP2.
16/04/2018 11:34

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