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37.80 38.74     +0.94 (2.49%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
22/05/2018 39.00 38.15 -0.85 (2.18%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
22/05/2018 39.00 41.65 +2.65 (6.79%) BUY HLG Price Target News
26/04/2018 34.90 38.16 +3.26 (9.34%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
01/03/2018 36.00 37.00 +1.00 (2.78%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
01/03/2018 36.00 41.65 +5.65 (15.69%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
22/05/2018  MIDF Panasonic - FY18 Performance Slightly Slower Than Estimated
22/05/2018  HLG Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia - Surprise Dividend Payment
26/04/2018  MIDF Panasonic - Strategising To Improve Its Profit Margin
01/03/2018  MIDF Panasonic - Strong Performance From The Home Appliance Segment
01/03/2018  HLG Panasonic - Still a Fan

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MATB Highest quarterly profit . Truly unexpected
28/02/2018 19:07
RainT Good result

Will buy more

(1) PE drop to 15 due to good profit, so more potential upside
(2) Sales and profit up
(3) Cash rich company
28/02/2018 22:01
trulyinvest bought some at 34.32
13/03/2018 13:50
Lioncity Joined the boat at 34.34
13/03/2018 15:30
trulyinvest cut loss 34.232
14/03/2018 14:48
ahgoo Klse volume is low and Panasonic is NOT a volatile stock for quick swing trading let alone day trading. There is not much going on until the next financial quarterly results. You are unlikely to make money for quick in and out trades. It is a consumer cyclical stock ..we’ll have also to wait to
See how the Election is going to
Affect overall KLSE
19/03/2018 09:37
RainT Glad to know some buy in this stock
01/04/2018 11:50
ktsk88 This stock is for long term. But n keep for dividend n appreciation. Better still buy n give to your children.
01/04/2018 12:12
RainT Give to children ....lol ...
08/04/2018 12:47
trulyinvest Cannot hold above 34. Myr strengthening. No good to panamy.
08/04/2018 13:17
RainT Not only Panamy

Many export also same

Important is the company grow and prospects
12/04/2018 16:42
万靖 Not really...PANAMY this year get sales profit get Band 2 level. Would be steady....
23/04/2018 15:57
RainT Band 2 level? What is that? Mind to explain?
25/04/2018 00:03
RainT I trust in this Japanese mgmt, will continue to hold for long term

even now share price ad 35.00 ++, I believe will go higher with expansion & good mgmt

this company is not like other companies that affected by this and that, PANAMY know how to manage the company well
25/04/2018 00:05
RainT Believe in steady and slowly raise in share price
25/04/2018 00:06
万靖 http://www.chinapress.com.my/?p=1230937
25/04/2018 01:35
Bull Don so confiden yet.. anything can happen, good magmt do not meat share price up
25/04/2018 14:46
RainT Bull........what you said also correct !!!

Nowadays full with uncertainty!
02/05/2018 23:44
1099 I hope the final dividend will more than 130sen since the 3rd quarter eps is historical height and the coming Q at least can maintain as previous.
04/05/2018 12:39
Lioncity 2 months ago from my purchase price 34.34 & 33.80 become 37.50 today, still cheap for consumer stock.
16/05/2018 16:50
ongkkh Tong is top up
21/05/2018 06:44
Lioncity Wow proposing final dividend of 233 sen per ordinary share! Congrats all shareholders.
21/05/2018 19:47
1099 Wah...Really huatlah this time record high dividend, thanks My darling stock panamy.
21/05/2018 20:37
benson85 Huat
21/05/2018 20:46
hellbender Quarterly numbers fell. Is the dividends sustainable?
22/05/2018 08:59
RainT Yes sustainable

They have huge cash pile !
22/05/2018 09:10
weng Out of 233c div, 100c is special div.
We have to assume this 100c div won't be there every year.
22/05/2018 14:54
RainT With current price 39.62 ....and coming dividend 2.33

Dividend yield about 5.88%
22/05/2018 23:02
RainT This yield 5.88 % is better than FD , mutual fund ( high sales charges ) and others ....

I think worth to buy and keep , rather than put money in FD

Buy in stages when have weaknesses ...

Panamy shareholder what you think ? Mind to share opinion
22/05/2018 23:03
ahgoo In my opinion, the special dividend is a sign that Panasonic with its huge cash war chest. Since 2006, annual dividend has been >RM1.15, except for 2009 and 2012. Since 2010 only 6 out of 8 years Panasonic declared a special dividend, special dividends have represented 32%-65% of the total dividend payout. So, I don't think that the dividend under threat. If you assume an average of RM1.2 at stock price of RM29, you are looking at 3%yield which is fairly conservative. I don't think you can expect 5.88% yield going forward, even if Panasonic raises the dividend payout, with rising stock price the yield will be attenuated.

If you look at the chart, PANAMY is forming a bullish pattern.

This is a stock that is not for day-trading. In fact, most KLSE stocks do not have the volume for day trading. This is a consumer cyclical stock. With 'zero-ing' of GST and lower petrol, etc., if you invest with a 2-3 year time frame, I think you will be handsomely rewarded.
23/05/2018 01:11
hellbender If we buy today will we still enjoy the special dividend? Not really sure?

I am also quite bullish on this stocks especially with the coming tax holiday for at least 2 months, i think the pent-up demand will help the revenue.

As for the dividend, i am in agreement with ahgoo and RainT
23/05/2018 09:49
ahgoo you need to find out when PANAMY will be ex-dividend ...i.e. you have to purchase before that date to enjoy the RM 2.33 per share
23/05/2018 13:07
apprentice X-date same time every year early Sept.
23/05/2018 13:17
hellbender oh i c so most definitely will get the special dividend.

Dunno why so unlucky today klse all fall :-(

Hopefully it is temporary.
23/05/2018 15:15
RainT @ahgoo....

Thanks for your good opinion ...give you a LIKE !
23/05/2018 23:59
RainT @hellbender...

In PANAMY quarter report , they have mentioned to propose that special dividend 233 cents ....so the ex date still not yet finalize / announce

So definitely now can buy and be entitled to that 233 cents dividend
24/05/2018 00:01
RainT Going forward , my points of concern
Bad ;
-Raw material costs copper , steel etc ( this we as small ikan billis really cannot know exactly and need want if there is any BOOM when qtr report out) , hope PANAMY smart management will do something to reduce if costs go up
-USD fluctuations ( this tie with macro environment that we also cannot do anything )

Good ;
-GST scrap out, so consumer sentiment in Msia shld be better , expect more sales
24/05/2018 00:05
RainT I think only PANAMY annual report in Bursa that got show example of a investor investment of rm1000 turn out to be how much today ....

Hope PANAMY can go up slowly and steadily and all the way I will buy slowly ....maybe few months buy one time to accumulate for long term .....

Learn really hard lesson in MYEG and GKENT .....where the effect is so big and drop so much almost 90% ....anyhow need learn to move on and be better !

Cheers !!!
24/05/2018 00:08
Lioncity Anybody top up these few days? I did. Kind of satisfaction when you queue low and seller throw the price to you. Again, this is not for short term trade.
25/05/2018 20:04
RainT I going to top up when it drop , dividend yield is 6%
03/06/2018 18:18
Johloh EPF is disposing. Wait till it drop then buy
07/06/2018 11:00
ahgoo There are 2 options on when to buy, either you wait till support bounce back at RM 37.83 (S1), RM 35.99(S2) or you wait for final confirmation that there is high volume beyond RM 40.79 if you are ultra conservative. In any case, I think I have said this before, when I made my purchases, it was around RM 39, even when it dropped dramatically during mid-Feb, I never considered selling and I still don't, because I want this stock as part of my long term core holding. :)
07/06/2018 14:43
RainT Long term core holding ....very good

Panamy is good and safe investment
07/06/2018 16:40
lching what happened to PANAMY? Drop 2 dollar!!!!
13/06/2018 14:52
Fabien Extraordinaire no, you should ask why someone so desperate to sell?
13/06/2018 20:38
Ben Son Sow congrats those who grab it....miss the boat...hopefully can dispose again
13/06/2018 21:24
ahgoo As has been stated in this forum, PANAMY is NOT a stock for quick in and out trading. On Jun13th, if you had waivered during the day, you might have sold it at RM 35.6, but it did close back at RM38 (S2 not violated). In fact since May16th, (S1) has not been violated either). This is really and institutional stock, the major moves are > 100,000 trading volume. There are only 3 major down days of any significance (Dec21st2017: 201K: RM38.98, May24th2018: 171K: RM38.8, Jun5th2018: RM38.3). All three have >100K trading volume and all three closed above RM37.83

So my advice, is to stop fretting in this forum - it is a buy and hold for the long term. If you want to make a quick ringgit - perhaps you should consider swapping Starbucks coffee for Mamak's teh tarik. You will save more money! Happy investing.
14/06/2018 23:58
cheated Got sifu ask to buy? Might be he dumped afterwards?
19/06/2018 23:07
YuckyChicken buy on weakness on good counter like this and keep it for years.
20/06/2018 14:57
ktsk88 Yes been keeping for 6 years now......next 2 months gonna receive the dividend soon......bought from 11.80 and another at 26.00.

if you manage to buy you're consider lucky to even get 1000 complete shares.
20/06/2018 15:21

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