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13.86 14.13     +0.27 (1.95%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
21/08/2017 13.86 15.70 +1.84 (13.28%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
18/08/2017 13.54 15.70 +2.16 (15.95%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
15/08/2017 13.30 14.85 +1.55 (11.65%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
15/08/2017 13.30 14.20 +0.90 (6.77%) BUY CIMB Price Target News
20/04/2017 11.72 13.15 +1.43 (12.20%) BUY TA Price Target News
20/04/2017 11.72 14.85 +3.13 (26.71%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
19/04/2017 11.76 12.75 +0.99 (8.42%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
21/08/2017  KENANGA M’sian Pacific Industries - On High Gear
18/08/2017  KENANGA M’sian Pacific Industries - Within Expectations
15/08/2017  KENANGA M’sian Pacific Industries - Ahead of the Game
15/08/2017  CIMB MPI exploring potential M&As, says CIMB Research [Goreng Goreng]
20/04/2017  TA Malaysian Pacific Industries - Plans in Place to Outpace Market Growth
20/04/2017  KENANGA M’sian Pacific Industries - Full Acceleration
19/04/2017  KENANGA M?sian Pacific Industries - Above Expectations

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jeannie I follow you bsnpg...if not we are holding paper profits, syiok sendiri la haha.
03/05/2017 11:26
bsngpg I am selling a bit to celebrate symbolic price break for each RM1.
03/05/2017 11:34
lching bsngpg i sell some MPI and jump to PIE.
03/05/2017 11:38
bsngpg I have both. MPI is still a 70% heavier than the newly acquired pie. Wishing all having great luck in both MPI and pie.
03/05/2017 11:42
RIC 1214 Breakout with volume, new high, i will just dumb dumb hold
03/05/2017 22:25
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes time to sell
05/05/2017 09:57
tjunkie wow. one of the quek family. quek leng chye just disposed 100mil shares
05/05/2017 19:45
angcl To support all MPI shareholders, I will follow you dumb dumb hold with 100% confident in MPI generating greater profits, more and beyond analyst expectation.
06/05/2017 21:45
HaoRan wew, mpi. never stop rising wtf.
08/05/2017 13:18
bsngpg Shiok to see MPI always pops up as top gainer.
08/05/2017 13:48
bsngpg Now at 12.82 + the just ex 19 cents div, it is RM13.01. I should sell 100 units today to mark the break of another RM1.
08/05/2017 15:57
ongkkh bsngpg, just sold 100 share? what is your TP?
08/05/2017 22:20
bsngpg 14 and higher depending on sentiment of broader mkt at that time.
09/05/2017 07:13
bsngpg Again, one of the top gainer of the day(+30cents).
16/05/2017 19:06
bsngpg Bro : As I need fund to pay for other greedy buy, I was forced to sell 1000 shares MPI at 13.06 although it has not met my TP at 14. Nevertheless, I still have lot more. Hold on!!!
27/05/2017 14:56
shareinvestor88 U have a lot of MpI ?
28/05/2017 07:31
bsngpg Still have many more to sell. Do not compare, I collected MPI from RM4295 to RM9590. The 1000 sold were collected last year at RM9590. Profit is just 27% including div received.
28/05/2017 12:58
samsambank Check MMSV. Nice semiconductor stock with low P/E
06/06/2017 22:14
RIC 1214 Be patient and hold tight..
08/06/2017 12:32
bsngpg Q to sell at 13.40. Need money
08/06/2017 12:57
shareinvestor88 Why sell ???
12/06/2017 23:49
Apollo Ang seen before MPI from over RM 50 crash to below 2.00 from year 2000 dot com boom to 2008, even 2014 saw RM 2.50 also
12/06/2017 23:53
voonyoke Even I don't own tech stocks but I still hope those who hold it will earn from it. Apollo Ang, pls don't be so black heart.
12/06/2017 23:55
Apollo Ang I no black heart lah,my fren hold 5,000 units for almost 20 years. he bought at 5.00 went up to over 50.00 he didn't sell and hold until now.i seen this stock contraction many times the latest in dec when it went down from 10.00 to 7.50.if u wanna hold it's up to u
12/06/2017 23:59
Aries Good to accumulate the fundamental good tech stocks during sell off as the world economy is recovering. Buy in dip.
13/06/2017 09:21
shareinvestor88 Agree with Apollo. MPI crash from 50 to 2 after dotcom burst. In fact from 2011 to 2012 MpI was lowest 250. I went in from 450 to 270 and held till now
13/06/2017 17:51
gcke 1.0 The members do not need to accuse another commentator of black heart if the latter view is contrary to the former!.Everyone if free to present their views,opinions and comments.Facts and information disclosed can then help the investors and speculators to time their Buy,Sell or just to Hold.Even the IB can differ in their analysis of the stock under their review.

2.0 Even the large shareholders of MPI-the Hong Leong clan,Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan and his relatives were disposing off the shares since June 2017.

3.0 The Future market on Nasdaq is up 7.0points.Hopefully the sell-down last Friday stabilised.Overall the global economy is in better shape than previous years.

4.0 The Technical Price Charts for the stock-MA,MACD,RSI,stochastic support further uptrend for the stock barring any sudden adverse global market development like what happened on Friday,last week.
Just to share.Be a savvy and smart investor.Good luck.
13/06/2017 18:03
shareinvestor88 Dont be taken back by the selling from HL group.
In Magni the major shareholder sold out at 450 but the price kept going up
13/06/2017 19:53
bsngpg Today sold MPI another 1000 unit at RM13.20. Need money else where.
14/06/2017 19:20
bsngpg Today sold again for another 1500 units at 13.20.
15/06/2017 21:19
moneypedia Bsngpg may i know how long u keep ur stock until u sell, and what average...
15/06/2017 21:35
bsngpg I started accumulating MPI from 4 to 9, since 2014. It is not so much on holding period, but more on PE and personal appetite. Lately, I need money, thus I sold MPI and GTRONIC. I will sell more MPI if it goes up further
15/06/2017 22:48
shareinvestor88 Dear bsngpg you sold mpi to invest in another stock ? Or u need money for something else ?
16/06/2017 23:31
bsngpg Sold MPI 1000 units again at 13.22 on 16Jun17. Will sell again if price stays on uptrend. At the same time, sell order on GTronic at 6.10 somehow was not met. Will try again next week.
I am share "gambler", the money is definitely moved to other bet.
17/06/2017 09:24
shareinvestor88 What other bet are u buying
17/06/2017 16:42
shareinvestor88 Mr Evli is buying mpi
17/06/2017 16:43
bsngpg Ha my TP rm14 is coming. Although I have sold some MPI at 13.2, l still have another batch waiting for rm14 and higher.
My earlier switching from MPI @13.22 to "O" counter does not bode well so far. Have to wait.
20/07/2017 21:41
bsngpg TP RM14 has been exceeded. Sold 1000 shares at RM14 to celebrate the win. Will sell again at higher price. Still keep 50% of the initiate holding. Good luck.
27/07/2017 18:37
RIC 1214 Slow but steady, holding tight..
27/07/2017 22:38
jeannie keep falling.any news???
11/08/2017 13:04
lching bsngpg, i took profit on MPI, unable to sell above RM14.
12/08/2017 01:13
grateful_ RM 7 pls.
13/08/2017 22:31
bsngpg lching : great that you took profit. I have taken profit on half of my holding on MPI. I still keep another half to try luck. Besides EverG, I bought Hevea at 1.63 last week. Good luck to you.
15/08/2017 20:44
angcl Quite disappointed profit result
17/08/2017 20:28
angcl Time to sell tomorrow..
17/08/2017 20:30
suregain Poor result.. share px run ahead
17/08/2017 20:32
apolloang profit growth less than 5% but stock price more than double.......cornering stock is it? should down to below RM 10.00.not a fair value at all.14.10 for this no growth stock
17/08/2017 21:54
angcl Agreed with you, Apollo.. I just sold MPI..
18/08/2017 15:06
angcl https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-17/dip-buyers-beware-this-selloff-came-with-slew-of-worrying-signs
18/08/2017 15:06
shareinvestor88 Apolloang ur right better run n sell
20/08/2017 15:53

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