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19/05/2017 1.06 1.46 +0.40 (37.74%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News

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19/05/2017  RHB-OSK (Icon) Lion Industries (2) - RHB Initiated Coverage With Target Price of RM1.46

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Save Lion is not named, personally think, may be due to following reasons (1) Lion is not leader in profit margin currently (Annjoo is). (2) lion operator does not have good relationship with them (3) they haven't bought enough lion shares. (4) Investment in lion is not pure steel play due to 20+% in parkson. Results prediction is difficult due to variables. (5) lion will be named after certainty of parkson recovery in the later part of the steel price uptrend cycle.
10/10/2017 18:27
sklim Mean still can buy in ?
10/10/2017 23:04
gwansoo one question, why doesn't it replenish its inventory but keep the cash?
10/10/2017 23:10
kelvin61 @ myongcc5. Good observation. It shows you know your stuff. People like you will make money. Those that listens to born losers like Joetay and ks55 are doomed. They have no accounting knowledge yet they comment like they know their stuff. They harped on the past. They never focus on current and future. When they buy any shares, I'm sure they will lose more than they make due to their shortcomings. Hope they find peace.
11/10/2017 00:30
joetay kelvin61,

u sure i dont know my stuffs???

u cannot even tell me if parkson can survive the onslaught from aeon/carrefour/alibaba, so do u know ur stuff then????

11/10/2017 00:38
AzerothJr Joeytay kor sometimes learn to admit mistakes no harm. The more you say bad about the stock the higher it goes up, anyway we only interested to earn money.. gogo lion king rm2.00 comes 2018.
11/10/2017 02:59
AzerothJr Dumb dumb collect more.. it may be slow but it is steady..
11/10/2017 03:00
kelvin61 I'm extremely bullish on LionInd's prospects. Based on current fundamentals and price, this stock is the best steel stock to own, cheers.
11/10/2017 09:46
sklim Myongcc5 ,, what lion king reigns ?
11/10/2017 11:27
veln82k6 Block at 1.40. Operator control..
11/10/2017 12:05
Tortise99 大家是否有察觉,每当报章大事报道钢铁主题时,当天或接下来几天就有卖家出货。。。看来散户必需提防这些陷阱。
11/10/2017 12:56
sklim Tortise99 Ya Ya.. normally when news post out.. sure will drop n sell ...
11/10/2017 13:00
RJ87 problem with Lionind is parkson...despite the horrendous waterbag, it's still profitable....

Just imagine without. Just imagine...
11/10/2017 13:28
Tortise99 People use money to vote their confidence on company's prospects instead of imagination...
11/10/2017 16:28
Save looks like not much seller currently. Any good news will trigger a spike
12/10/2017 11:40
Calvin882 This is the good news we are waiting for

12/10/2017 13:39
MrPauper Does lion ind has anything to do with crss?
12/10/2017 13:45
veln82k6 Megasteel going to rise again..
12/10/2017 19:32
Arlong 螺纹钢“王者归来”
13/10/2017 14:48
Calvin882 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/us-steel-stocks-jump-after-kobe-steel-crisis-deepens
13/10/2017 23:35
Calvin882 Not sure this is good news for Lion. Kobe is the 3rd largest steel producer in the world
13/10/2017 23:36
stockfish 3rd largest steel producer in Japan only
14/10/2017 08:48
stockfish http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/10/13/us-steel-stocks-jump-after-kobe-steel-crisis-deepens/#4Qai7QFA1xDDZuEh.01
14/10/2017 08:48
Choo Nicholas When the quater result out, anyone know thanks.
14/10/2017 22:40
sklim Next week China steel price are increase..so maybe can up again..
15/10/2017 16:43
jackfruit WC need to be generous for Lion Ind to declare a final dividen of about 3sen and Lion Ind share will definitely hit 2.00. No need to follow everyday steel prices.
15/10/2017 17:53
BullRunComing This November will declare dividend.
15/10/2017 20:46
Mike Jcy Hi...bullruncoming, may i know whr u get this info?
16/10/2017 07:07
BullRunComing Not a big news.
16/10/2017 14:01
toypoodle Dividend will be wellcome, but , I rather it'll declare bonus share.
16/10/2017 20:04
lanjiolang Be fearful of 'Right Issue' when others are greedy of 'Bonus and Dividend' (Warren Buffett)
16/10/2017 20:47
AzerothJr Be it RI or BI same it will reach rm 2.00 got news is good news.
17/10/2017 00:43
BullRunComing Don't simply quote people's name when you already rephrased the sentence.
17/10/2017 09:13
BullRunComing Right issue, bonus issue, dividend will not be the catalyst for achieving RM 2.00. Most of the news are unnecessary.
QR profit will tell.
17/10/2017 09:17
lanjiolang Be fearful of 'Right Issue' when others are greedy of 'Bonus and Dividend' (Lanjiolang)
17/10/2017 09:18
lanjiolang Don't simply say if you don't have any support document.

Posted by BullRunComing > Oct 15, 2017 08:46 PM | Report Abuse

This November will declare dividend.
17/10/2017 09:22
BullRunComing That is my own sentence, I did not quote anyone.
17/10/2017 09:32
lanjiolang So, November got dividend or not? or you just guessing?
17/10/2017 09:37
louis1107cpy lion roar!!! why so quiet recently
17/10/2017 11:09
toypoodle Sore throat
17/10/2017 12:01
lanjiolang Happy Deepavali to everyone and Hope Lion will fly after Deepavali!!!
17/10/2017 17:01
steelmaha Happy Deepavali guys
18/10/2017 23:31
louis1107cpy Good Night Guys. last night and tonight many ppl play fireworks.. Hopefully tomorrow lion also play rocket lo
19/10/2017 00:15
sklim Lionind keep dropping ~
19/10/2017 12:46
lanjiolang ytl c liao. all steel counter pay respect to him.
19/10/2017 12:55
leoting https://leoting81.blogspot.my/2017/10/blog-post_97.html
19/10/2017 14:03
lanjiolang @leoting, Thanks.
19/10/2017 14:42
sklim Oh. Still can hold ?
19/10/2017 15:37
notebook cannot hold liao , run fast
19/10/2017 15:38
dragontiger0007 hold, steel price getting increased, profit should be higher next quarter
19/10/2017 15:57

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