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hng33 sold back all earlier higher cost, all at 95.5sen too, locked big paper loss, free up capital frist
27/03/2018 09:10
KAQ4468 super clown33

kah kah kah
27/03/2018 09:20
KAQ4468 Posted by hng33 > Mar 20, 2018 10:39 AM | Report Abuse

bought back annjoo at 3.29

hng33 sold back annjoo at 3.10-3.12, locked all contra profit, free up capital

27/03/2018 09:14

woiii clown

Ann Joo bought 3.29 , sold 3.12 ..... also locked contra profit ka ???

clown33 .... lu kaw kaw legend in i3 history ... super clown of the year !!!

kah kah kah
27/03/2018 09:29
hng33 Awaiting to buyback again on weakness
27/03/2018 09:30
KAQ4468 woiii clown33

Bought 1.08
Sold 0.94

= Contra gain !!

itu macam Maybank pun boleh bankrupt woiii next 3 months

kah kah kah
27/03/2018 09:56
Comeonbaby Trap
27/03/2018 10:26
hng33 Weakness back, awaiting to accumulate back again
27/03/2018 15:38
coldinvestor Preparing to sailang with unlimited fund again.
27/03/2018 15:45
Invest_168 Lembaga tabung haji collect this lionind almost everyday recently....it's rubbish collector or it's hidden gem collector?
27/03/2018 16:06
KAQ4468 hng33 Weakness back, awaiting to accumulate back again

27/03/2018 15:38

woiiii Clown33

u should accumulate at higher price and sell to lowest price as u can ... bought at RM1.3 ka RM1.4 ka and CUT WIN to 0.30 .... so your contra GAIN can get bigger and bigger ... if can sell to 0.10 lagi bagus woooooo , really HANDSOME PROFIT !!!
27/03/2018 17:20
hng33 Waiting for bottom for right time to re-enter back to rebuild back position at much lower price.
28/03/2018 09:37
coldinvestor Preparing to sailang with unlimited fund again.
28/03/2018 09:38
cutie epf selling saprng , drops. Ltat buying Lionind, also drop ....89 holding well , should rebound from here. I bought already at average price 90.5
28/03/2018 10:02
LowChingHong Sailang all at RM0.900!!
28/03/2018 11:03
ZeroCityHunter bear trend stock sailing? kisiao
28/03/2018 11:04
KAQ4468 U should sailang at higher price and sell to the lowest price as u can ... bought at RM1.3 ka RM1.4 ka and CUT WIN to 0.30 .... so your contra GAIN can get bigger and bigger ... if can sell to 0.10 lagi bagus woooooo , really HANDSOME PROFIT !!!
28/03/2018 11:10
KAQ4468 u want profit ??

u must follow Clown33

if bought 1.1 , must sell to to 0.90 .... called contra GAIN
if bought 1.0 , must sell to to 0.80 .... called huge PROFIT
if bought 0.9 , must sell to to 0.70 .... called PROFIT MARGIN

lagi bagus kalau bought 1.30 , then sell to 40 cents or 30 cents with all capital , all in , biggest portfolio & fully invested ... it's called CUT WIN !!!!

Clown33 is the cleverest sifu in i3 history
28/03/2018 11:20
AzerothJr who is clown33? Aiyoh, we all here is to make money only no need to lower yourself until personal attacks. You gain what from there, shiok sendiri or the person cursed by you will have endless nightmare and lose money, then you sendiri can perhaps gain money or still lose money? Then for what you do that? Lose money nevermind but don't lose your rationality, its what makes a human still humane.
28/03/2018 11:40
KAQ4468 aiyakkkk.... tarak kenal Clown33 ka ??
28/03/2018 11:49
JackOffAllTrade Shittiest counter
30/03/2018 07:21
jackfruit Funny suddenly investors are running away from steel counter. Even i3 steel industry inside man Edward also disappear. Anyway don't worry steel counter will come back slowly. No panic for longterm investor.
30/03/2018 08:07
Bull333 nothing to worry drop just buy..Steel confirm will eventually up again by this year..good time to collect
30/03/2018 11:04
hng33 use free up capital from malakroff, swap to buyback lionind at 87.5-88.5sen
30/03/2018 12:02
i3lurker Global steel excess capacity so bad that Trump personally involved in talks with China.

There may be more leeway to go.

This will be a Dump & Pump exercise. More emphasis on Dump.
30/03/2018 12:05
i3lurker Also non-prime properties...........
30/03/2018 12:06
hng33 In midst to rebuild back position in lionind through gradually swap more share from free up capital malakroff.
30/03/2018 12:14
coldinvestor Preparing to saliang with Mars and Jupiter family member unlimited capital again.
30/03/2018 13:56
hng33 Done all swap from malakroff to Lionind at average holding cost around 88+sen
30/03/2018 16:35
Bull333 Thank you for those sell at bottom..nicely collect time to rebound
31/03/2018 00:10
KLCI King This guy kaki kong kaki song, I have seen many talked the same ways & end up all very geng, they will have no more tears for the rest of their lives whenever they cry, because all used up already.

Posted by Bull333 > Mar 31, 2018 12:10 AM | Report Abuse
Thank you for those sell at bottom..nicely collect time to rebound
31/03/2018 00:14
FlowerhornKing66 Post removed. Why?
31/03/2018 22:33
derrtan may i know what cost for the sudden dive of the steel counter lately?
01/04/2018 08:07
hng33 bought more lionind at 88.5-89sen
02/04/2018 09:53
hng33 :D)
02/04/2018 10:35
02/04/2018 10:39
hng33 Today is STEEL stock recovery day :D)
02/04/2018 10:43
hng33 sold off all Lionind at 95-95.5sen, locked handsome all contra profit
02/04/2018 11:01
LimKT Thank you
02/04/2018 11:09
Selina Tam yo wei, RHB Buy call LIONIND, broker posted the report on her fb liao, https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=141428766692566&id=100024763302939
02/04/2018 11:22
hentara Gentlemen, one your ball had been squeezed hard by steel guru. Don't let the other ball fall into steel guru's hand.
02/04/2018 21:50
hentara Congratulation to those who cut lose this morning. You guys are really awesome. You have protected your other ball from falling into steel guru's hand. Well done, guys!
03/04/2018 19:13
kelvin61 Steel prices in Malaysia are still near its high. Why are people not buying steel stocks after a big pull back. Lionind will be declaring another solid quarter of profits by May 2018. If you can't see a good thing here, you're probably been losing money all your life in Bursa. For those that are holding or buying more of lionind, congrats because you know your stuff, cheers.
03/04/2018 22:40
hentara I can't resist myself from congratulating those who cut loss yesterday.
04/04/2018 17:27
Lim Tek Wai Done all swap from malakroff
04/04/2018 17:29
Zoe0016 0.855
05/04/2018 10:36
Ivan89 Lion dance
10/04/2018 09:58
10/04/2018 22:51
Paper308 sharks buying
11/04/2018 16:46
11/04/2018 16:51
Yael Jasper Continue to fly high
11/04/2018 16:53

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