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0.625 0.60     -0.025 (4.00%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
30/11/2017 0.67 0.68 +0.01 (1.49%) SELL PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/11/2017 0.695 0.52 -0.175 (25.18%) SELL MIDF Price Target News
30/11/2017 0.695 0.60 -0.095 (13.67%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
30/11/2017 0.67 0.45 -0.22 (32.84%) SELL HLG Price Target News
30/11/2017 0.67 0.60 -0.07 (10.45%) SELL AMMB Price Target News
30/11/2017 0.67 0.41 -0.26 (38.81%) SELL Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
15/08/2017 0.71 0.56 -0.15 (21.13%) SELL PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
15/08/2017 0.71 0.77 +0.06 (8.45%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
15/08/2017 0.71 0.65 -0.06 (8.45%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
15/08/2017 0.71 0.53 -0.18 (25.35%) SELL HLG Price Target News
20/07/2017 0.92 0.85 -0.07 (7.61%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
30/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Media Prima Berhad - Another Poor Quarter
30/11/2017  MIDF Media Prima Berhad - Grim Outlook Ahead
30/11/2017  KENANGA Media Prima - Still In The Dark
30/11/2017  HLG MEDIA PRIMA - 9M17 Results – Below Expectations
30/11/2017  AMMB Media Prima - Another round of kitchen-sinking
30/11/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Media Prima - Disappointing Set of Results
15/08/2017  PUBLIC BANK MEDIA PRIMA - Second Consecutive Quarterly Loss
15/08/2017  MIDF Media Prima - 2017 A Transitional Year
15/08/2017  KENANGA Media Prima - Kitchen Sinking Year
15/08/2017  HLG MEDIA PRIMA - 1H17 Results – Below Expectations
20/07/2017  KENANGA Media - Fading Adex

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michaelgoh Price still dropping
07/12/2017 16:45
blackealge1989 If Media Prima is a battleground between local institute and Morgan Stanley (MS).
Local Funds to sell as much tickets as possible to MS.Then, propose Right Issues to checkmate Morgan Stanley......
08/12/2017 16:43
limch Why MS checkmated? They have funds to buy even 100% Media.
08/12/2017 16:44
blackealge1989 limch, please continue to average down. No hard feeling.
08/12/2017 16:45
limch MS buy slowly not pushing up price.
08/12/2017 17:00
Daily8 blackealge1989, it will take sometime to digest the outcome for now. Sitia is right about the coming maturity. The selldown will be bad as result. Need to look at what Media going to do first.
08/12/2017 17:15
Tancheesiong111 Waiting 60cent to buy.....
08/12/2017 23:45
ivan9511 media really very cheap 60sen . this stock strong background . last few years still worth a few ringgit.
media really that weak media is the big media comapny in malayisa .
astro now 2.50 ringgit .
Malayisa media really only worth 60sen .
media is a cash rich company and a high dividend comapny . why only 60sen .
airasia high debt but 3.50 ringgit .
drb also 1.60 ringgit .
Malaysia media add oil la . Malaysia boleh . Malaysia boleh media boleh media boleh .
Malaysia please help your media .this is your job please do it
09/12/2017 19:55
Ohyea Lol Ivan u sounds like suffering huge paper loss promotinf this way hahaha
10/12/2017 18:15
Tancheesiong111 Big capital start looking this share......Up soon
10/12/2017 21:00
michaelgoh Tp is 50 cents by the research house
10/12/2017 22:07
ivan9511 @Ohyea ,hi Ohyea drop until 60sen I think not me other also suffering big loss ,
if buy 1 ringgit also near 40% lost
unless the clever one who sell all at 85sen recently
If you hold like me also suffer big loss
because last time when 1 ringgit time many people say very very very very cheap now 60sen
actually my price is 1.10 so about 40% loss,
I should listen one of the memeber sold at 85sen last time
but now too late
but got other stock cover like hibicus and waseong and Armada win back ,
very funny government ,
very funny is last time all bursa members said hibiscus and waseong cannot buy because oil very dangerous will die will drop until 30sen or 20sen , they keep said media good governmemt support , high dividend , net cash company not like penny stocks as hibiscus and waseong and armada ,
then finnaly now the lowest the lousy is Media
so Bursa is a gaming only , dun like big government support bluechip all big fundatamental
11/12/2017 00:19
zayady will drop more soon.....lets see tomorrow
11/12/2017 00:34
WD40 At YTL tot of getting a bargain here. Well... placed an order for MEDIA at 0.585
11/12/2017 06:47
BornToSpeculate Ivan19511, dont worry this stock will recover. I think its already much oversold and has upside will come when they start reporting operating profits. Business transformation takes time / costs and this a monopolistic business.

Do you blame them for losses from MNI ? Hong Leong Group also took an equal chunk of losses and had to write off the whole thing in the end
11/12/2017 10:33
ivan9511 hibiscus armada waseong all.very higher than media media 58sen lowest .
no eye see. no hope . later lower than puc and hubline hubline.
this media very seriously icu now . anyone can help ?
11/12/2017 17:44
michaelgoh All media Co not doing well go Holland d
11/12/2017 17:49
WD40 But my 0.585 order not filed... tomorrow order again 0.575 try luck!
11/12/2017 18:27
pakatan_harapan2 MS, EPF buy why still drop? Ghosts sell?
11/12/2017 20:32
ivan9511 11-Dec-2017 Insider MORGAN STANLEY & CO. LLC (a substantial shareholder) acquired 310,700 shares on 07-Dec-2017.
11-Dec-2017 Insider EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND BOARD (a substantial shareholder) acquired 86,600 shares on 05-Dec-2017.

EPF also wantto play Media
12/12/2017 00:17
WD40 8 ut of 10 of my friends subscribe to malayiakini... media prima no biznes liao
12/12/2017 07:51
pakatan_harapan2 Ini kali ubah ke Pakatan. BN cannot take care Media and let EPF members suffer huge losses.
12/12/2017 10:38
curious2 Pos CEO resign. Join Media better?
12/12/2017 11:36
curious2 MS takeover will they change Media CEO?
12/12/2017 11:56
WD40 0.58 not a lucky number... plez fill my 0.575 order!
12/12/2017 12:18
ivan9511 all sell to ms.
but be frank .right now besides ms I think no one dare to buy media
election push down instead of election help stable media price
12/12/2017 14:29
xiaomiin none stop buying from EPF and MS
12/12/2017 18:07
Ohyea Shuld I average down ? 50% loss now...
12/12/2017 18:32
wotvr If you can average down, I guess. Election coming so got potential to goreng. Otherwise, timeframe to hold would be 2 years. Probably see it back to profit in FY2019 or if lucky FY2018. FY2017 is a loss year.
13/12/2017 07:48
WD40 4 years keep on falling down edi. dying industry. all biznes kena rampas by the independent journalists. Everybody hate local news. We watch it just to watch jokes. Makcik pakcik sendiri pun tau.
13/12/2017 08:04
terencechuah Never go up, everyday dripping. The worst stock, no support at all, investor keep on selling this stock. MS keep on buying and pushing the price down.
13/12/2017 09:58
Ohyea Shit haha .. stucked... 50% loss.. sell cannot buy more then scare
13/12/2017 11:44
SmallBang Macam mao u turn dah
13/12/2017 12:27
ABSBOSS 62 cents baru start beli lor
13/12/2017 14:13
ltw1123 MS pushing up the price?
13/12/2017 14:58
WD40 I was too greedy... lol... ended up got nothing. Good luck for those who get in at 0.585!
13/12/2017 15:34
tealeaf today gain much...
13/12/2017 15:53
Tancheesiong111 Sell 0.65 ... Hunting again
13/12/2017 15:59
Tancheesiong111 0.60 ..... Coming soon
13/12/2017 16:00
trade88 Only pakatan can save media. U see fgv, ipo more than rm4 .now....haiz.....
13/12/2017 16:30
13/12/2017 16:33
mbge7clt MS accumulate daily but still only 10.94% havent cross 11%. EPF got 13.3%.
13/12/2017 16:52
ABSBOSS epf start buying meh
13/12/2017 19:16
luckyjb may i know ms stand for what?
13/12/2017 19:39
13/12/2017 20:52
IlmuKhodam ms = Morgan Stanley
13/12/2017 21:12
apolloang not morgan the pirate? hahaha
13/12/2017 21:12
ABSBOSS im betting on media-ck... 200k units... huhuhu...loss or win till February... lets see
14/12/2017 00:02
Candyliow99 can buy?
14/12/2017 00:55
ABSBOSS i buy today 200k units.. .betting mother will go up above 70 cents
14/12/2017 01:17

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