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8.05 8.64     +0.59 (7.33%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
26/02/2018 8.88 9.00 +0.12 (1.35%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
18/12/2017 8.77 8.43 -0.34 (3.88%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
07/12/2017 8.68 8.43 -0.25 (2.88%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
20/09/2017 8.70 8.50 -0.20 (2.30%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
26/02/2018  KENANGA Scientex Berhad - Acquiring Klang Hock Plastics Industries
18/12/2017  KENANGA Scientex Berhad - Buying More Land in Johor
07/12/2017  KENANGA Scientex Berhad - 1Q18 Within Expectations
20/09/2017  KENANGA Scientex - FY17 Within Our Expectation

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leslieroycarter Slow n steady n no heartache...
21/12/2017 14:16
leslieroycarter Barrier 9.85....
03/01/2018 16:33
leslieroycarter To hit 10 B in 10 year’s time , the strategy is minimum growth 25% pa.
03/01/2018 19:33
Aeron_learner Hi all, I'm Newbie here. First time saw the DRP annoucement. Can anyone share the procedure to participate it? We just need to print out the form from annoucement link then send bac to company will do?
Or we will be receive the applications form?
Because i fill my address at hometown but I working outside. Not sure whether I should back hometown and check. Many thanks!
04/01/2018 07:48
ss20_20 The reinvestment option is at RM7.80 per new share and the new shares must be in multiple of and not less than 100 new shares. That means you may need at least 7,800 existing Scientx shares and entitled final dividend of RM780 (RM0.10 per shares held), then you would use the dividend to reinvest to get 100 new shares.
05/01/2018 13:36
leslieroycarter DRP is definitely better than cash dividend proposed .At 7.80 , ur buying at a great discount coz the price now is more than 9.00.
05/01/2018 14:37
leslieroycarter Difference between cash dividend and stock received is more than 16~17%.
05/01/2018 14:41
ss20_20 it's true
05/01/2018 16:49
Plainrobot Good counter
05/01/2018 18:25
Aeron_learner So if we hold less than 7800 share, no need to subscribe the DRP? @@
05/01/2018 23:40
kionglee I only have 2000shares, so can give up liao :(
06/01/2018 09:04
Aeron_learner Anyone can we get the odd shares? haha
06/01/2018 13:04
Ricky Yeo @leslieroycarter I disagree: There is no such thing as definite. Comparatively, yes you will be better off doing DRPs compare to buying share. But you have to know your own opportunity cost. And again RM7.80 means your willingness to except a certain level of future return. If that future return doesn't meet the hurdle rate of an investor, the correct decision is still not to reinvest. Just because the difference is 16-17% doesn't mean reinvesting div is the right decision.
09/01/2018 11:26
CKNGCKI3 Ricky Yeo..i think u have no idea what u are talking about..what u mean by willingness to accept certain level of future returns ? This is shares...can sell anytime !
09/01/2018 19:21
leslieroycarter Those who had sold triggered by a few speculators here in so small volume will be regretted for life as the majority of holders here are very long term , some way back in its inception days when it was traded RM 1.40/1.45....it shot up passed wll over RM 13.00 , after split , it was RM 6.50 , now it is traded RM 8-9. Good or not , we can easily access . For the DRP part in exchange of div paid , some quarters said , it is a bad bargain, though it is only fixed at RM 7.80 compared in trade of well excess of RM 9.00. I m still for the DRP coz it is very much cheaper than purchased from the market being void of commission charges, transfer fees , stamp duties and GST . Where can u get such a good deal now? Maybank also did the same thing of paying div or issuing stock at 10% below market market price , whereas Scientx offered a better deal coming to 17%. Agree or disagree is up to individual . If u state the facts and substantiate with more credible reasons , then everyone of us here will be more than welcome to hear more from u more in future.
10/01/2018 08:20
dextronium Anyone has got the DRP offer letter? Thanks in advance for any input.
10/01/2018 08:34
ss20_20 Those with less than 7,800 shares then you will receive cash dividend
10/01/2018 08:34
dextronium I have fulfilled this criteria.
10/01/2018 08:55
leslieroycarter The future returns at least better than RM 13 previously if it breached 10 B in a few years time ... I think it shall be RM 18-20 .... The future returns shall be better than 3%interest from local banks.
10/01/2018 10:31
leslieroycarter vol 42,400 shares sold yesterday ...compared with normal trade of vol 127k to 356k. from 33% to 9% respectively. Too insignificant to pull down the stock given its strong fundamentals still very much intact . If the punters can sell more than 100k per day , then the picture will be different . But i doubt the sudden sell can really pull the rest who are long term holders to part cheaply when its future is getting stronger by the day.
10/01/2018 10:39
Ricky Yeo Look it this way. DRPs can be a good deal for some not everyone. If in my universe where I only understand FD and Scientex but nothing else, DRP for Scientex will be a very good deal, because my opportunity cost, buying FD instead of DRP Sctx, is low. In contrast, if my uncle offer his business for only 10% of its true value, should I put my money in DRP or buy his business? of course I'll be too dumb to buy DRP because my uncle business promise way better return given he only offer me at 10%.

Business is always talking about future return on capital. How much the business can generate given its current and future investment. Which means if you DRP at that price, mean you value Scientex as 'good value', given that there are no other better opportunity out there. But if you do have a good opportunity somewhere, that is a bad decision.

To give a concrete example, Scientex at DRP price would means you 'own' a piece of the business at $3.741 market cap. IF you assume that Scientex can hit $10 bil market cap in 10 years, what is the CAGR? 10.3%. This is factual. You can calculate that. And assume PE ratio maintain the same, that means the share price will compound at 10.3% CAGR as well.

So now the thing is, what is your opportunity cost? What is the next best idea.? If someone has another stock that can give 15% long-term for next 10 years, does it make sense to get this DRP? Of course not, that is wasting opportunity. Comparatively, if someone only has the next best idea that can give say 8% long-term (all else equal i.e quality), then surely he should buy the DRPs.

Opportunity cost is relative, everyone is different. And FYI, I hold Scientex since $2.47 pre-split, just in case someone wants to accuse I have hentai intention.

IF you think DRP Scientex is good, that's great you should subscribe. The point is advising someone without taking into their opportunity cost is not a good thing to do. Just as someone would ask should i buy this, should I buy that, of course I can't answer. My opportunity cost is different from yours.
10/01/2018 17:33
Ricky Yeo Now this trigger another interesting thing. I've no doubt if someone ask if he should buy Scientex now, surely all Scientex supporters will ask him to buy, saying great management, well run (I agree), etc. Lets quantify this.

Scientex current market cap is $4.35 bil, using same equation, 10 years 10 bil, you get CAGR 8.68%, which is decent if not crap. But mark my word, many people buying Scientex at this price will be imagining themselves earning 100% return in 3-5 years, thinking it is 'conservative' estimate given Scientex has average more than 100% per year for past 5 years.
10/01/2018 18:02
Ricky Yeo And I am not too sure how you derive growth of 25% p.a given a $10 bil market cap in 10 years, unless you are assuming the PE will be so low than current level by then.
10/01/2018 18:25
leslieroycarter If u r thinking out of the box not related to comparison to bank deposit vs div from stock ; like doing business as an entrepreneur , then there is no point to deliberate further . How to compare apple and an orange ? Two different things and too many variables n too different DNA altogether , It is just like u r going for business n I m talking about bitcoin , a broad chain crypto currency investment . The up n rise witnessed so far was astronomical. With this , it will come with the same risks n liabilities as well. I m talking stock investment not involving much mental orientation but su5 comfortably to see nominal projection of your fund in a manageable way , same as other stock investing . It is that plain simple n not much of economic n accounting jargons applied to be easily understood.
12/01/2018 12:19
Ricky Yeo We can exclude my uncle's business if you want. But the logic is still the same, DRPs is only good if other opportunities i.e other stocks provide lower future return. IF someone has a stock that can return more than 10.3% in next 10 years, all else equal, this DRPs is not the first choice.

And if you only want to compare between bank deposit and stock, any stock that has dividend yield higher than 4% or PE below 25 (1/25=4%) can be justified as more preferable than putting that sum of money in bank deposit. But that is only true if both carry the same risk, which obviously isn't. Investor demand higher return (risk premium) in order to compensate for the risk of investing in stock, because they are riskier in nature (whether that's Scientex or Public Bank) compare to having it in bank deposits.

So going back to that 10.3% CAGR, the risk premium is 6.3% (10.3-4%). That means again, an investor has to compare to see if 6.3% is enough to compensate for the risk he is taking.

I am sure I try to be as simple as I can. No Physic level maths. Opportunity cost is really "Should I spend tonight going for movie' or 'Should I watch dvd at home'
12/01/2018 13:43
leslieroycarter Generally , market was down the last few trading days n some chosed to unload first n buy later. The volume is too small to make any appreciable impact unlike HY where it has gone down from 19+ to 11+ within a few trading days . Scientx as seen is perfectly all right given the poor sentiments all around .
19/01/2018 12:47
leslieroycarter 26-Jan-2018 Additional Listing Dividend Reinvestment Plan that provides the shareholders of Scientex with an option to elect to reinvest their single tier final dividend of RM0.10 per ordinary share in Scientex ("Scientex Share(s)") for the financial year ended 31 July 2017 in new Scientex Shares. - 5,226,500 shares at 7.800.
26/01/2018 15:31
leslieroycarter Scientax is no HY , selling down means that you are throwing yourself into a tiger’s den. The opportunists will snap up gleely and finally the price will be back to normacy.
29/01/2018 14:42
leslieroycarter Recent dividend converted to shares added more shares to the substantial investors ...none had sold any...from disclosures
02/02/2018 12:07
leslieroycarter next qtr result shall b in Mach ...the little selling low every day has got the stock in jittery n created new low for Scientex , but longer term prospect shall be good.
07/02/2018 07:51
azhanmatnordin Shall we wait until March?
07/02/2018 15:40
leslieroycarter This stock is for long term , once u sell , very difficult to buy back when it spikes...
08/02/2018 09:53
leslieroycarter This stock shall give u overall returns at 20%per annum
08/02/2018 09:54
leslieroycarter In stock market anything can happen...
09/02/2018 20:13
leslieroycarter The stock has undergone serious correction from 9.80 to 7+.
Best time to pick up more stock...
09/02/2018 20:16
azhanmatnordin Hope already rock bottom, even can give us "BUY" opportunity
12/02/2018 11:21
leslieroycarter oversold for no apparent reasons ...but holders of scientex are long term , thus no impact at all
21/02/2018 10:20
leslieroycarter once sold , very difficult to buy back esp for Scientex
22/02/2018 11:09
kionglee any news, why suspend ?
23/02/2018 09:57
Alanganps The Board of Directors of Scientex Berhad ("Scientex") wishes to announce that on 23 February 2018, Scientex Packaging Film Sdn Bhd (Company No. 255035-P), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scientex, has entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement ("SPA") with Law Wan Hong @ Lew Wan Hong (NRIC No. 421014-10-5563), Ng Boon Eu (NRIC No. 751116-14-5795), Lew Pei See @ Law Pei See (NRIC No. 760116-10-5042) and Lew Pei Lin @ Law Pei Lin (NRIC No. 740125-10-5636) to acquire a total of 20,000,000 ordinary shares in the share capital of Klang Hock Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd (Company No. 28053-D) ("KHPI"), representing the entire issued share capital of KHPI for a total purchase consideration of Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred and Ninety Million (RM190,000,000.00) only to be satified entirely via cash, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the SPA ("Proposed Acquisition").

For further details of the Proposed Acquisition, please refer to the attachment.

This announcement is dated 23 February 2018.
23/02/2018 16:30
bullbullbully Does this mean that monday will gap up??
24/02/2018 09:38
24/02/2018 16:35
leslieroycarter The syndicate ask to sell Scientx , I think the effect is negligible but surely will make a dent . Long term still promising...
26/02/2018 16:59
leslieroycarter Good , more chances to accumulate more...
26/02/2018 17:12
Aeron_learner Why aquisition happened but the price fall? Any thought?
26/02/2018 23:21
Doer Buy one share to monitor first...
27/02/2018 09:44
leslieroycarter syndicate thought that they can manipulate Scientex to their advantage but they just cannot move the stock well because the holders here are long term , they did not bother to look even price fall by a ringgit ; instead they buy more whenever the syndicate throws until they have no more bullet and left empty handed .
27/02/2018 11:18
leslieroycarter price drops buy more...long term another RM 13-15 again , may be another 5 years...
27/02/2018 11:19
leslieroycarter With new Acquisition n setting up factory in US , the future growth will be spectacular.
27/02/2018 15:34
bullbullbully Waiting to go below rm8 to buy more
09/03/2018 13:15

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