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15/11/2017 27/11/2017 Bonus Issue 1 : 2

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Wong Kah Wei tis counter just can advise to buy.........but really don't know when can sell.
02/02/2018 12:32
5percent just keep buying and cost average
02/02/2018 19:21
Ckrm50 Osk is not even in the top 100 list of companies by market capitalisation .
05/02/2018 10:22
Wong Kah Wei JJchan Thanks,surely i can do better than him.hahaha
05/02/2018 10:54
cocqueen very steady
05/02/2018 12:05
Wong Kah Wei congratura olh can privatization osk with RM1
06/02/2018 10:43
firehawk so obvious he manipulates the price (includes WC) :-(
06/02/2018 16:51
Simon Loh Hopefully got good dividend this time.
07/02/2018 12:26
cocqueen JJchan...actually we r the roast pork !
19/02/2018 10:11
Wong Kah Wei osk is a fire we r pork +1
19/02/2018 12:15
cocqueen JJchan...i like ur tenacity!!
19/02/2018 14:43
cocqueen 73 la
21/02/2018 15:39
cocqueen but vi give u 5cts div...
23/02/2018 15:54
kaoli Another rich but stingy Chinese businessman , think about himself only, took so much director fee but didn’t reward shareholders. Driving luxury car , staying luxury mansion. Flight with 1st class. When charity event will stand up using company money put into his face.
23/02/2018 20:37
Myway heartless scumbag OLH!
24/02/2018 15:44
IronShirt JJ. maybe olh wants to taste being poor. All his life, used sharkfin as toothpick
26/02/2018 10:50
IronShirt olh is blocking 1.05 with big Volume. Most likely 7c dividend
26/02/2018 11:38
cocqueen 2,5cts
26/02/2018 15:44
kirawang this old man derives his pleasures by looking at the hopeless and helpless dreamy shareholders...kikikikih
26/02/2018 15:49
Wong Kah Wei JJ long live olh we sure get grass to eat only ,better JJ plan to take over osk than hope that old man long live
27/02/2018 16:14
IronShirt no 4q result, olh cuti
27/02/2018 21:43
Wong Kah Wei 3.5cents....hope share price can sustain
28/02/2018 19:30
TheContrarian 3.5 sen on enlarged share capital sightly higher than last year's 5 sen.
28/02/2018 20:38
Yu_and_Mee i worry give you 3.5c but drop 5-6c
28/02/2018 20:59
Edward Pang result should be release this month right?
28/02/2018 21:01
TheContrarian QR already out.
28/02/2018 21:21
5percent 3.5 cents dividend, hope tmr the share price can sustain or else will drop till RM1
28/02/2018 21:38
Wong Kah Wei OLH said he want money share and company your take.
01/03/2018 10:46
FAIRnREASONABLE Bought some at 1.02 today, and look forward to collecting 3.5 sen dividend soon.
OSK holding of RHB is today worth 3% more than the capitalization of the OSK group. Very attractive long-term investment if no dirty game.
06/03/2018 17:54
Wong Kah Wei I will wait RM1 ..
06/03/2018 21:05
Wong Kah Wei OLH ask lelong lelong sudah cukup murah?
07/03/2018 16:14
5percent further down
08/03/2018 00:22
firehawk becomes penny stock loh .... will value investors come to support?
09/03/2018 15:48
Wong Kah Wei OLH like no8,so maybe he will sapu at 0.8
09/03/2018 16:48
Myway Beware of the cunning OLH!. He will depress OSK to $0.70 and follow by takeover offer at $0.80. No respect for him!
10/03/2018 13:53
cocqueen the islamic bond they r raising is shariah compliant not the stock
12/03/2018 10:31
cocqueen jpm
12/03/2018 15:45
JJchan olh has met his match.....there is another Big fish here as i suspected....all 1.01 sapu after closing
12/03/2018 17:05
JJchan There is only 2 outcome from this Ge14. 1) Hung Parliament 2) Malay Tsunami

If Malay Tsunami, Then Bursa will enter Super Bull phase.( Just like Philippines when Duterte Won
13/03/2018 07:18
JJchan http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysias-parliament-be-dissolved-between-march-2830-star

Olh still want to play, play------
15/03/2018 10:43
JJchan still playing guli, guli-----Olh
15/03/2018 11:24
Wong Kah Wei Don't trust tis shit olh counter,see what's he done. 0.88 not far
16/03/2018 17:23
5percent huat ah..keep accumulating. When the 3.5 cents will be distributed?
16/03/2018 18:52
Wong Kah Wei Oskvi give 5cent
16/03/2018 19:33
ManyPattern they don’t care small investors, market up he sleeping...market drop hohoho
17/03/2018 09:42
Tee Kim Sai 16/03/2018 closed below RM1.00 what a shame !
17/03/2018 15:23
beso finally joint the penny stock group
property counters is expected to further drop
17/03/2018 16:15
Simon Loh As long as this counter continues to pay decent dividend, price drop means more attractive DY.
18/03/2018 17:07
Tan Hooi Hong it is very undervalued why

RHB Investment Bank expands Singapore operations with acquisition of DMG & Partners

The company has been rebranded as RHB Securities Singapore.

RHB Investment Bank had expanded its Singapore operations with its acquisition of the remaining interest in DMG & Partners Securities.

RHB signed a conditional share purchase agreement with DAPH late last year to acquire the latter’s remaining 49% equity interest in DMG.

This transaction follows the successful business merger between RHB Investment Bank and OSK Investment Bank in April 2013, during which the 51% stake held by OSK Investment Bank in DMG was transferred to RHB Investment Bank.

The company has been rebranded as RHB Securities Singapore Pte Ltd with immediate effect


Publication date 31 December 2012 | 03:39 ICT

OSK Investment Bank Berhad (OSKIB), the parent company of OSK Indochina Bank Limited (OSKIBL), has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Malaysia-based financial services group RHB Capital Berhad (RHB Capital), effective from November 9.

The merger will change the ownership of OSKIBL from OSKIB to RHB Capital, giving OSKIBL access to larger financial resources and serve a wider network.

“We are now in a stronger banking group. Therefore, we will be able to receive stronger financial support from our parent company, which is now the RHB Capital group,” OSKIBL country head Lim Loong Seng said.

“We are also able to do bigger loans, serving a wider segment of the Cambodian market. After the merger RHB will have a presence in nine ASEAN countries. That means we will have a much wider network and much wider service coverage.

“We’ll be able to serve the people in Cambodia, but Cambodians are also interested in expanding overseas.

“This merger will transform OSKIBL into a more diversified financial institution, and customers of OSKIBL will be able to enjoy a wider range of innovative products and services that are currently offered in other markets within the RHB Banking Group.”

In July, the Post reported that RHB Capital had announced it would acquire OSKIBL via the transfer of 100 per cent of OSKIB shares from parent OSK Holdings, giving OSK Holdings a 10 per cent stake in RHB Capital Group.

Lim Loong Seng said the first stage of the merger had been successfully completed after gaining the necessary regulatory approvals.

Nguon Sokha, director-general of the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), said the NBC supported mergers like this if they strengthened the banking sector and provided better services at an affordable cost.

“In principle, the policy of the NBC is to strengthen the banking system in Cambodia,” she said.

“As long as the bank can strengthen with the transformation and the new structure [and] can provide better-quality services to the customer, we’ll support the transformation.”

To contact the reporter on this story: Anne Renzenbrink at anne.renzenbrink@phnompenhpost.com
Contact author: Anne Renzenbrink

Professor beaten by mob in Phnom Penh after alleged hit-and-run

Updated with new information: 6:44am, Tuesday March 13 2018 A university professor accused of a hit-and-run has been transported to Vietnam with serious head injuries after he was brutally beaten by a mob in Phnom Penh late Sunday afternoon. A video of the attack shows a group
American ‘fugitive’ arrested in Cambodia outside of US Embassy

An American citizen was arrested on request by the US Embassy in Phnom Penh on Tuesday, according to Cambodian police. Major General Uk Hei Sela, chief of investigations at the Department of Immigration, identified the man as American Jan Sterling Hagen, and said he was
Australians protest Asean summit visit by PM Hun Sen

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Sydney’s Hyde Park on Friday to protest against Cambodian strongman Hun Sen, who claimed to have been gifted millions of dollars by the Australian government ahead of a special Asean summit this weekend. An estimated 300 protesters, the majority of
One Australian, one Cambodian killed in explosion at military base

Updated: 5:20pm, Friday 16 March 2018 An Australian tourist and a Cambodian soldier were killed in an explosion on Thursday afternoon at an army base in Cambodia’s Kampong Speu province. The Australian, whom the government initially identified as a technical demining expert in his 40s, and

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19/03/2018 10:26
ManyPattern give u 1sen dividend share price drop 2sen , is very undervalue but the share price won’t up, wait until your son born out the price still slowly dropping
19/03/2018 16:01

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