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1.24 1.42     +0.18 (14.52%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
22/07/2016 1.81 1.87 +0.06 (3.31%) SELL TA Price Target News
21/07/2016 1.83 1.87 +0.04 (2.19%) SELL TA Price Target News
21/07/2016 1.83 1.83 0.00 (0.00%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
15/07/2016 1.78 1.87 +0.09 (5.06%) SELL TA Price Target News
20/05/2016 1.82 1.94 +0.12 (6.59%) SELL TA Price Target News
20/05/2016 1.82 1.94 +0.12 (6.59%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
19/05/2016 1.82 1.90 +0.08 (4.40%) SELL TA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
22/07/2016  TA Sales Performance Pinning on Astetica and Meritus
21/07/2016  TA HUAYANG - Lower Sales due to Absence of New Launches
21/07/2016  KENANGA Hua Yang Berhad - Still Challenging…
15/07/2016  TA HUAYANG - 1QFY17 Property Sales to Stay Subdued
20/05/2016  TA 1QFY16 Profit Plunges on Sharp Margin Squeeze
20/05/2016  KENANGA Hua Yang Berhad - Pacing Launches
19/05/2016  TA Lowest annual sales in 5 years

Bonus Issue, Share Split or Share Consolidation announcement
Announce Date Ex Date Subject Amount/Ratio
27/09/2016 10/10/2016 Bonus Issue 1 : 3

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property Is the worst over for property stocks?
16/10/2016 13:55
Money_tracker Bonus issue reduce revenue due increase number of shares. This counter if wan to rise must has a good QR or future plan which can confidence investors it can earn more. Else it price sure will go deeper tat last time price.
17/10/2016 09:28
WiseVictor Bonus issue will not reduce revenue brother, increase number of shares only dilute earning per share. That's why the share price reduce after bonus issue to synchronize with the earning per share =)
17/10/2016 09:56
beso sell...
17/10/2016 10:17
Chua Zhi En lol wth money tracker talk about.
17/10/2016 18:21
Money_tracker Haha...soli, ya, better use the word of "dilute". But if understand it by tis way, u hv 100 candy gv to 10 people, each hv 10.
18/10/2016 08:55
Money_tracker Then if u hv 100 candy, gv to 100 people, each hv 1. If the company can't earn more, u will from receive 10 candy become 1 candy.
18/10/2016 08:58
Money_tracker 10 to 1. Izzit "reduce"?
18/10/2016 09:02
WiseVictor Both condition similar to before and after bonus issue. 10 people that hold 10 candies worth RM10 for each candy; if bonus issue 9:1, that 10 people still holding the same amount of money value, but condition change to 100 candies worth RM1 each. If you buy the share after bonus issue, it is cheaper but if u buy it before bonus issue, it is more expensive. Please clarify if I am wrong.
18/10/2016 09:50
Chua Zhi En I think only diluted if the primary shareholders decided to sell the candy after Bonus Issues. Otherwise the proportion still the same. Am I correct? BI only improve the volatility of share price movement.
18/10/2016 14:41
fong7 money tracker still don't understand. haha!
18/10/2016 16:36
fong7 current price is the same as before BI. so....it's not cheap and not expensive....maybe we shall wait until new launching to consider entering....agree that huayang is very quiet lately, lack of new launching.
18/10/2016 16:37
fong7 however, if we look at TA, 1.25-1.27 should be a strong support, good entry for those who are bullish to the company's fundamental.
18/10/2016 16:38
WiseVictor May be money tracker is new player. Hmm, wait till new launching only enter is a good idea but might loss the chance to buy at lower price.
18/10/2016 17:45
Money_tracker haha....yalor. New player. Wat I mean is reduce revenue per share. Every company i consider their revenue per share. Don't tell me the revenue per share not reduce. haha....we view different only.
19/10/2016 09:51
smartInvestor1 First time i heard revenue per share. EPS is more important gua
19/10/2016 10:35
Not_logic EPS high not relevant here why?

smartInvestor1 First time i heard revenue per share. EPS is more important gua
19/10/2016 10:35
19/10/2016 14:43
WiseVictor I invest for so long, first time hear revenue per share @@" I understand your view, that is why share price changed after bonus issue to adjust it to its suitable level.
19/10/2016 15:16
Icon8 52 week low, low PE(3.22 i3 info correct?), time to buy more?
20/10/2016 05:56
Chua Yoke Lian Continue to hitting new low with high volume,only the board of CEO can answer u.
20/10/2016 10:54
WiseVictor PE so low is correct. This counter is much better if compare their EPS with those big developer.
20/10/2016 11:26
Wing Destiny Just buy and hold for good fundamental company and from there you can actually see, with the recent PE, DY and NTA all is so good. Just buy and wait your money return. For the launching a new project .... Now really not a timing . They probably will have plan to launch after Chinese new year.
20/10/2016 17:20
property Property prices unlikely to go down any time soon
20/10/2016 22:15
WiseVictor Yea Wing Destiny, look for undervalue stock then hold it. Just like what i bought for construction stock previously, wait for the wave to come =)
21/10/2016 09:13
property Budget should allow more EPF withdrawal for 1st house purchase.
21/10/2016 10:47
aunloke Huayang is still a money making company though the property market is quite weak; even with share dilution EPS for 2017 still can reach 20+ .
21/10/2016 12:26
Jeremy Loi Fuang Suu Huayang issued bonus 1:3 on 10/10/2016
Price Rm1.80/4x3 = Rm1.35
Shares Issued 264m /3 x4 = 352m
Assume EPS is 40sen for last quarter report.
Now is 40sen/4x3 = 30sen
Thus PE is 1.26 / 0.30 = 4.2
Same to NTA 2.14. Current NTA is Rm 565,530,000 / 352m shares = 1.60
PTBV last time is Rm1.8/ 2.14 = 0.84. And current is 0.78
调整过后的 1.26 = 调整前的 1.68
From 1.80 drop to 1.68 (- 6%)
根据以前的数据 价格被低估 已经是具有安全边际
机会来了!! 买入1.26 - 1.28
21/10/2016 12:53
Jeremy Loi Fuang Suu 相信政府的预算案里的PRIMA和 首购族房贷EPF户头2或可提70% 会让产业股复苏
21/10/2016 13:00
PlsGiveBonus Sell?
21/10/2016 18:33
ginvin http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5237949
21/10/2016 20:38
Icon8 Budget 2017: PM unveils housing perks
21/10/2016 21:09
valuelurker Terrible results. The full impact of the 2016 property slowdown not even fully reflected yet, worse to come
22/10/2016 00:26
Chrishau please avoid to buy in property counters except MKH
22/10/2016 08:49
popo92 Results are not terrible when property sectors are already slowing down not only this company. Anyway, valuation given now is already very low.
23/10/2016 09:18
bsngpg To me, the result is terrible and I foresee share price will be adjusted down. However I do not plan to let go my holding but prepare to struggle thru the bad time with Huayang. This is not the wise way in investing by staying with the company at bad time.
23/10/2016 14:07
Jeremy Loi Fuang Suu The bad result already expected and reflected at the price. That's why people start to collect it.
23/10/2016 16:46
Good_result Can make profit is good. Some developers already loss due to property market slow down.
23/10/2016 16:46
Jack888 Poor performance...will drop further.
23/10/2016 17:00
sasword 产业股插水再潜水...神仙难救,难救啊...
24/10/2016 09:48
beso sure drop
24/10/2016 10:25
aunloke Do your best see that it drops below 1.20 .
24/10/2016 12:07
WiseVictor Even there is drop on EPS, this counter still undervalued. Assume next 3 qr also 6.42 EPS, its PE only 4.87. Potential gain margin still a lot.
6.42 x 4 = 25.68 sen
1.25 / 0.2568 = 4.87
24/10/2016 15:48
bsngpg 6.42 cts/qtr is before factoring in the latest 1:3 bonus issue.
With the latest bonus 1: 3, eps FY17=6.42x4=25.68x3/4=19.26sen.
PE @1.25= 1.25/0.1926=6.5.

Comparing to historically PE range of Huayang, 1.25 is NOT cheap. Potential gain is very marginal.

Management did stress that they will try to sustain DPO at 25-30%. Thus the expected dividend for next year is 19.26 x 27.5%= 5.3 cent only which is equivalent to 4.2% yield.

We can easily find few property counters flare better than Huayang at this valuation.
24/10/2016 16:28
bsngpg Being said that, I still will not sell my holding in Huayang but I strongly will not add any at this price. I also do not encourage new investors buying Huayang at this price at the current market condition.
24/10/2016 16:31
WiseVictor 6.42 is the value that after bonus issue. i3 will always automatically change the figure after bonus issue or stock split.
24/10/2016 17:04
bsngpg 6.42cents is the result ended at 30Sep16 whereas bonus was ex in Oct16.
You can get an official info about eps and # of shares from BursaMalaysia.com instead of relying on i3 which is just a public forum not accountable for accuracy of its info.

Number of ordinary shares = 264,000,000

24/10/2016 17:34
bsngpg It is not right too to adjust numbers ended at 30sep16 with the enlarged number of shares taking place only in Oct16 after bonus issue.
You will see all numbers being adjusted in the next qtr report in Jan17.
24/10/2016 17:42
WSCAPITAL 1.24*4/3=1.65. Undervalue stock go down. We want to see how low It can down caused by dumping.
24/10/2016 20:55
beso sure drop to new low again
24/10/2016 21:22
smartInvestor1 Property stock cannot value it by NTA 1.65 because most of the assets are land and property.
The EPS already drop due to market slowdown and bonus issued.
25/10/2016 01:52

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