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Sebastian Sted Power If a new investor discovered this jewel very soon the free float shares on market will be less than 10%. Latest annual report showed Top30 already 84%+ (and also Yeomen sapu~ing day and night).

Last year still bought about 48cents; yesterday added more average price 0.555. Hold tight tight and wait RM1

Another point I found all the properties listed in annual report valuation long time ago (their SS2 shop valued sure 5x more) which mean NTA will be increasing
07/02/2018 08:23
foreverchung Tomei good result. Let's see what Pohkong can do.
13/02/2018 22:29
foreverchung > Gold/USD: 1347 USD/ounce
> Gold/MYR: 5243 MYR/ounce
19/02/2018 20:38
Alex™ anyone know about substantial shareholder disposal of pohkong shares? Reason cited : disposed in open market. Mostly 1900lot for each one, but i couldn't find the volume transaction.
01/03/2018 10:28
Alex™ dark pool? D=
01/03/2018 10:28
foreverchung I think has been going on for some time.
01/03/2018 23:47
Jon Choivo Wow, never knew id get a chance to buy this again.
05/03/2018 16:59
Lim Beng Teik Wow..... Then tmr limited up
07/03/2018 17:32
spectre007 Nobody will sell to them at 73 sen per share...
07/03/2018 20:09
paperplane their value is much more than 0.73.....

0.73 is purely cash+receivable(50%)+inventory (80%)-total liabilities
08/03/2018 13:49
Lim Beng Teik Suddenly high vol queue up @ 0.57, 0.565, 0.56
09/03/2018 11:49
chickenputih it is pending triangle breakout ..
09/03/2018 14:16
spectre007 Got announcement soon?
09/03/2018 14:16
spectre007 No seller want to give...:)
09/03/2018 14:39
foreverchung It's undervalued with a good chance to hit limit, who wanna sell at this price? Hahahaha

Even based on the rumour, got foreign company wanna buy for 0.73, so at this rate, I only expect more and more people queue up mainly for QR. But if rumour become news, then, fly lor.
09/03/2018 16:08
DanyLy Gold will be uptrend till june -
09/03/2018 16:10
foreverchung Looks like got news brewing, I wonder what is it about?
10/03/2018 20:30
Lim Beng Teik Have a look on coming wed
11/03/2018 00:18
Jon Choivo Rmbr guys. This is not an earnings play.

This is an NTA play and hedge against recession (which should result in increase in gold prices)
12/03/2018 18:43
spectre007 Revenue up but profit so so
12/03/2018 19:13
Outliar What is a NTA play? To my mind NTA is only relevant if a company goes bankrupt
12/03/2018 20:59
lizi those who bet based on tomei good result will be dissapointeed.
12/03/2018 21:37
lizi Jon, i don't think it is NTA play either. I think you invest in this counter for a wrong reason. It is proxy play to gold prices.
12/03/2018 22:04
apolloang tomoro 55cts and below cos profit down
12/03/2018 22:06
lwyy60 Nice revenue up.Good for those who acc now. This year will Good for gold, buy on weakness. Good luck guys.
13/03/2018 09:59
Muarmali still got people buy good meh? there are many shops sell white gold which the gold content is less than 10%. Gomen also never regulate this "white gold". :white gold" is moron gold :)))))

if you want to invest in gold better buy gold bullions
13/03/2018 10:34
Alex™ buy gold bullion bid ask spread is crazy...
13/03/2018 10:36
Jon Choivo Yeah, i used to have some at 0.495 sold it when it shot up at 0.6 (felt stupid then).

The only reason i can see to buy this is the ability to basically buy gold at 50% discount, as a proxy against recession(Thus gold prices increase).

lizi Jon, i don't think it is NTA play either. I think you invest in this counter for a wrong reason. It is proxy play to gold prices.
12/03/2018 22:04
13/03/2018 10:36
nkk53 Left PK long time ago.May jump in if around 0.45
13/03/2018 22:11
kakashit 跟着Yeoman不走的见财化水了
14/03/2018 17:37
foreverchung You mean become gold.
18/03/2018 23:25
Sebastian Sted Power YEO!! yeomen please buy upto 10%
25/03/2018 22:17
paperplane gold price will be going up....i choose to hold longterm
26/03/2018 11:39
Sebastian Sted Power Gold is KING!
26/03/2018 16:53
Sebastian Sted Power Hebat! DJI up 600++ but gold still maintain above 1350++
27/03/2018 07:48
paperplane wah, rebound ah
30/03/2018 17:43
paperplane << Gold Technical Analysis >>: 11 April 2018
I am adding longs/buys on Gold to my existing Gold investments again. The Bullish Rounding Consolidation of Gold is completing soon. As per forewarned last year, Gold will be rallying towards $1550 soon, and that Gold $2000 is a guarantee. I am looking for Gold to eventually break up $2000 psychological resistance with a breeze. Bullish on Gold.
12/04/2018 13:50
Alex™ haha... ok ~ on board~
12/04/2018 20:17
paperplane Gold price should rebound to 1500 if war or recession happens?
13/04/2018 08:42
KEYBOARD up to 1500 will effect?host don't want to push all = big talk
13/04/2018 13:52
tradeview FYI to all, Tradeview has added Poh Kong to one of safe haven investment which is severely undervalued and due for rerating. https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/tradeview/151456.jsp
14/04/2018 11:24
Sebastian Sted Power https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/1929.HK/

look at Chow Tai Fook P/E berapa? Obviosuly AhKong dem undervalued
15/04/2018 21:17
Lim Tek Wai nono sure down, i can see the future
16/04/2018 11:36
Lim Tek Wai Yes it is that’s why they keep price low to buy in.
16/04/2018 11:37
Jessie Ng Suddenly high
16/04/2018 13:47
jordanmaggie61 best world mlm
16/04/2018 14:20
Alex™ aiya, why i din sailang 49.5sen?
16/04/2018 23:15
paperplane ah, tradeview also here...
18/04/2018 08:18
zhangliang Nice! can collect lo
18/04/2018 11:13
abcde12345 haha
18/04/2018 12:22

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