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0.885 1.81     +0.925 (104.52%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
12/02/2018 0.915 1.27 +0.355 (38.80%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
22/12/2017 1.15 1.42 +0.27 (23.48%) BUY HLG Price Target News
24/11/2017 1.46 1.58 +0.12 (8.22%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
24/11/2017 1.46 1.91 +0.45 (30.82%) BUY HLG Price Target News
19/09/2017 1.57 2.19 +0.62 (39.49%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
14/09/2017 1.57 2.19 +0.62 (39.49%) BUY HLG Price Target News
25/08/2017 1.67 2.12 +0.45 (26.95%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
12/02/2018  JF APEX HeveaBoard Berhad - Tough Times Ahead
22/12/2017  HLG HeveaBoard - Worst Is Over
24/11/2017  JF APEX HeveaBoard Berhad - 3Q17: Dragged by Higher Costs
24/11/2017  HLG HeveaBoard - 9M17 Results – Below Expectations
19/09/2017  JF APEX HeveaBoard - FY18 to be a Fruitful Year
14/09/2017  HLG HeveaBoard - FY18 to be a Fruitful Year
25/08/2017  JF APEX HEVEA - Against All Odds

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Patrick13 Short term target:
I guess 4Q17 EPS is about 2.2 to 2.5c, about same as estimate by JF Apex.
Hence, FY2017 EPS shld be about 10 to 11c. With 10 PER, the FV is at least RM1.00. This counter is already dumped heavily in recent times, is good time to accumulate more if you have confident to them.

Mid-term risk & opportunities:
- Forex risk is get eased as now USD is strengthening, with the back of oil prices going down.
- High material costs can pass-on to customer in 1 or 2 quarters' time, but could face pricing war from intense competitions.
- manpower shortage issue.

Long-term prospects:
- Gourmet fungi new business is on track
- 2020 Japan Olympic Game
- Capacity expansion for both RTA & Particleboard division to cope with future more demands.
12/02/2018 11:27
free2invest Alamak! In red today closing.
12/02/2018 20:47
babihutanlol Coming 0.90
still hold....alamak
12/02/2018 21:21
emil US Dow jones need to go back to pre Trump presidency which is 18K.......so 6000 points to drop from today 24K.
12/02/2018 21:53
12/02/2018 21:57
free2invest When result will be announced
12/02/2018 22:06
snowball001 Buy Anzo today. It is likely to fly after the next QR. Recent good article on Anzo. Its stock price is at a multi year low.
13/02/2018 07:28
hng33 sold hevea at 90.5sen, cut loss, free up capital
13/02/2018 09:48
saltedfish 八字头了,Lol
13/02/2018 09:55
Beza Why so KPC, saltedfish? Nothing to do with you, right? As you have no holding at all or you want to buy cheap?
13/02/2018 10:12
Beza hng33, cut loss means no angpau loh for this CNY.
13/02/2018 10:15
hng33 No worry, loss incur in hevea will be recoup back in steel stocks, alrdy swap capital from loss making hevea to prestar/ssteel/leader steel
13/02/2018 10:38
saltedfish Hevea 金主的大厦都被火烧了,Lol
13/02/2018 16:33
shortinvestor77 Your own company EPF was burned you also denied saltedfish, must pass blame on HEVEA. so much hatred you have like ISIS.
13/02/2018 17:03
geary https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/trump-to-unveil-us-1-5-trillion-infrastructure-plan-9950552
13/02/2018 20:33
Babihutan88 sell....
13/02/2018 20:42
free2invest 八字 is ong.... Ong mari ong mari... Cepat cepat :)
13/02/2018 20:51
henry0420 heveagro sub coy just open today, hence revenue for gourmet fungi may start to contribute
14/02/2018 00:05
snowball001 Buy Anzo. Read a recent good article on Anzo. It is likely to fly after tne next QR announcement. its stock price is at a multi year low.
14/02/2018 08:10
omgimnoob Joey Yap says Wood, Fire and Metal elements will be good in 2018. How?
14/02/2018 09:05
free2invest How? Buy la :)
14/02/2018 12:05
free2invest By the way, is oil & gas considered as metal?
14/02/2018 12:08
john doe O&G should be fire.

Are we really going for hope analysis?? haha...
14/02/2018 12:10
omgimnoob Ya lo... how? Unforeseen future... wait another 2 weeks financial results release first
14/02/2018 13:02
flytothemoon buy low what share also ong, buy high what share also gg
14/02/2018 14:28
saltedfish 欲振乏力,继续堕落
14/02/2018 15:21
free2invest 0.895 lowest closing again :(
14/02/2018 17:44
TheLegend27 tomorrow is last call. collect more guys. after CNY will up 1.
14/02/2018 20:14
bluebiznet Tmr is last sell call. After cny will be 0.70 and below
14/02/2018 21:49
BlackWhite Bet south better than north
14/02/2018 22:07
sasword 操盘手放火骗保险,狗党管理层会不会依样画葫芦来个火烧家私厂呢,拭目以待。
15/02/2018 09:37
15/02/2018 11:01
saltedfish 0.88......going back to Wikileaks target.
15/02/2018 11:02
WaAdaLui 幻想是美丽的,现实是残酷的! Dream is beautiful, while reality is cruel.
15/02/2018 11:15
bluebiznet 想不到还有人对hevea有幻想, 是因为杏苞菇吗 lol
15/02/2018 11:34
shortinvestor77 Talk nonsense is useless. See next QR to judge. Net profit determines share price.
15/02/2018 12:31
free2invest 0.885 closing, lowest again :(
15/02/2018 12:37
Dartmaster 50-60 cents is a good buy . Unless they already switch to full automation and rm has revert to all time low ...
15/02/2018 13:25
free2invest RM is hard to revert to all time low, unless Malaysia is experiencing recession or financial crisis.
15/02/2018 14:21
babihutanlol Haha, still wanna buy ??
I have said from RM1.25 till now..... TP 0.60 after QR, 2nd QR still drop RM0.45
Believe in Fengshui, no need work d lo......dun too naive
15/02/2018 18:07
babihutanlol Dividend last 2 QR also decrease, soon no dividend
15/02/2018 18:08
babihutanlol go steel counter, dun touch exports counter especially this wood counter
15/02/2018 18:09
15/02/2018 18:24
free2invest I ate king oyster mushrooms in my family union dinner just now. It taste very good and I think many people will like it, no matter what religion or race. However. It made from China, not from Heaveboard and it cost RM2.70 only. Can Heaveboard sell its king oyster mushrooms for that price or below for 200gm?
15/02/2018 21:31
davors 0.760 soon
15/02/2018 22:04
saltedfish I ate abalone. Compliment of Hevea’s fall. Lol
17/02/2018 00:13
free2invest Abalone from China? Lol
17/02/2018 10:17
saltedfish Looking forward to eat more abalones
17/02/2018 10:27
free2invest Yes... Should change your name from saltedfish to abalone :)
17/02/2018 16:01
saltedfish No need to change. Abalone is to be eaten, especially hevea abalone so easy to eat
17/02/2018 16:11

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