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1.12 1.21     +0.09 (8.04%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
25/08/2016 1.10 1.02 -0.08 (7.27%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News
19/08/2016 1.11 1.36 +0.25 (22.52%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
05/07/2016 1.07 1.36 +0.29 (27.10%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
20/05/2016 1.16 1.25 +0.09 (7.76%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
25/08/2016  ALLIANCE DELEUM - Plagued by eroded revenue and margins
19/08/2016  MIDF Deleum - 2Q16-Strong orderbook provides earnings visibility-MIDF-190816
05/07/2016  MIDF Deleum - Steady earning in tough times
20/05/2016  ALLIANCE DELEUM - No excitement seen

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Rainman Has Deleum published its 2015 Annual Report? I didn't see this update on their website.
05/04/2016 10:31
littlebull should hold or run and waiting lower price to buy back?
05/04/2016 14:40
michaelwong Crude oil prices retreat . ......sell and buy back at lower price . I think the price for deleum cannot go very low and below 1.13 to 1.15 a lot of buying support .
05/04/2016 17:30
volks2 Deleum is coming
13/04/2016 09:10
1980s Coming
13/04/2016 09:11
007 only foreplay, not yet coming
13/04/2016 12:10
michaelwong Crude oil prices improving and hovering not below 40 usd per barrel .
13/04/2016 15:50
ryong92 still don want buy now? next week gap up and deleum is at above 1.3-1.4
13/04/2016 16:02
007 tomolo gap up, day after tomolo gap up and next week down, already coming and time to sell
13/04/2016 17:01
Yang Tan guys, deleum better or Dayang better? I stuck for decision made
20/04/2016 15:37
Zool Nasri Delem can buy if the price meet 1.12
20/04/2016 19:35
littlebull Deleum can buy when price meet 1.18. Something is on going.
22/04/2016 11:56
michaelwong Hard to go down below 1.18 as this counter of late attracts strong buying support and more so crude oil price improving slightly hovering 40 and above . Buy on weakness if happened the price retreat a bit !
22/04/2016 17:32
littlebull shit...again affected by bad news
26/04/2016 15:25
littlebull offhand and wait lower price.
26/04/2016 16:47
Bryanlau No more momentum......less people want to buy / sell?
27/04/2016 12:28
michaelwong Lousy market sentiments and stock find it hard to move forward as most are waiting at sidelined !
03/05/2016 15:01
michaelwong Cheap sale and offering today !
04/05/2016 12:44
davidkkw79 Wait it back to below RM 1
10/05/2016 21:58
007 oil price hit record high 46
12/05/2016 09:06
michaelwong Deleum supposed to move forward with the oil price rebounding .
16/05/2016 12:58
007 May be end may quarterly result will be disappointing like skpetrol
16/05/2016 14:18
michaelwong Definitely the results is not going to be good . If the results is good , the stock price should have improved earlier with crude oil prices rebounding from its lowest ebbs .
18/05/2016 17:33
rayloo It is the market sentiment not about the result. Other oil and gas counter share price drop, but Deleum maintain, it is very good sign already. Be positive.
18/05/2016 18:34
007 quarter result not bad at all as this is the worst case when crude oil at the bottom of 27, feb2016 next quarter deleum will perform well as oil already trending upward
20/05/2016 08:55
007 This shown a better risk management
20/05/2016 08:58
michaelwong Holland liao with volume sudden shrinking as compared to last month and l smell a rat is taking place .
23/05/2016 19:31
cpng 国油自己都吃不饱,叫其他油气去持大便咯。
23/05/2016 20:37
Kwin This counter business does not very much depends on oil and gas. Have a look at their core business. Plus they very consistent in dividend pay as long as they have profit.
26/05/2016 18:16
Kwin Exposure to oil and gas is the lowest compare other o&g counter
26/05/2016 18:21
rayloo Oil stays strong now, Deleum should breach 1.3 if not market sentiment
31/05/2016 22:05
007 there will be another oil bullish in the making, better invest now
01/06/2016 12:16
007 oil break 50.
07/06/2016 21:16
michaelwong Slight volume increasing now
08/06/2016 15:24
Goodstock May gradually move down ??
20/06/2016 17:35
Rainman Do you all think that Deleum will payout dividend in Sept 2016?
14/07/2016 14:55
rayloo Yes. My expectation is 1.5 cent
16/07/2016 21:56
Sapphire 2 cents dividend pay on august
19/07/2016 20:50
Johnson Wong Dividend coming this few days
17/08/2016 12:06
Rainman well, its 1.25 cents dividend...
19/08/2016 08:48
michaelwong Pay out dividend cannot covered the losses but better than none . Price remained and stagnant for too long with resources got stuck up . Buying shares is so easy but selling needs years sometimes .
06/09/2016 23:45
yongch Hahaha...soon below 1.0..tp0.90will start buy back again...
28/09/2016 08:13
rohank71 dead stock. oil up still sleeping.
30/09/2016 20:35
rayloo Syed Moktar may acquire 20% to park his O&G assest from Iran.
06/10/2016 15:24
volks2 coming liao.
07/10/2016 09:26
volks2 news confirmed that Datuk Izham Mahmud has received several share acquisition requests. really kambing liao
10/10/2016 09:02
trump2013 Buy...2.00
11/10/2016 13:22
Syah Mi Syed mokhtar owns SKS Ventures sdn bhd which made 50:50 JV with National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) to develop 2 gas field ( golshan and Ferdowsi ) in 2007. SKS is one of two company which remain their investment in Iran after United Nation sanction in 2006.

Firstly, I anxious about why Syed Mokhtar want to park SKS's assets in deleum. After done brief researches, I think Syed is keen to deleum's gas turbine business which has 90% market share in mainly malaysia O&G industries that contribute about 70% of its revenue. It has integrated maintenance facility in Senawang. I think he wants deleum specialty in gas turbine to complement its business in Iran as gas processing mainly involves compression and regasification. Plus, deleum want to be the regional player in gas turbine industry.

Plus, Petronas want to resume its business with NIOC after sanction being removed. Deleum's executives has close relationship with petronas. Thus, if he parks his assets in deleum, he might attract partnership with petronas to develop both field which currently still in exploration stage caused by the sanction. I think both field are still profitable as the production cost below usd 10/ barrel but for gas I'm not sure. But, absolutely lower. Petronas and deleum got the expertise but not SKS.

I think going forward, we'll see collaboration between deleum and petronas if the acquisition materialise as petronas might invest in Iran via sks venture due to ramp up in production
13/10/2016 01:22
rayloo Thanks Syah Mi for the comment, any source of your findings to refer to ?
18/10/2016 13:39
trump2013 Keep buy..1.13-1.15 $$
19/10/2016 19:51

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