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0.85 0.90     +0.05 (5.88%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
21/11/2017 0.82 0.95 +0.13 (15.85%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
21/11/2017 0.82 0.70 -0.12 (14.63%) SELL Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
15/11/2017 0.99 0.95 -0.04 (4.04%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
15/11/2017 0.99 0.90 -0.09 (9.09%) SELL Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
28/08/2017 0.99 1.03 +0.04 (4.04%) HOLD Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
21/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Petra Energy Berhad - Looking Ahead
21/11/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Petra Energy (SELL, Maintain) - Foresee a Challenging 4Q
15/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Petra Energy Berhad - MCM Award
15/11/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Petra Energy (SELL, Downgrade) - Officially MCM-ed
28/08/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Petra Energy (HOLD, Downgrade) - Higher Cost Base Expected

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Pak Andak anytime can break 1.20.
buy before too late.
20/09/2017 15:04
21/09/2017 13:09
Sarawakians Harapan promises East M'sian DPM, more revenue and autonomy
Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/396008#XQuHZOArMFYMhlKh.99
22/09/2017 20:19
limch Counters such as Petra Energy Bhd, Sapura Energy Bhd, Carimin Petroleum Bhd, Deleum Bhd
and Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd have been on the uptrend since September on the anticipation of more projects for the industry.
Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/09/23/oil-and-gas-shares-back-on-investors-radar/#UqEAYPscFQO3iFPy.99
23/09/2017 15:27
Sarawakians Dr M will be allowed to enter Sarawak, says Chief Minister
Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/09/23/dr-m-will-be-allowed-to-enter-sarawak-says-chief-minister/#GqWEx904dV63TFRj.99
23/09/2017 20:39
limch 5 sen dividend if can maintain still a good buy now.
25/09/2017 11:11
BN_menang Newsbreak: Petronas to award maintenance jobs soon
25/09/2017 22:19
Pak Andak PETROLIAM Nasional Bhd (Petronas) is understood to have conducted a pre-award meeting for its maintenance, construction and modification (MCM) jobs, which translate into contracts collectively worth RM6 billion, sources say.

This means the long wait for the award of these contracts — valued at close to RM1 billion each — will soon be over.

The “usual suspects” include Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd, Petra Energy Bhd, Sapura Energy Bhd’s wholly owned SapuraKencana Pinewell Sdn Bhd, Carimin Petroleum Bhd, Deleum Bhd, Icon Offshore Bhd and privately held Borneo Sea Offshore Engineering Sdn Bhd.
26/09/2017 12:47
BN_menang Gogogo RM 1.5 pls.
26/09/2017 15:41
Sarawakians We want RM 1.5.
26/09/2017 15:48
Icon8 Bought 1.1-1.11.
27/09/2017 10:17
limch MCM tolong kasi Penergy boleh? Adik PM ada di sini.
29/09/2017 12:10
DK66 Dayang announced MCM contracts award. Penergy will announce soon.
01/10/2017 11:08
BN_menang MCM this week?
01/10/2017 17:16
limch Penergy is different from Dayang because in 2017 it is profitable unlike loss-making Dayang. Paid 5 sen dividend last year. Can get MCM is a bonus.
02/10/2017 22:46
Sarawakians What do we get from BN? Share drop?
03/10/2017 09:22
badud_power Their fabricators premise already sold to Checkers Hypermarket..staff retrenched..next QR sure will +ve..
03/10/2017 22:35
sheep May 2017 News:
A handful of oil and gas companies — Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd, Petra Energy Bhd, Sapura Energy Bhd’s wholly owned SapuraKencana Pinewell Sdn Bhd, Carimin Petroleum Bhd and a joint venture between Deleum Bhd and Icon Offshore Bhd — could be shortlisted for (five or six) portions of the RM6 billion maintenance, construction and modification (MCM) contracts expected to be dished out by Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) industry sources say.

Now: Three portions given out. Who's next , next and next?
05/10/2017 14:30
Sarawakians Are we forgotten? We hope not.
26/10/2017 16:31
limch Iraqi Pipeline Disruption Takes 250,000 Bpd Off The Market
31/10/2017 05:44
limch Oil Extends Two-Year High as Saudis, Russia Back Prolonged Cuts
31/10/2017 05:46
ipunk_ Oil up. Can buy more?
03/11/2017 14:29
BN_menang Saudi Arabia to cut crude exports by 120,000 bpd in December
10/11/2017 04:36
badud_power QR will be out soon?Time to run?
Loss 10++M?
10/11/2017 16:54
Calvin60 Bought at 99 sen. 5 sen dividend soon?
14/11/2017 16:11
DK66 http://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=83224&name=EA_GA_ATTACHMENTS
14/11/2017 18:26
BN_menang MCM awarded.
14/11/2017 20:22
BN_menang Petra Energy bags MCM services job from Petronas Carigali
14/11/2017 20:43
winmal Tomorrow limit up
14/11/2017 20:54
badud_power Not a good time to buy now. Buy after 3rd QR release (exp. 25-Nov-2017).
15/11/2017 11:16
Penarak What happened .Supposed to be limit up as per winmal .Wrongly put reverse gear instead of 6th gear.
15/11/2017 17:01
curious2 Beware of badud_power. I think he is operator out to make fear. MCM means more work how can more loss?

Posted by badud_power > Nov 10, 2017 04:54 PM | Report Abuse
QR will be out soon?Time to run?
Loss 10++M?
16/11/2017 04:21
badud_power curious2, I am not an operator. Just a reqular retail investor. Just wait & see 3rd QR in next coming week. Haha..
16/11/2017 13:59
Penarak Looks like it was not wrong reverse gear .With Sellers At RM 0.89 , it is at an all time low .
17/11/2017 12:00
curious2 Dropping non-stop to all time low after winning MCM. No wonder some said better don't win MCM.
20/11/2017 14:44
badud_power curious2: People already know in advance lah on the MCM job.Even since Sept.Now QR is just around the corner.So what is your prediction?
20/11/2017 15:20
Penarak My Prediction is it cannot go any lower than the 0.81 price currently
20/11/2017 16:08
winmal insider already knew this Quarter results so they have sold before results released. the share price have drop 20%
20/11/2017 20:00
johnooich Don't worry lar, the MCM award at least promising a few quarters profit. Let's hold and enjoy the gain, don't panic sell and benefits the sharks behind
21/11/2017 09:07
badud_power Best time to buy is after QR release exp. on 25th
4th QR should be improving
21/11/2017 09:56
klmus1 Petra is contractor to Shell. Malikai Well has been fully operational last week. Price rising soon.
21/11/2017 11:50
limch Why Penergy revenue jump but Coastal drop a lot? Not they are 1 gang before?
23/11/2017 09:16
freddiehero huhu..
24/11/2017 15:46
freddiehero klci drop
24/11/2017 15:46
Sarawakians Abang Johari willing to lose position to see Sarawak's rights restored
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/12/02/abang-johari-willing-to-lose-position/#27eOk0CbcYYqS3Jp.99
02/12/2017 16:15
Sarawakians 25% HSR we support Sarawak coming GE 14.
07/12/2017 09:51
limch HSR co winner?
08/12/2017 16:56
Sarawakians BN fixed deposit does not mean Sarawak can be forgotten easily.
11/12/2017 10:08
Sarawakians Sarawak again BN FD if Penergy RM 1.7.
11/12/2017 16:14
Sarawakians Sarawak no more BN FD?
12/12/2017 15:10
freddiehero sure win
14/12/2017 15:53

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