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13.48 14.20     +0.72 (5.34%)
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** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
22/12/2017 13.80 14.75 +0.95 (6.88%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
22/12/2017 13.80 13.50 -0.30 (2.17%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
22/12/2017 13.64 15.30 +1.66 (12.17%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
15/12/2017 13.18 15.30 +2.12 (16.08%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
14/12/2017 12.94 14.75 +1.81 (13.99%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
06/10/2017 13.18 14.75 +1.57 (11.91%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
06/10/2017 13.18 13.13 -0.05 (0.38%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
06/10/2017 13.18 14.25 +1.07 (8.12%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
02/10/2017 12.98 14.27 +1.29 (9.94%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
15/09/2017 13.06 13.13 +0.07 (0.54%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
22/12/2017  MIDF AEON Credit Service Bhd - Key Segments Continued To Operate Positively
22/12/2017  KENANGA AEON Credit Service - Within Expectations
22/12/2017  Affin Hwang Capital AEON Credit - Leveraging on Value Chain Transformation
15/12/2017  Affin Hwang Capital AEON Credit (BUY, Maintain) - Undertaking a Different Approach
14/12/2017  MIDF AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad - Faced With IRB’s Additional Assessment
06/10/2017  MIDF AEON Credit - Within Estimates
06/10/2017  KENANGA AEON Credit Service (M) - Within Expectations
06/10/2017  Affin Hwang Capital AEON Credit (BUY, Upgrade) - Still Robust
02/10/2017  MIDF AEON Credit - Gathering Momentum
15/09/2017  KENANGA AEON Credit Service - Still Decent

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Alex™ like this, you'll left with 1 ICULS as sagu hati...haha
19/11/2017 14:43
itfhentong Thank you Alex Foo for your sharing! So it means we can convert it before the maturity date?
20/11/2017 09:13
Alex™ yes
20/11/2017 10:24
Navara_1981 Anyone got any idea what they plan to use the excess cash for?
20/11/2017 14:27
itfhentong Thanks again Alex
20/11/2017 18:29
tiow Aeon Credit is a finance co, so excess cash should rephrase as equity/capital, this new equity would be used to buffer its CAR, as current their CAR is at 19.5% vs minimum of 16% stipulated by BNM, if they don't raise capital, their future growth would be quite limited....every 1 dollar increase in capital, would enable 5 or 5.5 dollar increase in their financing receivables [based on CAR's 19.5% as assumption].
22/11/2017 11:36
Alex™ now that tiow is contributing something. alex tin kosong better keep quiet =)
22/11/2017 18:07
tiow Thx Alex, u re too humble, I just happen to know this sole business well, as been holding it for a very long time, while you have a greater knowledge and experience in a lot more companies..
23/11/2017 12:21
Alex™ good la, i3 will be a better place when we share =) i only less than a year into stock trading, much to learn.
24/11/2017 11:18
Alex™ i suppose the interest rate hike will benefit aeoncr?
24/11/2017 11:19
tiow why said so ?
24/11/2017 15:35
Navara_1981 Thx for sharing guys, aeoncr credit card offers 6x entry to klia premium lounge, this shud boost its sales. Let's hang on to it and let the team work their magic
27/11/2017 10:52
Jia Jiun If warrant expires and the exercise value is lower than stock price, how much money will I get if I don't sell the warrant?

Get back money = (Last 5 day Average price of mother share - exercise value)*(number of warrant dividend by conversion ratio)?
04/12/2017 12:59
nithavjayalaxmi Is still safe buy aeon shares?..
07/12/2017 10:34
Jon Choivo Not safe, please sell.
12/12/2017 10:33
3iii Taxman slaps RM96.82m demand on Aeon Credit
Emir Zainul

December 13, 2017 21:13 pm +08

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 13): The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) has slapped Aeon Credit Service (M) Bhd with notices of additional taxes and penalties amounting to RM96.82 million.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, the non-bank lender said it was served with notices of additional assessment for the years of assessment 2010 to 2016 with penalties by the IRB yesterday.

"The company has appointed tax solicitors and is initiating proceedings to challenge the validity and legality of the said notices of additional assessment," the filing said.

Aeon Credit said these taxes and penalties were in relation to the IRB varying the loan transaction collaterised by receivables undertaken by the company with a local financial institution to that of a sale of receivables, which the IRB did not specify which provision of the Income Tax Act 1967 in making this variation.

"The IRB also raised time barred assessments for the years of assessment 2010 and 2011, but it did not provide any reason for raising the time barred assessments.

The penalties, meanwhile, are for alleged submission of incorrect returns.

Upon consulting its tax solicitors, Aeon Credit said the company is of the view that there are reasonable grounds to challenge the validity of the said notices of additional assessment raised by the DGIR and the penalties imposed.

"This is especially so, when at all material times, the company had sought professional advice from an independent and reputable audit and tax firm on its accounting and tax treatment and further, the assessments for the years of assessment 2010 and 2011 are time barred," Aeon Credit added.

The company added that it will make further announcement, if there is any material update on the matter.

Aeon Credit shares closed up 8 sen or 0.61% at RM13.24 today, bringing it to a market capitalisation of RM3.28 billion.
13/12/2017 22:09
Tai KT http://www.chinapress.com.my/?p=1126844
13/12/2017 22:17
Avangelice woah gonna be putting AEON in my watch list. tomorrow sure lausai
13/12/2017 22:24
cheated 3iii why IRB never target Hengyuan?
13/12/2017 22:49
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes https://www.nst.com.my/business/2017/12/314138/aeon-credit-was-slapped-rm97m-additional-taxes-and-penalties
13/12/2017 22:49
shpg22 omg...another magnum. Downgrade immediately to 8.00
13/12/2017 23:54
13/12/2017 23:56
jibbie expect huge correction in price today.
14/12/2017 05:41
David Ng Please note that this company makes about 70M each quarter vs the IRB claims of 96M.
14/12/2017 07:49
Lownet2323 No matter how. I will hold it for the rest of my life. Better drop dramatically. I will observe for a month and top up after a month. It
14/12/2017 08:01
Lownet2323 It is a Good opportunity to go in after a month once the quarterly result out. You won't go wrong. It is compounded 28.9% for ten years. years.
14/12/2017 08:02
Lownet2323 Buy at your own risk.
14/12/2017 08:03
Jon Choivo oh sweet lord, please stay down or go lower, i want to go in.
14/12/2017 09:19
paperplane this is CRAZY!
14/12/2017 09:29
Avangelice where got lausai
14/12/2017 10:07
hellbender If price before announcement of news was RM13.20 x 247.4million shares = RM3.265bn value forCompany. We minus off RM96million = RM3.168.68/247.4mil shares = RM12.81 per share... Now at RM12.92 is not far off isnt it. Just a temporary setback.
14/12/2017 10:11
desmondcsh Bought some at opening for my grandchild. Looks like its making recovery now hmm
14/12/2017 11:11
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes 5139 AEONCR, AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) BHD \ - \ + \
Additional Listing Announcement
14 Dec 2017, 12:15
Additional Listing Announcement
1. Details of corporate proposal
Whether the corporate proposal involves the issuance of new type and new class
of securities? N
Types of corporate proposal : Conversion of Loan Stocks
Details of corporate proposal : Conversion of 3-year, 3.5%, Irredeemable
Convertible Unsecured Loan Stocks to Ordinary Shares
No. of shares issued under this corporate proposal : 62,901
Issue price per share ($$) : 10.9900
Par Value ($$) (if applicable) : 0.000
Latest issued share capital after the above corporate proposal
In the following
Units : 247,802,260
Issued Share Capital ($$) : Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 501,519,305.420
Listing Date : 15/12/2017
You are advised to read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment.
To read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment, please access
the Bursa website at http://www.bursamalaysia.com
14/12/2017 12:20
Jon Choivo I really dont know what to say, instead of going down, it went up.

God ah, why all the shares i want behave so weird one.
14/12/2017 16:51
Lee_Brothers AEON cr fly .......
14/12/2017 17:15
cyeec2000 Result was out..
21/12/2017 17:56
Alex™ jeng jeng
21/12/2017 21:26
wilzai result out but how come no transaction at all, so weird
22/12/2017 09:49
Alex™ haha, all going holiday =)
22/12/2017 09:50
28/12/2017 23:47
bjaya Something interesting is brewing
02/01/2018 23:14
cyeec2000 Bjaya: really?
04/01/2018 17:48
EveryoneCanTrade manage to get 12.9. I am not sure tmr how far it fly, but for sure above 13.1, as there a news that, Today DJ second wave to recover the index composite. Ytd First wave is not strong enough, it is due to someone profit taking.
07/02/2018 19:13
Win188 any news about aeon credit to cause it drop today?
07/02/2018 19:26
bjaya Customary pull back b4 lurching
08/02/2018 11:27
Jon Choivo You guys should probably know that AEONCR will not be able to enjoy the 0.25% OPR rate increase as their loans are fixed rate. However, some of their borrowing is in RM, and will kena additional 0.25% cost though.
08/02/2018 15:33
Jon Choivo You guys should probably know that AEONCR will not be able to enjoy the 0.25% OPR rate increase as their loans are fixed rate. However, some of their borrowing is in RM, and will kena additional 0.25% cost though.
08/02/2018 15:34
hellbender i see... thanks for the information.
08/02/2018 15:52
Win188 http://quotes.morningstar.com/stock/analysis-report?t=XKLS:5139&region=mys&culture=en-US&productcode=MLE&cur=
08/02/2018 22:28
Activeinvestor Sold most and now switch to Petronm for its low pe high net cash biz
12/02/2018 14:48

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