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1.30 1.59     +0.29 (22.31%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
17/05/2018 1.59 1.64 +0.05 (3.14%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
17/05/2018 1.59 1.58 -0.01 (0.63%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
17/05/2018 1.59 1.80 +0.21 (13.21%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
17/05/2018 1.59 1.48 -0.11 (6.92%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
16/05/2018 1.46 1.48 +0.02 (1.37%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
19/03/2018 1.63 1.80 +0.17 (10.43%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
19/03/2018 1.63 1.58 -0.05 (3.07%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
19/03/2018 1.63 1.80 +0.17 (10.43%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
19/03/2018 1.63 1.48 -0.15 (9.20%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
27/02/2018 1.68 1.58 -0.10 (5.95%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
27/02/2018 1.68 1.80 +0.12 (7.14%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
27/02/2018 1.68 1.48 -0.20 (11.90%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
22/01/2018 1.41 1.70 +0.29 (20.57%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
22/01/2018 1.41 1.70 +0.29 (20.57%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
22/12/2017 1.14 1.04 -0.10 (8.77%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
17/05/2018  PUBLIC BANK Wah Seong Corporation Berhad - Commendable Start
17/05/2018  MIDF Wah Seong - Solid Year Ahead From OG Segment
17/05/2018  KENANGA Wah Seong Corporation - Deemed Within Expectations
17/05/2018  HLG Wah Seong Corporation - Good Start to FY18
16/05/2018  HLG Wah Seong Corporation - Good Start to FY18
19/03/2018  Rakuten Wah Seong Corp - A Good Start
19/03/2018  MIDF Wah Seong - Contract Awarded From Basrah Gas Company
19/03/2018  KENANGA Wah Seong Corporation - First Contract Win for the Year
19/03/2018  HLG Wah Seong - Maiden Contract in 2018
27/02/2018  MIDF Wah Seong - Nord Stream 2 Project Lifted FY17 Earnings
27/02/2018  KENANGA Wah Seong Corporation - Strong Turnaround
27/02/2018  HLG Wah Seong - 4Q17 Outperformed
22/01/2018  Rakuten Wah Seong Corp - Positive Outlook
22/01/2018  KENANGA Wah Seong Corporation - Attractive Outlook
22/12/2017  MIDF Wah Seong Corporation Berhad - Sold Plantation Arm

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Jarklp Always nice to see record revenue with record profit..
What I like:
- better operating cash flows (+200m in Q4 alone)
- lower debts (-RM100m)
- complete disposal of plantation business (P&L should improve 5-10m/year), further streamlining their business is good.
What I don't understand:
- O&G business - excluding one-off items, PBT in Q4 was 36.6m, lower than 49.8m in Q3 even with a much higher revenue, Gross profit was not growing much in Q4.
- not sure why they have impairments (RM73m) on PPE in their O&G business every year
28/02/2018 00:51
david81 holy S... -0.06 (3.53%) today !
28/02/2018 17:18
yiniugongxiong WASEONG 5142 QUARTERLY REPORT 31 DEC 2017
01/03/2018 14:02
100000024310431 anyone going to buy?
07/03/2018 15:52
hua91 now -0.14... fking panic seller.
07/03/2018 15:55
100000024310431 buy more earn more
07/03/2018 16:16
david81 dropped 20 cents in a week time....wtf
07/03/2018 16:58
Davidl Already up a lot so beware of profit taking due to market sentiment is very bad!
07/03/2018 17:38
kevinobc wah seong tp 1.80
14/03/2018 10:47
susan_analyst BUY 25000 SHARES IN WASEONG (5142.KL) IN A RANGE OF 1.540 -1.550 SL 1.47 TARGET 1.630

PM me for daily stocks and elections based stocks +60 112085 7623
14/03/2018 14:58
junetan20 haha, finally grow back
14/03/2018 15:38
kevinobc WAH SEONG CORPORATION BERHAD (5142.KL) Shares Needle Moving -1.96%

Shares of WAH SEONG CORPORATION BERHAD (5142.KL) are moving on volatility today -1.96% or -0.03 from the open. The BM listed company saw a recent bid of 1.50 and 2576400 shares have traded hands in the session.

Many investors may strive to be in the stock market when the bulls are running and out of the market when the bears are in charge. Investors often use multiple strategies when setting up their portfolios. Some may rely solely on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a combination of both. Investing can be an extremely tough process. Individual investors often strive to gather and analyze vast amounts of information in order to make educated decisions. Often times, investors may have initial success in the stock market, and then things may turn sour. Confidence may be necessary to make the tougher decisions, but overconfidence may lead to an underperforming portfolio. Overconfidence may cause the investor to make poor decisions because they are relying too heavily on personal interpretations.

Taking a deeper look into the technical levels of WAH SEONG CORPORATION BERHAD (5142.KL), we can see that the Williams Percent Range or 14 day Williams %R currently sits at -77.78. The Williams %R oscillates in a range from 0 to -100. A reading between 0 and -20 would point to an overbought situation. A reading from -80 to -100 would signal an oversold situation. The Williams %R was developed by Larry Williams. This is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator.

WAH SEONG CORPORATION BERHAD (5142.KL) currently has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of -104.45. Active investors may choose to use this technical indicator as a stock evaluation tool. Used as a coincident indicator, the CCI reading above +100 would reflect strong price action which may signal an uptrend. On the flip side, a reading below -100 may signal a downtrend reflecting weak price action. Using the CCI as a leading indicator, technical analysts may use a +100 reading as an overbought signal and a -100 reading as an oversold indicator, suggesting a trend reversal.

The RSI, or Relative Strength Index, is a widely used technical momentum indicator that compares price movement over time. The RSI was created by J. Welles Wilder who was striving to measure whether or not a stock was overbought or oversold. The RSI may be useful for spotting abnormal price activity and volatility. The RSI oscillates on a scale from 0 to 100. The normal reading of a stock will fall in the range of 30 to 70. A reading over 70 would indicate that the stock is overbought, and possibly overvalued. A reading under 30 may indicate that the stock is oversold, and possibly undervalued. After a recent check, WAH SEONG CORPORATION BERHAD’s 14-day RSI is currently at 48.59, the 7-day stands at 39.73, and the 3-day is sitting at 32.25.

For further review, we can take a look at another popular technical indicator. In terms of moving averages, the 200-day is currently at 1.10, the 50-day is 1.43, and the 7-day is resting at 1.54. Moving averages are a popular trading tool among investors. Moving averages can be used to help filter out the day to day noise created by other factors. MA’s may be used to identify uptrends or downtrends, and they can be a prominent indicator for detecting a shift in momentum for a particular stock. Many traders will use moving averages for different periods of time in conjunction with other indicators to help gauge future stock price action.

Currently, the 14-day ADX for WAH SEONG CORPORATION BERHAD (5142.KL) is sitting at 24.77. Generally speaking, an ADX value from 0-25 would indicate an absent or weak trend. A value of 25-50 would support a strong trend. A value of 50-75 would identify a very strong trend, and a value of 75-100 would lead to an extremely strong trend. ADX is used to gauge trend strength but not trend direction. Traders often add the Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI) to identify the direction of a trend.

When dealing with the stock market, investors may seek to make trades that will limit regret and create a sense of pride. Often times, investors may be challenged with trying to figure out the proper time to sell winners or let go of losers. Of course, nobody wants to sell a winner if it looks like there may be more profits to be had. On the other hand, nobody wants to hold on to a loser for so long that severe losses pile up. Investors often need to assess their own appetite for risk. Some may be able to stomach large swings on a daily basis. Others may not be able to take the volatility when dealing with riskier investments. Risk decisions may be made on past outcomes, and investors who have experienced previous profits and gains may be more likely to take a bigger risk in the future. Those who have only seen substantial losses may be more risk adverse in the future.
14/03/2018 16:48
kevinobc https://kaplanherald.com/2018/03/13/wah-seong-corporation-berhad-5142-kl-shares-needle-moving-1-96/
14/03/2018 16:49
waseong sell
14/03/2018 19:33
waseong market is very competetive. Now not easy to get a new project. Most of jobs now are go to Bredero Shaw. Please go to check and see.
14/03/2018 19:37
boldrun88 good news coming...
15/03/2018 11:37
boldrun88 WASEONG’s pipe coating prospects remain positive on the home turf. Some of the jobs include the 800-km pipe manufacturing and pipe-coating jobs for the Multi Products Pipeline (MPP) project connecting Pengerang to Perlis as well as the 600km pipe manufacturing and pipe-coating jobs for the Trans Sabah Gas Pipeline (TSGP) project, which could be awarded soonest by 1H18. Note that both the projects are owned by Suria Strategic Energy Resources Sdn Bhd (SSER), a special purpose vehicle owned by the Ministry of Finance with China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co (CPP) being the main contractor. We believe WASEONG stands a good chance to win the projects, being the only API certified local pipe manufacturer to compete with Chinese contractors.
15/03/2018 11:45
Wong Kah Wei Good new, Monday gap up!!
16/03/2018 19:34
investor8888 yes. bags new contract.
16/03/2018 19:39
batra http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/wah-seong-awarded-us345m-gas-compressor-contract-iraq
16/03/2018 20:50
david81 A good start for 2018...waiting them to win those bigger projects
16/03/2018 22:40
waseong buy buy buy, chase high. Shark definitely will sell to you.
18/03/2018 11:19
Penarak Don’t know about Sharks selling , but at RM 1.30 ,it would be prudent to stock up .
06/04/2018 19:38
Lim Tek Wai rebound coming!!! :))
09/04/2018 16:02
Sebastian Sted Power Ah Seong, I am still waiting for you
12/04/2018 09:11
jordanmaggie61 I am still waiting for you
12/04/2018 10:09
david81 lets wait to go back to rm1.7
12/04/2018 22:06
PenguinDad https://www.tradingview.com/x/faA5j9Px
01/05/2018 20:50
G-boy i tot it is najib brother company..so it will affect...
14/05/2018 14:47
david81 1.7!!! is coming
16/05/2018 16:39
kevinobc https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Will-100-Oil-Kill-The-US-Economy.html
16/05/2018 16:47
yiniugongxiong WASEONG 5142 QUARTERLY REPORT 31 MARCH 2018
16/05/2018 19:43
UY From WASEONG announcement :

Wah Seong Corporation Berhad Upbeat on Future Earning

Kuala Lumpur, 16 May 2018 – Wah Seong Corporation Berhad (“WSC” or “the Group”)
is announced its first quarter results today. For the quarter under review, the Group
recorded revenue of RM 792.8 million, more than 100% increase from its revenue of
RM 316.8 million in the corresponding quarter last year. This had contributed to the
Group recording a healthy Profit After Tax and Minority (PATMI) of RM 29 million from
RM 9.5 million in the corresponding quarter in 2017.

“The Group started the year very well. Our first quarter earnings are robust, and this
follows an excellent fourth quarter last year. The net gearing has come down to 0.6x
and is expected to improve further this year”, said Chan Cheu Leong, Group Chief
Executive Officer and Managing Director.

Last year, the Group ended the year with a Profit After Tax and Minority Interest
(PATMI) excluding one off of RM 88.9 million, which was largely contributed by the Oil
and Gas Division. With the oil price stabilising at USD70 per barrel, the Group
anticipates capital spending of oil and gas exploration companies to increase and
expects an upsurge in demand for its products and services. The Group’s order book
of RM 2.51 billion is largely contributed by the Oil and Gas Division, and Nord Stream 2
Pipeline Project accounts for RM1.6 billion of the order book. A large chunk of this
order book will be executed during the year and will contribute positively to the Group’s
16/05/2018 21:55
dalpinia Is it a BN counter? If yes then this may be the last good QR instead
17/05/2018 08:42
kevinobc https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/wah-seong-1q-profit-triples-higher-og-earnings
17/05/2018 09:03
Sgt_kickass88 10% since Monday Godd
17/05/2018 09:21
david81 Outlook. Wah Seong’s earnings outlook is expected to remain stable backed by its healthy orderbook in hand of RM2.5bn including RM472m newly-secured contracts YTD, which should provide earnings visibility until FY19. .......so far got 472M new project, but only got 1 announcement AFAIK this year...wondering why they didn't want to announce it when secured the new project.
18/05/2018 17:39
Penarak At RM 1.58 , still well priced in view of current oil prices and the niche market segment that Wasco has .
18/05/2018 19:37
Ivan Lau https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/384399/wah-seong-aims-big-in-pipe-coating-industry
28/05/2018 09:24
titus jiak lat......going downhill even with all the good news.....
28/05/2018 15:47
junetan20 buy at 1.35
28/05/2018 16:12
charlielok Waseong is not BN related. It is owned by Chan and Tan family from Tan & Tan and IGB. Waseong was a company started by Tan Chin Nam in Ipoh as a catering company for British soliders during the war. Now, it is an oil and gas company owned by Chan (who used to be Tan Chin nam's right hand man).
28/05/2018 16:32
junetan20 chance to buy?
30/05/2018 15:37
Jarklp 80% of the business is outside malaysia with strong bookorder, earnings should be strong this year. bought some today..
31/05/2018 00:04
titus if RM continue to be weak, then good for waseong......
31/05/2018 08:59
sysz820 Bought at rm1.270
31/05/2018 16:07
chshzhd buy n keep...
31/05/2018 22:52
david81 no news for any new projects ?
09/06/2018 11:14
Jarklp shares buy back again after two years! last time they bought back below Rm1....
11/06/2018 23:01
junetan20 shall buy now?
20/06/2018 11:42

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