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0.095 0.13     +0.035 (36.84%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
27/11/2014 0.135 0.13 -0.005 (3.70%) HOLD MERCURY Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
27/11/2014  MERCURY 3Q/FY14 results - below expectations. Maintain Hold Call.

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MYSCHN Definitely! There is too much Volume in the market already, do you think how much money for the management to buy it back?? Then when it reach such price some investor will sell it. So a clever people will let the price drop until people less confident and dump it. You people may consider on RM0.05 ~ 0.06.
19/12/2014 15:39
MYSCHN We all wait until RM0.05.
19/12/2014 15:39
whatzstock XDL better rebound soon man... My three years $$ savings all invested in this counter. Average 16.5 cents. With current price of <10 cents, I don't think it will give any dividend... so the only hope is someone come and goreng it up kao kao lat....
19/12/2014 17:30
kun1971kun how much you put in ? ime 10k average 20cent...no eye to see..........
19/12/2014 19:36
ANDY longterm stay at this company should be facing large amount losses without any out look for the company.Continuing margin force sell happen and happen till the lower price again and again.....
20/12/2014 17:43
rlch Never say never. IFCA was also cheap before(7-8sen) it surge this year. Also not paying dividend.
Who know XDL can surge next year like IFCA this year?
20/12/2014 17:58
687423 I entered @ 24 sen and mad the wisest decision of 2014 to run at 22 sen! It really burn....
21/12/2014 00:18
687423 Staying around with this counter was like being chained to a tree and got whipped , painful all the time but can't escape...groaning aiyoyo endlessly....
21/12/2014 00:27
687423 All the while I thought the China counter that may possibly make a difference from the rest is XDL, but?
21/12/2014 02:24
ANDY Do you think china girl can believe?You can stay ?
21/12/2014 15:59

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