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Singalingam2 XDL 0.2 coming soon.
23/06/2017 13:12
AyamGoreng kikikiki..... ini kilang dari fujian jinjiang kah? tempat tu duduk paling manyat penipu la.....kikikiki
23/06/2017 15:48
hionghiongki near closing pushed up & crazy sell Q
23/06/2017 16:58
DickyMe Revenue and profit keep dropping year by year. KNN
23/06/2017 23:53
jackng06 Can u guy do some homework? Profit 2016 better than 2015. Profit drop because changing style of company. Xdl is closing those shop lot in china. the changing let xdl profit and revenue drop but they 2017 first quarter already half of 2016 net profit. That mean the companying having a better improvement. Stay tune xdl next week might shoot up
24/06/2017 11:46
jackng06 0.2 coming? Dream more pls
24/06/2017 11:47
DickyMe Majority of China companies are languishing similar to local companies operating like gambling house.
25/06/2017 21:39
AyamMuda1 China punya tauke banyak kedekut. Dia jual murah supaya penggoreng suka. Macam Sinotop punya boss. Jual 5 sen sekrg sudah lebih 60 sen.

Posted by AyamGoreng > Jun 22, 2017 11:32 AM | Report Abuse

kikikiki..... csl ada tunai 1,854,408,000.00 di bank, tapi taugek chan fung jual dia punya saham 7 sen 6.52% peratus! bank tu takda duit lah..... semua syarikat saham dari fujian sama2 penipu la..... pui
26/06/2017 09:59
ektay88 Why today no quote and volume? What happened? Any new?
30/06/2017 14:08
NoobTrader88 Kasi goreng sama dia
05/07/2017 09:18
hkhk ada hope lagi?
05/07/2017 13:29
Singalingam2 Die die die die......
06/07/2017 02:02
pretty_life Buy and keep...till December you will see something boomm
06/07/2017 22:44
DickyMe http://www.msn.com/en-my/news/other/china-based-firms-again-in-the-spotlight/ar-BBDYXfK

Danger of being delisted.
09/07/2017 17:06
jackng06 Undeniably, the bad publicity and poor perception investors have of most, if not all China-based companies, “is certainly serious”, Lya Rahman, general manager of the Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group, better known by its acronym MWSG, told the weekly.
10/07/2017 12:29
The_Reds Sudden big volume buying at 0.26...something coming
11/07/2017 11:07
jackng06 quarter report will be good
11/07/2017 14:43
Wong Kah Wei Qr will be super good.
11/07/2017 19:47
hkhk when will come oh
13/07/2017 10:38
DickyMe Bursa's Bengali Kondae says all China company welcomed to list at KLSE if satisfy requirement. The fact is after listing, these companies crash below IPO and stay low for god knows how long. China con companies.
13/07/2017 21:00
rockycleft The big question is who. Dare to invest?
14/07/2017 17:07
Wong Kah Wei Don't worry,after reach 0.5 automatically will had many followers
14/07/2017 21:51
yapts Kah Wei ,spot on! If XDL reaches 0.4, people talk so much but dun own this share will follow.
14/07/2017 22:33
AyamGoreng kikikiki..... 50 sen? tunggu kelapa jatoh lebeh cepat!
17/07/2017 12:29
AyamGoreng kikikiki.... beli vivo lebeh cepat la
17/07/2017 12:29
PYLINK td beli sikit test market
19/07/2017 17:05
PYLINK voliu ,harga da up , broker cakap line line sudah mau cross
19/07/2017 17:12
Wong Kah Wei Ayamgoreng tolong goreng vivocom kuat sikit blh?
19/07/2017 20:50
pretty_life Watch out...it will fly u soon...pls be patience...but it is goreng counter....so take your own risk ...
20/07/2017 10:19
PYLINK walau today seller 10x ++ more then buyer .
20/07/2017 12:07
PYLINK volim kuat 0.270 , left hand to right hand , or goreng ?
20/07/2017 15:49
hkhk when will come?
21/07/2017 15:57
hamitouzhi beware of China Fujian stock
24/07/2017 13:27
PYLINK lucky sold 0.275 the next day , today si
25/07/2017 15:35
Singalingam2 JackNg here. Dun worry. 0.22 wuhoo.... Park 0.20 so long time
25/07/2017 16:29
AyamGoreng kikikiki..... jual 1 saham ini & beli 1.7 saham vivo lebeh selamat! .....kikikiki
25/07/2017 17:15
DickyMe This is how Chinaman con people. First they consolidate and reduce number of shares and now drop the price. This is how the Tiu Niamahs and Ham ka Chans make money. With all the deceit, they champion about integrity. Hhhaaarrrkkkssssss PUUUUuuuuuiiiii!!!!
26/07/2017 09:06
MyInvest wooo......dropping very badly.......
26/07/2017 10:43
hamitouzhi this Fujian China conman can use many ways to cheat your money; likes Msports created new company Evidoma on 2012 to laundry out the profits, CSL burnt their factory plant on 2014, Xinquan lost its NTA=1.03 to just a shoe order, many many more classic example. the most is not submiting the QR & let the company delist from Bursa.
26/07/2017 11:27
DickyMe @jackng06 What is your "educated" defense now?
26/07/2017 11:33
Aaloon When buy 30k unit (few yrs ago)later announce spread share 1:2= 60k unit and then announce 4:1 drop to 15k units. From here assume same market price already reduce our Share holding... pandainya....
26/07/2017 11:57
hkhk die
26/07/2017 12:39
jackng06 BDO Malaysia
BDO in Malaysia is a member firm of BDO International, the world’s fifth largest network of professional firms providing audit & assurance, advisory and tax services to businesses ranging from established multinational conglomerates to growth-oriented organisations, whether public or private.

Founded in 1964, BDO Malaysia has more than 50 years of experience in Malaysia’s commercial landscape with a strong reputation as a top quality professional services provider. We service our clients with a well-qualified and experienced team close to 1,000 staff led by over 90 Partners and Directors through our offices in Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam.

BDO’s distinctive reputation is built upon our commitment to all our stakeholders that what matters to them, matters to us.
26/07/2017 22:15
jackng06 XDL's auditor is BDO
26/07/2017 22:15
jackng06 i still parking at 0.2
26/07/2017 22:15
jackng06 let's c how XDL go =)
26/07/2017 22:17
jackng06 go and check those china company auditor and compare their audit firm, dont take those no name audit firm come and compare BDO
26/07/2017 22:18
jackng06 XDL having a professional auditor what should we scare?
if XDL having such a problem, it should disclose in the financial statement
26/07/2017 22:22
jackng06 Do u guys know auditor if let the company having a modified auditor report, if it having problem will let their firm go to trouble, and the accountant will be disqualifed his cert?
26/07/2017 22:24
jackng06 guy go and check those china firm whose auditor is EY, KPMG, PWC, Deloitte ( Big 4), i can say no
26/07/2017 22:26

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