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22/05/2014 0.21 0.21 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD MERCURY Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
22/05/2014  MERCURY XDL - 1Q/FY14 results - below expectations. Maintain Hold Call.

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richman quarterly results may be out soon
31/10/2014 14:35
richman xdl-wa should move to at least 3cts
31/10/2014 14:41
theyrenn i talk kok talk shit anyone ask you to listen? if you dont like xdl go play other counter if others oso shit go home play your che che mei mei.. if u r into RICHER flavor go play your lao bu. No one fak ask you to come xdl kauter and kao beh kao bu.
31/10/2014 14:56
guasaramaikong OOOOps! boitahan ohh'..... "talk kok",
dip your bloody pig head into the pig shit la, then, show time......! kikikikikki
31/10/2014 15:14
richman stock to watch on monday
31/10/2014 16:06
AhJee rich man, long time didn't hear form you in this forum
31/10/2014 16:53
richman I am here Xdl can make money now
31/10/2014 17:14
richman if the results good sure up to 20cts
31/10/2014 17:14
MercuryRX Dont play play.. Heard China Big Taiko oredi mad people playing xdl price... without reason price drop to bottom... China Big taiko realy mad...
31/10/2014 19:53
MercuryRX If goreng till CNY... Dont be crazy ok
31/10/2014 19:55

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