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Kevin Khoo https://www.facebook.com/KLSELION/photos/ms.c.eJxFj9sNAzAIAzeqeEP2X6wSrunn6RybTHuYPH8xEaGfAWdpqkqRy0a7247hE6wi62voHfm~;334PsiFf5IAX8u7LO4~;9MvJbzvdjRV~;evYb~;2Pntm8s7eMi5eT2Pvbz3Dd9k7Afzpujj~;YZ7gvdbgv14831~_wOexH~;YFaqRUHA~-~-.bps.a.873420916151110.1073741832.848454415314427/873420939484441/?type=3&theater
25/11/2017 15:37
sr8787 Waiting to close shop soon.. Yes once upon time it was high stock.. Now all lost... Once itt ceo resign... Byebye..
Ex student
06/12/2017 11:07
bleuerouge on the way back to 21c
18/12/2017 00:50
bonescythereborn guys. monitor this. will hit 20sen by this week. creador will take over AEGB via CUCMS
20/12/2017 19:09
Annetan announcement out by smrt that specifies private placement of 210 million ageb shares to the different parties.
21/12/2017 21:03
bonescythereborn they bought at 20sen why dont u buy now with cheaperst price. even tabung bought at 20sen
22/12/2017 00:28
greenbucket bonescyhereborn whats the TP?
22/12/2017 09:52
dompeilee Bought some Asiamet this morning @ 19c
22/12/2017 10:17
fatwealthprofit See below, this stock is even cheaper, promising fundamental and undervalued! Could be LIMIT UP! The stock has been shared with Singapore, U.S. and U.K. investors too!

22/12/2017 10:40
dompeilee U conmen bought millions of this rubbish HWGB now trying to unload? Bad karma la u lowlife LOL
22/12/2017 10:48
bonescythereborn hit 20sen brother. see my comment. all my comment on several counter fly. i even alert here before price shoot up
22/12/2017 13:24
Constructionanalyst operator goreng, buy.
22/12/2017 15:51
Lamela What is creador will take over aegb via cucms? Creador’s holding will be diluted to just 9% and cucms has nothing to do with creador. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMRT.
22/12/2017 17:19
Annetan Don't be too complacent lah as the vol traded is too high for a small increase in price
22/12/2017 17:29
bagan this business is no longer attractive as most universities and private hospitals have their own nursing school. Last time when Santhara was managing it himself yes, this was very attractive as there was no competitor and gov gave out a lot of scholarship to the students but not anymore especially with the diluted number of shares...
22/12/2017 17:37
Lamela The statement made by the bonescythereborn is false. Also, AMU is already departed from nursing programmes. Besides retaining existing health sciences programmes, they are going into business and IT related courses, if only if you following closely.
22/12/2017 18:06
Annetan I believe aegb is not into IT related courses but with a few uni offering pharmacy and medicine courses is attractive to me.
22/12/2017 18:59
Lamela I assume you did not read any of it or do any research related to aegb. If you have gone through every single pages of the circular of the whole deal, you would not say that. Please read.
22/12/2017 20:31
diehardunited ATTENTION: Will this stock hit LIMIT UP soon?

23/12/2017 17:08
Kukumanis die hard like u
23/12/2017 17:09
bagan look at 2010 rev, like 300mil, now only 20mil...so many other attractive counters available
23/12/2017 17:14
Annetan Write a comment..,I read announcement letters as well as annual reports.smrt is going to it and aegb into healthcare,that's the reason why smrt sells the cyberjaya uni to aegb.due to the extremely high vol with little price increased,o liquidated almost all my position.i will buy back when it's lower.
24/12/2017 11:30
Lamela The IT related courses is not referring to the technology segment of smrt, it’s about programmes in IT. Please look into the newly opened amu campus in cyberjaya, for the purpose of new programmes in business n IT while remaining all the health sciences courses in other campus. The sale of cucms to aegb is to monetise n realise the value of cucms, to synergise the cost of operations and part of turning around aegb as a whole.
25/12/2017 03:31
Hohup The proposed acquisition has been completed..so?
27/12/2017 17:18
greenbucket how far can this go?
29/12/2017 09:55
dompeilee dompeilee Bought some Asiamet this morning @ 19c
22/12/2017 10:17

Held bravely through the correction....and now...:D
29/12/2017 10:05
greenbucket what TP?
29/12/2017 10:24
musangkiing keyasic, Inix,pworth,muiind this few sen potential reach TP 30sen
29/12/2017 10:57
gsh7788 how about aegb?
29/12/2017 12:17
SEEMAL 4****
29/12/2017 12:34
hasif181 this counter getting interesting!! 0.220 already
03/01/2018 09:37
greenbucket any inside on this company?
08/01/2018 10:52
Spe Culator @gentlemen are u still holding this?
08/01/2018 12:09
Rusli Widad AEGB has been trading above its upward sloping 20 Day Moving Average which is a good sign. In addition, the price just broke the resistance of 0.215 reinforcing the bullishness in the recent movement. This breakout was accompanied by a higher than average traded volume which shows the enthusiasm of the traders to push the price higher & past this resistance hence giving a higher probability of a successful breakout.
08/01/2018 18:23
greenbucket @ spe culator whats your TP?
08/01/2018 18:24
Spe Culator @greenbucket i am not sure, until the chart pattern show game over
08/01/2018 20:45
angct1028 TP 0.30 by next week.
08/01/2018 21:17
Rusli Widad AEGB has been trading above its upward sloping 20 Day Moving Average which is a good sign. The support and resistance level of AEGB are 0.225 and 0.245 respectively. Based on the indicator analysis, the counter is primed for some price weakness as indicated by the RSI being in the overbought region.
08/01/2018 23:00
Rusli Widad In addition, there technical level at 0.235 which may support any short- term retracement. RSI is also showing an overbought condition which may indicate some retracement may take place especially if the support level of 0.235 is broken.
09/01/2018 21:59
angct1028 TP 0.30 by next week. Sapuing kaw-kaw.
10/01/2018 10:01
minher It is better buy SMRT rather than AEGB. SMRT hold more than 50% AEGB stakes. SMRT hold 681,948,179 share AEGB. If divide by SMRT shares issued 362,182,575 share. That mean 1 share SMRT can get 2 share AEGB.
10/01/2018 14:55
minher SMRT share price should be higher than AEGB. SMRT worth at least 50sen.
10/01/2018 14:57
KLSELION Write a comment..https://www.facebook.com/KLSELION/
10/01/2018 15:11
Lamela Minher, can i have your email add please? At least someone is telling the truth n fact here. Thank you.
10/01/2018 15:51
dompeilee dompeilee Bought some Asiamet this morning @ 19c
22/12/2017 10:17

SOLD all the above Asiamet @ 24.5 - 25.5c today :)
10/01/2018 16:57
greenbucket any advice? i bought in at 25 today :/
10/01/2018 17:33
Rusli Widad This brought the price to the resistance of 0.245 where we expert a good fight between the bulls and the bears. For the upside continue, the resistance needs to be broken conclusively, preferably with high volume. The RSI indicator is giving reading in the overbrought region. While this is experted given the recent upward movement, it also give a warning that the current movement may be over-extended.
10/01/2018 22:43
ddd ccc he he....short term tp is 0.3
11/01/2018 00:03
Rusli Widad In addition, the price just broke resistance of 0.245 reinforcing the bullishness in the recent price movement . Ideally one would like to see an increase in traded volume to demonstrate the enthusiasm of the trader to push the price past this technical resistance level. However, there was a decrease in the traded volume in this breakout. Hence it is important to monitor the immediate price volume action to ascertain the validity of this breakout.
12/01/2018 08:17
ddd ccc need to break 0.27
15/01/2018 14:38

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