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mwong3 guys/gals... penny stock word now and it a last push for the KLSE... MEGB will fly soon,,... if they don't do it and not opp to run liau..
pls look at the news MEGB dispose the stock 12 mil( may used to goring this stock , just guessing)

The BlogSpot also did good job to analysis the MEGB and do relatively comparison before the stock fly...
11/09/2014 15:09
nobody rebound x2
12/09/2014 10:07
yungshen1 fransoweto volume increace recently that mean big shark want to goreng ady.buy TP0.600
14/09/2014 11:17
tan56 strange, whats going on ?
15/09/2014 16:20
shareprofit Masterskill Education Group Berhad (“MEGB” or “the Company”)
- Notification received from substantial shareholder on the Mutual Termination Agreement in respect of the Call and Put Option that he has entered into.

shit just get real...
17/09/2014 20:16
shareprofit y the mutual agreement to terminate??? y not make the other party pay a penalty?
17/09/2014 20:18
Goinvest88 Maybe the executive director see bright future?
17/09/2014 22:46
Goinvest88 Maybe the executive director do charity?
17/09/2014 22:47
Goinvest88 Maybe they are good friends?
17/09/2014 22:47
Frank Soweto so many maybes - how about maybe some dumb %$#@ actually believe that some chinaman really so bloody stupeeed to buy 1.10 when this longkang share continuously bleed for freaking 11 quarters n an NTA of .59 cents n dropping.
yeah maybe someday will also have snow in bolihland :(
18/09/2014 02:17

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