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xncziyi44 why palan resigned ? money of land deal paid? how is quaterly loss still negative?
12/11/2015 12:57
Turbo Next year earning can be +ve 5.5mil. Jz need 1000 students to be +ve! but now got 2000 students already. TP 1.18 on education average PE 16. I m not worry for this counter :-)
13/11/2015 11:26
Turbo Asset value already 0.70
13/11/2015 11:31
crystal168 Wooooow !!!!!!! Nice TP. I better keep first instead of selling.

Can you have a look on SMRT, what is the TP??

"Turbo ??? Next year earning can be +ve 5.5mil. Jz need 1000 students to be +ve! but now got 2000 students already. TP 1.18 on education average PE 16. I m not worry for this counter :-)
13/11/2015 11:26"
14/11/2015 16:59
singkalan Dividend ex date 19 Nov, 0.05, 9% returns not bad
16/11/2015 23:12
TabulaRasa Turbo, from where did you get the info that Asia Met has already 2,000 students? If yes, I think it is a strong buy.
17/11/2015 09:35
thebadguy how is a loss making company paying so much dividend. looks like a cash out to me.
17/11/2015 09:36
Turbo Info from Chinese news paper May'15 when my agent recommand to me.
17/11/2015 11:02
Jack_y13 After took over they did mention give them 1 year and they need 500 more students to turn green.
If they hv 2000 students now then should be good news for both smrt and aegb.
17/11/2015 18:21
Turbo Tomorrow is ex date already, still got person gonna sell it low price....really don't understand it...
18/11/2015 11:46
TabulaRasa I'm still not sure how AEGB has the funds to divi up the 5 cents - need to look at their Q3 figures.
I suppose that's what you get for co-investing with PE firms - cash back fast and early!
19/11/2015 10:39
23/11/2015 14:15
valueinvestorJ NAPS 44 cents, Loss reduced, hehe get ready for rebound.
27/11/2015 18:53
Jack_y13 Shouldn't give so much dividend from the sale of properties.
02/12/2015 17:46
valueinvestorJ Syndicate playing, surely go back to above 45 cents.
02/12/2015 23:35
08/12/2015 10:38
Hugobossking Anybody received dividend? I thought it sud be pay out on 8 Dec?
10/12/2015 09:46
Turbo Jz received
11/12/2015 10:15
11/12/2015 11:35
Hugobossking Turbo: Really? it bank in to your bank account or ur investment account? How come mine not yet T.T
11/12/2015 11:58
Turbo Bank account
11/12/2015 20:42
DreamRaider so so
14/12/2015 10:31
Bilis Bilis MC88 Honestly I think the BoD should just leave and let Brahmal and his team run the business.
16/12/2015 21:15
Brahmal? You respectful follower ?

AEGB : see how it will be manipulated :

3 rounds from current 0.34 (already pressed down 22 days from peak @ 0.51) :

Round 1 :
Bottom =day 1= (T) : Intra-day press down 0.025 to 0.315 (bargain buy!!!)
Peak = T+2 = sell!!!
Bottom (for next push)=T+6

Round 2 : repeat round 1 again

Round 3: repeat round 1 again , Get out and down touch it UNTIL IT HIT ROCK BOTTOM for next phase!!!
17/12/2015 00:44
22/12/2015 11:10
valueinvestorJ Syndicate pushing price back up. Those who panic sold earlier now's the time to collect back before it reaches TP RM0.42.
22/12/2015 23:55
WiseEye I find it at a very attractive valuation now. Not looking for long-term play, just taking advantage of severe irrational market selldown
12/01/2016 23:06
singkalin Education institution all making money with tons of profit.
This education group make monkey only.
Why ! Why ! Why!
29/02/2016 16:45
CLUB35 The company is still in the midst of restructuring and image repairing, it takes time, very bright business outlook under current weak Ringgit environment, both Brahmal and Palan are not stupid, education providers might be bursa's new investment theme going forward!
29/02/2016 18:40
singkalin si liao
02/03/2016 09:41
Bilis Bilis AEGB (my 2nd wife from Karlala) , just moved/breakout with volume, purely on chart,no insiders, no guarantee...
23/03/2016 15:40
23/03/2016 15:45
billionchew no hope.., listed in 2011 & IPO IS 3.25,highest was 4.30 & lowest was 0.27 ( only 5 years time ), from 4.30 to 0.27!! be careful all directors are crocodiles, con't be trust!
21/04/2016 21:27
stkong123 Nvr deal in Keling ku .... thts my experience
24/04/2016 08:42
valueinvestorJ http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5093109. Good news but stock drop in price.
AEGB wishes to announce that Plaintiff’s (Khidmat Jujur Sekuriti (M) Sdn. Bhd.) claims have been dismissed with cost to be paid to Defendant (AEGB).
17/05/2016 09:10
crystal168 Thanks for the Spartan Troops

You deserved a feather on your cap
23/05/2016 09:14
godhand1234 Run...Run....Run....
02/06/2016 15:26
LKOH what do you by run ?
03/06/2016 20:44
LKOH what do you mean by Run...Run...Run...? Run away from this counter or hoping the share price to run like Usain Bolt
03/06/2016 22:00
CUTLOST Masterskill to Make it Die slowly
04/06/2016 08:23
jeand braml when want to wake .kao kao up la sleep so long aldy since divd. where ar u
10/08/2016 17:14
Woot2 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5258957
15/11/2016 15:22
gforce2 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/12/17/remedy-for-asiamet-education-group-turnaround-plan/
21/12/2016 01:30
null hopeless counter...will drop below 10sen..time to cut loss...
28/02/2017 09:46
stock1288 awaiting for them to dispose their assets (building and land) to lock in profit.
01/03/2017 14:58
WiseEye This is the next counter that I strongly predict will surge after restructuring. We shall see. Now it's all time low and Creator bought this for 60cents, or lesser after dividends.
06/03/2017 09:54
dragonriderAA as per latest q4 report the numbers of students are increasing already and the huge loss was due to depreciation which is the results of complying to new accounting standard. this is non-cash charges. so coming q1 and q2 hopefully can see some further improvements in terms of student enrollment
06/03/2017 21:04
稻田·* 片片绿青~粒粒芳香 Smart OPERATOR.....really oldtimer
07/03/2017 09:42
WiseEye Sold yesterday at 0.16. Good luck to everyone.
09/03/2017 02:18
setia2u Thank you WiseEye for selling it to me yesterday. Haha.... another counter potential candidate of UMA..... watch out.
15/03/2017 11:15
stock1288 Good volume for the past couple of days....looking to break 20 sen
15/03/2017 11:56
rmkfac100812 Promote & sell.. very wise my eye..
17/03/2017 21:27

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