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1.67 1.88     +0.21 (12.57%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
07/02/2018 1.72 1.90 +0.18 (10.47%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
07/02/2018 1.72 1.80 +0.08 (4.65%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
07/02/2018 1.72 1.90 +0.18 (10.47%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
02/01/2018 1.72 1.90 +0.18 (10.47%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
01/11/2017 1.74 1.91 +0.17 (9.77%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
01/11/2017 1.74 1.87 +0.13 (7.47%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
01/11/2017 1.74 1.73 -0.01 (0.57%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
01/11/2017 1.74 2.05 +0.31 (17.82%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
30/10/2017 1.74 1.91 +0.17 (9.77%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
06/10/2017 1.74 2.05 +0.31 (17.82%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
07/02/2018  KENANGA Sunway REIT - 1H18 Within Expectations
07/02/2018  HLG Sunway REIT - 1HFY18 Results – In Line
07/02/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Sunway REIT - Steady Profits From Retail and Hotels
02/01/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Sunway REIT - Diversity is a virtue
01/11/2017  MIDF Sunway REIT - Strong Start In FY18
01/11/2017  KENANGA Sunway REIT - 1Q18 Within Expectations
01/11/2017  HLG Sunway REIT - 1QFY18 Results Above Expectations
01/11/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Sunway REIT (BUY, Maintain) - Lower Cost Helps Surprise on the Upside
30/10/2017  MIDF Sunway REIT - Steady Growth Anticipated
06/10/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Sunway REIT (BUY) - Initiation: More Than Just Rental Revision

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543212 Newbie here .Price drop due to ex date coming soon ? Appreciate ur comment.
10/11/2017 18:42
kongming1 Think it is mainly due to expected interest rate go up to 3.25% in year 2018.
reit share price will affect by OPR
11/11/2017 13:48
DroidnPlay Don worry, Reit's price won't be up down too faraway. Avg down when it is on downtrend.
13/11/2017 08:17
Babiyou8 As i know sunreit 80% is fixed rate now
13/11/2017 11:10
kongming1 Beside OPR, if 10years Malaysia government securities keep increasing will effect the share price as well.
13/11/2017 14:31
bluebiznet aaron. today ex date
13/11/2017 16:57
samk properties price in Malaysia keep dropping these few years... too many unsold units .. my 550k condo renting out for only 1800 per month yielding 3.9% only... not included the maintenance fee that i have to pay... 1800-300( maintanance fee_= 1500 yielding 3.2% only... i think its better to buy Reits cos its yielding 5-6 percent.. and the best part is you dont need to worry about the tenants from hell who dont want to pay the rent in time and once they leave , we have to look for another tenants as well.. few months without rental and need to pay agents 1 months rental if they find a tenant for you...and we dont need to pay capital gain tax from Reits... its better to sell your house and buy Reits..i recommend to divide it to 3 ... Sunreit IGBreit and Pavreit... you need to queue for 6-7 years to rent a shop in these malls... 99 percent full all the time
17/11/2017 13:40
DroidnPlay Nice sharing samk, to add on u need to pay quit rent, assessment tax, PUB, maintenance like light & heater, aircon.....Legal fee leh, and waste time to spot a nice location, sign S&P, loan applicatiom, decoration..even sold oso take time and subject to tax.
17/11/2017 15:10
bluebiznet exactly, i do not own any property except for own use. currently mine divided into two, sunreit and igbreit
17/11/2017 15:21
samk DroidnPlay .. sharing is caring (" ,)..
17/11/2017 17:48
ejtic Appreciate for sharing
24/11/2017 16:33
moonlove99 why good result still dropping price?
27/11/2017 14:44
Syndicates such a good opportunity to buy, dividend yield more than 5%, yet stupid brainless epf fund manager dispose to beautify their fund performance.
06/12/2017 12:05
DroidnPlay Y family of Cheah bought so much,and same amount of units with Active Equity?
20/12/2017 08:31
Dylan Yong Hua Tai Today drop.... manage to buy at 1.67 for dividend.
20/12/2017 16:49
samk what happend?? up 11% ??
29/12/2017 17:14
29/12/2017 17:26
sonicleong huatt ah.......sunreit has been sleeping for way too long ....its about time
29/12/2017 17:27
ZeaXG someone fat finger lulz
29/12/2017 17:27
moonlove99 next week will drop back....hahahahha,...let's see
29/12/2017 17:31
bluebiznet today is window decorate, look at the gap, forcefully buy up to rm 1.90, thats why i never believe in those funds
29/12/2017 17:33
bluebiznet sunreit and igb reit is too manipulated... nobody do anything? securities commission?
29/12/2017 17:35
kinuxian @ bluebiznet > checkout cmmt before you tell what is called "manipulated".
29/12/2017 17:38
babihutanlol I set at 1.80 sold.. damn
29/12/2017 17:42
babihutanlol Less 10 sen....adui
29/12/2017 17:43
Jason Lim After 4:45pm sapu by big boys...
29/12/2017 17:45
babihutanlol Tuesday if still 1.90 unload all
29/12/2017 17:47
sonicleong i think tuesday...open will gap down a bit ..
29/12/2017 17:57
kongming1 kwsp give early angpao to reit investor like sunreit,cmmt and klcc
bo huat la, the Funds like epf balance sheet/account deep bleeding in 2017, hav to beautify its own account. use our hard earn money play lik this. sigh..
tuesday open market if u can sell at 1.9, better hurry.
29/12/2017 23:28
pooter REITs record high igb cmmt sunreit

Tipu punya kah? Or got good news from govt for reit boys?
30/12/2017 18:35
AckmanBill Its window dressing cheat haha
02/01/2018 16:14
ampabella niamah...how to sell at rm1.90 lah..pegi lah
04/01/2018 13:58
Malatlou Volume coming in, sunway fly suncon fly sunreit soon?
04/01/2018 19:20
SIBUK Hope so
08/01/2018 06:26
ejtic Confirmed dot com!
08/01/2018 15:25
Hermit http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/sunway-reit-sees-diversified-defensive-rental-stream

Sunway REIT sees diversified, defensive rental stream
17/01/2018 23:21
Albird Greetings fellow Senior, im interested in this Sunreit, may I know what is the average price Seniors bought since it went on public listed? And how long already you guys holding? Mind to share? And what is the best alternate Reit beside this one? Would like to know more before jumping into this Reit, thank You®
21/01/2018 13:30
DroidnPlay Personal Choice, favour YTLReit over than this, simply because the current entry price is still compelling assuming the next 4q giving the same dpu. Long Master Lease guarantee NPI, with room to grow. Most importantly for dividend investor, stagnant price give peace of mind. Make your own due diligence, this is just my 2cents.
22/01/2018 09:09
Albird Thank You DroidnPlay , will do some research on YTLreit, thank you so much !
22/01/2018 09:38
asb_ AMANAHRAYA TRUSTEES BERHAD - AMANAH SAHAM BUMIPUTERA 24-Jan-2018 Acquired 1,091,900 0.000 View Detail
27/01/2018 20:57
armadasaxon Also prefer ytlreit but at 1.18 to 1.22 then u can do trading play.
Sunreit trading play at 1.68 to 1.75.
28/01/2018 11:38
NicholasNWH90 Dividend yield at 5.54% for rolling 4 quarters (total dividend of RM0.0959 and closing share price of RM1.73). NTA based on malaysia stock biz is RM1.407 (representing share price at a premium of 23% above NTA). There are far many reits with better yield and reasonable NTA than Sunreit. Overpriced for its brand name.
28/01/2018 11:51
Malatlou Lol still got ppeople judge based on NTA. It's about management bro. And sunreit have the highest margin among all
30/01/2018 10:21
bestreturn Why today no dividend announcement??? CB!
30/01/2018 19:09
bluebiznet Brand name and location is the most important criteria for reit under current situation
30/01/2018 19:26
Kelvin Lee Chun Huen Quarter report will release on next Tuesday
31/01/2018 07:44
Hermit Dividend has been announced
06/02/2018 22:26
ZeaXG Big boss Jeffery Cheah sold 27.5mil shares...

02-Mar-2018 Insider TAN SRI DATO' SERI DR JEFFREY CHEAH FOOK LING, AO (a substantial shareholder) disposed 27,500,000 shares on 27-Feb-2018.
05/03/2018 10:48
pook2000yong They keep disposing~~~
09/03/2018 10:59
RocketRider big boss keep disposing, can enter now?
10/03/2018 19:44

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