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29/01/2018 2.58 2.81 +0.23 (8.91%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

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29/01/2018  PUBLIC BANK Cypark Resources Berhad - Clinches Another Construction Job

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Jshong89 ESOS expenses
30/06/2017 19:59
jediinkl collect around 2.4
10/07/2017 16:55
necro ESOS
14/08/2017 09:25
James Yeo Do check out our latest article on Cypark https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/small_cap_asia/130340.jsp
20/08/2017 02:00
syah100 New project :
12/09/2017 09:43
Jeffrey Kee http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/09/23/the-sun-shines-on-cypark/
23/09/2017 16:01
oniongor Today is a very good opportunity to buy it.
02/10/2017 16:56
goofy8020 Solar Grew Faster Than All Other Forms of Power for the First Time


VIDEO: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2017-09-13/the-way-humans-get-electricity-is-about-to-change-video
05/10/2017 13:45
goofy8020 [EXCLUSIVE] Cypark readies for high growth

“It is a multi-billion ringgit industry. It all started when the government encourages the use of renewable energy. We are gearing up to tender for more contracts in all segments of the industry, not just solar energy,” he told NST Business.

“Plans are afoot to spread our wings overseas to take advantage of the growing renewable energy industry in the region.

“Within the next few years, we expect our sales to double that of the current financial year.”

Source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/exclusive/2017/10/291577/exclusive-cypark-readies-high-growth
16/10/2017 18:17
paperplane https://youtu.be/xeBtkKiVJkI
18/10/2017 23:42
goofy8020 Budget 2018: RM5b to be allocated under Green Technology Financing Scheme to boost green technology investments
27/10/2017 20:57
oniongor today is a good chance to buy
21/12/2017 15:08
qaz_y Drop so much, means result not good?
21/12/2017 15:39
Jshong89 most probably result out today. You'll know whether result good or bad.
29/12/2017 14:21
goofy8020 The 4Q2017 quarter result is good.

- The Group’s profit after tax (“PAT”) for 4Q2017 increased by RM5.2 million or 40.4% to RM18.2 million from RM12.9 million as recorded in preceding year quarter.

- The profit before tax of the Group increased slightly by RM1.6 million or 8.2% to RM21.2 million as compared to RM19.6 million recorded in the immediate preceding quarter due to reversal of unutilised bonus provision in current quarter.
29/12/2017 18:06
sicko why revenue dropped
29/12/2017 23:30
shareinvestor88 Intangible assets very high. If to evaluate NTA the value is negative. Debt level high.
30/12/2017 01:24
Jshong89 @sicko Please read the quarter report.
The decrease was mainly due to the lower work activities of the environmental engineering project at Ladang Tanah Merah in current quarter as compared to preceding quarter.

Hopefully LTM construction work to be completed soon.

Regarding on Intangible assets, please read annual report as it's stated clearly there. Under section (c) Intangible assets recognised pursuant to IC Interpretation 12.

For high debt level, they needed fund for the LTM WTE project. As long as the WTE completed and start to generate income, should be fine.
30/12/2017 10:32
Sean888 Yup..i also hope the LTM construction to be completed soon..so, LTM revenue for renewable division going to contribute soon..revenue fall on this renewable energy division enjoy higher profit margin, approximately 50%...
30/12/2017 11:56
newbie5354 Revenue drop profit can up not QR manipulation?
30/12/2017 13:49
Xeno 2018 will be good year for cypark
02/01/2018 10:14
jackng06 tp rm3
02/01/2018 20:43
Karina_Au Uptrend
04/01/2018 15:51
VegeKingII Buy before its too late
04/01/2018 15:53
VegeKingII big shark collecting quietly
04/01/2018 16:45
GG_Liang Sapu
08/01/2018 17:14
davors will it drop below 2.4???
25/01/2018 23:05
Up_down Announcement..Bagged RM 250 million job but people keep throwing at 2.52...weird!
26/01/2018 15:01
Beza Ha! Ha! Temporary lah!
26/01/2018 15:11
Sean888 No woli la..if u noticed..most shares transacted at price 2.52-2.54...shares been transferred from right hand to left hand..
26/01/2018 15:14
Up_down Yeah. I keep topping up at 2.52. Lol
26/01/2018 15:28
jackng06 next week fly
26/01/2018 20:52
stockintalk Earning so expresive , but the PE only around 10x-11x .
27/01/2018 06:39
GG_Liang 呵呵
27/01/2018 15:30
lostwayinvestor today busyweeklybuisness got cover this share
27/01/2018 16:11
GG_Liang KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 26) -- Cypark Resources, a Malaysian engineering firm, said Friday it secured two contracts worth 260.51 million ringgit ($67.23 million) to build, operate and maintain a large-scale solar power plant in Negri Sembilan state.

Cypark will build the 30-megawatt plant for Cove Suria under a two-year contract, the company said in an exchange filing. After the plant starts commercial operations, Cypark will operate and maintain the plant under a twenty-one year contract, it added.
27/01/2018 17:09
christophertopher More interesting of CYPARK Tersembunyi dalam 4th Qr. Report.
27/01/2018 20:46
longtermvaluegain Put CYPARK into your Radar.
With its EPS in Fy2018-Fy2020, CYPARK able to target PE of 15x-16x.
29/01/2018 11:07
GG_Liang Why all transactions at 2.53?
29/01/2018 12:31
Sean888 Analysts gave the hint dy..forecast eps for fy 18 31 cents...then v all just calculate using ur desired pe for cypark..
29/01/2018 16:15
jackng06 tmr cypark continue to fly
29/01/2018 16:42
stockintalk 他死我都不相信CYPARK不会在Fy2018里超过RM3.20。
29/01/2018 16:53
christophertopher Sustainable Earning of CYPARK in Fy2018 and FY2019
PE able to reach 15x-17x.

15x @ 31.3 cent=RM4.70
17x @ 31.3 cent=RM5.32.
Only in FY2018.
30/01/2018 22:12
christophertopher Buy and Keep CYPARK and LCTITAN 总好过我们每一次买卖,这里卖了,去买回别的,
30/01/2018 22:14
Ken Tang holding from 1.98. My harvest season has arrived.
30/01/2018 22:28
GG_Liang 呵呵
31/01/2018 21:40
GG_Liang 呵呵
05/02/2018 07:39
stockintalk http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5684037
05/02/2018 20:17
Atakano whos this TAN SRI DR AZMIL KHALILI BIN KHALID keep selling the company? Insider?
08/03/2018 16:11
Muarmali when i heard people told me that a company head believe in generating profit by claiming materials on site. i laugh. must be a half past six fellow. :)))
09/04/2018 16:03

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